Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 42: Acceptance [EDITED]

The streets were bustling, the sounds of the many cars intertwined with the noisy pedestrians.

Su Xiao walked along the street holding a map in his hand.

He had already arrived in the 14th district. Although he wanted to go pay the coffee shop, Anteiku, a visit, he decided to give up, considering the strength of Anteiku’s manager.

There was no need to play with the store manager for now. The manager was different from Takatsuki Sen. Although they both were SSS rated ghouls, the manager’s combat skills were much higher than those of Takatsuki Sen, though his strength had somewhat waned due to his advanced age.

Instead of going to fight the store manager, it was better to expel ghouls from the 14th district.

Soon, Su Xiao found the 14th districts branch of CCG. He was a rank 3 investigator right now, so, without further ado, he entered the branch office.

It was about 9 o’clock in the morning. There were many bureau investigators in this branch, most of whom noticed and watched Su Xiao due to his strange atmosphere. These guys were very sensitive, which was an investigators’ occupational disease.

“Excuse me, where can I find Mr. Shinohara Yukinori.”

Su Xiao said as he arrived at the front desk of the branch. Seated behind the front desk was a young female receptionist.

“Do you have an appointment with him?”

The reception showed a professional smile and a mild attitude.

“I am the new rank 3 investigator assigned here, Byakuya, here to report for duty.”

Su Xiao took out his certificate and handed it to the female receptionist.

After checking the documents, the female receptionist made a call.

“Mr. Byakuya, yes, Mr. Shinohara is in his office on the 12th floor. You should hurry, Mr. Shinohara is going out soon.”

Su Xiao took back his certificate and used the elevator to go straight up to the 12th floor.

The person in charge of the branch of CCG in the 14th district was the Special-class investigator Shinohara Yukinori. Su Xiao had seen him in the original story, he was a flat-headed, middle-aged man, who was modest and easy to get along with.

“Knock, knock, knock.”

“Come in.”

Su Xiao opened the door to the office, noticing Shinohara Yukinori was packing his Quinque, preparing to go out.

“You’re very early, rank 3 investigator Byakuya.”

Shinohara Yukinori put down the Quinque he had been holding, sat down behind his desk, indicated for Su Xiao to do the same and began looking through some documents.

“Let me see, hmm…. Found it, Shirakawa’s family, 20 years old, you started practicing starting from childhood, combat power SSS +?”

Murmured Shinohara Yukinori before he glanced at Su Xiao with amazement, then he looked at the documents in his hands more carefully suspecting that he had read wrong. He had only heard that he would be assigned a very strong rank 3 investigator, but he did not expect the person’s power to be rated SSS+.

It seemed that the identity of the rank 3 investigator had induced the curiosity of Shinohara Yukinori.

“Hello, Mr. Shinohara Yukinori.”

Shinohara Yukinori’s eyes were still moving between Su Xiao and the files in his hand. He could hardly imagine that Su Xiao, despite his not particularly muscular figure, actually possessed rank SSS+ power.

“Hello, Byakuya. Before your assignment officially starts, you will need to conduct a combat assessment.”

“No problem, when will that be?”

The second main task’s time limit was 20 days, so Su Xiao was relaxed.

Judging from the difficulty of this world, his current strength was not the strongest, but it somewhere up there.

Still, the Reincarnation Paradise may have had hidden intentions when it decided to send him to such a not-too-difficult world.

The Reincarnation Paradise used the world of One Piece to test whether he was qualified to become a hunter, so the current world might be a reward from Reincarnation Paradise.

Shinohara Yukinori considered Su Xiao’s question.

“I can assess you right now.”

After saying that, Shinohara Yukinori took off his suit and stretched his arms.

Su Xiao understood the meaning of Shinohara Yukinori, he wanted to fight against Su Xiao to validate his strength for himself.

“I am ready.”

“Come on.”

Su Xiao’s eyes sharpened. Because this was an assessment of strength, Shinohara Yukinori did not use Quinque and Su Xiao did not use [Dragon Flash].

The office was not big. Su Xiao rushed to Shinohara Yukinori with a few quick steps, using his 13 points of agility to their fullest, causing his figure to flicker in the sight of others.

Shinohara Yukinori quickly raised his fists in front of his face, Su Xiao’s current speed had already scared Shinohara Yukinori, but he didn’t let it show on his face.

Su Xiao said nothing, he just punched Shinohara Yukinori’s arm.


Shinohara Yukinori could not help but take two steps back, his arm really hurt right now.

“What a heavy punch.”

While Shinohara Yukinori retreated, Su Xiao punched again. Shinohara’s shoulders and arms were hit several times.

However, as a Special-class investigator, Shinohara Yukinori was naturally not a weak person.

After being hit by Su Xiao several times, Shinohara Yukinori heaved a big sigh, and punched with his thick arm, intent on making Su Xiao retreat for a bit.

The two of them clashed again. Su Xiao’s style was elegant and flexible, but each punch was very heavy. Shinohara Yukinori was steady, preferring to take a few more hits but not revealing any weak points.

“Boom, thud, bang.”

The clap of fists hitting flesh spread around the floor, both of them got more and more serious, they just couldn’t help it.

Su Xiao’s foot raced toward Shinohara Yukinori’s chest, who moved and was able to dodge this kick.

Shinohara Yukinori had dodged, but Su Xiao’s attack accidently hit the corner of the desk next to them.

“Bang.” The table corner was hit, Shinohara Yukinori’s blood was pumping, he became more aggressive.

There was no such thing as a weak person among the Special-class investigator of CCG. It took great courage and strength to fight with powerful Ghouls after all.

After Su Xiao hit the table, there was a sudden cry in the distance.

The cry interrupted the fight between Su Xiao and Shinohara Yukinori, as both of them stopped and looked at the source of sound at the same time.

It came from a teenager with white hair.

The appearance of the teen was a bit girlish, with a white face, a petite body, and a neutral dress.

“Suzuya, are you okay?”

Shinohara Yukinori went to the teen and looked at him with concern. A bruise was developing on his forehead, which was hit by the table corner kicked by Su Xiao.

“It’s alright, Mr. Shinohara. Why did you stop? I haven’t seen enough yet.”

The person named Suzuya Juuzo was a subordinate of Shinohara Yukinori.

In other words, Shinohara Yukinori was not only the boss of Suzuya Juuzo but also his guardian, even taking care of Juzo Suzuya’s daily life.

Although Suzuya Juuzo looked like a woman, he was a male, talking about gender was a big no-no in front of him.

Suzuya Juuzo was raised by ghouls, specifically by Big Madam, an SS-rated ghoul.

Big Madam was a pedophile and sadist. Suzuya Juuzo looked like a girl when he was a child, but as he grew older, his original feminine face began to change.

This was not tolerated by Big Madam, so she cruelly cut off Suzuya’s genitals, stopping his body from producing hormones to keep him from becoming more boyish.

In a subsequent raid by CCG, Suzuya Juuzo was rescued and then became a CCG investigator.

His unfortunate childhood had caused his personality to be somewhat weird, he was often lazy and had a lack of basic cognition.

After looking over his wound, Shinohara Yukinori found that Suzuya was fine.

“It’s okay, this is a new colleague, Byakuya, say hello.”

Shinohara Yukinori moved sideways, indicating Suzuya Juuzo to say hello to Su Xiao.

“Hello, my name is Suzuya Juuzo, may I cut you?”

The strange greeting of Suzuya Juuzo caused Shinohara Yukinori to feel somewhat helpless. This child was not malicious, he just had no basic common sense.

“Heh, kids.”