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R.P Chapter 69: Human’s Restricted Zone! [EDITED]

Seeing the achievement, Scavenger, Su Xiao was surprised.

This was really a surprise, both the attribute point and the 7% of the world’s source were excellent rewards.

Getting this achievement seemed even more rewarding than his main task.

After lighting a cigarette, smoke slowly rose.

Now that the conditions required for the main task (2) had been reached, he did not need to kill more ghouls.

Although killing ghouls was a harsh job, Su Xiao did it for his own purpose. For this purpose, he would do whatever was necessary.

He still had 12 days left to the limit time given by the main task (2).

“Byakuya-san, what will we do next?”

In the past few days, Mado Akira had been killing alongside Su Xiao, she was exhausted as well.

“We’ll head back to the branch.”


CCG’s convoy quickly returned to the branch. Just moments after arriving at the branch, Su Xiao saw Shinohara Yukinori coming in his direction, accompanied by Suzuya Juzo.

“Byakuya, are you done for the day?”

Su Xiao was very famous in the branch of the 14th district, and by now the entire CCG had at least heard his name.

In eight days, almost the entire 14th district was cleared of ghouls. This achievement, maybe only ‘that one’ could do it.

Not to mention the CCG, even more ghouls had heard his name.

Some ghouls would call him Byakuya, and some would call him Black Death, because Su Xiao’s hair and eyes were black, and no ghoul ever survived when facing him.

Among the ghouls of the S-class and above, almost all of them knew about Su Xiao, and those who didn’t know his name had at least heard of the Black Death of the 14th district.

“I’m done. The 14th district is basically cleansed of ghouls.”

Shinohara Yukinori smiled. The Special Class Investigator did not covet the merits, he was happy that human beings had more space to live in safety.

“I represent all the people in the 14th district to thank you, First Class Investigator Byakuya!”

Su Xiao was stunned. Shinohara Yukinori surprisingly knew about his upcoming promotion to First Class Investigator.

“Don’t be so shocked, the notification from the headquarters will arrive soon. I am going to the 20th district to meet some other people today. The situation in the 11th district has turned even more serious. The Aogiri Tree have taken over the 11th district, it is ghoul territory now.”

Su Xiao frowned as he heard Shinohara Yukinori’s words.

The CCG branch of the 11th district was captured? This really was too fast. If it wasn’t for the influence of the contractors, Su Xiao would never believe it.

“It seems that a direct fight with Aogiri Tree will take place soon. Can you disclose a specific time?”

Su Xiao wanted to know about the timeframe in which CCG and Aogiri Tree were going to fight to take advantage for his actions.

“It is not clear yet, they just told me to go to the 20th district to form a ‘Special Countermeasures Unit’.

Byakuya, you will accompany me this time.”

Su Xiao looked at Shinohara Yukinori in confusion. Was he also a member of the ‘Special Countermeasures Unit’?

“While you will leave with me, you won’t be assigned to the ‘Special Countermeasures Unit’. The leaders have assigned you a more important task. Of course, it will also be very dangerous.”

Su Xiao was interested.

“What mission?”

“Killing rats!”

Su Xiao was stunned.

“Killing rats?”

Shinohara Yukinori looked at Su Xiao with a funny smile, it seemed Su Xiao not knowing what ‘killing rats’ meant was bizarre.

“Have you heard of the 24th district?”

Shinohara Yukinori’s expression turned serious.

Su Xiao, of course, had heard of the 24th district. While the 1st to 4th districts were dangerous areas for ghouls, the 24th district was a zone restricted for humans.

There was a sentence in the CCG that Junior Investigators did not even qualify to enter the 24th district on their own.

[E/N: Junior Investigators: Rank 3 to Rank 1 Investigators.

Senior Investigators: First Class to Special Class Investigators.]

The 24th district was not a specific area, but encompassed the deepest passageways that were excavated by ghouls in the underground of Tokyo, spreading all over Tokyo.

These passages were intricate and complex, so it was impossible to fully explore the 24th district. Most Investigators only dared to explore the periphery of the 24th district.

In the CCG, only one team dared to deeply venture into the 24th district. That team was the squad zero, and the captain of the team, Arima Kisho, was called the strongest investigator in CCG’s history, the undefeated Investigator.

Now, the order of CCG headquarters was for Su Xiao to go to the 24th district to ‘kill rats’.

The degree of danger in the 24th district could be summarized in one paragraph.

That was: There were A-class ghouls all over the place, too many S-class ghouls to count and SS-class ghouls were only “not common”, they couldn’t even be called rare in there.

That was the 24th district, the restricted zone.

Over there, cannibalism among ghouls was natural, the ghouls there could not eat human flesh, simply because there were no humans at all.

According to the information obtained by the squad zero, the number of ghouls in the depth of the 24th district should be in the tens of thousands.

“How interesting, do we kill the rats outside, or inside?”

Su Xiao’s question caused Shinohara Yukinori to feel a bit strange. It was inevitable that an ordinary person would feel scared when being transferred to the 24th district.

“You will be in a team with Arima Kisho. With your strength, of course you will go deep inside.”

After understanding the general situation, Su Xiao and Shinohara Yukinori said goodbye to each other as Shinohara Yukinori was about to rush to the 20th district.

His own transfer order hat not yet arrived, so he didn’t know where and to whom he should report.

In the afternoon, Su Xiao received the transfer order from the CCG headquarters and received a notification from the Reincarnation paradise.

[You have been promoted to the rank of the First Class Investigator, CCG contribution 2053/10000.]

The ‘First Class Investigator’ was indeed not the highest rank. On top of the First Class Investigators, there were Associate Special Class Investigators and Special Class Investigators.

However, the main task (2) only needed him to be a First Class Investigator.

Su Xiao opened the task tab.

[Main task (2): First Class Investigator. (Complete)

Mission difficulty: LV.3.

Mission Description: Quickly improve your position in the CCG and prepare for follow-up tasks.

Mission information: use any method to promote your status: eliminating ghouls, bribery or other means.

Mission reward: 1 attribute point, 1500 paradise coins.

Mission time remaining: 12 days, 16 hours.


Su Xiao could now complete the task at any time. When he was about to complete the main task (2), he suddenly thought of something.

If the task is completed now, what will happen to the remaining 12 days and 13 hours of the mission?

He was aware that the longer he stayed in the derivative world, the more opportunities he would have.

The resources necessary for Su Xiao to become stronger were all obtained in the derivative worlds. Once back at the Reincarnation Paradise, he did not have the means to get more resources.

By asking the Reincarnation Paradise, Su Xiao learned that if he completed the main task right now, the remaining time would disappear.

Su Xiao pondered for a while and decided not to complete the main task for the time being.

Since he was the only one on the CCG’s side, as long as he did not complete the main task (2), even if the contractors on the ghoul’s side finished their main task (2), nothing would happen.

From the first two main tasks he could guess that the main task (3) was very likely to be a confrontational task. As long as he chose not to complete the main task (2), the contractors on the ghouls’ side could only wait.

He could complete the task at moment’s notice, no matter when or where, which was a big advantage.

The time limit was not reached yet, so he had 12 more days to act freely before he needed to hand in his mission.

Now, CCG headquarters sent him to the 24th district to ‘kill rats’ with Arima Kisho, which was undoubtedly an opportunity to get some benefits.

A place with more ghouls meant more chances for him to get treasure chests.

Su Xiao was unlucky, but he didn’t believe it that was possible for so many ghouls not to drop a few treasure chests.