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R.P Chapter 56: Explosion


Outside the auction, many search officers held rifles as they were anxiously waiting.


They had never received this kind of strange order, in the task of killing ghouls, they surprisingly only needed to guard at the exit.


The fighting sounds incessantly came from the auction which made these Investigators anxious.


Mado Akira was also anxious, pacing at the back door.


“What happened inside, Byakuya is really too imprudent, even if he is strong, he can’t fight with so many ghouls alone.”


Twenty minutes passed, the incessantly screams from the auction hall had become abnormally silent, which made Mado Akira feel a little worried.


Su Xiao’s tired voice came from the Bluetooth headset when Mado Akira was waiting anxiously.


“Come in, start cleaning the auction and put down the fire.”


Put down the fire? Mado Akira had some doubts, but she still brought people to open the back door of the auction house.


The back door opened, Mado Akira led a large group of Investigators and rushed in.


Just entering the auction house, Mado Akira smelled a strong bloody smell, and her beautiful eyebrows wrinkled.


Mado Akira’s footsteps became faster as she runs to the lobby of the auction house.




The scene stunned her.


A large number of ghouls were piled up randomly, on the pile of ghouls a man with a cigarette sat.


This cruel scene made Mado Akira step back subconsciously.


Mado Akira had seen many bodies, but she had never seen this kind of scene before. This scene may only appear on the ancient cold weapons war.


When Mado Akira wanted to approach Su Xiao, she suddenly felt her foot was slipping and almost fell down.


Looking at the ground, the ground had been infected with a layer of blood.


“What are you doing, start cleaning the bodies.”


Su Xiao threw the cigarette in his hand and put away dragon flash which was cleaned.




Mado Akira straightened her body subconsciously.


Those Investigators were also shocked by the scene in front of them, but their mental qualities were excellent.


Taking out a lot of body bags and starting cleaning the bodies.


Su Xiao moved his sore body. He had tested his limits in this fight.


If the number of ghouls was more than one hundred, I would’ve been hard for him to deal with. If the number of ghouls exceeded two hundred, he would die.


Before the lights in the auction hall went out, he used the night vision device to seize the opportunity to kill as many ghouls as he can.


And the two S-class ghouls did join forces to attack. If the two S-class ghouls led other ghouls to fight with Su Xiao, the result today would have been totally different.


The situation tonight seemed to be thrilling, but Su Xiao was not doing this without a plan. If he ordered, a large number of Investigators would rush into the auction place.


He was confident that he will persist for a long time under the siege of a large group of ghouls.


Su Xiao understood his advantages. His advantages were a strong power and combat experience. If he fights one by one, he most likely won’t be injured.


However, if it is a group battle, because his Vitality was not high, and his defenses weren’t that strong, he would be at a disadvantage.


There was no one perfect in the world. Su Xiao now balanced the development of three attributes. If he develops his Vitality, the speed of progress will slow down, and he would fall behind other contractors.


Su Xiao was a hunter, so he had to be stronger than other contractors at the same level, or else how can he hunt the targets?


Sitting in the vehicle of CCG, Su Xiao looked at those Investigators who were cleaning up the bodies.


It took a while to clean up the auction floor. He could take this opportunity to take a break and restore his hp. By the way, his hp was only 27% currently.


Taking out the [Golden fried rice], the restorative food was in a static form and needed to be activated before he could eat it.


Choosing to activate the [Golden Fried Rice],


The outer light of [Golden fried rice] broke open and dissipated in the air, and the golden fried rice was surprisingly steaming.


A strange smell came, Su Xiao could not help but swallow, this thing seemed to be delicious.


Taking out the chopsticks he prepared in advance, Su Xiao tried to take a bite.


The rice was wrapped in soft eggs, and the rice was slightly harder. Under the egg wrap, the taste was excellent. Because of the excellent cooking technique, the aroma of rice and eggs was mixed together.


After Su Xiao took a bite, he couldn’t help but take a second bite.


This golden fried rice was extremely delicious. It was a food produced by Shokugeki no Soma world, and it was super delicious that can make people commit a crime just to eat it.


