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R.P Chapter 140: wall of Rose was about to be kicked [EDITED]

“Fuck yes, it’s Shokugeki no Soma, I’m gonna be rich!”

There was a loud roar not far away, and a burst of laughter followed.

“What a lucky guy, he can get a lot of restoratives in that world.”

“It’s not good luck at all, that is the world in which you can’t use weapons at all, who would go to that rotten place to learn cooking?! Only people with a clearance evaluation lower than C-level for three times in a row will enter that kind of derivative world.”

“Don’t say that, I have been there before, there are a lot of beautiful female characters in that world. But if you dare to do anything bad, hahaha, if you come out alive, I will eat shit!”

The person who just shouted should be a Lv.5 contractor. Otherwise, he and Su Xiao would not receive their notifications simultaneously.

Su Xiao’s eyes revealed blazing light. The anime he had watched included the ‘Attack on Titan’, and even though the world in the first two seasons of the anime looked very small, it was not.

The world was very large, outside of the walls at least.

After about ten or so minutes, the trading plaza became noisier, some workers who needed to enter the derivative world began to look for people to cover them.

There were a group of people in the trading square who were particularly conspicuous. There were dozens of people gathered here, wearing the same outfit, they should be in the same adventurer group.

A man with blonde hair and blue eyes stood at the forefront of the group, he looked gentle and was discussing something with his team members.

Su Xiao stared and noticed that the person was Adam, the guy who traded him the heart-eyes skill.

At this time, Adam was surrounded by at least a dozen workers. These workers looked very urgent. They should want to let Fraternity, which was led by Adam, lead them to pass through the derivative world.

Adam was orderly arranging these people. After recruiting about ten workers, Adam waved his hands to wave off the other workers.

The workers that were unable to join the group looked pitiful, some of them tried to raise their offers to join in. It seemed that the Fraternity adventurer group had a good reputation.

Although the benefits of protecting workers were not small, Su Xiao did not intend to cover for other people. His work in the derivative worlds was too dangerous, the workers who followed him would definitely die.

[Time is up. Derivative world attack on Titan has been opened, the world has no abnormalities, the space coordinates are stable, the consumption of the power of time and space is 0.015 ounces.]

[According to the power of time and space consumed, the contractor’s lowest comprehensive evaluation in the world needs to reach D level.]

After the announcement of the Reincarnation Paradise finished, the surrounding contractors were obviously noisy. Although they entered the derivative world at the same time, there were many derivative worlds that opened at once, so they may not enter the same derivative world.

The familiar feeling of a transmission came, Su Xiao’s consciously covered the back of his head, but he was still felt as if he was knocked by a stick, barely hanging onto consciousness.

In the state of being barely consciousness, Su Xiao felt some resentment. The Reincarnation Paradise was such a powerful presence, why could it not change the way of transferring them.

When Su Xiao regained consciousness, he was already standing on a bustling street.

The streets were bursting with pedestrians, who were dressed plainly. There were stalls selling apples on the street, members of the Stationary Guard passed by, to Su Xiao, it seemed as if he were in a small town in medieval Europe.


The streets were not even, and whenever a carriage passed by, it left a dust cloud trailing behind it, maybe because there had been little rain recently.

The high rising buildings on both sides of the street were built in the gothic style of medieval Europe.

Ding, ding…

A tall clock tower in the distance made a few chimes, causing Su Xiao to look up. It was ten in the morning.

[Entering the world: Attack on Titan]

World difficulty: LV.7. Difficulty. (A large number of contractors has entered this world.)

The source of the world: 0% (Exploring or communicating with the characters in the current world will gain you source of the world. The amount earned will be calculated with the task difficulty to form a final score.)

World introduction: Legendary primal giants, cannibalizing each other, destroyed the kingdoms. After a great migration, the three ‘holy walls’ were built.

Giant: A huge humanoid creature. The ordinary giants have no wisdom and no purpose. They will devour humans, but won’t move at night. Their numbers are huge, never having been fully counted.

Under the protection of three ‘holy walls’, the humans in the walls have lived a peaceful life for a hundred years, like birds in a cage. The resources in the wall are scarce, and there are giants wandering outside of the wall. The threat of the giants is always present.

