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R.P Chapter 119: Meppo! [EDITED]

In a dim corridor, those enemies hurriedly followed an old man.

“Cheer up, Shen Dun, and clean up the blood on your body.”

Cold Fish looked at the shield warrior in the team. This shield warrior had been carefully cultivated by him. Unlike other people in the adventurer group, Shen Dun had the potential for defense, and was valuable enough to cultivate.

In a derivative world, Cold Fish had saved Shen Dun’s life, so this shield warrior was very loyal to Cold Fish, who also cherished the shield warrior.

“It’s rare for Takatsuki Sen to gather us, we may have a large-scale fight with CCG ahead of us… Considering the timing, Takatsuki Sen may expose her father’s position, and CCG is about to besiege the store manager. We have to seize this opportunity, their contractor is too powerful, we must rely on the ghouls to kill him.”

After Cold Fish spoke, the contractors behind him flattered him incessantly, as if Cold Fish was a great leader. As for the matter of Cold Fish exploiting them, they had all but forgotten about it.

“Boss, something is wrong with Anger recently. He didn’t participate in this gathering. I am afraid…”

Shen Dun leaned over and whispered to Cold Fish.

Cold Fish squinted his eyes, cold air surged around his body and warned Shen Dun.

There were others with them, so it was not a good time to talk about Anger. If he were to hear of this, it would likely lead to open conflict.

“Anger has mentioned that he recently received a faction mission, he is probably doing that right now. It’s our luck, he does not even know where the hidden exchange place of Aogiri tree is, that is quite beneficial to us. We can only wish Anger a success with his mission.”

Cold Fish talked very humble and pleasantly, at least these words would not cause any conflicts if Anger were to hear them.

While Cold Fish was talking, he led his group of contractors to a derelict room.

The room was leaky, and the ground was full of glass pieces.


Xi Lo Lo, at the end of the team, raised a small, white hand, acting like she wanted to say something. This girl seemed to have been bullied severely, she even needed to raise her hand if she wanted to talk.

“Well? What is it?”

Cold Fish turned his head. CCG had no actions recently, so Xi Lo Lo’s main task (2) had been completed.

“Mr. Cold Fish, I think something is off, it is too quiet, and there are no members of Aogiri tree.”

Xi Lo Lo’s words caused Cold Fish to feel a little strange.

Chilling winds blew in from the broken window, the new stronghold of Aogiri tree was truly abnormally quiet.

“Takatsuki Sen may have something secret to discuss with us. She said something like that before…, who’s there?!”

Cold Fish’s eyes suddenly opened angrily, he looked into a hole in the wall of the room. It was dark in the hole, but Cold Fish was a sorcerer, so his perception was not weak.

“One. Two, three… someone is missing. It seems that even if you are the one calling, they will not completely obey.”

Su Xiao walked out from the dark hole, holding Dragon Flash in his hand. The moonlight shone on him, and Dragon Flash glinted in the cold light.

“Why, why are you here?”

The moment he saw Su Xiao, Cold Fish’s back was in a cold sweat. He thought of a very terrible possibility.

“That has nothing to do with me. There is a guy who was executing Totoro’s orders, far from the stronghold. I’ve called these people for you, just as we discussed. Although I don’t know where these people have come from, they’re still my ‘Subordinates’, I won’t fight them.”

Takatsuki Sen also walked out from the darkness, standing next to Su Xiao.

Takatsuki Sen did not wear her usual bandages, since CCG already knew her appearance, she had no need to hide her identity.

Another figure walked out from the darkness: It was Arima Kisho.

Arima Kisho silently looked at the contractors. He had promised to do this, and Narukami was in his hands.

“The Father teaches us not to kill, but under such special circumstances, He will forgive this priest, hahaha.”

Priest also walked out from the darkness.

“Mr. Byakuya, these people don’t look like rascals, and there is also a little girl. It will be too much if you kill her.”

Although Kirishima Arata was there, he would not do anything. He was just making a statement, so Su Xiao just ignored him.