Su Xiao suddenly had an idea to kidnap a chef from Shokugeki no Soma world.


He was shaking his head with a wry smile, improving his strength was the most important thing, with strength, he won’t be worried about delicious food.


Unconsciously, he finished the golden fried rice in his hand, there was no rice left, but he still felt satisfied.


After drinking a bottle of mineral water, Su Xiao sat down on the seat with satisfaction. What better than eating a meal after fighting?


The feeling of warmth in the stomach, his hp gradually recovered.


With the recovery of hp, Su Xiao’s injuries began to heal quickly.


“What is this smell, it seems delicious.”


Juuzo Suzuya ran over, and his nose swayed.


“Suzuya, get on the car, let’s get ready to go back to the branch.”


Although Juuzo Suzuya was eccentric, he was still obeying orders.


“Are you eating something? Can you give me some?”


Juuzo Suzuya’s head came out from the seat and looked at Su Xiao with a smile.


“Tomorrow, I will give you a big meal.”


In the future, he still needed these people to follow him to clear the 14th district, and it was necessary to draw those people to his side properly.


He killed a lot of ghouls. There was a rule in the CCG that he could get a lot of money by killing ghouls.


This was very reasonable. The Investigator was a high-risk job, and the salary was so high that it made other people full of envy.


After promising to give Juuzo Suzuya a treat, Su Xiao began to sum up the gains and losses of this battle.


He got total of 372 contributions points in this fight, and his contribution points had become, [first-class Investigator, contribution points: 897/2000.], he still needed 1103 points of contribution so he could complete the task.


Harvesting a green treasure case, although he killed more than 100 ghouls, they did not drop any white treasure chests.


He began to wonder whether he was lucky or unlucky after this.


Through until now, he opened many chests, in addition to specific items, he did not get any good thing.


The dragon flash (white) was not from the treasure chest.


The soul crystal(small) was obtained because the gap between him and the monster was too large.


The roar of evil spirits (green) got from gecko’s Treasure Chest. But it is important to know that gecko an important character to the protagonist’s development. Killing gecko got a lot of ‘sources of the world’.


Even so, he only got a green ring with a score of 21.


“This ..”


Su Xiao sighed, he suddenly found out that he had the qualification of a leader.


Fortunately, he was not that unlucky, his luck is ordinary.


With a bitter smile, Su Xiao no longer thought about these things.


The bodies in the auction house were cleaned up at 1 am, and after those Investigators of the CCG assembled, the team returned to the branch.


This was undoubtedly a brilliant victory, they had no casualties, and killed all the enemies.


Many of the Investigators were smiling, as they looked at Su Xiao with awe.


The cars were driving on the street at midnight, with no one on the street, and it was particularly quiet under the dim light.


Su Xiao, who was sitting in the co-pilot, suddenly had an inexplicable stroke, as if he was in a deep valley and his body was still falling.


The danger was approaching from below!


Su Xiao did not hesitate to open the door, jumped directly, and rolled on the asphalt road to stabilize his body shape.


There was also a figure that jumped out of the car with Su Xiao, that was Juuzo Suzuya.




The car suddenly exploded, it was blown up, and the whole car rolled for several laps before stopping.


There was a huge hole on the road, and the explosives were not hidden in the bottom of the car but hidden underground.


The fire was shining, and a strange scorching smell mixed with the smell of gunpowder came.


Su Xiao immediately discerned that this was the burning taste of ‘polyisobutylene,’ someone buried a C4 plastic bomb on his way.


There was a contractor who wanted to kill him, but if he wants to kill him by bombs alone, it will be too naive.


The dragon flash appeared in Su Xiao’s hands, and Su Xiao looked around vigilantly.


He had just rested in the car for more than an hour, and he recovered about 80% of his strength. His hp had been restored after eating restorative food three times.


Su Xiao had long guessed that there will be a contractor that will attack him, but he did not know the exact time.


When his Hp was very low, he did not hesitate to eat expensive restorative food, just in case.


It seemed that he was right, If he was in that weak state, he might have died.


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