Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 19: Before the Event

Krieg and Gin waited anxiously in an old warehouse.


The warehouse’s door that had not been opened for a long time made a heavy sound.

Krieg and Gin were both vigilant at the same time. Both of them were pirates, and their hands were full of blood.

Su Xiao stood at the door of the warehouse and did not get in directly.

“Wait here for me.”

After that, Su Xiao walked into the warehouse, and Hank’s mouth opened and closed behind him, but in the end, he still didn’t say anything and could only wait outside the warehouse.

When he walked into the warehouse, there were some wooden boxes placed randomly. The ground was full of dust. It seemed that this warehouse has been abandoned for a long time.

“It’s too slow. Is this the attitude of the Goya kingdom?”

Krieg spoke first, and his tone was a bit bad.

Su Xiao chuckled and looked at Krieg in front of him.

The tall figure was hidden in the hood. Although it is a few meters away, Su Xiao smelled a strange smell.

That was a lousy smell, Su Xiao sometimes poisoned his sword, so he was familiar with this smell.

“Things will be handed over to you. After the event, the kingdom will award you the aristocratic identity.”

Su Xiao went straight to the subject. He did not want to talk nonsense with these pirates.

“Just like this? I thought that two more powers are competing…”

When Krieg’s words were half, they were interrupted by Su Xiao.

“No, those two pirates are weak, I have decision-making, you only need to answer, do you agree or not.”

Half of the words were interrupted, and Krieg was obviously dissatisfied, but now he was in the territory of Goa Kingdom, and as a pirate, he did not dare to be too arrogant.

Su Xiao didn’t just see Krieg alone, and there were hundreds of soldiers in the vicinity of the warehouse.

Krieg was hesitant and didn’t seem to trust Su Xiao, or he did not believe the Goya kingdom.

“Explain first, what I need to do specifically.”

The ones that burned the Gray terminal weren’t aware of the people outside the city, only the people inside of kingdom knew.

Krieg was a foreign power, so he did not know the specific circumstances. These guys were attracted by the nobility title.

“The Gray terminal will be burned at six o’clock tomorrow night, and it must be on time…”

Su Xiao began to describe the specific situation, after hearing it, Krieg and Gin became more serious.

“All burned? This can be a bit difficult, and the range of Gray terminals is not small.”

“Don’t you know about bombs?”

Su Xiao stared at Krieg, just in case he will change his mind, and negotiation came to the most critical moment.

“Are you kidding, that amount of bombs, unless you are willing to offer it, or I will give up.”

Krieg’s attitude, Su Xiao had already guessed.

“Oh, that’s a pity.”

After that, Su Xiao was ready to leave and did not bargain withKrieg.


Gin asked Su Xiao, and then whispered to Krieg‘s ear:

“Boss, if the bombs on board are shipped, the quantity is enough.”

Krieg stared at Su Xiao with some anger. Of course, he knew that the bombs on the ship were enough, but he was reluctant.

“Do you really think that as long as you fire the waste terminal, you can get the identity of aristocratic? Of course, you need to provide bombs. Otherwise, we will not talk about it anymore.”

Half an hour later, Su Xiao walked out of the warehouse, leaving Krieg and Gin with a stunning face.

As a pre-determined benefit, Su Xiao left a voucher, which was a Sealed document of the aristocrat in the kingdom.

As long as Krieg signed the document and then went to the Kingdom to being notarized, Krieg could become a noble.

Moreover, this document cannot be unilaterally destroyed, and there is a seal of the world government.

The pirates were not fooled easily. If they don’t come up with real bait, they will never sell their lives.
“Byakuya-san, how did it go?”

Hank attempted to ask,

Su Xiao’s footsteps suddenly stopped.

“Are you sure you want to know?”

Su Xiao’s cold eyes made Hank subconsciously back a few steps.

“No, I don’t.”

At this moment, Hank regretted that he did not kill Su Xiao when he was picking weapons.

“Hank, there is something I need you to do. This thing is ‘critical.'”

After that, Su Xiao asked those soldiers who hid in the surrounding to show up, and hundreds of soldiers gathered behind him. He returned with these people back to headquarters.
As night fell, Su Xiao sat alone in the office inside the headquarters, and the room was dark.

The sudden appearance of the Krieg Pirates did not destroy Su Xiao’s plan but made his plan smoother.

