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R.P Chapter 54: A Wolf in a Sheep’s Herd


In the noisy music, time passed, and it was eleven o’clock now.




The headlights of the auction house lit up, and the music stopped.


The ghouls in the center stopped dancing, and some of them were dissatisfied as they gave a few mutters, but there was no ghoul that dared to make trouble.


“Ladies and gentlemen, the auction is about to begin, please take your seat.”


A voice with a strange accent was heard, it was a host with a clown mask.


“Mr. Clown, do we have a surprise tonight, I am very dissatisfied with the last auction.”


A lady ghoul said.


All the ghouls present were masked, the ghouls could not be seen by humans. The same worked as well between ghouls.


If two of ghouls are enemies, one of them knows the identity of the other person and reports to CCG, the reported ghoul will be killed easily by CCG.


Most of the ghouls were like mice in the sewers, hiding in the dark.


However, there were exceptions. For example, there was a fancy girl named Takatuki Sen, who was both the leader of the Aogiri tree and a novel writer, exposed to the public.


“Not much nonsense, the item tonight will be absolutely satisfying, then…”


The host on the stage just announced the start of the auction, Su Xiao had pressed the Bluetooth headset.




Su Xiao’s voice just fell, and several of ghouls around him watched him with vigilance and stepped back.


“You, what did you say?”


“He just said ‘begin’, this guy is weird, kill him.”


“is he an Investigator? I’m gonna leave.”


Only because of the word begin, the small area of the auction site boiled up.


It was no wonder they became vigilant about these things, these ghouls had been followed by CCG for many years.


The nervous emotions spread in the auction, and the host on the stage also found that things seemed wrong.




All the lights in the auction house suddenly went out, and the place was dark.


Screaming, roaring, tables and chairs fell to the ground came one after.


Su Xiao was also in the dark, but he didn’t panic, and he was calm.


Suddenly there was an item like single eye glasses in his hand, and his vision recovered after he put it on his head.


Although there was only the vision of his right eye, and everything looked green, it could be regarded as restoring vision.


Su Xiao prepared the night vision device and issued an order in advance. As soon as the plan started, they needed to cut the power off.


Su Xiao took out the dragon flash and walked slowly toward a ghoul, placing the sword in front of the ghoul’s neck.


The ghoul was unconscious, only stretching his hands. His body was slightly bent and touching blindly in the air.


Su Xiao was testing whether ghouls with red eyes had night vision function or not.


Obviously, ghouls did not have this ability.


Pulling the dragon flash, the blade flicked through his flesh and made a slight sound, blood spewed out.


The eyes of the ghoul suddenly widened, and the snigger sound came from his throat, the ghoul fell to the ground in a few seconds.


In the dark auction house, Su Xiao wearing a night vision device was like a hungry wolf mixed into a sheepfold.


Walking into the crowd of ghouls, dragon flash glimmered with several lights as he kept swinging it.


“Sniger, singer.”


The sound of a sharp weapon cutting off flesh came incessantly. Ghouls fell down one and another, and the blood invaded the road that Su Xiao had walked through.


The noisy sound in the auction masked Su Xiao’s actions.


In just over a dozen seconds, more than 20 ghouls died under Su Xiao’s knife.


The auction was a semi-enclosed building, and the rich bloody smell spread. Other ghouls found something wrong.


“What’s going on, the smell of blood.”


“This is a trap of CCG, run.”


“I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die!!”


There was already a messy situation in the auction house.


More than a hundred of ghouls were running wildly.


Some of the temperamental ghouls directly released their kagune and waved whimsically, if ghouls dare to approach them, they will all be killed by mistake.


Now ghouls’ deaths became faster, Su Xiao knew that there was not much time, and it was impossible for him to kill them arbitrarily.


Su Xiao walked through the crowd with no expression, one after another, ghouls fell incessantly.


Blood was stained on his cheek, but he didn’t care.


Is there any mental pressure for him to kill ghouls? Maybe other people will have some but he won’t.


In the reincarnation paradise, either they die, or he dies, between killing and being killed, Su Xiao chooses to wave his sword.


The bloody limbs splashed, and Su Xiao’ eyes began to flash red light as he killed many ghouls.


“Pon!” A glass bottle was broken, and fire ignited.


The ghoul host found a bottle of wine somewhere, after making the bottle of wine into a simple bomb, he threw it to the ground.


This may be the remaining drinks from daytime, as it was impossible for ghouls to drink.


The fire illuminates the entire auction, dispelling the darkness in the room.


“Drip, drip.”


Blood dripped at the tip of the dragon flash’s bristles, and all the gaze of ghoul gathered on Su Xiao.


At the side of Su Xiao, there were at least 30 ghouls lying on the ground randomly, all were cut off from their throat and died. The blood had infested the ground near him and formed a thin layer of blood lake.




A B-class ghoul swallowed, and his eyes were full of horror.


After all, ghouls paid attention to Su Xiao, the first reaction was not to attack him, but to escape.


These ghouls quickly found that all the exits of the auction house were blocked.


This was Su Xiao’s order. The people outside were just for the sake of blocking the escape routes. Even if he is the leader of the team, the ghouls that CCG members kill, won’t give him many points.


Therefore, if Su Xiao wanted to be promoted the superior search officer quickly, his only choice was to kill them himself.


All the exits were blocked, through the gaps, those ghouls saw a large group of Investigators outside, which made the ghouls gradually mad.


“What to do, it’s over, I will die today.”


“Run, the guy with the sword is coming.”


The scene was even more chaotic. Su Xiao smashed a throat of a ghoul, and his body fell to the ground.


Not all of the ghouls were fleeing, there were two S-class ghouls, one was the host wearing a clown mask on the stage, and the other was standing in front of Su Xiao.


A pig’s head mask, obese body shape, S-class ghoul stood in front of Su Xiao, was a big fat man with at least three hundred pounds, the whole body was rolling, like a ball.


“You, you are a human.”


The fat man’s kagune was koukaku, kakuhou is in the shoulders, after the appearance of the whole kagune, the fat man was like wearing upper body armor.


This guy was a defensive type, his speed was not fast, but the skin was thick and coarse.


Su Xiao rushed forward with his sword, and the fat man screamed and rushed to him.


The two quickly approached, Su Xiao’s pace was agile, the fat man was like a heavy tank, and the ground began to vibrate slightly.


“You die!”


The fat ghoul smashed his head and slammed into Su Xiao. Su Xiao’s foot stopped.


He changed his footsteps, then he easily escaped the attack of the fat ghoul, and the long sword in his hand smashed the fat man’s lower body.




A fat leg fell to the ground, Su Xiao did not use much force, he used the fat man’s power against him.


The pig-like screams came, and the fat man fell into the ground.


Su Xiao rushed forward a few steps, stepping on the back of the fat man, and the tip of the dragon flash was on the back head of the fat man.


“No, no, don’t, please…”


The cold and sharp touch on the back of his head made the fat ghoul found difficulties to speak.


“Snigger.” The Longsword pierced him, Su Xiao did not hesitate.


He stepped on the feet of the fat man and obviously felt that the person’s body was twitching.


A pale green treasure chest floated on the body of the fat man, and when he saw this treasure case, Su Xiao frowned.


He was so lucky, by killing an S-class ghoul he surprisingly got a green treasure chest.


Putting away the Treasure Chest, Su Xiao’s eyes focused on the second S-class ghoul on the field, the host wearing a clown mask.


After noticing Su Xiao’s gaze, the ghoul wearing a clown mask said quickly.


“Wait, I am a member of Tsukiyama family. You can’t kill me.”


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