Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 15: Elite Creature! (Edited)

After this attack, the tiger’s body untensed and fell toward Su Xiao.
Su Xiao, who was standing under the huge tiger felt something wrong and immediately rolled away.


A dust cloud rose when the huge tiger’s body fell on the ground.

Su Xiao, his body covered in blood, stood up and carefully stared at the giant tiger, which was already lying down. Still, he did not dare approach because it still had 5% hp left.

The master of Colubo Mountain did not die yet. This huge tiger was surprisingly smart enough to pretend that it was dead to catch Su Xiao off guard.

“What a smart animal.”

Flicking his long sword lightly, the blood on it was sprayed off, forming a half-circle of blood on the ground.

“Huff, huff.”

Although the fight lasted only a short amount of time, the dangerous situation caused Su Xiao to consume a lot of stamina, leading to him breathing heavily.

His vitality was at 5 points. That meant that his endurance was not that strong. It was only at the level of ordinary people.

It was quite hard to increase an attribute by one point in the real world. Su Xiao estimated that after three years of harsh practice, he should be able to gain one point of strength and two points of agility.

With three attributes being higher than ordinary people, Su Xiao was a lot stronger than an ordinary person. It felt like every added attribute point brought a huge increase in ability.

One minute, two minutes, human and tiger didn’t move, the ruler of Colubo Mountain was still pretending to be dead, and Su Xiao could not attack it because he needed to recover his energy first.

The huge tiger, which lay in a pool of blood, suddenly opened its eye, showing some desperation.

It was somewhat hard to imagine a beast being able to express this kind of feeling, but it was not that strange at all. Animals had higher intelligence here in the world of One Piece.

In Alabasta, there was even a certain horny camel only willing to carry women.

The ruler of Colubo Mountain stood up with some difficultly, staring at Su Xiao with his eye, which was dripping with blood.

Su Xiao, who recovered some energy by now, walked toward the ruler of Colubo Mountain.


A roar left the tiger’s mouth as it attacked Su Xiao with his last strength.

Su Xiao dodged backward at first but then rushed forwards again.

Su Xiao had no choice but to fight with the giant tiger. He knew that even though it was in a very bad state, it still could kill him.

The danger level of the world of One Piece was too high. Su Xiao could only carefully try and cope with it.

After noticing that Su Xiao was delaying, the ruler of Colubo Mountain was growing extremely desperate. It had met an experienced hunter this time.

The ruler of Colubo Mountain trembled in pain and exhaustion but managed to stand straight, then roared loudly. This might be the last time it will roar in the forest.

After roaring, the tiger pulled its broken body up and ran toward Su Xiao, not caring about the sword in Su Xiao’s hand or its damaged organs.

With each step, the ground was shaking.

The massive beast in front of Su Xiao was trying to fight with every ounce of power it had left.

The king of Colubo Mountain was strong, but with his body broken, it had barely any strength left to use.

The way it chose to attack was straightforward. That is to say. It wanted to bite him. The tiger bared his fangs and tried to bite Su Xiao.

But the pain in its foreleg made it stumble and fall after only a few steps, yet it still tried to change its aim immediately.

The monstrous tiger’s mouth moved toward Su Xiao, which actually surprised him a little, but he quickly reacted and stabbed forward with his sword.

[Dragon flash] first pierced through the soft mouth of the giant tiger, and then cut through a layer of bones, deeply into the brain of the giant tiger.

[Dragon flash] was rated with 10 points as white equipment. As such, it was at the highest class of white equipment, it might even be better than some green equipment, and its durability and sharpness are definitively reliable.

After receiving this lethal injury, the eye of the massive tiger finally darkened. The hp value on its head began dropping.

Still, the huge tiger did not die even after it received such an attack.

And what happened next was even more surprising.

The giant tiger that, with its brain pierced, surprisingly leaned forward, pushing the blade deeper and deeper into its brain, and Su Xiao’s face changed.

With the huge tiger moving its body forward, Su Xiao’s arms had entered the range that the huge tiger could bite. It sharply closed its mouth and bit Su Xiao’s right arm.

Su Xiao immediately felt that his right arm with which he held his sword was pierced through by something sharp. First, he felt numbness, then came the pain.

Though his arm began to numb, Su Xiao did not lose hold of the [Dragon flash] in his hand.

Cold sweat covered his forehead, and Su Xiao’s suddenly pulled a gun with his left hand.

He pointed the gun toward the huge tiger’s eye and fired without hesitation.


The tiger’s only healthy eye exploded.

This shot finally killed the huge tiger, its mouth loosened, and Su Xiao pulled his arm free at this opportunity.

The upper part of his arm was bloody, and Su Xiao attempted to move his arm. Though it hurt, at least it wasn’t paralyzed.

Even though the tiger pierced it with his teeth, it wasn’t that strong of a bite. If the tiger bit with its full strength, then his hand would probably be cut off.

[You killed (elite creature) the ruler of Colubo Mountain.]

[The ruler of Colubo Mountain is an elite creature, you acquired 3.2% of the world’s source. You currently have 8.9% of the world’s source.]

[Your talent as a “hunter” is being activated, increasing Mana permanently by 15 points. Total points of Mana are now 91 points.]

The notification of the “Reincarnation Paradise” made Su Xiao relax a bit. The ruler of Colubo Mountain was definitely dead.

Su Xiao’s tense body softened as he sat on the ground, tired because of losing too much blood and stamina.

He then took out a cigarette from the storage space and lit it, and smoke started to float in the air.

“Ha, hahaha.”

Su Xiao, who was full of blood, sat on the grass and shook his head. He was completely fascinated by the feeling of a life and death battle.

Winners live, and losers die. Although it was cruel, it was simple.

He puffed smoke as he looked at the body of the huge tiger.

There was a light green treasure chest on the body of the giant tiger. The treasure chest was shining with beautiful green light.

Su Xiao, Still covered in blood, stood up with difficulty. This was his first time seeing a green treasure chest.

If opening the white treasure chest granted him magical equipment like [Necklace of the dead wife], then what could he get from this green treasure chest, which was a rank higher?

Su Xiao was excited, but it was not the time to open it yet.

He may still face any kind of danger in this unknown forest. The smell of the blood dying on the ground nearby could lure other predators.

Su Xiao put the green treasure chest into his storage space and pulled out all the teeth of the tiger. Then he prepared to find some source of water nearby to clean his body.

But at that time, there was some light sound coming from some shrubs roughly ten meters away.

Su Xiao became cautious, gripped the [Dragon flash] tightly, and looked at that shrub.

“Who’s there? Come out!”

Su Xiao yelled loudly. If there was a beast in the shrubs, it would definitely have reacted.

But it was the opposite. The source of the sound in the shrubs quieted down. He was still cautious. Maybe there was a person inside the shrubs.