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R.P Chapter 107: Underground City! [EDITED]

After running at full speed for what felt like ten minutes, Su Xiao stopped.

The good news was that there was silence, Blood Eye was apparently not catching up. However, the reinforcement team had only three people remaining, and they had started with twenty-seven.

Su Xiao, Mado Akira, and Juzo Suzuya.

Su Xiao took deep breaths and leant against the wall, while Mado Akira was sitting on the ground, no strength left, spitting out from time to time. The girl was completely exhausted.

“What, what kind of thing was that? How could something horrible like this even exist? Even the One-Eyed Owl would be completely swallowed in one bite.”

Mado Akira’s hair was messy, sweat was dropping down her face, her chest was undulating, it looked like she just had sex.

“Cough, cough…”

Juzo Suzuya supported his body against the wall and kept coughing, as if he was coughing out his lung.

Su Xiao lit a cigarette and leant against the meat wall.

“I finally understood why Arima Kisho chose to run last time.”

Spitting some smoke, Su Xiao smiled, this feeling of almost dying was too exciting, he had almost lost his head to Blood Eye.

Mado Akira, by the side, was somewhat speechless. Should normal people have this kind of reaction? She looked at Juzo Suzuya.

Juzo Suzuya smiled, and Mado Akira really doubted her life at this moment. Were her teammates the strange ones, or was it her?

After a short break, Su Xiao got up and led Mado Akira and Juzo Suzuya to move forward.

There were 30 members in the reinforcement at first, but only three people had actual, noteworthy combat power: Su Xiao, Kuroiwa Iwao and Juzo Suzuya.

Kuroiwa Iwao was dead now, only Su Xiao and Juzo Suzuya were left.

Su Xiao had guessed it might end up like this, but the appearance of Blood Eye only sped the process up.

Su Xiao took out the tablet. Arima Kisho was nearby, up to half an hour away.

While the 24th district was intensely deep, Tokyo had a small range. Now, they should be below the center of Tokyo.

“Akira, can you recognize the route now?”

Mado Akira was like a map, she had a super memory, and almost remembered all the routes along the way. Even if she did not mark the passages, Mado Akira could recognize whether they had come through before or not.

“Probably this one, or this one.”

Mado Akira bit on a pencil, she was hesitating.

“You choose.”

Su Xiao would not lead the way again. The lesson he learned going deeper into the 24th district the last time was still very vivid.

“Then, this one.”

After Mado Akira chose the route, the three continued to move forward. Su Xiao soon noticed that the tunnel was narrowing.

The other tunnels down here were at least about two meters wide and four meters high.

But this one was only one meter wide and two meters high at most, and was completely dark, they had to use a strong flashlight.

A timid person would never dare enter this tunnel, which went on for tens of meters.

Su Xiao and Juzo Suzuya were very calm, but Mado Akira, in the middle, was a little nervous.

After walking for a few tens of meters, a faint light source appeared ahead. The light was not strong, not like sunlight, but it was light.

Su Xiao walked to the end of the passage, and the scene in front made him narrow his eyes.

“Byakuya-san, what is …? Are you kidding me?”

When Mado Akira turned and looked ahead, she was stunned.

“I finally understand why there are so many ghouls in the 24th district. This is a whole subterranean city.” Mado Akira murmured.

It was a large city.

A layer of soil had been hollowed out to form this large city.

The buildings in the city were somewhat shabby and were placed irregularly, but most of them had metal structures.

Su Xiao’s location was  at one of the entrances to the underground city. Looking down, he noticed he was a dozen or so meters above the city’s ground level.

There were dozens of entrances to the city, and they were just the ones he could see.

“This place is amazing. As long as this exists, we will never be able to kill all of the ghouls.”

While Mado Akira was looking at the underground city, Su Xiao took her back into the passage and gestured to be quiet.

Looking closely at the buildings in the underground city, they could see primitive ghouls were walking between the buildings, not only them, but also the eyeless ghouls too.

These two kinds of ghouls looked like guards, wandering around the underground city.

For this reason, normal ghouls in the 24th district tried to flee to the surface, without even trying to fight. Their homes were occupied, those ghouls had been fleeing.

In the distance of the underground city, they could barely make out bodies of normal ghouls. There were many elderly and children, but fewer middle-aged ghouls.

Ghouls also had feelings. If most of the dead were the old and young ghouls, it meant that the primitive ghouls’ attack must have been very sudden.

The mysteries of the 24th district gradually unveiled some answers.

The primitive ghouls and the normal ghouls seemed to be enemies, or maybe the primitive ghouls were not able to think rationally and would attack all creatures except for their own.

The eyeless ghouls and primitive ghouls should have the same origin, seeing as the two did not attack each other. Su Xiao even observed them eating a body together.

These dumb ‘beasts’ could share food, so their relationship had to be pretty good.

“What’s over there?”

Mado Akira pointed to a building with a steel structure, with a figure on top.

Su Xiao looked over there. White hair, a messy white battle suit, a blood-stained Quinque box, this was Arima Kisho!

Having entered the 24th district a few hours ago, the members of the reinforcement team were almost all dead, but Su Xiao finally found his goal.

Right now, Arima Kisho was not in a good situation. Although he did not have any obvious injuries, he was trapped on the rooftop of that building.

Su Xiao took out a wrench from the storage space, which he had obtained back when he used Queen’s scarlet card.

He stepped out and threw the wrench.


The wrench was thrown against a distant metal building, alarming some primitive and eyeless ghouls. They quickly ran to the source of the sound.

Arima Kisho, who was kneeling on the rooftop, looked up and in the direction of the sound source.

Immediately, Arima Kisho turned his head to look at Su Xiao’s position.

The beasts only cared about the direction of the sound, but a human would subconsciously try to find out what caused the sound.

They saw each other, and Su Xiao gestured for Arima Kisho to move to his location.

Arima Kisho shook his head and pointed towards the center of the underground city, then pointed at Su Xiao after that.

“What does Arima Kisho mean?”

Mado Akira didn’t understand Arima Kisho’s meaning, but Su Xiao understood. After all, they fought  together before, they were supposed to be good teammates.

“You two, remain on standby. If you are in danger, just run.”

After that, Su Xiao climbed out of the tunnel and down to the city.

His movements were light, making nary a sound. He quickly reached the bottom and jumped onto the roof of a steel building.

Su Xiao was lying flat on the roof, there were several primitive ghouls nearby.

He was like a monkey, quietly climbing inside the room of a steel building.

Nearly ten minutes later, Su Xiao arrived at the roof where Arima Kisho stayed.

“Give me some food and fresh water, I am thirsty.”

After Su Xiao took out some supplies, Arima Kisho ate all of the food in few bites and drank a whole bottle of water.

“What is the situation?”

Arima Kisho looked around and whispered.

“Now it’s time to lure these ‘primitive ghouls’ to the city center, then get them into the ‘well’ and block it.”


Su Xiao looked at Arima Kisho unbelievably, what the hell did he mean with ‘well’?