Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 42: Acceptance


The noisy streets were bustling, and the whistles of the cars were intertwined along with the pedestrians.


Su Xiao walked on the street and held a map in his hand.


He had already arrived in the 14th district. Although he wanted to go to the coffee shop named Antique, he decided to give up, considering the strength of the manager of Antique.


There was no need to play with the store manager. The manager was different from Takatuki Sen. Although they all were SSS class ghouls, the manager’s combat skills were much stronger than Takatuki Sen. However because he was old, the store manager’s combat power somewhat decreased.


Instead of going to find the store manager, it was better to expel ghouls in the 14th district.


Soon, Su Xiao found the branch of CCG in the 14th district. He was now a third-class investigator, so he walked directly into the branch.


It was about 9 o’clock in the morning. There were many search officers in the branch, the strange face of Su Xiao had attracted the attention of many search officers. These guys were very sensitive, they belong to the investigators’ occupational disease.


“Excuse me, where is Mr. Shinohara Yukinori.”


Su Xiao came to the front desk of the branch, and in the front desk was a young female receptionist.


“Are you looking for Mr.Shinohara Yukinori?”


The reception showed a professional smile and a mild attitude.


“I am the new third-class investigator, Byakuya, and I am here to report for duty today.”


Su Xiao took out the certificate and handed it to the female receptionist.


After confirming the documents, the female receptionist made a call first.


“Mr. Byakuya, hello, Mr.Shinohara Yukinori is in his office on the 12th floor. You should go quickly because Mr.Shinohara Yukinori is going out soon.”


Su Xiao took the certificate, took the elevator and went straight to the 12th floor.


The person in charge of the branch of CCG in the 14th district was the special search officer Shinohara Yukinori, Su Xiao had seen him in the original story. He was a flat-headed middle-aged uncle, who was modest and very easy to get along with.


“Dong, dong, dong.”


“Please come in.”


Su Xiao pushed the door of the office, and Shinohara Yukinori in the office was sorting out his Quinque, which he prepared to go out.


“It’s very early, Byakuya third-class.”


Shinohara Yukinori put down the Quinque in his hand while sitting at his desk and indicating to Su Xiao to sit. Shinohara Yukinori began to look for through documents.


“Let me see, um.., found it, Shirakawa’s family, 20 years old, started practicing from childhood, combat power SSS +?”


Shinohara Yukinori looked at Su Xiao with amazement and looked at the documents in his hands carefully. He suspected that he was wrong. He had only heard that he had to transfer a very strong third-class search officer, but he did not expect the person’s power was SSS+.


It seemed that the identity of the third-class search officer had induced the judgment of Shinohara Yukinori.


“Hello, Mr. Shinohara Yukinori.”


Shinohara Yukinori’s eyes were still moving between Su Xiao and the files in his hand. He could hardly imagine that Su Xiao’s not so strong figure, actually had the power of SSS+.


“Hello, Byakuya, but before you officially serve, you need to conduct a combat assessment.”


“No problem, when will it starts?”


The main task (2)’s time limit was 20 days which made Su Xiao’s nerves relax.


Judging from the difficulty of the ghoul world, his current strength was not the strongest, but it was not weak.


Being transmitted to this kind of not-too-difficult world may have a certain intention of the reincarnation paradise.


Reincarnation paradise used the one piece world to test whether he was qualified to become a hunter, and now the ghoul’s world was the reward from reincarnation paradise.


After Su Xiao asked, Shinohara Yukinori considered it.


“You can be assessed here.”


After that, Shinohara Yukinori took off his suit and moved his arms.


Su Xiao understood the meaning of Shinohara Yukinori, he wanted to fight with him. He only believed things he sees with his eyes.


“I am ready.”


“Come on.”


Su Xiao’s eyes suddenly sharpened, because it was an assessment of strength, Shinohara Yukinori did not use Quinque, Su Xiao did not use [dragon flash] as well.


The office was not big. Su Xiao rushed to the front of Shinohara Yukinori in a few steps, using the 13 points of agility attributes which made his figure somewhat difficult to be detected.


Shinohara Yukinori quickly raised his fists to his front, Su Xiao’s current power had already made Shinohara Yukinori secretly scared.


Su Xiao said nothing and punched the arm of Shinohara Yukinori.




Shinohara Yukinori could not help but retreat for two steps, his arm was full of pain.


“What a heavy punch.”


When Shinohara Yukinori retreated, Su Xiao’s punched. Shinohara’s shoulders and arms were quickly smashed.


However, as a special search officer, Shinohara Yukinori was not a weak person.


After being smashed by Su Xiao for a few rounds, Shinohara Yukinori gave a big sigh, and his thick arm attacked with the intent to make Su Xiao retreat.


The two of them clashed. Su Xiao’s style was elegant and flexible, but each shot was very heavy. Shinohara Yukinori was steady, preferring to get a few more laps and not revealing the key points.


“Boom, boom, boom.”


The dull blows spread, and both of them were more and braver. So they couldn’t help but be serious when they were fighting.


Su Xiao’s foot swept toward Shinohara Yukinori’s chest, and the latter moved, he was able to escape this kick.


Shinohara Yukinori had escaped, but Su Xiao’s attack hit the corner of the desk next to them.


“Pala.” The table corner was directly kicked, and Shinohara Yukinori’s mouth was pumping, but he became more aggressive.


Being a special search officer of CCG, there is no such thing as a weak guy. It took great courage to fight with powerful Ghouls.


After Su Xiao kicked the table corner, there was a sudden cry in the distance.


This voice interrupted the fighting between Su Xiao and Shinohara Yukinori, and both of them looked at the source of sound at the same time.


In Su Xiao’s sight was a teenager with white hair.


From the appearance, it was more like a girl, a white face, a petite body, and a neutral dress.


“Suzuya, are you okay?”


Shinohara Yukinori went to the teen and looked at him with concern. There was a bruise on his forehead, which was hit by the table corner kicked by Su Xiao.


“Nothing, Mr. Shinohara, why did you stop, I haven’t seen enough.”


The person named Juuzo Suzuya was a subordinate of Shinohara Yukinori.


In other words, Shinohara Yukinori was not only the boss of Juuzo Suzuya but also his guardian. He is even taking care of Juzo Suzuya’s daily life.


Although Juuzo Suzuya looked like a woman, he is a male, and currently talking about gender was ‘no’ in front of him.


Juuzo Suzuyawas raised by ghouls, and the one raised him was called Big Madam who is an SS-class ghoul.


Big Madam was a pedophile and masochistic. Juuzo Suzuya looked like a girl when he was a child, but as he grew elder, his original feminine face began to change.


This change was not tolerated by the Big Madam, so she cruelly crushed Juzuo Suzuya’s penis, stopping his hormones from transforming him more into a guy.


In a subsequent raid by CCG, they accidentally rescued Juuzo Suzuya, so Juuzo Suzuya became ghouls investigator.


The misfortune of childhood made his personality somewhat weird, lazy, lack of basic cognition, a combination of abuse and sadism.


After looking at his wounds, Shinohara Yukinori found that he was really fine.


“It’s okay, this is a new colleague, Byakuya, say hello.”


Shinohara Yukinori moved sideways, indicating Juuzo Suzuya to say hello to Su Xiao.


“Hello, my name is Juuzo Suzuya, can I cut you?”


The strange greeting of Juuzo Suzuya made Shinohara Yukinori a little helpless. This child is not malicious, but there was no basic common sense.


“Oh, kids.”


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