Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 144: The defensive Line About to Break Apart!

“The protagonist of the Titans’ world is on the scene, nice.”

Enthus smiled and looked at Eren and others, he seemed to want to talk to them, he looked hesitant, but some people were faster.

A contractor came to Armin and gently smiled.

“Hello, I am Kevin, we are responsible…”

Kevin did not choose to talk with Eren or Mikasa but chose Armin who was easier to chat with.

“Well, I got it.”

Armin simply responded and stopped, it seemed that he had no interest in talking to Kevin.

Kevin was mildly rebuffed, after that he smiled with embarrassment and looked at Eren.

“Why do you look at me, I won’t believe what you, a prisoner says.”

Well, he was blamed before he spoke. Kevin’s eyes flashed in anger, his 10 points of charm were useless in front of the three.

Finally, he looked at Mikasa, Kevin shook his head and sighed, if he makes this girl angry, she may kill him, so he walked away and stood near dust.

“Sure enough, it seems that we can normally communicate after the attack and defense mission is completed.”

Dust whispered and finally gave up the plan in mind.

Su Xiao was nearby.

“Enthus, if the battle line can’t keep, will you shoot?”

Bloody rose whispered close to Enthus’s ears.

“Well? What are you talking about? I have already shot now.”

Enthus looked at bloody rose strangely and raised the shotgun in his hand.

“I can barely believe it before, but it is different now, the head of our team contacted me and conveyed some information to me.

The leader of the corps Levi·Ackerman had arrived in the first zone to support them. The second zone had the madwoman Hanji Zoe and many members of the Survey Corps.

However, the third zone had sent us three recruits from the training corps. Although the fighting power of Mikasa was strong, it was not comparable to the two experienced members of the Survey Corps. ”

Bloody rose said till this and stopped, she looked at Enthus with burning eyes.

“Dust is very strong, I admit. I understand my strength. This kind of camp is not enough compared with an adventurous group. Reincarnation paradise will not make this kind of mistake. Another hidden strong person, which is you, right?”

“Oh? There are other contractors.”

“Ha? Those guys are coming for death.”

Enthus silently fiddled with the shotgun, which seemed that the gun was his treasure.

“Not me, my fighting power is really not strong.”

Bloody rose squinted her eyes and tiled her lips, and didn’t know what she was thinking about.

[Time is up, the Titans are starting to attack.]

The hint of the reincarnation paradise appeared while Su Xiao felt a slight vibration on the ground. 

Boom, boom, boom…

Titans were approaching, the numbers were a lot.

A contractor was good at agile ran to the front of the hole, and his legs were soft after seeing the number of titans outside the city wall.

“Dust boss, the thing is not good, there are a large number of titans outside the city wall.”

“How much specifically?”

“The number.. is hard to count.”

With a whistle, all the contractors got up and ran to the hole. After seeing the dense titans, everyone had the idea of turning around and fleeing.

Not far from the wall, there were dozens of titans moving forward. Although the Titans’ paces were not fast, they could walk for a few meters away every step, and they would reach the vicinity of the hole in less than a minute.

“Everyone stays alert, keeps the original formation.”

Dust screamed and stood in the back with a staff.


Bloody rose suddenly spoke, dust frowned and looked at her.

“Bull, you are responsible for defending the hole. You must not let the Titans break-in. So we only need to deal with one or two titans every time. You, you, and you are responsible for the left and right sides of bull. If bull makes mistakes, you need to cover them immediately.

The remote gunmen are divided into three columns for shooting in turns, each column pays attention to change bullets, the long-range firepower must not stop.”

A series of arrangements from bloody rose made many contractors stunned, all contractors looked at dust.

The face of dust was not very good, the position of the leader he just won was unstable.

But bloody rose’s tactics were perfect, he had to do that unless he wanted the defense line to be broken.

“Do as she said.”

After dust gnashed the teeth and said this sentence, he looked at bloody rose with anger.

”Mr. Dust’? Am I wrong?”

Bloody rose charmingly smiled. As a deputy head of Lycoris radiatar, how could she not be good with strategies? The newcomer dust of Fraternity is still too young.

After all the contractors were in place, the Titans came from the hole, and the first one to contact with the Titans was bull.

The titan did not have a standard attack action, it could just bite or scratch.

A big hand which was as big as nether grabbed to bull, bull’s face changed greatly and immediately wanted to retreat.

“You can’t retire, you must die if you retreat.”

Dust shouted a big fireball was thrown out.

Bang, the titan in the hole, was burnt into coke, the body gradually vaporized, and the titan in the rear entered the hole.

Boom, boom, boom, boom…

All kinds of firearms sounded like a blast, the Titans’ movements were blocked. Most titans were killed before going out of the hole.

After seeing this scene, Eren and others looked at the many contractors unbelievably.

“These prisoners are so strong.”

“We should be more cautious.”

