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R.P Chapter 66: Progress!


Su Xiao was curious about one thing previously, that was how did the law of shadow fight with the sorcerers.


Now it seemed that ‘devil physique’ was an effective way for him to fight against the sorcerers.


In Su Xiao’s understanding, the hardest part of fighting with the sorcerers was how to get close to them.


The sorcerers were generally fighting with opponents from a distance, and he was good at close fights, ‘the devil’s physique’ gave him the advantage to get closer to the sorcerers.


After he approached the sorcerers, the battle would basically end.


Su Xiao noticed in the trading market of the reincarnation paradise that most of the sorcerers had thin arms and legs. After getting closer, the sorcerer would surely die!


There were two abilities of devil physique.


The first was not that good, he could not learn magical skills, and the second was to immunity of 40% of magical damage.


The inability to learn magical skills did not mean that he could not learn skills. There were many abilities in the reincarnation paradise not in the scope of magical skills.


Most passive skills were not magical skills.


And from the ‘can’t learn magical skills’, Su Xiao could guess that it was a ‘not able to learn the skills of sorcerers’.


It was true that he was a shadow of the law. If he uses those kinds of skills like throwing a fireball in the battle, it will be weird.


When he inherited ‘the shadow of the law,’ from the attitude of the six statues, they hated the sorcerers. That was why the shadow of the law could not learn the skills of the sorcerers.


But everything was relative, and he could get high magical resistance while he could not learn magical skills.


The next day.


Su Xiao got up very early, took off his clothes in the hospital and put on his usual clothes.


“Byakuya-san, why did you wake up so early? Lie back in the bed, your injuries are very serious.”


A nurse wearing a white coat blocked Su Xiao quickly.


“Don’t worry, I have recovered.”


The nurse was serious.




The nurse was very responsible, Su Xiao as a first-class Investigator would, of course, have specialized personnel taking care of him.


Su Xiao clapped on the nurse’s soft shoulder and moved to came behind the nurse.




When the nurse just wanted to talk, she was dragged by a colleague next to her.


“Anzu, forget it, the Investigators have their own missions, we only need to help them treat their injuries.


This was the report of Byakuya-san today, which had reached the standard to discharge.”


Anzu obviously did not believe in it and had carefully checked the report.


“How is it possible, what kind of recovery power is this?”




Su Xiao walked out of the hospital door and immediately took out the phone and dialed Shinohara Yukinori’s number.


“Shinohara-san, I was discharged from the hospital, and the plan of clearing the 14th district can continue.”


Receiving Su Xiao’s phone call made Shinohara Yukinori somewhat surprised.


“Is your body ok?”


“No problem.”


“Well, first come back to the branch, you will have the same people with you, but the injuries of Juuzo didn’t recover yet, so he cannot participate in the 14th districts cleaning.”


Su Xiao took a taxi and headed to the branch.


Twenty minutes later, in Shinohara Yukinori’s office.


“The mobilization was completed. I don’t care where you get the information about the ghouls’ gathering place. I only need the final result, which is to make the 14th district become a safe area like the 20thdistrict.”


The scope of the 14th district was not small. If the 14thdistrict is cleaned up, it can help a large number of people to find a place to live.




Su Xiao answered, and he was leaving the office.


“Byakuya, have you heard about it? Recently, the headquarters wants to make a big move on the 11th district.”


Su Xiao’s footsteps stopped.


The big action of the 11th district Shinohara Yukinori was talking about maybe the scene in which Kaneki Ken was arrested, CCG and Aogiri trees fought against each other.


“The 11th district is getting more and more chaotic recently. An organization called Aogiri Tree has actually publicly attacked the local ghoul’s Investigators. I will rush to the 20th district after four days. I don’t know who will be transferred to the 14th district to control the overall situation, so the plan to clear the 14th district should be done as soon as possible.


I could support you but doesn’t mean that others will support you. I could understand your hatred of ghouls. I had expelled ghouls with your father before.”


Shinohara Yukinori clearly misunderstood something, Su Xiao’s identity was forged by the reincarnation paradise.


However, this misunderstanding was beneficial to Su Xiao, and he will not correct it.


“Four days? I’ll try my best.”


After that, Su Xiao left the office.


There was not much time. If Shinohara Yukinori is transferred, maybe something will happen.


No one could guarantee that the next boss will certainly support his plan.


The people who participated in the clearing of the 14th district were already waiting in the lobby, and Mado Akira was standing at the forefront.


Mado Akira looked a bit different today, her eyes were dull, and her always brushed hair was tied casually today.


“Byakuya-san, the staff is assembled and ready to go.”


Mado Akira’s eyes were red, and you can tell that she was not concentrated.


“Let’s go.”


Su Xiao did not ask Mado Akira about her abnormality, he had no sympathy for girls, if it was normal time, he would care a little. However, the main task was more important.


According to the map marked by Itori, a large number of ghouls were often gathered in a rotten building in the suburbs, they were between 200 to 300 ghouls.


This was a loose group of ghouls, they had several leaders.


he didn’t choose to enter the building alone this time, there were too many ghouls, he needed to do what he could, using the power of CCG.


When Su Xiao sat in the co-pilot thinking about countermeasures, something wet touched his hand.


Looking at the side, Mado Akira who was driving the car, surprisingly burst into tears.


She noticed Su Xiao’s gaze, and suddenly shook her head aside and wiped her nose.


“In your current state, the survival rate in this mission does not exceed 20%.”


Su Xiao was sitting on the co-pilot.




Mado Akira couldn’t persist anymore and cried out.


“Byakuya-san, Is death the fate of ghouls Investigators?”


Mado Akira talked with a crying, tears could not stop falling.


“It’s fair that when ghouls Investigators kill ghouls, ghouls would also kill them back.”


Su Xiao roughly guessed why Mado Akira acted like this.


In the original book, Mado Kureo, Mado Akira’s father, died at the beginning of the plot.


It seemed now that Mado Kureo may have died.


The death of Mado Kureo, which represented the beginning of the plot, Kaneki Ken became a ghoul.


The current time was when Kaneki Ken just entered the coffee shop, Antique before he was caught.


However, gecko was killed by Su Xiao so Kaneki Ken may be caught, but whether he will be tortured or not was unknown.


There was the contractors’ existence on the ghouls’ side, as for the powerful combat power burst out after Kaneki Ken is caught, there is a high chance that it will still happen. 


With the cry of Mado Akira, CCG’s team came to the edge of the 14th district, which was near the ghouls’ gathering place.


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