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R.P Chapter 60: Blood Madness


Under the dim light, a large group of flying insects gathered.


In the street at midnight, a gunshot smashed the silence of the night sky.


Su Xiao looked at the position of the gunshot. It should be that Juuzo Suzuya was fighting with the contractor. He pressed the Bluetooth headset on his ear.




No one answered it may be that Juuzo Suzuya accidentally dropped the Bluetooth headsets while fighting.


Su Xiao did not understand the strength of the sniper, but stopping the person should not be a problem for Juuzo Suzuya.


The first important thing was to solve the female shield warrior in front of him.


After getting a heal from Leaves, Queen’s blood volume returned to 67%.


It has to be said that Leaves healing powers were great.


Queen looked at Su Xiao with vigilance. She had already picked up the shield on the side, but because her arm was cut off by Su Xiao, her posture of holding the shield was a bit awkward.


“Even if the three attributes are balanced, it is impossible to have such terrible power, and there is also a blue light that leaves that terrible pain behind. If I’m not wrong, you already have a job.”


Queen had experienced three derivative worlds and had seen far more than others.


“Who knows.”


What Su Xiao wanted to do now was to solve the support contractors in the dark.


Because of the fettering of the ‘silver necklace’, he couldn’t get away more than 30 meters from the Queen.


This was undoubtedly a very disgusting skill. This female shield warrior was very resistant to attack, with the support contractor hidden in the dark, he could not kill her for a while.


The situation of Juuzo Suzuya was not clear, but it was still better to finish it fast.


Su Xiao rushed to the front of the Queen in a few steps, turned the long sword in his hand, and hit the shield with the sword’s handle.




A muffled sound came, the Queen’s arm was under great pressure.


For enemies with shields, blunt attacks were far more effective than slashes.


The Queen gritted her teeth as she struggled against Su Xiao.


Su Xiao did not resist. He also suffered some minor injuries since the battle started. When he used a shield to escape bullets, his Hp dropped to 85%.


He avoided sideways, his arm rolled, and his left hand grabbed the edge of the shield.


The Queen couldn’t help but scream, and sighed and yelled “Again!” in her mind.


Grabbing the edge of Queen’s Shield, Su Xiao’s eyes drooped, a smile emerged from the corner of his mouth.


“As a shield warrior, you can’t even hold a shield. It’s better if you die.”


Su Xiao’s left hand dragged backwards, and dragon flash on his right hand smashed forward.


Queen now had two choices, the first was to give up the shield, and the second was to be pierced by Su Xiao.


If she gives up the shield, she will be completely exposed to Su Xiao. The powerful attacks of Su Xiao made the Queen somewhat desperate.


But if she doesn’t give up the shield, she will be stabbed by Su Xiao.


In the end, Queen chose to give up the shield and step back to avoid Su Xiao’s long sword.


After getting Queen’s shield, Su Xiao threw the shield into the distance.


When he threw it, the door-sized metal shield broke into a shop on the street, the shop was a mess, as the shield was inserted obliquely on a row of shelves, and a few bottles of shampoo rolled on the shield.


Queen stood in silence, thinking for a few seconds, and said:


“Today we were the one to provoke you, so I’m willing to pay 10,000 paradise coins as compensation. Let’s just stop this, we may both suffer great losses if we continue.”


After discovering that Su Xiao was not easy to fight with, the Queen chose to pay to leave.


“Pay the money first.”


Su Xiao intended to cheat on her.




The hint of the reincarnation paradise appeared in front of Su Xiao.


[The number* contractor applies to you for a temporary contract.]


[In this derivative world, you will not be allowed to attack members of the * team.


And members of the * team must not make any behavior that is detrimental to you, ….]


[After this contract is set up, the * contractor will pay 10,000 paradise coins as a contract award.]


[Hint: This contract is notarized by the reincarnation paradise, and no one can violate it.]


[Hint: The contract is written by the initiator. Please read it carefully. After signing the contract, if the contract is violated, the reincarnation will give punishments.]


[Breach of contract punishment: deducting 300,000 paradise coins.]


[Sign the contract: Yes/No.]


Su Xiao was surprised as he read the contract, the reincarnation paradise surprisingly had this function.


Through questioning, he may also write a contract, but it cost 50 paradise coins.


The contract issued by Queen, Su Xiao certainly chose to refuse, he originally wanted to cheat her, but he did not expect the reincarnation paradise surprisingly had a function of setting up contracts.


Since those enemies chose to attack him, he must not let them go.


After discovering Su Xiao refused, the Queen’s face changed.


“What do you mean.”


“What do you mean? I, of course, want to kill you.”


Su Xiao took out a salt rice ball and swallowed it directly into his mouth. The salt rice ball could restore 10% vitality. It was a good supplement.


“Don’t force me.”


Queen’s voice was a bit cold.


“Oh, hahaha~.”


Su Xiao, who is holding a sharp blade, suddenly laughed.


“Burying a bomb on my way, you surprisingly said that I should not force you? Today, if I don’t cut off your head, the battle will not end.”


Su Xiao’s eyes turned and looked at an alley in the street.


“You can hide there well, after I smashed her, the next one is you.”


Su Xiao now could be described as fierce, leaves hiding in the alley was scared.


Leaves as a support, she couldn’t fight, so her guts were somewhat small.


Queen also knew that she was wrong and stopped talking, but she had a test tube in her hand and a knight sword.


There was a bright red liquid in the test tube, and the bright red liquid was somewhat viscous.


“Leaves, check my Hp from time to time.”


Queen yelled, she then raised her head and drank the bottle of medicine.


“Uh, it tastes disgusting.”


After Queen drank the unknown liquid, several marks appeared on her face, and dark red energy appeared on the surface of her body.


“The power is constantly emerging.”


In just a few seconds, Queen’s big dark eyes had turned into bloody red beast eyes.


An extremely ominous feeling appeared, Su Xiao did not immediately rushed to the front but used [basic detection].


[10 magic values have been consumed, the basic detection is turned on, and the following information is obtained.]


Contractor: 11740. (mad state)


Strength: 6+10


Agility: 5+10


Vitality:? ? ?


Intelligence: 5


Charm: 6


Skill 1: mad state (temporary passive), loss of 3% of Hp per second, after the life value is less than 5%, the mad state forcefully lifted.


Skill 2: Inferior blood of the fox spirits (temporary passive), strength, agility, Vitality +10.


Skill 3: Judgement (temporary passive), a random attribute is chosen to be judged, if it wasn’t one of the three strengthened attributes, the user will fall into a berserk state. (The random attribute’s judgment will be reset every 10 seconds.)


Skill 4:? ? ?


Skill 5:? ? ?


Skill 6:? ? ?




Su Xiao’s mouth twitched, what did this woman drink, it surprisingly made a passive skill which can add ten points in power, agility, physique attributes appear.


Although the woman’s combat power soared, it was not good to bear, losing 3% of her life value per second, which meant that the woman will die after 34 seconds.


Of course, there was the support which was in the distance, and this time will be extended.




As soon as the roar came, Queen was somewhat unlucky. The third skill was activated, and the attribute chosen was Charm, she didn’t pass the judgment.


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