Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 54: A Wolf in a Sheep’s Herd [EDITED]

With the loud music, time passed quickly.

It was eleven o’clock now.

The headlights of the auction house lit up, and the music faded out.

The ghouls in the center stopped dancing, and while some of them were dissatisfied and muttered about it, no ghoul would dare to make trouble.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the auction is about to begin. Please, take your seats.”

A voice with a strange accent emerged, it was a host with a clown mask.

“Mr. Clown, do we have a surprise tonight? I was very dissatisfied with the last auction.”

A female ghoul interjected.

All the ghouls present were masked, not only so they could not be identified by humans, but also to stay hidden from other ghouls.

If two ghouls were enemies and one of them knows the identity of the other one and reports it to the CCG, the reported ghoul would be killed.

Most ghouls were like rats in the sewers, hiding in the dark.

However, there were exceptions. For example, there was a fancy girl named Takatsuki Sen, who was both the leader of the Aogiri tree and a novelist, so she was a public figure in both of her lives.

“You should find the items tonight absolutely satisfying, then…”

Just as the host on the stage announced the start of the auction, Su Xiao pressed the Bluetooth headset and said:


Su Xiao’s had barely spoken as several of ghouls around him turned and watched him with vigilance while taking a few steps back.

“You, what did you say?”

“He just said ‘begin’. This guy is weird, let’s kill him!”

“Is he an Investigator? I’m gonna leave.”

Because of only one word, ‘begin’, the small area of the auction house boiled up.

It was no wonder they became vigilant about these things, after all, these ghouls had to evade the CCG for many years.

Nervousness spread through the ghouls attending the auction, even the host on the stage thought that things seemed wrong.


All the lights in the auction house suddenly went out, the entire place went dark.

There were screams and roars, and tables and chairs clattering as they fell to the ground.

Su Xiao was also in the darkness, but he didn’t panic, he kept calm.

Suddenly, he held a strange device in his hand, and his vision recovered after he put it on his head.

Although there was only vision for his right eye, and everything was tinted green, it could be regarded as restoring his vision.

Su Xiao prepared the night vision device and issued an order in advance. As soon as the plan started, they needed to cut off the power.

Su Xiao took out Dragon Flash and walked slowly towards a ghoul, before placing the sword in front of the ghoul’s neck.

The ghoul was unaware, only blindly stretching his hands.

Su Xiao was testing whether or not ghouls with red eyes had night vision.

Obviously, ghouls did not have this ability.

Thrusting forward, the blade flicked through the ghoul’s flesh with a slight sound, causing blood to spew out.

The eyes of the ghoul suddenly widened, only a wet gurgle escaping from his throat, the ghoul fell to the ground after a few seconds.

In the dark auction house, Su Xiao wearing a night vision device was like a hungry wolf mixed into a flock of sheep.

Walking into the crowd of ghouls, Dragon Flash sang as he kept swinging it.

“Squelch, squish.”

The sound of a sharp weapon cutting off flesh and blood spraying came incessantly. Ghouls fell one and another, and blood seeped into the floor that Su Xiao had walked through.

The noisy sounds of panicked ghouls masked Su Xiao’s actions.

In just over a dozen seconds, more than 20 ghouls died under Su Xiao’s blade.

The auction was a semi-enclosed building, and as the bloody smell spread, ghouls started noticing something was amiss.

“What’s going on, I smell blood.”

“This is a trap of CCG, run!”

“I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die!!”

The auction house turned into a mess.

More than a hundred ghouls were running around wildly, panicked.

Some of the more temperamental ghouls just directly released their Lagune and waved them around whimsically. If any ghouls dared to approach them, they would be killed by mistake.

Now, the ghouls died even faster, Su Xiao knew that there was not much time, and it was impossible for him to kill them arbitrarily.

Su Xiao walked through the crowd with no expression. One after another, ghouls fell incessantly.

Blood stained his face, but he didn’t care.

Was there any mental pressure for him when killing ghouls? Maybe other people would have some, but he won’t.

In the Reincarnation Paradise, either the enemy dies, or he dies. Between killing and being killed, Su Xiao choose to swing his sword.

