Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 137: Patient of Chuunibyou in the later stage [EDITED]

After completing the sacrifice, Su Xiao picked up the improved Dragon Flash.

The surface of Dragon Flash flashed in a faint blue light, and the sharp edge produced a clear sound from the faintest movement.

Su Xiao raised his hand and took out a few swords. The horrible sound of the whistle came.

He was sure, if he were to fight Mars from the Ghouls’ world now, he would definitely be able to cut him into pieces. Of course, if he were to get hit, he would die instantly.

Su Xiao was full of expectations for the new attributes of Dragon Flash.

Dragon Flash (Blade value 0%)

Origin: the Shadow of the Law

Quality: blue

Durability: 60/60 (up to 10 points)

Attack power: 17 to 43 (progress from 7 to 14 points)

Equipment demand: the inheritor of the Shadow of the Law.

Rating: 52 (can be gradually increased by sacrificing weapons)

Extreme Blade Effect 1: Sharpness +4 (2 points increase)

Extreme Blade Effect 2: Rhythm of RC cells (passive): Physical strength +2. (The attached attribute came from ‘unnamed Quinque’).

Introduction: Lost, meet, fight, new life, grow.

Price: Unable to trade.


Su Xiao was satisfied with the current attributes of Dragon Flash. In the near future, Dragon Flash would definitely not hold him back, as a matter of fact, Dragon Flash as it was now would actually strengthen him.

Su Xiao put away Dragon Flash, all of its skills had been upgraded and the attribute points strengthened. Now, the only thing left to do was to go to the trial field to adapt to his improved body.

He had spent a lot of money, Su Xiao originally had 47,127 points of paradise coins, but now there were only 17,567 points left.

After the paying for the trial field, he would probably loose most of that.

But he couldn’t use all his money in the trial field. He had to prepare for the next derivative world after all, things like restoration products also cost lots of money.

Leaving the exclusive room, Su Xiao went straight to the trial field.

The trial field was much smaller than the property strengthening hall. This room looked like the mouth of a big monster. There were dozens of transmission centers in the room. As soon as the users stood on the transmission arrays, they would automatically be transferred to the interior of the trial field.

Su Xiao stood on the transfer line, after his vision distorted, he suddenly stood in an empty gym.

The scenery was randomly generated. This time, the scenery was good, it was suitable for practicing.

[Welcome, hunter. To use the trial field, please choose a mode.]

[Assist mode / actual fight mode]

Su Xiao chose the assist mode.

[Assist mode has been selected. Please select the level of the summoned spectre]

There were three options in front of Su Xiao, [low-level spectre] for 100 paradise coins per hour, [intermediate spectre] for 1000 paradise coins per hour, [advanced spectre] for 10,000 paradise coins per hour.

The last time he summoned Koshiro, who was an [intermediate spectre], as Su Xiao was not so rich as to summon an [advanced spectre], which was just too expensive.

[You have chosen ‘intermediate spectre’. Summon Koshiro’s spectre or random summon?]

Su Xiao considered for a while, Koshiro was a good instructor, but what he needed now was not advancing his understanding about the sword, but gaining valuable experience of fighting.

[You have chosen random summon. Summoning…, the intermediate spectre ‘Uchiha Sasuke’ has been summoned.]

Su Xiao heard the notification of the Reincarnation Paradise, Su Xiao almost coughed some blood.

What where the chances of summoning Uchiha Sasuke? Characters like this who experienced rapid growth were powerless in the early stages, but it would be lucky if they were summoned in their later stages.

Su Xiao immediately dispelled this train of thoughts. How could the intermediate summon of the spectre of Uchiha Sasuke be on the height of its power? Uchiha Sasuke grew to be extremely powerful later on and almost ‘destroyed’ the world of Naruto.

Su Xiao felt helpless as the spectre of Uchiha Sasuke was gradually summoned.

After the body had completely solidified, Uchiha Sasuke activated his Sharingan and said something that left Su Xiao speechless.

“Are you my trainee?”