Mikasa looked at many contractors, she squinted her eyes in the dark.

“They may not be able to defend for long, we have to think about countermeasures.”

Armin saw the drawbacks of the contractors. If the people in front of the hole dies, the Titans will all rush into the wall. Once they needed to deal with many titans at the same time, the contractors would be defeated.

The fight continued, titans fell in the hole, forming a pile of bones on the ground. The Titans’ bones gasified much faster than the muscles.

The contractors were defending the hole by their all efforts, and the bull shield in the foremost was somewhat distorted.

Now bull had only one idea, that was to run, he almost could not hold.

A titan’s hand pop out at the hole, grabbing bull, bull shouted and jumped out, the titan’s hand was too fast.

“No, it’s Kiko Shu.”

The contractors for close fight rushed forward. Kiko Shu was a kind of titan, but the behavior was unpredictable. Kiko Shu was different from the ordinary titan. Its four limbs stepped on the ground and climbed quickly.

Boom, boom.

Kiko Shu smashed down two contractors and successfully broke through the defense of the hole.

There was a lot of difference between Kiko Shu and the ordinary titans. The ordinary titan looked dumb. They generally walked forward slowly, it was easy to estimate their behaviors.

Kiko Shu was different. They had all kind of ways, such as rotating, jumping and so on. They could approach the enemy in a charming posture. Some Kiko Shu even climbed horizontally like a crab.

“Quick, stop the titan.”

Dust stared with anger, if the battle line was broken, it would be all over.

Whistle?, the sound of the jet came, Mikasa and others rushed to the Kiko Shu.

3D Maneuver Gear made Mikasa glided in the air, she held a sharp knife in both hands, and she cut in the back neck of Kiko Shu after rotating her body in the air.

After the flesh of its neck flies, Kiko Shu fell to the ground, and the steam rose.

But this Kiko Shu was just dead, there were five Kiko Shu got out in the hole. The contractors had no time to defend.

The five Kiko Shu disrupted the formation of the contractors in an instant, the contractors threw their helmets and fled immediately, several ordinary titans emerged from the hole.

“It’s over.”

Bloody rose and dusty face were extremely awful. The task of the 20-day time limit, the battle line was broke less than one hour, not mention to block the hole.

“Hey, Byakuya, the task will fail if you do not fight.”

Enthus put away the shotgun and dropped a silver necklace around his neck, a palm-sized silver cross hanging on the necklace.




The three glories of different colors spread on Enthus’s body.

[You have been blessed with a ‘Vitality glory’: The speed of recovering life value increased by 50%.]

[You have been blessed with ‘Courage glory’: strength +4.]

[You have been blessed with the ‘Faith glory’: abnormal resistance increased by 20%.]

Enthus was surprisingly a ‘carebear’, simply glories he had three.

The contractors who were blessed by the glories were stunned, they were the first to see such strong glories.

[You have been blessed with ‘Victory Shouting’, all attributes +2, the effect lasts for 30 minutes.]

“Byakuya, is my sincerity enough?”

After a short period of thinking, Su Xiao decided to come up with his ability. If he doesn’t fight, the defense line will break soon, it will be troublesome. Bloody rose and dust can’t keep the battle line at all.

“Nice sincerity.”

Su Xiao put away the broken Elf, dragon flash appeared in his hand, the power suddenly changed.

“It’s this guy.”

Bloody rose shot away to the titan’s back neck, the ordinary titan fell down. Her main attribute was strength and the agility as a support, she could not keep up with the strange speed of Kiko Shu.

Su Xiao glanced around, and immediately locked a Kiko Shu, he quickly ran toward Kiko Shu.

Kiko Shu also saw Su Xiao, his limbs stepped on the ground and rushed to Su Xiao.

The two quickly approached each other, Su Xiao’s body rushed forward jumped to the side, just to avoid the big mouth of Kiko Shu.

Dragon flash cut through the air and smashed the back neck of Kiko Shu.


A huge head flew, Kiko Shu’s head was cut off by Su Xiao’s one sword attack.

Su Xiao was a bit stunned. Dragon flash was like cutting a piece of tofu to cut on Kiko Shu. There was no resistance on the muscles and bones of Kiko Shu.

Although Kiko Shu was dead, the body was still rushing forward, Su Xiao stepped on the back of Kiko Shu, after accelerating for a few steps, he jumped to the other Kiko Shu.

The cold light appeared in the sight of the Kiko Shu.


Two swords, two Kiko Shu fell down.


The hot blood fell on Su Xiao’s backhand. He stood on the back of Kiko Shu which was gasifying. The whole person stood in the steam, the cold light in sight was extra obvious. He was looking for the next target.

“I finally know why the paradise will assign new recruits. It has already arranged a person with the level of the leader in the adventure group for us.”

Bloody rose stared at Su Xiao, there was a light in her sight. She just made a mistake.