Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 6: This is Real

When Su Xiao got [the old smashing short gun], he got a lot of hints.

But he didn’t receive any hint when he got this dagger, there was no specific information or whether it can be sold or not.

Su Xiao guessed maybe it was fortunate to get [the old smashing short gun] or it could be an elaborated arrangement by “Reincarnation Paradise”.

It means he can get weapons, but he needs to take a risk for it. it is supposed to be the rules of“Reincarnation Paradise”.

And the dagger on his hand didn’t seem special. The dagger is sharp. He can use the dagger but cannot bring it out of one piece world or exchange for paradise coins.

It made sense, if everything can be sold as paradise coins, then the currency mechanism of“Reincarnation Paradise” will be a joke.

Su Xiao manipulated the horse and closed to the gate, some soldiers’ figures come into his sight.

This old horse seems a bit uncontrollable because of changing the driver, it made Su Xiao feel a bit embarrassed, he had never manipulated horses before. But those soldiers stood in front of him, he could not step back.

The horse snorted and stopped in the same place.

Su Xiao automatically stopped for checking. According to his guess, those soldiers will be lazier when going out of town, but when entering the town, they won’t slack off.

The soldiers walked toward Su Xiao with lazy expression but sharp eyes like an eagle.

“What’s wrong, why are you coming back so early today?”

This kind of familiar attitude from soldiers made Su Xiao feel nervous.

These soldiers may know the identity of the merchant of the black market. They may even have a beneficial relationship. Things became somewhat difficult.

“Boss, I just got out of town, is the power of Toby grabbed, vomit~.”

Su Xiao’s voice was very vague, and he was still wearing retching. His voice was different from that of the driver, so he deliberately did.

In line with the stench of the sewage on his clothes, the guards did not doubt and even escaped Su Xiao for a distance.

“What? Toby? Are they crazy, they even dare to rob you, they don’t know your identification?”

The soldier in front of Su Xiao seemed a bit angry, but another soldier said:

“Boss, Toby’s power expanded quickly recently, according to my investigation, Toby just killed rogeir’s power, no one has higher power than Toby in the ‘Gray terminal’ except for Bluejam Pirates.”

“So we don’t do anything? What about the money?”

Few soldiers looked at each other, even though they felt unfair, but they had no methods to deal with Toby who hid in the ‘Gray terminal’.

“You…., If this kind of things happens again, you don’t need to come back anymore, just ‘live’ in the ‘Gray terminal’.”

Su Xiao pretended to nod carefully, but he was very calm.

He should be calm in these important moments, every failure happen before the success because of presumptuousness.

Su Xiao manipulated the horse which walked forward reluctantly.

A soldier looked into the bottom of the horse carriage before Su Xiao left, just in case someone hid blow which is a most common way for the homeless to get into the town.

Su Xiao had never thought about hiding in the bottom of the horse carriage, he just killed the driver directly. Though this is risky, this method, while risky, captured the blind spot of the soldier.

The garbage car gradually passed through the gate and drove forward stably for three meters, five meters, ten meters.

“Carlos, wait.”

The sound came from the soldier, Su Xiao’s eyes tighten and soon recovered.

“I have settled your nephew’s thing with enough ‘sincerity’, he can go to the soldier team to report today.”

The soldier held his hand and thumb, and middle fingers moved together, the term ‘sincerity’ means money.

Su Xiao nodded quickly and thanked him, but he retaliated.

“Hurry up, it’s so stinky, I can even smell it from this distance.”

Su Xiao will never miss this good opportunity, so he took the rein and shot on the bottom of the old horse.


A crispy sound came. The old horse mourned and sped up.

Su Xiao successfully got into the capital of Goa Kingdom safely.

Though he had a safer way to get into the capital, it needed time, and he didn’t have enough time to do that.

In few conversations with those soldiers, Su Xiao got a lot of useful information.

First, the current time is before the original protagonist Monkey D. Luffy set out to the sea, which means this is the period of the childhood of Luffy, or Luffy is not born at all.

The basis for this is that the Bluejam Pirates in the former guard’s mouth,
If Su Xiao remembered correctly, the Bluejam pirates are the ones that attacked Luffy and Ace and Sabo, in the original story.

The Bluejam Pirates were used by the king of the Kingdom of Goya in the original book to ignite the Gray terminal, and then they were abandoned and allowed to fend for themselves in the fire.

And second, it’s a surprising acquirement, maybe this acquirement is the key point for Su Xiao to complete the task.

The word from the soldier made Su Xiao pretty happy, that is ‘I have settled your nephew’s thing with enough ‘sincere’, he can go today.’

It seemed that’s the dead merchant in the black market traded with soldiers, they used the money to buy the career of the soldier.

If Su Xiao pretends to be the nephew and enter into the team of soldiers, he will be closer to kill his goal.

Though this is risky, it’s also the best way for paradise to not to arrange identification for him.

Su Xiao drove horse carriage on the streets of Goa Kingdom because of it just the outside layer of the capital, this is just a district for residents in a normal class.

The street in the ordinary district was neat and tidy, two sides of the street were vendors.

A lot of residents walked leisurely through the streets made this city a bit noisy, but some of those residents were suffering and poor.

There was only a difference between these residents and the homeless, they will not starve but still lived on the edge of having enough food.

This was a messy generation in one piece world, it was full of wars and pirates, so the living condition of those residents was relatively poor.

Su Xiao seemed to realize something when he crossed the street, it seemed like this is not a task world but a real world. It was full of real human instead of so-called NPC.

From those soldiers, Su Xiao found his way, if he did not prepare well, he would probably be found out.

Su Xiao warned himself to not look down on anyone in this world.

But the most important thing now is to find a place to clean his body, and check the [treasure chest (white)], he wanted to use every resource he could use.

Su Xiao who only had LV.1 found it hard to do everything in this dangerous LV.6 world, it seemed like a nightmare.



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