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R.P Chapter 21: Humanoid Tank!

“Guys, come with me.”

“Kill Byakuya!”

A large group of pirates ran on the streets of the Kingdom. After seeing this scene, the civilians of Kingdom screamed and ran away.

When the pirates rushed to the palace, all the cruel pirates began to set fire on their way.

The fire spread outside the city, and now the pirates were setting the fire inside as well.

Su Xiao walked through the night, soon passed those pirates and came to the palace in advance.

The Goa kingdom was only a small country in the one piece world, so the palace was just a castle with a surface of a few acres.

Hiding beside the castle, Su Xiao began waiting for the Krieg Pirates.

The kingdom was divided into three areas, the outer was the civilian area, followed by was the central street which the nobles area, and at the center of the city was the palace.

Outside the palace area, there was a wall, but the wall was not very high, the Krieg Pirates soon broke through the wall and entered area beside the palace.

The soldiers’ in the palace area were coming out to defend the palace. It didn’t take a long time, the shouts came.

Su Xiao was still waiting. According to him, the soldier team in the palace seemed powerful, but they were weak. Those soldiers who had not seen blood were usually not the opponents of the pirates.

The fact was true. In just over a half an hour, the soldiers in the palace area were repulsed and retreated to the front of the palace.

These soldiers were tattered, their loss was huge as many died and even more were injured. Some of them were cowards as they just fled away on the spot.

“Guys, the palace is in front of us, we will rob it.”

Krieg was already mad, firstly he was deceived by Su Xiao, and by killing all the way here, made him even more violent.

“Kill, no one will live.”

Krieg made a command, and hundreds of pirates behind him yelled at the palace and fought against the soldiers.

The most aggressive battle began, bursting with gun-like gunshots from time to time, blood splashing, residual limbs landing.

In the palace, the king who was resting was awakened by the sound outside the castle.

The king of the Goa kingdom was a man who is 60 years old, full of black hair and with a beard.

Because he was rich, doctors with high skills were hired in the palace to make him look young.

“What’s going on outside, it’s so noisy suddenly.”

The king got up impatiently. The queen next to him woke up as well.

“king, it seems like their fighting outside, what is wrong?

The Queen was very young, and she was cuddling in the arms of the king.

“Hey, come in.”

The door of the bedroom was pushed open, and a big man with a strong body rushed in. On the face of the strong man, there was a deep cut, it ran across his entire face, making him look extraordinarily savage.

“Howson, what’s going on outside.”

This brave man who is called Howson is the king’s personal guard.

But on Howson’s neck, there is a metal collar, the collar is iron black, and there were some precise marking on it.

If Su Xiao is present, he will definitely recognize this collar. This is the slave collar of the one piece world.

This brave man named Howson was surprisingly a slave. His life and death were in the hands of the king. No wonder the king will make him into his personal guard.

Howson did not speak, just made a few gestures.

Howson could not speak. His tongue was cut off by slave traders. If he is not physically strong, he may have been killed by slave traders.

“Pirates? How can pirates get in the palace, tell the nobles to send people to solve these pirates.”

Although the king felt that things were not right, he did not care too much, it seemed that he was very confident in the security forces in the palace.

Howson stood in the room, the slave collar on his neck, bound his freedom, the collar could be detonated, and he would die.

Outside the palace, Su Xiao was waiting for the opportunity.

It was not time, although the battle in the palace was fierce, it has not yet reached the culmination.

After the chaos fight had continued for an hour or so, the king in the palace could not calm down. The king clearly felt that the shouting was getting closer and closer.

At this moment, the king realized the seriousness of the matter.
With a bang, the door was pulled open, and a bloody noble rushed into the bedroom.

“King, things are not good, the pirates had come, and now they had rushed to the third floor.”

The king’s face changed dramatically.

“Impossible, where are my soldiers, those soldiers are carefully selected, so how were they defeated?”

The nobles squatted on the ground and all of them huddled and did not dare to answer.

There weren’t elite soldiers in the palace at all, just some young people who have spent a lot of money.

“Howson, you go, wait~.”

The king twitched his face, and Howson was indeed strong, but if he is sent out, his own safety will not be guaranteed.

But if he doesn’t send Howson, the pirates will soon kill him. Just a few bullets will kill him.

“Resolve the pirates with the fastest speed, and then come back soon. Even if you are injured, it doesn’t matter. Do you understand?”

If the king is dead, you will also die. ”

There was no turmoil in the eyes of Howson, just a dull nod and then left the room.

Su Xiao, who was waiting outside the palace, soon heard a loud noise came from the palace. In the third floor, a large piece of purple poison gas spread.

“The time has finally come.”

Su Xiao jumped up and started climbing on the outer wall of the castle.

Flexibly climbing up, Su Xiao directly arrived on the third floor.

The position of the battle was on the third floor so the king could not be under the third floor.

After arriving at the third floor, Su Xiao saw that two people were fighting through the window, it was Krieg and another man.

But what Su Xiao could not imagine was that Krieg was actually beaten very severely. An arm hanged softly and it seemed that it won’t hold for long.

The strong man was a humanoid tank. Every time he runs, he will smash a large piece of wall. If Su Xiao fights with this monster, he will lose in less than two minutes.

He did not directly assassinate the king. It was undoubtedly correct. It was looking for death if he wanted to fight with these kinds of people.

He conservatively estimated the strength of that man to be higher than 20 points.

Krieg was almost unable to hold on, so Su Xiao did not have much time, Su Xiao needed to act as soon as possible.

There were a lot of rooms in the palace, and Su Xiao quickly checked through the window.

He did not find the trace of the king on the fourth floor, followed by the fifth floor and sixth floor…

After a quick search, Su Xiao finally found the king through the window.

The king was not in a specific room but fled in a corridor. It seems that he wanted to escape to a higher place and reduced the chance of being discovered by the pirates.

The king looked messy as he heard the commotion still going on without a stop.

The white moonlight entered the window, and the king ran fast in the corridor.

“King, hoo ~, I, I can’t run anymore, let’s take a break.”

The queen who fled with the king, sat on the ground panting.

The face of the king changed several times. He still had some business with the woman, so he did not want to abandon her, but comparing the woman with his own life, a woman was nothing.

“Then you rest here.”

After that, the king was ready to turn and leave, leaving the queen full of shock as she sat on the ground.

At this time, the window next to the corridor was broken, and a figure with a sharp blade in its hand broke through the window.



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