Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 155: Your heart must hurt!

Hange Zoe greeted and explained the situation with Erwin Smith, the head of Survey Corps.

“So the Eren Yeager of the training corps can become a titan?”

“Yes, but after becoming a titan, he has a tendency to attack humans, but he is more interested in titans than humans.”

Erwin Smith looked at Eren, who was already in a coma, he was thinking.

Keywords such as ‘Human becomes a titan, attacking humans’ were stimulating to the side of Nile Dawk, the head of Military police regiment.

“Is what you said true?”

Nile Dawk grimly stared at Hange Zoe.

“Ah, it is true.”

Hange Zoe responded to Nair Dirk casually.

“This person must be handed over to Military police regiment to deal with.”

After talking, Nile Dawk walked forward, he wanted to grab Eren from Su Xiao.

Su Xiao’s hand moved, Nile Dawk did not capture anything.

“What is the meaning of this, prisoner. Come! Take him!”

Nile Dawk shouted loudly, and members of Military police regiment swarmed up, aiming at Su Xiao with guns.

Su Xiao glanced around, even if with Nile Dawk, he could kill these people in a minute. These people had no bloody smell, which meant they have never fought for a long time. Undisciplined people.

“Byakuya, calm down.”

Erwin Smith used his eyes to indicate Hange Zoe, Hange Zoe ran to Su Xiao a few steps, grabbed Su Xiao’s arm with one hand, and her face was a little nervous. It seemed that Su Xiao had killed people in front of her before.

“You have killed three members of Military police regiment. If you kill again, the head can’t protect you.”

Hange Zoe whispered at Su Xiao’s side.

Su Xiao scowled, the identity assigned to him by the reincarnation paradise was generally clear.

A former member of the Survey Corps was sentenced to death for killing three members of Military police regiment. Before the death penalty, the wall. Rose was broken. He was thrown into the battlefield to atone for his crimes by doing good deeds.

To find out his identity, Su Xiao had more confidence in the plan afterward. The identity of the former member in the survey corps was very good.

However, he noticed that Hange Zoe’s hand was tightly grasped his. Su Xiao felt that his identity’s temper reincarnation paradise arranged should not be very good, so he could not show too much deviation.

“What do you mean, Erwin Smith, are you going to protect this prisoner?”

“No, I want to treat him like a member of the survey corps.”

“What! Are you provoking Military police regiment?”

Nile Dawk was furious.

“According to yesterday’s battlefield report, Byakuya was almost alone blocking the hole in the city wall. According to the law, anyone who makes a huge contribution to human will be forgiven, even if the person does wrong in his or her behavior, and the person will have the opportunity to atone the crime by doing good deeds.

According to the performance of Byakuya yesterday, he protected the safety of many civilians, and what did the three members of Military police regiment who were killed by Byakuya do, you should know. The victim’s husband always wanted to litigate with the commander-in-chief, but he is blocked because of ‘various reasons’.”

Erwin Smith looked indifferent and did things without emotions.

Nile Dawk’s face changed one after another, what did his three subordinates do, he was clear, but for the reputations of Military police regiment, he could never admit that the female victim’s miserable appearance was seen by Nile Dawk. But it is the body that he sent people to destroy.

Su Xiao’s past killed three members of Military police regiment and should be executed directly under normal circumstances. There would be no chance of imprisonment.

Su Xiao scowled, the identity that the reincarnation paradise had arranged for him became more interesting.

“Cut, do not mention this matter, I will not say anything about this guy’s identity, but Eren Yeager must be handed over to Military police regiment.”

Nile Dawk chose to give in one step back.

The sound of jet injection of the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’ came, and Mikasa and Armin arrived.

“Head, two members of the training corps, want to climb the wall.”

Nile Dawk’s subordinates came to report to him.

“Training Corps? Let them leave, this is not where they can come.”

Nile Dawk meant to sent Mikasa and Armin away.

“Head, the two men, are the fellows of Eren Yeager, and the three are trained together in the training corps.”

