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R.P Chapter 159: Fudge [Edited]

Armin looked at the people present. These were the big shots he usually would never see.

Turning his head, Armin looked back at Eren and Mikasa, the sight of both very calm. They trusted him. Armin, did not know why he suddenly felt like crying.

Eren nodded to Armin and gestured to him.

Armin took a deep breath and looked up. 

Looking directly at the people in front of him, Armin respected the military ceremony and forced his fist to the chest.

“The heads of the corps and the commander-in-chief, I have something to say. Instead of Eren Yeager, we are fellows who grew up together, and if he threatens humans, then I have the same suspicion.”

Darius Zackley frowned and looked a little displeased. Eren should speak by himself, not someone else. But he recalled Eren’s chaotic thinking, uncoordinated words, and poor physical state. Darius Zackley finally nodded and asked, “Eren Yeager, can he represent your wishes?”

“He can.” Eren’s answer was quick and agile, but Darius Zachary did not say anything. Armin organized his thoughts and spoke.

“We are soldiers who have already given our hearts to the revival of mankind. If we can give up our lives for this, we will not hesitate to do so with no complaint.

“But if you can combine the strength of soldiers today with Eren Yeager’s titan power, it is not impossible to recapture the entire city.

“After Eren Yager turned into a titan, he was fifteen meters. According to the power he had shown before, raising the stone in the town is completely within the range of his tolerance.

“So even if we are going to die today, seeing the honor of humans, let us die gloriously! ”

Armin completed the statement shouting. It was simple and impactful.

To say the least about Darius Zackley, even the jerks of the Military police regiment were somewhat tempted. After all, their families were in the Wall Rose too.

Su Xiao smiled as he looked at Armin. This guy had a lot of speech skills. It would not be impossible for him to become a head of the Survey Corps in the future.

“It’s a wonderful statement, Eren Yeager. This is what you mean, right?” 

Darius Zackley clenched his fists. As long as he could take back the Wall Rose, he would not hesitate to take some risks. If the Wall Rose was completely destroyed, humans would lose a lot of lands. In less than a week, the number of humans will at least drop by 80% and the situation of people eating people would be normal.

Exchanging kids for eating was not just a phrase. In the era of famine, it was a pile of meat in the pot.

“Head of the Survey Corps, Erwin Smith, I am now commanding you to use Eren Yeager’s titan power to get the Wall Rose back. Can you do it?” Darius Zackley’s momentum at this time was extremely strong.

“It is not clear whether it can be done, but before the Survey Corps is killed, it will be the mission of the Survey Corps.”

“It is good!”

Darius Zackley looked at Su Xiao.

“Byakuya soldier, if Eren Yeager betrayed humans after becoming a titan, can you execute him in the first place?”

“No problem, he had to be dragged out of the titan body by me. It is easier to kill him than catching him when he’s alive.”

Su Xiao’s clear answer made Darius Zackley more confident in the next move.

“But now there are three holes in the wall. We need to decided whether we should block the hole that is being held or block the hole that has been broken.”

Darius Zackley was hesitant, blocking the hole that was held would speed up the progress to keep the Wall Rose. However, the hole that had been broken also need to be dealt in urgent, but it was difficult to block and would be affected by the titan. 

The most crucial moment came. If Su Xiao does not say anything at this time, he is likely to do things for other people.

“The commander-in-chief, I used to guard the hole that had been broken, but because of the large number of people left, the hole eventually fell.”

“The hole was very wrong, it was bigger than the other two holes, and the wall in the hole was cracked. If you do not establish a support point as soon as possible, there may have a landslide in the nearby wall. “

This heavy news made everyone around felt awkward. What was the concept of the collapse of the wall? If the collapse in the hole causes the entire wall to collapse, then the humans will be killed.

“Is the report accurate?”

“It’s accurate. I personally went to the inner wall to see that there was one 5fifty centimeter crack, four thirty centimeter cracks, and twenty ten centimeter cracks.”

There were indeed cracks in the hole. Su Xiao believed that each of the three holes had, but only he physically guarded in front of one hole.

Although Hange Zoe was also on the front line, she was fighting with the ‘3D Maneuver Gear’. It was unlikely for her to enter the hole to check the inner wall. Even if she had seen, Su Xiao had more terrible manners.

“Hange, what happened to the hole you defended before.”

Erwin would not only listen to Su Xiao’s words, although Su Xiao was now a member of the Survey Corps.

“There is no obvious crack on the outside of the wall. I’m not clear with the inside of the hole. I didn’t go in there, but I conjecture that there will not have too serious cracks. I suggest blocking the hole that had already broken, stopping the titan from continuing to get into the city. Now the civilians are seriously injured.”

It was obvious that Hange Zoe was shocked by Su Xiao’s words. If there was a wall construction expert, the person would definitely found problem with Su Xiao’s words.

But Su Xiao was sure that there was no such expert present. The royal family would never allow such experts to appear because the three walls were not artificially built.

“I determined, first block the entrance that was guarded by Byakuya before, and then continue to block the other two holes.”

After Darius Zackley ordered, Su Xiao sighed with relief in his mind, his plan was 50% complete.

The reason why he could do this was not that he had wisdom or had lots of plans, but he has seized the general trend.

After Eren’s titan identity was exposed, as long as the high-level officials in the wall were not stupid, they would use Eren’s power. The current situation was too critical not to.

All personnel of the Survey corps listened to orders and prepared to start the large-scale cleanup titans in the wall and prepare to let Eren Yeager carry the stone.

“Eren Yeager, can you become a titan now?” Erwin was now appointed as a frontline commander, and he immediately took on a heavy burden.

“It seems not. I am very tired now. It takes at least an hour to rest.”

Eren had mastered the power of the Titans. After inheriting the power of the Titans, it would also inherit some memories of the users of the previous generations of titans. These memories were the manner of using titan power.

“I’ll give you two hours to take a break, during this period we can clean up the Titans in the wall. Byakuya, Eren Yeager is handed over to you, and you can make a decision at the crucial moment.”

In fact, the best candidate was Levi, Erwin believed in Levi, but Levi was not there, Erwin could only choose Su Xiao.

“No problem.”

Su Xiao sat on the wall and looked at the town where the smoke was everywhere. 

Now he only needed to be optimistic about ‘Eren Beast’. He felt that he was not far from completing the ‘attack and defense mission’. For him, the Titan world just started after completing the attack and defense tasks. It was just beginning, and now it was inconvenient to be bound by the task.

He had a bold idea that afterward, once it succeeds, the benefits would be great.

Su Xiao took out some chocolate and handed it to Eren, which could make Eren recover as soon as possible. 

“Eating it can speed up physical recovery. If you can’t move the stone after two hours, you can close your eyes and die.”

Eren hesitated to pick up the chocolate. Now his life was in Su Xiao’s hands, and he did not think that Su Xiao would poison him.

Biting the chocolate, Eren’s face didn’t look good.

“It’s sweet and bitter, it has a strange smell, it’s not yummy, and it’s the same color as the dirt.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, if you dare to spit it out, I will feed you dirt directly.”


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