Bodies fell onto the blood-soaked ground, Su Xiao’ eyes began to flash an ominous red light as he killed ghoul after ghoul.

“Clink!” A glass bottle was broken, and fire ignited.

The ghoul host found a bottle of Vodka somewhere, after turning the bottle into an improvised Molotov, he threw it to the ground.

This may have been a drink remaining from daytime, as it was impossible for ghouls to drink.

The fire illuminated the auction site, dispelling the darkness in the room.

“Plop, plop.”

Blood dripped from the tip of Dragon Flash, and the gazes of all ghouls present quickly gathered on Su Xiao.

Behind Su Xiao, there were at least 30 ghouls strewn around on the ground, all had their heads cut off from their throat and died. The blood had pooled on the ground near him and formed a thin bloody puddle.


A B-class ghoul swallowed heavily, his eyes full of horror.

After all, ghouls paid attention to their surroundings, they knew another group had been eradicated, so the first reaction of many of the present ghouls was not to attack him, but to escape.

These ghouls quickly found out that all the exits of the auction house were blocked.

This happened at Su Xiao’s order. The people outside were present just for the sake of blocking the ghouls’ escape routes. Even as the leader of the team, he wouldn’t get many contribution points from them killing ghouls.

Therefore, as Su Xiao wanted to be promoted to Rank 1 Investigator quickly, his only choice was to kill them himself.

All the exits were blocked, but through the gaps, those ghouls could see the large group of Investigators standing outside, which caused the ghouls to turn mad.

“What do I do, it’s over, I will die today.”

“Run! The guy with the sword is coming!”

The scene grew more and more chaotic. Su Xiao slashed the throat of another ghoul, whose body fell to the ground.

Not all of the ghouls were fleeing, there were two S-class ghouls present, one being the clown mask wearing host on the stage, and the other one was standing in front of Su Xiao.

With a mask depicting a pig’s head and an obese body, the S-class ghoul that stood in front of Su Xiao was a big, fat man with at least three hundred pounds of weight. Just a bit more and one could roll the body around like a ball.

“You, you are a human.”

The fat man’s Kagune was a Koukaku, with the Kakuhou in the upper back. After the release of his Kagune, the fat man appeared as if he was wearing upper body armor.

[E/N: In case someone is unsure at this point: Kagune is the common term for the weapons/ tentacles/ whatever. Koukaku are the Kagune that come from below the shoulder blades, typically heavier and more robust than the other types, often in form of armor or rigid weapons (i.e.: hammer). Kakuhou is the organ that stores the Rc cells.]

This guy was a defensive type, he was not fast, but his skin was thick and coarse.

Su Xiao rushed forward with his sword in hand, and the fat man screamed and rushed forward himself.

The two quickly approached each other, while Su Xiao’s pace was agile, the fat man was like a heavy tank, the ground vibrating with every step.


The fat ghoul yelled as he prepared to slam into Su Xiao, but Su Xiao’s suddenly stopped, changed his direction and easily escaped the attack of the fat ghoul, using the opportunity to slashed the fat man’s lower body in the process.


A fat leg fell to the ground. Su Xiao did not even need to use a lot of force, he merely used the fat man’s power against him.

Squealing like a stuck pig, the fat man fell to the ground.

Su Xiao rushed a few steps forwards, stepped on the back of the ghoul, and in the blink of an eye, the tip of Dragon Flash rested on the back of the head of the fat ghoul.

“No, no, don’t, please…”

The cold sting on the back of his head caused the fat ghoul to panic.


The Sword pierced him, Su Xiao did neither hesitate nor care.

He stepped off of the fat man and felt as if that ghoul’s body was twitching.

A pale green treasure chest floated on the body of the fat ghoul. Once he saw the treasure case, Su Xiao frowned.

How was he so lucky, to get a green treasure chest by killing an S-class ghoul.

Putting away the Treasure Chest, Su Xiao’s eyes focused on the second S-class ghoul present, the host, who was wearing a clown mask.

After noticing Su Xiao’s gaze, the ghoul wearing a clown mask said quickly.

“Wait, I am a member of Tsukiyama family! You can’t kill me.”