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R.P Chapter 32 (Vol 1: End): The New Derivative World (Edited)

“Tick, tock, tick, tock…”

The clock was loud in the otherwise quiet living room.

Su Xiao sat on the sofa and had placed his sword on top of his legs. He was meditating.

This kind of meditation was different from the one that sorcerers practiced, and it was the technique Koshiro imparted to Su Xiao, which enabled him to perceive himself and his sword more clearly.

Practicing the way of the sword was not just about slashing technique. It was also about a strong body and mental power, this process may be boring for other people, but Su Xiao was happy doing it.

The degree of enthusiasm someone shows about doing something also represents how highly he thinks about it. If there is no enthusiasm for even the repetitive hard work, then it is better to just give up, especially when practicing sword skills.


Su Xiao breathed out and ended his meditation. Even though he did not exercise, he still felt hungry.

Picking up his phone, Su Xiao ordered eight servings. With his current food intake, even two servings were far from enough to fill his stomach.

After half an hour, a knock sounded on the door.

Looking at the sweaty delivery guy, Su Xiao smiled bitterly. It was hard for a person to carry eight servings of food upstairs at once.


A door opened in front of Su Xiao’s flat, and a man with sunglasses and a serious look came out.

The man wearing sunglasses looked at Su Xiao, then at the delivery guy. After seeing Su Xiao, the person was obviously alert because Su Xiao appeared to live next to him.

“New tenant?”

“New tenant.”

Afterward, the man went downstairs.

After the meal, Su Xiao recalled the former sunglasses-wearing man, that person’s pace was strong, and his movement was stable. He was not someone ordinary. Even so, Su Xiao would not investigate the origin of this person, and it was absolutely none of his business.

After staying in the real world for a few days, Su Xiao did not know why, but he felt a little annoyed.

He was eager to enter the Reincarnation Paradise for adventure, which made him smile bitterly. Maybe he was born to be an adrenaline junkie.

[Ding, a new mission in another world is about to be triggered, hunter, you will return to the Reincarnation Paradise, please make sure that there are no witnesses around.]

[Transfer…. The transmission is completed.]

Su Xiao felt dizzy, his ears hummed. When he fully came to, he was already in his exclusive room.

A new derivative world was coming. Su Xiao couldn’t help but look forward to which world he would enter this time. If it were to still be the nightmare difficulty like in the world of One Piece, then it would be too difficult.

This time when Su Xiao will enter the derivative world, he will not only receive the main task of the Reincarnation Paradise but also receive the hunting task.

The higher the difficulty of the derivative world, the lower the chance of a successful mission.

“Reincarnation Paradise, what kind of derivative world will I enter.”

[Hunter, you are currently Lv.2. You will receive notice ten minutes before entering the derivative world. You will enter the derivative world in an hour. Please be patient.]

Su Xiao understood that the higher his level, the sooner he would know what world he would enter, which meant he would have more time to prepare.

He would only be notified ten minutes in advance right now, which was not a lot. It was definitely not enough time to fully prepare.

Leaving his exclusive space, Su Xiao walked over to the trading market.

It was a circular plaza. Although people were selling their wares throughout the entire Reincarnation Paradise, there were many people here, and there were many excellent goods.

He previously saw the green-tiered gun in this market.

“Technical materials dictionary, four months old!”

“It’s too expensive, 700? Why don’t you rob a bank?”

“Acquiring materials from the derivative world, fair prices.”

“Don’t miss this! Exclusive sales of all kinds of restoration products!”

The crowds were bustling, the sounds of hawkers and bargains interweaved.

Su Xiao still had 2,827 paradise coins, which he deliberately kept to prepare for the upcoming derivative world.

Stopping in front of the booth that sold the restoration products, there were already a few contractors gathered there, and they all had an awkward look.

This shop, Su Xiao, had seen it several times before. The owner of the booth should be a worker who often set up shop at this place.

Compared to the booths of contractors, Su Xiao was more interested in the stalls of workers.

Most contractors would treat the items they obtained in the derivative world as treasures. They would price them outrageously high.

Workers were different. They stayed in the trading market all the time and had a good understanding of the prices of the Reincarnation Paradise.

