Reincarnation Paradise Reincarnation Paradise
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R.P Chapter 60: Bloodlust [EDITED]

Under a streetlamp, lots of insects were swarming in the light.

It was midnight, the street was quiet, until a gunshot destroyed the silence of the night.

Su Xiao looked towards the origin of the gunshot. It should’ve come from Suzuya Juzo fighting the contractor. He pressed a button on the Bluetooth headset on his ear.


But no one answered. Maybe Suzuya Juzo accidentally dropped the headsets while fighting, Su Xiao thought.

He did not know how strong the sniper was, but Suzuya Juzo should be able to stop that person for a while.

The most important thing right now was to get rid of the shield warrior in front of him.

After getting a heal from Leaves, Queen’s Hp returned to 67%.

It has to be said that Leaves healing powers were truly great.

Queen looked at Su Xiao with vigilance. She had already picked up the shield, but because one of her arms was cut off by Su Xiao, her posture when holding the shield was a bit awkward.

“With three attributes balanced, it should be impossible to be so strong, and there is also that blue light that causes terrible pain. If I’m not wrong, you already have a job.”

Queen had experienced three derivative worlds and had seen a lot.

“Who knows.”

What Su Xiao wanted to do right now was to kill the hidden supporting contractors.

Because of the restraint of the ‘silver rope’, he couldn’t get away more than 30 meters from Queen.

What an annoying combo. This female shield warrior was very resistant to attacks, and with the supporting contractor out of reach, he could not kill her so easily.

The situation of Suzuya Juzo was not clear either, so he had to finish this fast.

Su Xiao rushed in front of Queen, turned the sword in his hand, and hit the shield with the sword’s handle.


A muffled sound echoed and Queen’s arm was put under great pressure.

Against enemies with shields, blunt attacks were far more effective than slashes.

Queen gritted her teeth as she struggled against Su Xiao.

Su Xiao did not push against her. He had also suffered some minor injuries since the battle started. While he had used the shield to escape the powerful bullets, his Hp had nonetheless dropped to 85% during the fight.

He avoided her counter push by dodging sideways, and grabbed the edge of the shield with his left hand.

Queen couldn’t help but be startled and, in her mind, yelled “Again!”

Having grabbed onto the edge of Queen’s Shield, Su Xiao’s eyes drooped and a smirk emerged on his face.

“As a shield warrior, you can’t even properly hold a shield. It’s better if you just die.”

Su Xiao pulled with his left hand, while Dragon Flash in his right hand raced forward.

Queen now had two choices: the first was to give up her shield, and the second was to allow herself to be stabbed by Su Xiao.

If she gave up on the shield, she would be completely exposed to Su Xiao. The powerful attacks of Su Xiao forced Queen into desperation.

But if she were to hold on to the, she would be stabbed by Su Xiao.

In the end, Queen chose to give up on the shield, and stepped back to avoid Su Xiao’s sword.

After successfully getting Queen’s shield, Su Xiao threw it into the distance.

When he threw it, the door-sized metal shield crashed into a shop on the other side of the street. The shop was a mess, as the shield had crashed into a row of shelves and bottles of shampoo were strewn around.

Queen stood in silence, thought for a few seconds, and said:

“Today, we were the one to provoke you, so I’m willing to pay 10,000 paradise coins as compensation. Let’s just stop this, we may both suffer great losses if we continue.”

After discovering that Su Xiao was not easy to fight with, Queen chose to pay to leave.

“Pay the money first.”

Su Xiao intended to cheat her.


A notification of the Reincarnation Paradise appeared in front of Su Xiao.

[Contractor no. *** applied to form a temporary contract with you.]

[In this derivative world, you will not be allowed to attack members of team *.

Members of team * are forbidden from any behavior that is detrimental to you, ….]

[After this contract is set up, contractor no. *** will pay you 10,000 paradise coins as a one-time bonus.]

[Hint: This contract is notarized by the Reincarnation Paradise, as such it cannot be violated.]

[Hint: The contract was written by the initiator. Please read it carefully. After signing the contract, if it is violated, the Reincarnation Paradise will give punishments.]

[Breach of contract punishment: deduction of 300,000 paradise coins.]

[Sign the contract: Yes/No.]

Su Xiao was surprised as he read the contract. Who knew the Reincarnation Paradise had such a function?

Through questioning it, he found out he may also write up a contract, but it cost 50 paradise coins to do so.

This contract issued by Queen, Su Xiao chose to refuse it. He originally wanted to cheat her after all, but he did not expect the Reincarnation Paradise to have such a function of setting up and guarding such contracts.

Since these enemies chose to attack him, he must not let them go.

After noticing that Su Xiao refused the contract, Queen’s face changed.

“What is the meaning of this?!”

“What do you mean? I am going kill you of course.”

Su Xiao took out a salted rice ball and swallowed it down at once. This salted rice ball could restore 10% of his Hp, it was a good supplement.

“Don’t force me.”

Queen’s voice was a bit cold.

“Haha, hahaha.”

Su Xiao, who was holding his blade, suddenly laughed.

“After burying a bomb on my route, you surprisingly said that ‘I’ should not force ‘you’? Hah, if I don’t cut off your head, this battle will never end.”

Su Xiao’s eyes turned as he looked at an alley not far away.

“You can hide there for now, but after I’ve killed her, the next one is you.”

Su Xiao looked really scary right now, Leaves, hiding in the alley, was trembling in fear.

Leaves, who was only a scout and support, couldn’t fight at all, so she was not particularly brave or courageous.

Queen also knew that what she said was wrong, and stopped talking, but she now had a test tube in her hand as well as a knight’s sword.

There was a bright red liquid in the test tube, which was somewhat viscous.

“Leaves, check on my Hp.”

Queen yelled, she then raised her head and drank the liquid from the test tube.

“Ugh, disgusting.”

After Queen drank the unknown liquid, several marks appeared on her face, and dark red energy appeared on the surface of her body.

“This power…”

Within just a few seconds, Queen’s dark eyes had turned into blood-red, beastlike eyes.

An extremely ominous aura appeared, Su Xiao did not immediately rush at her but used [basic detection] instead.

[10 points of Mana have been consumed. Basic detection has been activated. You’ve obtained the following information.]

Contractor: 11740. (mad state)

Strength: 6+10

Agility: 5+10

Vitality: ???

Intelligence: 5

Charm: 6

Skill 1: Bloodlust (temporary passive), lose 3% of max Hp per second. When the Hp falls to less than 5%, the skill will be forcefully lifted.

Skill 2: Inferior blood of the fox spirit (temporary passive), Strength, Agility, Vitality +10.

Skill 3: Judgement (temporary passive), a random attribute is chosen to be judged. If not one of the three strengthened attributes, the user will fall into a berserk state. (The random attribute’s judgment will be redone every 10 seconds.)

Skill 4: ???

Skill 5: ???

Skill 6: ???


Su Xiao’s mouth twitched. Just what did this woman drink, it surprisingly gave her a passive skill which could add ten points in strength, agility and vitality.

Although the woman’s combat power soared, it was not easy to bear, losing 3% of her total Hp per second meant that she would die after mere 34 seconds.

Of course, there was still that supporting contractor nearby, so the time will be extended.


Queen was somewhat unlucky. The third skill was activated, and the attribute chosen was Charm.

She didn’t pass the judgment.