In 845 A.D., a large hole was broken into Wall Maria (the third wall of the periphery) by a colossal giant. The giants outside of the wall rushed in. Though many humans died, the people fled behind the second wall, Wall Rose, to escape.

During this period, the mother of Eren, the main character of the plot, was swallowed by a giant. Eren joined the training corps to get revenge, having decided to become a member of the recon corps to kill the giants.

In 850 A.D., the second ‘holy wall’, Wall Rose, was destroyed. (This was the breakthrough point of the plot.)

Main mission: Wall Rose, Dinah Fritz.

Hunting task: Kill the offenders, contractor 18433, 16770 and 14030.

When the hunter is within one kilometer of an offender, the hunting function will automatically turn on.

Warning: Do not mention anything about ‘the Reincarnation Paradise’ in this world. If the warning is ignored, you will be executed!

Tip: The main task of this world is an attack and defense task. Please cooperate actively with the other contractors, except for the offenders.

Tip: It was detected that the hunter did not master the language in this world, you can pay 100 paradise coins to master the language of this world.

The world starts!


After reading the hunting mission, Su Xiao looked somewhat awful. Was the Reincarnation Paradise crazy? It surprisingly gave him three offenders to hunt down. Fortunately, even if he could not complete the hunting mission, there were no punishments.

In this attack and defense task, which required many contractors to cooperate, the Reincarnation Paradise had surprisingly arranged multiple hunting targets for him, which made him feel helpless.

Su Xiao had heard of the ‘attack and defense’ tasks. They were major tasks, much more difficult than the chain task of the last world.

In the attack and defense tasks, the contractors were generally on the defensive side, having to deal with many enemies attacking together.

If the defense task was completed successfully, the task would be completed. If the defense task failed, the contractors could basically only wait for death. It was the so-called ‘when one suffers, all have to suffer’. If the defensive lines were broken, how could the defending people survive?

In this world, the Reincarnation Paradise gave Su Xiao a strange feeling. The Reincarnation Paradise seemed to be urging him a little to clean up the offenders. Was there anything happening in the Reincarnation Paradise?

He didn’t need to think about it now, so Su Xiao checked the details of the main task.

[Main mission: attack and hold Wall Rose.]

Difficulty level: Lv.7

Mission Description: Stop the giants who entered the broken Wall Rose and block the hole.

Mission information: Wall Rose, the second wall. After the outermost wall, Wall Maria, was broken, Wall Rose came under attack of the giants.

Mission period: 10 days.

Mission reward: 3 attribute point, 8000 paradise coins.

Mission failure penalty: None.


After Su Xiao reviewed the details of the mainline mission, he knew the seriousness of the situation.

The task difficulty was Lv.7, it had high rewards, and there was no failure penalty, these three points meant the task was very difficult.

When Su Xiao thought about his next actions, there was a loud breathing sound in the distance.

The sound came from the direction of the city wall, Su Xiao looked at the wall, which was at least 50 meters high.

At this time, a large head appeared on the outside of the wall. The head was almost as big as a house. The white skull and blood-red muscles were visible, and steam rose. It seemed that the temperature of the skull was not low.


Su Xiao felt the shock under his foot. A huge rock with a diameter of ten meters flew over his head. After the huge rock landed, it rolled into the distance and crushed a large building.

It was just an instant, and corpses were everywhere, and there was massive destruction.

The colossal giant kicked a hole more than ten meters in diameter through the Wall Rose. The hole was close to the ground. Since the wall blocked the airflow, the hole in the wall made a strange sound as air flowed through.

In less than five seconds, the colossal giant disappeared without a trace, leaving only a large veil of steam.

Su Xiao looked at the big hole on the wall a few hundred meters away. Now, the mainline mission was obvious. Blocking the big hole and stopping the ordinary giants from attacking.

Could the main task of a Lv.7 difficulty be as simple as that? Of course not.

After five minutes, Su Xiao heard a loud noise on the other side.

Ten minutes later, in the direction behind him, there was another loud noise.

The Wall Rose had three holes broken into it, to the east, west, and south.

These holes had to be guarded by the contractors and the natives of this world. However, except for the investigation corps, the other corps were just too weak, so the main force was the contractors.