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R.P Chapter 100: Your Daughter Is Cute!

After the fat ghoul Investigator left, only Su Xiao stayed in the underground passage.

The rushing footsteps came closer, as Su Xiao was preparing for the battle.

In the dim passage, thousands of ghouls seemed to be hidden which made Su Xiao’s forehead full of cold sweat.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, even thousand is an underestimation.

Although Su Xiao was a ghoul Investigator, he will not sacrifice his life for CCG. Joining CCG was only to complete the task.

It was undoubtedly a foolish action to be faithful to an organization with bad intentions.

Su Xiao was hesitant. Should he strategically retreat?

After a while, the sound of footsteps gradually disappeared as the ghouls seemed to go to another way.

This made Su Xiao feel relieved. If there were too many ghouls, he could only choose to retreat.

There must have some great changes inside the 24th district. Otherwise, the ghouls will not be so crazy.

Now Arima Kisho was in the deep part of the 24th district. Arima Kisho mentioned that the ‘source’ will be handled by him.

Does ‘source’ refer to the reason for the dramatic changes? It was impossible to tell with the information he had.

“Here, be careful, those ‘beasts’ went far away.”

“Honey, can we still go back to the ‘central city’?”

A man and a woman’s conversation came from the deep area of the passage.

“Ughh, we can’t go back temporarily, we can only escape to the ground first. How do did those ‘beasts’ rush out, there was such a strong wall blocking them.”

“Dad, I am scared.”

“Lixiang, don’t be afraid, Dad will take us out.”

Su Xiao who was in the passage frowned as he listened to the sound which was from a family of three, the parent and the daughter.

Su Xiao knew a lot of information from those words.

In the deeper area of the 24th district, there may be a large number of ghouls, and the ‘central city’ from the couple’s words may be the deepest part of the 24th district.

The two also mentioned the ‘beasts’.

How could there be a beast underground? If ‘beast’ is a metaphor, then Su Xiao thinks of a possibility. Those ghouls who wore grass skirts should be what they called ‘beasts’.

The footsteps were getting closer and closer, and the couple walked to the entrance with their daughters.

What caught their eye was a figure wearing a white trench coat with a sharp blade in his hand. The sunlight at the entrance made them unable to see the face of the figure, only to see a pair of cold eyes.

“Zero team.”

The husband spoke, his tone changed, and his eyes were helpless.

“Honey, it seems that we can only fight.”

The couple stood in front of their daughter, she had short hair, small body, watery eyes, which made her extremely cute.

“Can you let us go, if we fight, it will not end well for you as well, zero team member.”

The male ghoul’s kagune appeared it was koukaku, it seemed that he had at least two kakuhou, with one in each shoulder.

Two gray-white kagune swords were formed which were wrapped the man’s arms.

Kakuja! This ghoul must be a kakuja, and his strength was around the SS level. It could be seen from the standing pose that he was not a fool as he should be professionally trained.

After the male ghoul showed his kagune, the female ghoul’s kagune also appeared.

The female ghoul was ukaku, a pair of huge red wing spread behind her body, at least three meters in diameter.

The larger kagune, the higher the concentration of Rc cells in ghoul’s body.

This ghoul couple was surprisingly SS-class ghouls, and they were supposed to cooperate well from seeing their actions.

Couples lived with each other every day, it was not surprising that they could cooperate well.

“Please, we don’t want to hurt you. Our family has never eaten humans. we only ate those ghouls who died.”

The tone of the female ghoul seemed to pray.

“What can I get if I let you go?”

The couple looked at each other.

“We just want to leave the 24th district, why do you have to kill us? I have never seen you in the zero team.”

The temper of the male ghoul was not that good, as the killing in his eyes was surging.

“Oh? Are you sure?”

Su Xiao’s mouth curled up, and held the dragon flash in his hand tightly, dragon flash made a clear sound.