Uchiha Sasuke was dressed in a pure white kimono, except for the small tribal badge on its back, that left his chest bare and dark blue trousers with a purple waistband.

With this dress and the Sharingan with three tomoe, Su Xiao was able to judge the strength of Uchiha Sasuke to a general period.

This spectre of Uchiha Sasuke was from the period where Uchiha Sasuke suffered from chuunibyou and was ‘kidnapped’ by Orochimaru.

Su Xiao’s sights turned black, he suddenly wanted to use ‘return’.

“Hey, didn’t you hear what I said?”

Su Xiao pinched his forehead.

“I heard you, but I am not your trainee.”

“You’re not my trainee? Then why do I have the thoughts of teaching you about fighting?”

Uchiha Sasuke’s eyebrows narrowed into a frown, until he finally shook his head, not wanting to think about this problem.

The spectre summoned by the trial field was not a real person, but a simulation of the appearance and personality of the person who was summoned along with the knowledge that the character had mastered.

Although Uchiha Sasuke had chuunibyou, his combat ability was not low at all, and Uchiha Sasuke also knew how to use the sword. He had paid 1000 paradise coins, it would be a loss if he didn’t learn anything.

Su Xiao glanced at Uchiha Sasuke and thought about what he could learn from him.

The sword arts? That was unlikely, the two were not using the same style. Su Xiao used sword skills as his main means of combat, while Uchiha Sasuke used his sword only to assist in combat.

He suddenly had an idea, Su Xiao thought of something he could learn from Uchiha Sasuke.

Taking out Dragon Flash, and wrapping Azure Steel Shadow on Dragon Flash.

“Hoh? You wrap energy around your weapon? But the method is too rough, and the energy distribution is too uneven.”

Uchiha Sasuke pulled out Kusanagi from his back and enveloped it in lightning chakra.

“When you wrap energy around a weapon, pay attention to three points…”

Uchiha Sasuke began to explain technique of forming energy around weapons to Su Xiao.

“It’s probably like this, but unlike my lightning chakra, the energy you wrap around your weapon is more likely to invade your enemy’s body when you hurt him. If I see things right, your energy can also sharpen. This is a very peculiar form of energy, but the difficulty of developing it further shouldn’t be low.”

Uchiha Sasuke’s words surprised Su Xiao quite a bit.

“And how do I go about developing it?”

“I don’t know.”

Su Xiao sighed, in this case Uchiha Sasuke might as well have said nothing.

“Your energy is different from chakra. Chakra is a combined form of spiritual and physical energy. Your energy is a very pure spiritual energy, but it is not particularly strong, and it is too early to develop it further.”

After asking more about forming energy around weapons, an hour had passed quickly, and Uchiha Sasuke gradually disappeared.

These 1000 paradise coins were worth it. Su Xiao gained a lot of knowledge. He again spent 1,000 paradise coins to summon a random spectre.

[Summoning…, the intermediate image ‘Sasaki Kojiro’ (from the fate/stay night world, the fifth fate/stay night) has been summoned.]

Su Xiao felt relieved and sat down.

It was a bit of a surprise that Sasaki Kojiro got summoned, the pseudo servant that used a long sword.

After Sasaki Kojiro’s body appeared, he pulled out the sword that was more than one and a half meters long.

Sasaki Kojiro’s height was about 176 cm, and the sword was almost as long as he was tall.

He wore a loose purple kimono and kept his hair in a blue ponytail, Sasaki Kojiro looked somewhat handsome.

“Let’s fight, I am more accustomed to talking with my sword.”

Su Xiao did not say anything, he merely drew Dragon Flash, then the two men rushed at each other at the same time, arriving withing striking distance within a few steps.

“Tsubame Gaeshi!”


Three attacks were about to hit Su Xiao. At this moment his vision became dark, only the three slashes were left in his eyes.


Su Xiao’s body was slashed into several pieces, this guy’s sword was just too fast. Fortunately, he was in the trial field. Otherwise, he would be dead now.