The elbows reached the desk, and Su Xiao lightly pressed his forehead.

Although he was still smart, he knew that the current plan was not perfect, and there may be unknown vulnerabilities.

But this is also a helpless thing. Now Su Xiao was weak, he could only achieve his goal by planning like this.

With Su Xiao’s style, he preferred to solve the problem with a sword in his hand.

“I need to leave this world quickly.”

Although the first world he experienced was a high-risk world like One Piece, he believed that the reincarnation paradise won’t always throw him into a world higher than his level by 5 levels.

The reason why he entered the one piece world may be just a test from the reincarnation paradise, a test to his identity as a hunter.

In other words, before completing the main task, he is not a hunter, but only has the name of a hunter with no benefits.

Su Xiao slept in the office that night.

Early the next morning, Su Xiao woke up early and began to prepare for the action tonight.

This is the last day of the main task time limit. At 12 o’clock tonight, the time for this task will end.

Tonight, he will assassinate the king of the Goya kingdom, and whether he succeeds or fails, has to do it.

Throughout the day, Su Xiao was busy all the time. He is now the main person in charge of Burning the Gray terminal, so no matter which department he is facing, the other party will give him a “give way.”

That noble was utterly abolished, Su Xiao saw him once, and his eyes were powerless.

He was busy until 4 pm, Su Xiao finished everything, and then he entered the office inside the headquarters and disappeared from sight.

Now he just has to wait and wait for the pirates outside the city to fire the gray terminal.

As for the reason to burn the Gray terminal, it was simply ridiculous.

In another ten days, it was the day when the noble of the world, the Celestial Dragons would come to inspect. In order not to let the Celestial Dragons see the large garbage mountains outside the city, the Goya kingdom chose to burn the Gray terminal and burn it together with the people outside the town.

There were at least a few thousand people living outside the city.

This was the ruler of the one piece world. To prevent the upper layer from seeing the stain, they can burn thousands of people.

At five o’clock in the evening, the sky gradually dimmed, the night wind blew slowly, and an hour later, it was time to burn the gray terminal, and the city was very quiet.

In the dark office, only Su Xiao was sitting at his desk, and suddenly he had a green treasure chest in his hand.

This treasure chest was obtained after killing the owner of Mount Colubo, but he was too busy recently and had no time to open it.

The green treasure chest made Su Xiao full of expectation, and his tired face was smiling.

[Treasure chest (green), open: yes / no]

After choosing to open it, several items appeared in his hands.

[You opened the treasure chest (green) and got the following items]

[1000 Paradise coins]

[soul crystal (small)]

[Tiger claws]


There is no equipment, but this was expected.

Su Xiao has opened two treasure chests and had some understanding of the Rules of the treasure chests.

The level of the item obtained by opening the treasure chest was related to the color of the treasure chest, and the quality he knew now was only white <green < blue.

As for the equipment or items that were opened in the treasure chest, it was related to the person or animal that dropped the treasure chest.

For example, Su Xiao killed the tiger, and got the tiger’s treasure chest but never thought of obtaining a sword or a shield.

The things you get from the Treasure Chest are things from your opponent, so killing the tiger, he will obtain items from the tiger inside the treasure chest.

Killing the merchant in the black market, Su Xiao got the recommend letter left by the merchant in the black market.

While killing Brandon, Su Xiao received the pendant worn by him.


Su Xiao looked at the items in his hand.

The paradise currency was directly deposited in the brand. Although it is called the paradise currency, it is a currency without shape.

[Tiger claws]

Quality: Green.

Type: Material.

Rating: 16. (Note: Green material scores are 10 to 30, and the higher the score, the more precious the material will be.)

Description: The claws of elite creatures can be forged in the reincarnation paradise or can be served as enhancement items.

[Soul Crystal (small)]

Quality: None.

Type: Soul Concentrate.

Rating: None.

Introduction: Soul crystals are rare and have many uses… (There isn’t enough authority to get the following information.)


Playing with the “Soul Crystal” in his hand, Su Xiao was completely confused by the two items he had acquired.

But he had a feeling that the crystal in his hand is only transparent, and it was perhaps the most valuable item he had ever obtained.

After returning everything to the reincarnation paradise, he started focusing on his task.

At six o’clock in the evening.

Su Xiao left the office, disappeared in the night. Completing the mission or dying, tonight there is no third option.



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