This was the main task (3). If he didn’t kill the enemy contractors, the enemy contractors would kill him, so killing them first was for the best.

“This is impossible, impossible.”

Cold Fish couldn’t pretend to be calm, he trembled back two steps.

“If I don’t resist, I won’t die, right? Oh my…”

The eyes of Xi Lo Lo were full of tears, and she just crouched down on the ground. She was a worker, her combat power was very weak. Faced with these monsters, resisting would make no difference.

The contractors, cornered by Su Xiao and the others, were desperate. Apart from Su Xiao, the others were powerful plot characters. In their eyes, they were the like the last bosses at the end of a game.

As for Su Xiao, he was even more absurd, a being that could solo the last Bosses.

They were surrounded by four big bosses and an extremely strong ‘contractor’, what a wonderful feeling this was.

It was like a B-class ghoul was surrounded by more than a dozen Special Class Investigators.

“Takatsuki Sen, I…”

Cold Fish’s face distorted, he greeted Takatsuki Sen as graciously as if she was his grandmother.

“I suddenly want to kill these people.”

Under the incessant ‘greetings’ of Cold Fish, Takatsuki Sen’s face turned serious, and her red eye appeared.

At this time, Cold Fish did not care whether Takatsuki Sen attacked, he was unable to vent his anger anyways. The combination of Su Xiao, Kirishima Arata and Priest already made it hard to flee.

Furthermore, a large group of ghouls wearing red robes surrounded them from not too far away, they were the common ghouls of Aogiri tree.

In such a desperate situation, the contractors could not change the situation even if with luck.

“Don’t let anyone go. Do it.”

After Su Xiao commanded, everyone rushed at the contractors of the ghouls’ faction.

“Frost Nova!”

Cold Fish raised his scepter and used his strongest skill.


An ice blue aura spread instantly and went through Su Xiao and others.


Su Xiao’s body was coated with a layer of ice, a chilly feeling spread on his body.

[You are attacked by Frost Nova. Because ‘Frost Nova’ is a spell, your passive ability ‘Devil’s Physique’ makes you immune against 40% of the damage.]

[You are slowed by Frost Nova; effect will last for 5 seconds.]

It had to be said that this skill of Cold Fish was very strong, not only did it hit in a wide range, but it also had a slowing effect.

Su Xiao’s Vitality was 10 points, and under damage resistance of ‘Devil’s Physique’, he got barely hurt.

He used the strength of his whole body at once, shattering the ice on his body, and blue-white arcs covered Dragon Flash’s surface. Then, Su Xiao quickly rushed at Cold Fish.

Cold Fish must be a sorcerer with the ice attribute. Su Xiao wanted to see if ‘Shadow of the Law’ would have a different effect when he used against a sorcerer.

Looking at Su Xiao, who was rushing at him, Cold Fish grit his teeth tightly, and his scepter gathered some energy. When he waved the scepter, a fist-sized energy ball flew at Su Xiao.

Su Xiao, who was rushing ahead, sidestepped to avoid the attack.

“Ice tentacles.”

The scepter in Cold Fish’s hand was pointed at Su Xiao. At this time, Cold Fish had no thoughts of fleeing. He only wanted to kill Su Xiao.

A cold chill came from the floor, making Su Xiao suddenly stop.

“Crack, crack.”

Several ice tentacles grew from the ground and wrapped around Su Xiao’s legs, like a vine.

Su Xiao held Dragon Flash in a backhanded grip and used the handle to hit the ice tentacles.

With a resounding ‘crack’, the ice tentacles broke. Su Xiao’s strength was at 15 points, so the ice tentacles could not bear his attacks.

“Cold arrow.”

In front of Cold Fish, a crystal-like ice arrow formed. This guy was throwing mana around like candy, using one skill after another.

The ice arrow was too quick, there was no time to dodge, he had to block this.

“So this is a sorcerer? No wonder they have such a high position, interesting.”

Su Xiao’s pupils were constricting, and his dynamic vision caught the trace of the ice arrow. He managed to hit the ice arrow with his sword, causing the ice arrow to splinter, which looked particularly beautiful.