Without knowing why Su Xiao felt that there was something alive in the dragon flash, it became easier to use each time.

When he guarded the back door of Aogiri tree stronghold in the 11th district, he actually had the illusion that dragon flash was cooperating with him.

Su Xiao smiled bitterly and shook his head. How could the sword cooperate with him in a fight? This was just a dead object.

Even if the knife can really gain consciousness, it is not something that dragon flash could obtain.

Su Xiao smile and dragon flash’s slashing sound made the ghoul couple have a numb feeling. The little girl was even hiding behind her mother as if Su Xiao was a beast.

The intuition of ghouls was more acute than that of the beasts. The ghoul’s couple feels that the human in front of them may have slaughtered their peers in large amounts, and the number was far beyond their imagination.

The ghoul couple was a little bit afraid, they were not afraid of fighting, not afraid of dying, both of them were SS-class ghouls.

But their daughter was hiding behind them. If they fight with dangerous enemies, their daughters will be in danger. After all, the sword has no eyes.

The feeling Su Xiao gave the ghouls couple now was not ‘too dangerous’, but super dangerous.

“You’re after the kakuhou, aren’t you? If you let my wife and daughter leave, I can give you the kakuhou.”

This man was a ghoul, but he had the responsibility of a man.


When women just wanted to talk, they were stared by the men, and women ghoul was afraid to speak.


Little girl grabbed his father’s clothes and shook her head with tears.

Su Xiao was speechless. The family of three in front of him only needed a producer and a camera.

“What happened in the deeper area of the 24th district.”

Su Xiao suddenly spoke, which made the female ghoul a little happy, as long as they can communicate, there will be a chance.


The male ghoul just wanted to talk, and his wife quickly stopped him.

“Honey, the ‘King’ of the previous generation has abandoned us. The ‘King’ of this generation is not strong enough to lead us. Now we are free people and no longer need to be faithful to him.”

After listening to his wife, the man closed his eyes with some pain.


The female ghoul revealed some guilty in her eyes, sometimes women could give up a lot of things for their children.

“Mr. Investigator, the ‘beasts’ in the deeper area of the 24th district has been released. I don’t know whether have you seen ghouls looked like primitive people. Now the ‘central city’ is occupied by the group of “beasts”.

They were different from us. We were the same as humans except for eating people.”

Even if the couple agrees to answer the Su Xiao question, they all gave brief answers.

“Where does the ‘beast’ come from, and who is the two ‘kings’ you just mentioned.”

Su Xiao’s two questions seemed to make the couple hard to answer. 

“The beasts came from the deeper area of the earth. I don’t know the specific information. As for the two kings, it’s a long story.

The ‘king’ is the leader of the ghoul, and the ‘king’ of the previous generation abandoned us. The king of the previous generation is called Yoshimura Kuzen… “


A loud of slapping sound came.

The man slapped his wife.

“You forgot who saved our lives. You forgot that who specially sent us medicine when our daughter got sick, it was her father. Without that person, our daughter may have died. If it wasn’t for the current king having hostility with her father, we would have long been loyal to her.”

The man looked painful, after slapping his wife, he seemed to use all his strength.

The female ghoul looked at the ground and stopped talking, her face was full of guilt.


Blood splattered, and a bloody kakuhou was thrown at Su Xiao.

“This kakuhou is yours, let my wife and daughter go.”

Su Xiao took over kakuhou and did not give way.

“It seems that you know a lot of secrets. I can let you go and provide you with a safe place, but I need some information.

Don’t underestimate the world on the ground. SS-class ghouls liked without a large group to take cover will soon become Quinque.”

When male ghoul just wanted to refuse, they found that Su Xiao’s eyes were more and more dangerous.

“Your daughter is so cute, it’s a pity to let her die, isn’t it?”

The expression of male ghoul was distorted, as he was eager to swallow Su Xiao. After ten seconds, the male ghoul sighed and chose to compromise.