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R.P Chapter 128: Strategy [EDITED]

After Su Xiao pressed the detonator, a green light on the bomb in Mars’s hand lit up.


A strong shock wave went straight into Mars’s face, heavy smoke rose, a wave of hot air blew, forcing Su Xiao to shield his eyes with an arm as he tried to look ahead.

Even an SSS class ghoul would be killed by this bomb at this close distance, but Mars may not necessarily be dead. This guy’s physical strength was just way too high, and Su Xiao did not receive a prompt about killing an enemy.

As the smoke dissipated, Mars appeared in the center of the explosion. Mars’s arm was blown up, and a large part of the chest armor was blackened. Some links of the armor were damaged, and a piece of the armor’s head was dented, it looking kind of funny.

“You …”

Mars stared at Su Xiao in anger, he seemed to want to curse him. But the aristocratic education that he had received from childhood prevented that.

In the end, Mars did not say anything, he directly rushed at Su Xiao with horrible speed.

After the explosion just now, Arima Kisho and Takatsuki Sen arrived near Su Xiao.

“Let’s attack together. Otherwise, we will all die.”

Su Xiao held his sword and rushed at Mars. When fighting with an enemy who was stronger faster like Mars, trying to evade would lead to death.

The other three also understood that they should give it their all, so they rushed forward with Su Xiao.

The effect of the explosion just now had been remarkable. The health points on the top of Mars had been deducted by a half.

Su Xiao was the first to arrive in front of Mars. He now felt he understood how Takatsuki Sen felt. The pressure of staying in front of the armored thing was too big. Although that person only wore a layer of steel armor, it seemed like the armor was filled molten iron. It was heavy, sturdy and incredibly fierce.

Mars tried to catch Su Xiao’s head with his hands. Su Xiao only felt a black blur in front of his eyes. He could not see that it was the armor’s hand at all, he could only pull his head back with his full strength. If he was caught, he would die.

But Mars had only been feinting, the big hand suddenly changed direction and grabbed on to Su Xiao’s shoulder.

This time, Su Xiao did not manage to dodge the attack, and his shoulder felt tight and numb, like his arm was asleep.


Su Xiao’s shoulder was smashed, and his left arm hung down limply.

Stepping on the ground heavily, Su Xiao did not care about the pain from his shoulder, he took a few steps back as quick as he could.

With a squelching sound, a piece of flesh from his shoulder was ripped off, blood instantly poured down Su Xiao’s chest.

Cold sweat filled his forehead. Mars was the strongest enemy Su Xiao had ever fought against, without doubt.

After Su Xiao’s temporary retreat, Arima Kisho and the others rushed to Mars. All kinds of attacks hit on Mars’ armor and made different kinds of sounds.

They were not weak at all, as Mars was forced to take a few steps back.

Of course, Arima Kisho and others would not miss this opportunity. They all used their strongest means of attack. Fire splashed as several people fought with Mars.

Su Xiao did not lose the ability to fight, his right hand could still hold his sword, he would continue to fight as long as he was still alive.

With the opportunity of the three people holding Mars down, Su Xiao gradually moved behind Mars. Because of the first hit, Su Xiao came up with a feasible plan that did not depend on other people.

After being attacked by the three ghouls, Mars gradually became impatient.

“Are you cockroaches?”

Mars roared, ignoring the attacks of the three ghouls and rushing at priest.

At this time, Priest must have wanted to say something, but he did not have the time to do so.

Mars used his hand like a knife, it pierced straight into Priest’s chest, then Mars lifted Priest up just before the gelatinous material in Mars’s armor became active.

“Ahhhh, save me.”

Priest’s body dried up at visible speed, his Kagune was turning to dust.

Mars was absorbing the Rc cells from Priest’s body, and the health bar on his head was quickly recovering.

Su Xiao, who was behind Mars, was a little depressed. The results they had achieved after a lot of time had completely disappeared.

Although Arima Kisho and Takatsuki Sen were attacking Mars and risking their lives, the damage they caused was not as fast as the speed at which Mars recovered.

Seeing this, Su Xiao’s eyes turned black.

Why didn’t they hit Priest? That would be more effective.

Takatsuki Sen did not expect this, and Arima Kisho had some kind of relationship with Priest.

Taking a deep breath, Su Xiao was ready to execute his plan and began to fight with his life on the line.

If the task got completed successfully, he would become rich, and if it failed, he would die or flee back to the Reincarnation Paradise to bear the punishment of reduced attributes.

Su Xiao bit down on dragon flash to hold it, taking out a grenade.

