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R.P Chapter 129: Recovery! [EDITED]

[Transfer complete, the hunter has returned to his exclusive room.]

[The exclusive room is absolutely secure, except for the hunter, no one is allowed to enter.]

[The hunter has returned to the Reincarnation Paradise, beginning calculation of awards for the derivative world.]

Derivative world: Tokyo ghoul.

Difficulty: Lv.3 (difficult).

The world’s source: 39.3%

Number of completed tasks: 5. (mainline task x3, achievement task: street sweeper, hidden task: source.)

Comprehensive evaluation: S-. (Note: The score is E-to S+. The comprehensive evaluation is based on the sum of the world’s source and the number of completed tasks.)

Starting collection of the source of the world…,

The source of the world was collected.

Starting to calculate rewards.

Earned rewards: 15 attribute points, 19000 paradise coins.

The overall rating was S-, the hunter’s level is raised by 3. New level is Lv.5. (The level is be increased based on the comprehensive evaluation.)

The hunter’s level has reached Lv.5, storage space has increased to five cubic meters.

Calculation complete, the rewards have automatically been deposited into the hunter’s mark.

Detecting that the hunter has completed the hunting mission and won the Aogiri honor medal. The honor store is now open. Location: In the exclusive room of the hunter. The hunter should explore its functions himself.


Su Xiao sat on the ground in the exclusive room to check the clearance evaluation.

Compared with the world of One Piece, he had gained a lot in the ghouls’ world. The 15 attribute points could drastically strengthen Su Xiao’s three main attributes. The soul crystal that he had obtained in the hidden task could allow him to further develop the Shadow of the Law.

[Detected that the hunter’s vital sign is unstable. If hunter accepts, recovery will start.]

As Su Xiao wanted to choose to recover the shoulder injury, a notification of the Reincarnation Paradise appeared again.

[Ding! Since the hunter has access to the honor store, the Reincarnation Paradise recommends that the hunter actively uses the honor store.]

Su Xiao was a bit surprised. The recovery function he had just accepted had been terminated, but fortunately, it didn’t consume any paradise coins.

Although Su Xiao wanted to calculate his harvest in the ghouls’ world, it was even more important to restore his injuries now.

A large number of bones in his left shoulder were smashed, and his right arm’s muscles tore, so his arm hung limp, as if he had become a disabled person.


Su Xiao struggled to stand up and moved in front of the screen that had just appeared in the room.

The screen on the wall showed several lines of text. This was the honor store.

[Welcome to the honor store.]

[Because the hunter uses the honor store for the first time, please read the following rules and regulations.]

1.    Items in the honor store can only be redeemed with the honor medals.

2.   The items redeemed from the honor store are locked items and cannot be traded with other contractors.

3.   The hunter is forbidden to mention the existence of the honor store to anyone, failure to comply will result in execution from the Reincarnation Paradise.

4.    There are few goods in the honor store, and they have limited supplies.

5.    The exchanged items will not be refunded.


Seeing lots of rows of regulations, Su Xiao scowled, there were really a lot of rules to this honor store.

Trying to manipulate the honor store with his thoughts, the interface changed.

[Because the hunter only has one Aogiri honor medal, only the following items can be redeemed.]

Soul crystal (small) × 1.

Price: One Aogiri honor medal.


Honored Recovery medicine.

Effect: Restoring 100% life value after use.

Price: One Aogiri honored medal.


Cell-level recovery function (once)

Effect: After exchange, cellular level recovery will be performed, restoring any injury, clearing potential hidden diseases, and recovering organs.

Price: One Aogiri honored medal.


There were not many things in the honor store, only three items, but these items were very useful.

Needless to say, the use of soul crystal and the honored recovery medicine could be called amazing, and the final cell-level recovery function may be the reason the Reincarnation Paradise stopped the normal recovery function. The Reincarnation Paradise wanted him to choose this recovery function.

Su Xiao hesitated for a while. Although the first two items were attractive, he was now in a semi-disabled state, it was the most important to restore his injuries.

Choosing the cell-level recovery function, the Aogiri honored medal in Su Xiao’s storage space disappeared, and a glaring light appeared on his head, wrapping his whole body.

[Ding! Detecting the state of the hunter…. Test completed.]

[Recovery key points: Left shoulder bone and nearby muscle groups, lungs, right arm’s muscle groups.]

[Recovery initiated.]

After the notification of the Reincarnation Paradise, Su Xiao felt a rush around him, and he felt a little faint.

He vaguely felt that the light passed through every part of his body, some of the cells with no vitality decomposed after exposure to the light, and then viable cells appeared.

The most obvious change was the lungs, the strong light gathered together and turned into a clear stream, flushing his lungs over and over again, flushing out some black substance from the lungs.

Because he’d been smoking for a long time, his lungs were somewhat dark at first, but they gradually turned pink under clear stream’s flushing.

Recovery, cleaning, and rebirth, these three states circulated in Su Xiao’s body.

After a long time, the strong feeling disappeared and Su Xiao’s injuries had completely recovered.

Taking a deep breath, Su Xiao had never felt that the air was so fresh. The various organs became extremely energetic under the repair at the cellular level.

Trying to move his arms, he noticed they were as flexible as ever, as if he had never been hurt.

Su Xiao felt as if he had been wearing a layer of weighted clothing, and now the ‘weighted clothes’ had disappeared. His ears were clear, his eyes were bright, his whole body was relaxed.

This Aogiri honor medal had been put to good use, Su Xiao never felt so good.

When he arrived at the bathroom, Su Xiao washed away the blood on his body, then he sat on the bed with his upper body bare and began to sum up the harvest of the ghouls’ world.

First, he got 15 attribute points, and 32,127 paradise coins.

These paradise coins were the sum of the treasure chests, completing missions and the clearance reward.

Getting more than 30,000 paradise coins made Su Xiao smile. He should spend these paradise coins later and further improve his strength.

Next was the equipment he got in that world.

Roar of evil spirits (green), obtained from gecko’s treasure chest, which he was wearing.

Lucky Flame (green, boutique), obtained by flash.

Silk bra (white), obtained by opening Queen’s scarlet card.

Crushing Elf (green, boutique), obtained from the CCG Temporary branch.

The unnamed sword-style Quinque (green), obtained from the ghouls’ shelter.

The total was five pieces of equipment, the silk bra (white) would be sold, but the other four were useful, he’d keep them.

After counting the equipment, Su Xiao began to count the materials and consumables.

Kakuhou (SS) x1, Kakuhou (S level) x1, Kakuhou (A level) x2, Kakuhou (B level) x1.

Type C Battlefield Syringe (recovers 30% of life value)

Destiny coin

Scarlet card (cold fish)

Soul Crystal (small) x3

Blue treasure chest x1

That was everything that Su Xiao got in the ghouls’ world.

Sitting on the bed, Su Xiao put everything in front of him and began to think about how to deal with these items.

Useful equipment and materials would be left behind, and everything else would be sold in the market, in exchange for paradise coins. The paradise coins were the currency of the Reincarnation Paradise and could be used everywhere.

But now, the first thing to do was to open the blue treasure chest.

Compared with Kaneki Ken, Mars’s was much stronger, so Su Xiao was looking forward to this treasure chest.

After picking up the treasure chest, Su Xiao did not open it immediately, but took a cigarette and picked up the Lucky flame lighter.

He chose to consume 500 paradise coins to use Lucky flame’s skill.

The cover of the Lucky flame lighter opened, and a cyan flame appeared.

He lit the cigarette and took a deep breath. Su Xiao opened the blue treasure chest, and the dazzling blue light came out from the treasure chest.

It flashed!