Su Xiao spoke at this moment, Erwin nodded, indicating that Su Xiao stood in the team of the survey corps, and patted on Su Xiao’s shoulder, whispered a sentence, ‘It’s way too unfair to you, if the wall is not broken, he can be free for two days’.”

“Nile, the two people are the same period students of Eren Yeager, and they should know Eren Yeager.”

Nile Dawk was hesitant after listening to Erwin Smith.

“That? Let them come since Eren Yeager can become a titan, they are also suspect.”

Mikasa and Armin were put on the wall.

After seeing the Survey Corps and Military police regiment on the wall, the two stood aside honestly. Both of them knew that if they dared to mess up things here, they would only hurt Eren, they should be patient and see the development of the situation.

“Continue our discussion before, whether Eren Yeager is handed over to your Military police regiment, or our Survey Corps.”

“Of course, he is handed over to Military police regiment. The area in which your survey corps is responsible is outside the wall. Eren Yeager is the person who is the training corps, so it should be handled by us from any angle.”

The words of Nile Dawk were not unreasonable, and the power of Military police regiment the wall was much larger than that of the survey corps.

The first one was the scoundrel, and the other was to investigate outside of the wall with full efforts and try to open up the land for humans.

“God, I will hear you quarreling in far away.”

A strong old man with a white beard was coming in the distance, followed by several guards.

“Commander-in-Chief Darius.”

“Commander-in-Chief Darius.”

Whether it is the survey corps or Military police regiment, after seeing the old man, they bowed, one hand fisted on the chest, and another hand on the back.

After seeing the old man, Nile Dawk s eyes showed an undetectable disappointment, his advantage was gone.

The old man named Darius Zackley, the supreme commander of all the corps in the wall, was a person who cared for the people and felt disgusted with the current royal family. He knew some truths in the wall, but he could not help.

“Tell me about the things.”

After Darius Zackley spoke, a soldier moved to a chair, and the survey corps and Military police regiment in front stood in two rows.

Darius Zackley understood all the things and pondered.

“The soldier is called Byakuya, right? I have tried your case and put Eren Yeager in the middle. Then there is a temporary court, which is the case of Eren Yeager.”

Darius Zackley’s tone was not harsh but majestic.

“Commander-in-Chief, I object.”

Erwin Smith raised his hand.

Darius Zackley looked at Erwin Smith and mentioned him to continue.

“If the intelligence is correct, Eren Yeager may become a titan at any time after waking up, so I object to letting Eren Yeager leave Byakuya by three meters, and Byakuya is fully capable of subduing Eren Yeager. Even if it’s the situation that Eren Yeager turned into a titan.”

Darius Zackley nodded, Erwin Smith considered comprehensively.

“Well, then Byakuya stand in the middle together. If Eren Yeager has any abnormalities, you can execute him, I am giving you this right now.”

Su Xiao held Eren standing in the middle of the two rows of people, the opposite was Darius Zackley.

Su Xiao threw Eren on the ground, he took the knife stood behind Eren. Now he controlled Eren’s life and death. He could kill Eren publicly when he had any changes.

He looked at Mikasa and Armin aside.

Armin’s eyes were pleading, his hands were close together, and his appearance was very pitiful. Mikasa sided and no longer looked at Su Xiao. At this time, it was the most stupid way to express hatred towards Su Xiao.

The situation was unexpectedly smooth, the appearance of Dalris Zachary was undoubtedly good news.

But Su Xiao’s heart had a doubt. Where did Enthus go?


In a house in the wall. Rose, Enthus climbed on the bed with great efforts, full of blood, but no obvious injuries.

“Byakuya, if you have a little conscience, then come to see me with some fruits, Eren became a Titan too fast.”

After talking, Entuhs coughed blood, but the green light in his hand surged, he started healing himself.

The plan was not without a slight deviation. Before Enthus carried the titan that swallowed Eren, he had not yet gone far, Eren became a titan, and Enthus was hit heavily.