Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 52: Alert [EDITED]

Su Xiao left the auction as it was currently daytime, while ghouls would usually go out at night.

“Mr. Byakuya, hello.”

A monotone voice came from nearby, Su Xiao looked over, it was that white-haired kid Suzuya Juzo.

“These are the documents I’m supposed to deliver.”

Suzuya Juzo handed the documents to Su Xiao and smirked at him.

The moment he received the documents, the reincarnation paradise gave a notification.

[You have been promoted to Rank 1 Investigator, contribution points: 525/2000.]

Su Xiao frowned as he saw the value of the contribution points required for the next promotion.

The contribution points required to be promoted from ‘Rank 3 Investigator’ to ‘First Class Investigator’ did not have a specific pattern, sometimes it went up by nearly ten times, sometimes only by five times.

However, to gather these 2000 contribution points, he needed to kill hundreds or even thousands of ghouls.

“Mr. Byakuya, what are you thinking about?”

Suzuya Juzo looked at Su Xiao curiously.


Su Xiao just wanted to talk further, but suddenly he had a strange feeling.

It seemed as if someone was observing him, and strangely enough, it felt just the same as when he had been stared at by the little hamster in the bathroom.

He sharpened his eyes and he scanned the surroundings.

“Squeak, squeak, squeak.”

The subtle sound of chewing was barely audible during the racket of the multitude of cars. Ignoring the conversing pedestrians, Su Xiao stared at the garbage.

On the trash bin, there was a small hamster standing upright and eating something.

This familiar scene caused Su Xiao’s eyes to tighten.

This hamster was weird, it was not right.

After Su Xiao’s eyes were focused on the hamster, the hamster immediately stopped eating and handed a small piece of apple to him.

Su Xiao suddenly felt that there was something wrong.

After the hamster made this action the first time, he left the bathroom and no longer doubted the hamster. Why had he acted like that?

Su Xiao once again looked at the hamster. The little hamster’s chewing suddenly stopped. It let the apple drop and turned to run.

The little thing was watching him.

Su Xiao quickly rushed across the road, not caring about the passing vehicles.

The little hamster ran very fast and went straight to the side-alleys, but Su Xiao was faster and gradually closed in on the little hamster.

In a house about 500 meters away, the green-dressed girl lying on the bed suddenly opened her eyes.

“What the hell, how can he overcome the Lv.3 fraud?”

The lazy expression on the girl’s face disappeared, she looked a little nervous now. The little hamster was her symbiotic partner and had three passive abilities, it was very precious.

“Leaves, what happened.”

The woman called Queen looked doubtfully at the green dressed girl, leaves.

“Squeaky was discovered by the target and is running away. Sis Queen, please save Squeaky right now.”

“How can that be?”

Queen felt somewhat unbelieving, but no matter what, the little hamster was their most important source of information.

“I’m going now.”

Queen rushed out immediately, her body armor clanging repeatedly.


Su Xiao quickly chased after the little hamster. After another 200 meters, there was a sewer entrance, and once the little hamster ran into the sewer, he would most likely not manage to catch it.

[Dragon Flash] appeared in his hand and after adjusting a little, he threw it.


[Dragon Flash] accurately pierced the body of the little hamster. The blade was deeply immersed in the ground, but the handle was not swaying at all, the blade was just that hard.

Su Xiao quickly stepped forward, pulled Dragon Flash out of the hamster and stomped on it. After that, the feeling of being monitored disappeared.

The reason why he was able to detect being monitored was because his intelligence was as high as 12 points. The intelligence attribute affected the perception, and his practice with sword skills also greatly focused and trained his visual acuity.

This little hamster was not easy to discover. Lv.3’s fraud was enough to deceive people’s vision, otherwise, the green dressed girl would not let the little hamster scout too far away.

In the house, 500 meters away, Queen had not left the door as she heard a scream behind her.


The green dressed girl was devastated, her tears spilling endlessly.