Using his thumb to pull out the safety, Su Xiao threw the grenade to Mars.

This was not an explosive. Even the bomb earlier could not cause fatal damage to Mars, so a grenade had no chance.

“Ding, ding.”

The grenade rolled down to Mars’s feet, and with a quiet hiss, white mist spread, covering Takatsuki Sen and the others.

Takatsuki Sen, who had just been covered by the white mist, immediately had her Kagune turn into fragments, and her body became powerless.

“Rc cell inhibitor gas.”

Takatsuki Sen, Priest, who was still raised into the air, and even Arima Kisho were affected.

Not only the three, but Mars was also affected. The red light in the armor was dim, the health bar over the armor’s head turned gray, and its various attributes dropped drastically, because Mars was also a ghoul.

After throwing the ‘Rc cell inhibitor gas’, Su Xiao used the skill of the ring [Roar of evil spirits]: Roar. He was too injured, the injury on his shoulder caused him constant pain, causing half of his body to be somewhat numb, so it was necessary to use the skill that let him ignore pain.

[E/N: Looking back through all the documents for the one with the rings original name was such a pain…]

After activating the skill, Su Xiao’s pain disappeared, he rushed forward with the sword in one hand.

He rushed to Mars’s with a few steps. Mars who moved incredibly slow, could only throw Priest away.

Su Xiao stepped up, the arc on the dragon flash was very bright, the muscles on his arm were showing.

Using a bomb to destroy Mars’s armor, Rc cell inhibitor gas to weaken the Rc cells in Mars’s body and using the roaring skills to ignore his pain, that was all done to deal his strongest attack.

Weaken the enemy, strengthen himself, and give the enemy an all-out attack. This was Su Xiao’s plan. Simple, crude, but effective.

If this strike could not kill or seriously harm the enemy, that would mean that Su Xiao could only wait for death or choose to return immediately. But the cost of returning immediately was too heavy for him.

The blade cut through the air, forming a light blue arc.


The sword was singing, and his blood was burning.

The sword managed to cut through, and Mars’s head flew high.

He did it!

Mars’s head was cut off. Takatsuki Sen and others were staring at the scene. The three felt immensely relieved when they saw Mars’s head was cut off.

The three ghouls relaxed, but Su Xiao was not relaxed at all. Mars was still not dead, or at least he did not get the prompt about killing an enemy yet.

Rotating the blade in his hand, Su Xiao changed from a normal grip to a backhanded grip. If one were to look at Su Xiao’s right arm, one could see that the muscles in his arm were somewhat broken.

However, under the effect of the skill ‘Roar’, he didn’t feel that at all.

Dragon flash cut through Mars’s broken neck and into its body. Under the influence of the ‘Rc cell inhibitor gas’, dragon flash directly cut through the majority of Mars’s body.

Su Xiao stepped on Mars’s shoulder and used the sword to stir the strange substance in Mars’s body. He obviously felt that dragon flash had cut off some harder organs.

Mars’s headless body trembled randomly, as if it had epilepsy.

“Is this guy mad?”

Takatsuki Sen looked at Su Xiao, who was holding the sword to stir the enemy’s organs. She subconsciously took two steps back. She was afraid that Su Xiao would rush at her next. At this time, Su Xiao was indeed looking insane, and more than a bit cruel.

After stirring for a few seconds, Su Xiao apparently noticed that Mars’ body went soft, as he fell down with him.

[You killed: The first ghoul in history, Mars.]

[Because Mars was the originator of the ghouls’ world, you gained 10% of the world’s source. You now have a total of 39.3% of the world’s source.]

After the death of Mars, a blue treasure case floated over the body of Mars.

Su Xiao immediately put away dragon flash, picked up the blue treasure chest, after that he did not stagnate. With the right hand, which he could still use a bit, he felt into Mars’s body. Soon, he touched a solid crystal and pulled out his arm. He was holding the ‘source’.

[You have obtained ‘source’. Complete ‘hidden task: source’ yes/no.]

Su Xiao chose to complete it. There was not much time now, Priest, who had dried up before, had the intention to get close, but he was somewhat afraid of the surrounding ‘Rc cell inhibitor gas’.

[You have completed ‘hidden task: source’. You receive: 2 attribute points, soul crystal (small) x3.]

The ‘source’ in Su Xiao’s hands disappeared. At this time, not only Priest, but even Arima Kisho and Takatsuki Sen had killing intent in their eyes.


Su Xiao whispered. The surrounding space began to surge, he felt like he was being hit by a stick on his head, then his vision turned black, and his time derivative world ended.