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R.P Chapter 71: Frightened! [EDITED]

“Nice to meet you.”

After greeting them, Juzo Suzuya just smiled.


Marude Itsuki’s hands clenched into trembling fists.

Shinohara Yukinori, sitting next to him, saw this scene and pressed his hand on his forehead as he had a severe headache.

“Oh my god.”

Shinohara Yukinori looked around at Marude Itsuki’s exclamation and soon noticed Su Xiao standing behind Juzo Suzuya.

Marude Itsuki had also noticed Su Xiao, his originally angry expression loosened.

“Shinohara, the headquarters sent him for us? That’s great!”

No wonder that Marude Itsuki was suddenly happy, Su Xiao alone cleared out the 14th district almost alone, and everyone knew it.

“Marude, no need to party, Byakuya was transferred to the 24th district to ‘kill rats’ with Arima Kisho.”

Marude Itsuki was surprised.

“The 24th area? But no one can go there except the squad zero! Did Byakuya become a member of the squad zero? Did they say anything about it?”

“He is a temporary member.”

When he heard the words ‘temporary member’, Marude Itsuki’s eyes lit up.

“A temporary member… Haha, we still have a chance then. If the Black Death joins the action in the 11th district, even if Yoshimura Kuzen shows up, we will not have too many casualties.”

While Marude Itsuki was talking, he had already walked to the door, past Juzo Suzuya, and enthusiastically greeted Su Xiao.

“First Class Investigator Byakuya, we’ve met before. We are in a meeting right now, but please, you can join us.”

Su Xiao was a bit stunned because of this sudden ‘passion’.

“Well …”

“The People you are waiting for won’t arrive anytime soon, they’ll take at least one day.”

Su Xiao didn’t refuse anymore and sat in the conference room.

“Well… Juzo Suzuya, you can just listen from the side.”

Juzo Suzuya looked at Marude Itsuki with a stunned look on his face.

“Listen from the side?”

“Just listen from outside!”


The door of the conference room was forcefully closed.

Marude Itsuki tended to hold grudges. He usually looked mischievous, but he was actually a really strict person.

Juzo Suzuya, who wore bright red slippers and leaned against the wall on the other side of the door, listened in as the meeting continued.

“So, now we’ll talk about the latest attack. Aogiri Tree’s actions were obviously organized and disciplined, so I am concerned that they have a leader, and from the past cases, their leaders…”

Marude Itsuki began a detailed introduction to the action, Su Xiao yawned and rested his chin on his hand.

“I may release very harsh instructions, but please, endure this. Please.

The plan will start a week from today, we’ll move the survivors of the residents of the 11th district. There are very few ghouls in the 14th district, so the survivors can be transferred there. I will deal with the media.

That’s all, meeting adjourned.”


The meeting was finally over. Su Xiao was already asleep, the fights in the past few days had tired him out.

“Byakuya, let’s go.”

Shinohara Yukinori woke Su Xiao.

“What? Is it over? Marude Itsuki is so talkative.”

Su Xiao yawned and stood up.

“Marude is just worried about the casualties during this attack. We have worked together before. He isn’t one for reckless behaviour.”

Su Xiao and Shinohara Yukinori went outside together, the two had worked together before after all. Su Xiao cleaning the 14th district also had a significant influence on the future career of Shinohara Yukinori.

After all, Su Xiao cleaned the 14th district under Shinohara Yukinori’s management.

The two just walked out of the conference room and saw Marude Itsuki at the door.

At this time, Marude Itsuki smiled purposefully and walked toward Juzo Suzuya, who was leaning against the wall.

“You are Juzo Suzuya, you are really a thin guy.”

Juzo Suzuya did not speak, he looked at the ceiling while showing no emotion.

Shinohara Yukinori saw this scene while chatting with Su Xiao.

“This is not good, I need to go there now.”

Shinohara Yukinori walked quickly over there.

Marude Itsuki noticed that Juzo Suzuya did not care about him at all, and while he was not angry, he put his head in front of Juzo Suzuya’s eyes with a weird expression on his face.