“Plop, plop.”

Her nose started bleeding, drops of blood hit the ground as the green dressed girl just laid on the ground with an empty, faraway look in her eyes.

“Leaves, Leaves, what’s wrong with you!”

Queen raised Leaves up and observed her nervously. It seemed that the relationship between the two was quite good.

“Oh, Squeaky was killed, it was stomped to death by someone, I saw it in the shared vision.”

Then, Leaves burst out in tears again.

Queen looked serious, the death of the little hamster was not a small loss for their team.

“How was Squeaky discovered? It had a Lv.3 fraud? Sometimes even I subconsciously ignore that little thing…”

It seemed that Queen was also wondering how Squeaky was discovered by Su Xiao. This was something that the three did not expect.

Then, Leaves said while crying:

“Intelligence also improves perception. But even with 12 points of intelligence, his perception shouldn’t be this sharp.”

Normally, 12 points of intelligence did not allow someone to possess such a keen sense like Su Xiao, but he was more sensitive because of practicing sword skills for so long.

Koshiro’s meditation also helped Su Xiao by improving his perception, and meditating had become a habit to him.

“I can’t just ignore this. I want to kill that bastard, now!”

Leaves stood up and walked out with anger.

“If you want to die, go alone, but don’t bother me or Black-white.”

A cold voice rang, causing Leaves to tremble.

Although Queen was usually friendly, once she grew serious, Leaves was inevitably somewhat fearful, after all, Queen was her leader.

In their adventure group, defying the leader would have very serious consequences.

“Calm down. We will start tonight. Black-white has gone ahead to find a good vantage point, I’ll tell her to be careful. If Squeaky can be discovered, Black-white can’t escape that man’s perception.”

Then, Queen took out a pair of headphones, put them on and gently pressed on one side to contact Black-white.


In the alley, Su Xiao held [Dragon Flash] while standing silently.

The first time, he had pretty much ignored this matter, but fortunately, he noticed it this time.

This was a lesson. In the world of Tokyo Ghoul, he was among the strong, and it was inevitable that he grew somewhat reckless.

Su Xiao was more vigilant now, he would not relax in a derivative world again.

The hamster had not been an ordinary animal. When the little hamster faced him and offered food to him, his hostility had suddenly dissipated and he subconsciously ignored that little hamster.

This reminded him of the skills in the Reincarnation Paradise.

He had almost fallen to a skill once in the real world and only managed to withstand due to his keen perception.

Su Xiao thought for a while, then asked the Reincarnation Paradise:

“Reincarnation Paradise, is there a way to check the enemies’ data?”

[1. Detecting equipment. 2. Evoking items. 3. Investigating skills…, insufficient permissions, cannot view the following options.]

The answer given by the Reincarnation Paradise satisfied Su Xiao. He decided to make do in this derivative world and immediately find a way to get one of the above three once he was back.

It was just common sense to find information about the enemy before fighting them.

At the very least, he must understand the various attributes of the enemy. From the level of each attribute, he could roughly judge the strength of an enemy.

Just as Su Xiao was preparing to leave the alley, the Reincarnation Paradise suddenly popped up a hint.

[Detected that the hunter’s rank is Lv.2, which is lower than the level of the derivative world. Now opening temporary skills.]

[Temporary skills: Basic detection, cost: 800 paradise coins. Buy Yes/No.]

[Hint: Temporary skills disappear after leaving the current world,]

After seeing the [basic detection] skill, Su Xiao was overjoyed at first, but after he noticed the price, he thought that the Reincarnation Paradise was really unethical.

Although the Reincarnation Paradise was robbing him, he felt he did need this ability now.

Su Xiao clearly knew that the little hamster he stepped on must be related to other contractors.

The dangers in the derivative world came not only from various missions or plot characters, but also from other contractors.

“Well, the little hamster is dead now, but the owner should not be far away.”

Su Xiao could not help but look forward to it. He hadn’t played against other contractors yet.