If a large number of contractors were close to entering worlds with dark creatures, then the prices of items with light attributes would increase significantly.

The price range would change only according to the needs of the contractors. This was the unspoken law. Workers did not dare to raise prices as they wished. They also had to enter the derivative worlds at times and may face the anger of the contractors there.

Su Xiao found several good restoration products at the booth.

[Salt rice ball]

Origin: Toriko

Quality: white

Type: Restoration

Effect: After eating, 10% of hp will be slowly restored.

Rating: 3 (Note: White items are rated from 1 to 10, and the score represents the value of the item.)

Introduction: A rice ball, a ‘magical’ rice ball, that can slowly help you recover from injuries.


[Golden fried rice]

Origin: Shokugeki no Soma

Quality: white

Type: Restoration

Effect: After eating, 40% of your health will be restored. (This item takes a long time to fully eat, the percentage will be restored according to the amount of food consumed, the lowest value is 1%, and the highest value is 40%.)

Rating: 5 (Note: White items are rated from 1 to 10, and the score represents the value of the item.)

Introduction: It is not only a medicinal product but also a delicacy. If the food doesn’t burst in light, it’s not a tasty dish.


[XT-12 vitality medicine]

Origin: Reincarnation Paradise, Glow Pharmacy No. 3 production line.

Quality: white

Type: Restoration

Effect: After drinking, 15% of hp will be restored in a short time.

Rating: 8 (Note: White items are rated from 1 to 10, and the score represents the value of the item.)

Introduction: Manufactured by workers, certificated by the Reincarnation Paradise as safe.


Of these three restorative products, although the [golden fried rice] could recover the most hp, it took time to eat the whole dish and the recovery speed was slow.

The [salt rice ball] was similar to the [golden fried rice], but you could eat it much faster. According to Su Xiao’s estimate, he could eat the rice ball in two bites at most, and he could also consider swallowing it at once in an emergency.

The most valuable consumable was the bottle [XT-12 vitality medicine]. Although it could only restore 15% of the total hp, it could be drunk even in the midst of battle.

The Reincarnation Paradise did not have a method of directly using medicine from the inventory, contractors needed to use it themself.

In the midst of a fierce battle, it was difficult to eat restorative products, but that did not mean that medical food had no value. They were the best choice to recover from injuries after a battle.

“These three items, what’s the price for them?”

The worker saw that Su Xiao had the intention to buy them. He was different from the contractors beside him.

“The [Salt rice ball] is 100 paradise coins each, [golden fried rice] is 200 paradise coins each, [XT-12 vitality medicine] costs 700 paradise coins each, for a total of 1000 paradise coins.

Friend, I can see that you sincerely want to buy these. To be truthful, this is the most favorable price. You won’t find lower prices for these items. This price is only for friends.”

The prices for the first two items were not high. Only the XT-12’s price was as high.

But these were life-savers. A high price was acceptable.

Imagine a contractor who was and almost dying. He could save his life by using just one bottle.

“It’s pretty expensive, that is if I want to buy more….”

After some bargaining, Su Xiao bought one [XT-12 vitality medicine], two [golden fried rice], five [salt rice balls] and paid a total of 1500 paradise coins.

The worker, who called himself “Medicine Can,” was very happy and also taught Su Xiao the correct way to use those products.

The ‘Medicine Can’ was, of course, a fake name. Just like Su Xiao’s ‘Byakuya,’ a contractor who used his or her real name in the Reincarnation Paradise was rarer than a giant panda.

Although [Salt Rice Ball]’s could only restore 10% hp, they were easy to eat.

There was no such setting as ‘cooldown time for use,’ but if he consumes these products continuously in a short period of time, the effect will decrease, and the recovery effect may even be entirely lost.

“Brother, please come again.”

Medicine Can shake hands with Su Xiao while smiling sincerely.

Workers were different from contractors. They had not experienced too much cruelty. Most of the workers had not even killed anyone.

“Thank you for your kind words.”

After Su Xiao checked out a few more stalls, he received a hint of the Reincarnation Paradise.

[Hunter, in ten minutes, you will enter the derivative world: Tokyo Ghoul.] [E/N: Author not pulling any punches here.]