“Do you eat your meals properly? Do you have a dick?”

Apparently, Marude Itsuki really held his grudges and was trying to pick a fight with Suzuya Juzo, because he had interrupted his meeting.


When Juzo Suzuya heard the phrase “Do you have a dick?”, he showed some reaction.

“Forget it, forget it, Marude, Juzo Suzuya was just tired when he arrived at the branch. Let it go, let’s go to have lunch.”

Sugawara Yuki’s hands pushed the shoulders of Marude Itsuki, and the two walked out.

“What is wrong, I just had chat with him.”

“Forget it, let’s talk about it tomorrow, let’s go.”

After that, Shinohara Yukinori turned his head and mouthed Su Xiao for help.

Juzo Suzuya had just arrived in the 20th district, and he was unfamiliar with the environment. Moreover, this little kid had no basic concept of right and wrong, so he easily causes troubles.

In the 14th district, only two people could deal with Juzo Suzuya, one was Shinohara Yukinori, who taught Juzo Suzuya and always treated him well.

The second person was Su Xiao. If Juzo Suzuya was disobedient, Su Xiao would kick him into obedience.


After Marude Itsuki left, Juzo Suzuya moved his head and looked at the direction Marude Itsuki walked in. His light red eyes deeply remembered the appearance of Marude Itsuki.

The little kid, Juzo Suzuya, also held grudges.

“How are you going to get your revenge, with your current combat power, Marude Itsuki can kill you in ten seconds.”

Juzo Suzuya did not look at him anymore.

“Byakuya, I am hungry.”

“Let’s go eat.”

Su Xiao took Juzo Suzuya and walked out of the branch. After looking around for a while, they found a BBQ shop.

This BBQ shop was luxuriously decorated, it seemed like the prices here were not low.

Su Xiao was not short on money though. Before leaving the 14th district, he received a large amount as a bonus from the 14th branch.

“Sir, please come this way.”

The waiter brought those two to their seats.

Juzo Suzuya chose a piece of beef and so expensive it shocked the other guests, then looked at Su Xiao with a smirk.

Su Xiao chose a lot of meat and fish.

Soon, a wire mesh self-service grill was placed in front of those two.

The beef that Juzo Suzuya chose was a kind of pork tenderloin called ‘Wagyu Japanese beef’.


The surface of the beef on the self-service grill was oily, and the animal fat occasionally dripped into the charcoal fire.

Su Xiao tasted a piece, and it was really good. The meat was smooth and tender, it had a delicate flavour, and the unique sauce fit well.

After eating the nice meal, Su Xiao strolled along the street as he was bored, he had been quite busy after entering this derivative world.

He wasn’t used to this.

The sky was already a little dim by now, after walking quite a while Su Xiao saw a coffee shop in the distance.

After taking a closer look, the name of the coffee shop was Anteiku!

This was a coincidence, Su Xiao was not looking for Anteiku on purpose, he just strolled around.

Now that he had come here, he may as well go in and check the rough situation on the ghouls’ side.

The fighting power of Anteiku was very high, there were Yoshimura Kuzen, Yomo Renji, Koma Enji, Irimi Kaya and a few others.

However, as long as Su Xiao would not take the initiative, the members of Anteiku would not dare to act, unless they did not want to continue living in the 20th district.

Su Xiao pushed open the door of the coffee shop, the bell on the door rang clearly.


The crisp voice of a child greeted him.

Su Xiao walked into the coffee shop and noticed a little girl with brown hair and white skin.

He recognized the little girl, it was Fueguchi Hinami, who had just lost her parents.

She didn’t know why, as soon as Hinami saw Su Xiao, she was rooted in place, as if she saw something terrible.

“No, don’t come closer.”

As Fueguchi Hinami spoke, she started crying and slumped to the floor.

Su Xiao had recently killed too many ghouls, the smell of blood clung tightly to him, while Fueguchi Hinami had a natural ability: Super-smell.