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R.P Chapter 69: Human’s Restricted Zone!

Seeing the achievement task: (scavenger), Su Xiao was surprised.
This was really a surprise, whether it was a 1 point of attribute or a 7% world source, they were excellent rewards.
Even completing this achievement task was more rewarding than his main task.
Lighting a cigarette, the smoke rose slowly.
Now that the conditions required for the main task (2) had been reached, he did not need to kill the ghouls.
Although killing the ghouls was a cruel thing, Su Xiao had his own purpose. For this purpose, he will use whatever means.
From the limit time given by the main task (2), he still had 12 days left, and the time was very abundant.
“Byakuya-san, what will we do next?”
In the past few days, Mado Akira had been killing with Su Xiao, she was exhausted as well.
“We’ll head back to the branch.”
CCG’s cars team quickly returned to the branch. Just entering the branch, Su Xiao saw Shinohara Yukinori was coming with Juuzo Suzuya.
“Byakuya, Did you finish for today?”
Su Xiao was very famous in the branch of the 14th district, and now the entire CCG had heard his name.
In eight days, almost the entire 14th district was cleared. This achievement, maybe only ‘that one’ could do it.
Not only in CCG, but even more ghouls had heard his name.
Some ghouls will call him Byakuya, and some will call him Black Death because Su Xiao’s hair and eyes were black, and he never let a person live, that’s why the name of Black Death appeared.
Among the ghouls, almost all of the S-class and above ghouls had heard of Su Xiao. Even if they hadn’t heard of Su Xiao, they definitely knew the black death of the 14th district.
“Completed, I basically cleaned up all the ghouls in the 14th district.”
Shinohara Yukinori smiled. The Special Investigator did not covet the merits, but he was happy that human beings had more space to live safely.
“I represent all the people in the 14thdistrict to thank you, superior Investigator Byakuya!”
Su Xiao was stunned. Shinohara Yukinori surprisingly knew the news that he will be promoted to a superior Investigator.
“Don’t be so shocked, the news at the headquarters arrives soon. I am going to the 20thdistrict to meet with other people today. The situation in the 11th district is even more serious than before. The Aogiri tree had attacked the 11thdistrict, which had become ghouls’ land.”
Su Xiao frowned when he heard Shinohara Yukinori’s sentences.
The CCG branch of the 11th district was captured? This speed was too fast. If there is no influence from the contractors, Su Xiao would never believe it.
“It seems that a direct fight with Aogiri tree will take place soon. Is it convenient to disclose a specific time?”
Su Xiao wanted to inquire about the time of CCG, and Aogiri tree was going to fight, which had advantages for his actions.
“It is still not clear now, they just said to go to the 20th district to form a ‘special countermeasures class’.
But Byakuya, you will go with me this time. ”
Su Xiao looked at Shinohara Yukinori with confusion, is he also a member of the ‘special countermeasures class’?
“While you go to the 20thdistrict, you won’t join the ‘special countermeasures class’. The leader had assigned you a more important task. Of course, it is also very dangerous.”
Su Xiao was interested.
“What mission.”
“Killing rats!”
Su Xiao was stunned.
“Killing rats?”
Shinohara Yukinori looked at Su Xiao with a funny smile, as if Su Xiao didn’t know ‘Killing rats’ was a bizarre thing.
“Have you heard of the 24th district?”
Shinohara Yukinori’s expression became serious.
Su Xiao, of course, heard of the 24thdistrict. If 1st district to 4th district were dangerous areas where a large number of ghouls gathered, the 24th district was restricted human zones.
There was a sentence in the CCG that the prospective Investigators did not even qualify for entering the 24th district alone.
The 24thdistrict was not a specific area, but passageways that were excavated by ghouls in the underground of Tokyo, it spread all over Tokyo.
These passages were intricate and complex, and it was impossible to explore the 24th districts fully. Most of the investigators only dare to explore the periphery of the 24th districts.
Throughout the CCG, only one team dared to go deeply into the 24th district. The team was the zero team, and the captain of the team, named Arima Kisho, the strongest investigator in CCG’s history, the unbeaten investigator.
Now, the order of CCG headquarters was to let Su Xiao go to the 24th district to ‘kill rats’.
The degree of danger in the 24th district could be summarized in one paragraph.
That was, the A-class ghouls were all over the place, the S-class ghouls were as much as dogs, only the SS-class ghouls were a little rare.
However, this rarity was very risky as you won’t know when you will face one.
That’s right; this was the 24thdistrict, the restricted human zone.
There, the mutual eating of ghouls was a certain matter, and ghouls there could not eat human flesh because there was no human being at all.
According to the information obtained by the zero team, in the depth of the 24thdistrict, the number of ghouls there should be numbered in the tens of thousands.
“It’s interesting, Do we kill rats outside, or inside?”
Su Xiao’s question made Shinohara Yukinori feel a bit strange. It was inevitable that an ordinary person would feel scared after being transferred to the 24th district.
“You will be in the team with Arima Kisho, and with your strength, of course, you will go deep inside.”
After understanding the general situation, Su Xiao and Shinohara Yukinori said goodbye to each other, as Shinohara Yukinori was about to rush to the 20th district.
His transfer order had not yet arrived. He will rush to the 20thdistrict and meet with someone.
In the afternoon, Su Xiao received a transfer order from CCG headquarters and received a hint from the Reincarnation paradise.
[You has been promoted to the rank of the superior investigator, CCG contribution 2053/10000.]
The superior investigator was indeed not the end. On top of the superior, there were prospective special investigators and special ones.
However, the main task (2) only needed him to be a superior Investigator.
Su Xiao opened the task option.
[Main task (2): superior investigator. (Completed)
Mission difficulty: LV.3.
Mission Description: Quickly improve your position in the CCG and prepare for follow-up tasks.
Mission information: use any method to promote your status, eliminating ghouls, bribery or other means.
Mission reward: 1 point of attribute, 1500 paradise coins.
Mission remaining time: 12 days and 16 hours.
Su Xiao was now could complete the task anytime, and when he was ready to complete the main task (2), he suddenly thought of one thing.
If the task is completed now, what will happen to the remaining 12 days and 13 hours of the mission?
Being aware that the longer he stayed in the derivative world, the more opportunities to have benefits.
The needs of resources for Su Xiao to become stronger were all obtained in the derivative world. After returning to the reincarnation paradise, he did not have the means to get resources.
By asking the reincarnation paradise, Su Xiao learned that if he completes the main task now, the remaining time will disappear.
Su Xiao pondered for a while and decided not to complete the main task for the time being.
Now he stayed in CCG side. If he does not complete the main task (2), even if the contractors of the ghoul’s side finish the main task (2), it will still be useless.
From the form of the current main task, the main task (3) was very likely to be a confrontation task. If he does not complete the main task (2), the contractors of the ghouls’ sides can only wait.
He could complete the task anytime, anywhere, which was a big advantage.
The time limit was not reached yet, Su Xiao’s main task (2) will not fail, that was to say, he had 12 more days to act freely.
Now CCG headquarters sent him to the 24th district to ‘kill rats’ with Arima Kisho, which was undoubtedly an opportunity to get benefits.
A place with more ghouls has a higher chance for him to get a Treasure Chest.
Su Xiao was unlucky, but he didn’t believe it that so many ghouls won’t drop treasure chests.


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