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R.P Chapter 85: Camp Mission! [EDITED]

Noon. The sun was shining, there was a slight breeze, the trees rustled and the birds were singing.

At the backyard of the temporary branch of the 24th district, in front of a sparkling pool, Su Xiao was lying back in a sunlounger with a glass of orange juice and some delicacies to snack on standing on a table next to him.

“Byakuya, why don’t you come in?”

Yuna was wearing a bikini and enjoying the pool.

“My wounds shouldn’t get wet.”

Su Xiao’s upper body was covered with a bandage, yet he was casually lying outside at a pool.

The three people had returned to the division of the 24th district a day before. Although the time spent in the derivative worlds was very precious, not only was Su Xiao’s injury somewhat serious, he was also extremely exhausted and needed to get some proper rest.

“Ah, so boring.”

Since Su Xiao would not swim with her, Yuna looked to the side, at Arima Kisho.

Arima Kisho wore a new pair of glasses. He was sitting next to the pool, covered in bandages, while reading a book titled “The Egg of The Black Goat”.

This book was actually written by Takatsuki Sen. Not considering her true identity, Takatsuki Sen would definitely be considered a talented woman. Every book she wrote was very popular.

In the original story, Takatsuki Sen was famous enough as a novel writer that she could even interview CCG’s Investigators.

“The Egg of The Black Goat” was about a female murderer who had a kid. This child had led a very normal life. As it grew up, this child had inexplicably grown a desire to kill people. After that, the child struggled between the life as a normal person and the life as a murderer.

Su Xiao had thought about it a bit and judged that this should be Takatsuki Sen’s experience.

Arima Kisho, focused on reading, sometimes nodded as if he agreed with the contents of the book.

Now that the three were relaxed, a casual observer could never think the three were able to commit slaughter on ghouls the way they did in the 24th district.

Arima Kisho was in his thirties, reading his book he looked like a scholar.

Yuna was so carefree as she enjoyed the pool, no one could tell that she had a crazy side and used a sickle to reap ghouls.

Su Xiao looked like a ‘lazy bum’, his whole body was slack and motionless. However, his eyes occasionally betrayed his murderous aura and made people feel cold.

As he had nothing to do, Su Xiao unsheathed Dragon Flash, grabbed some tools to polish it, and began maintaining the blade.

His movements showed his skill at it, although he could find people in the Reincarnation Paradise to restore the durability of the blade, he still cherished this sword.

The blade in his hand was the most reliable tool he had, and Dragon Flash had helped him escape certain death many times.

It was a pity that Dragon Flash was unable to keep up with his pace. Su Xiao held the sword and lifted it up.

The blade glinted in the sun. It had been abandoned by Samurai Ryuma before, if it were not damaged, then Dragon Flash would be at least a blue-grade weapon.

Su Xiao wanted to find a way to repair Dragon Flash, like using the many abilities available in the Reincarnation Paradise. It could indeed be done, but he couldn’t afford the prices.

Among the notifications given by the Reincarnation Paradise, he never heard of the necessary repair materials, three of which were blue materials, while several other colors were not displayed at all, the quality only showing ‘???’.

Even if he was lucky enough to get the materials, he would also need to look for workers in the Reincarnation Paradise with ‘mastered’ skills.

These workers were like gods in the Reincarnation Paradise. Every time they had to enter a derivative world, they had a full team to protect them, no one was allowed to hurt them.

It was said that those guys could forge blue quality equipment, which was rare.

Of course, this was the information given by Xi Lo Lo, Su Xiao had no way to confirm it.


Su Xiao sighed, he was already used to Dragon Flash, able to wield it fluently, but he couldn’t help it, he would need to change his weapon eventually. The quality of Dragon Flash was only white, which was just too low, white being the lowest level of equipment quality, even though Dragon Flash’s rating was at the maximus of the white quality, 10 points.

Having finished maintenance of Dragon Flash, Su Xiao continued to rest in the sunlounger. His Hp had recovered to more than 80% and his injuries were mostly restored. CCG provided free medicine and healthcare, the effect of which was very good, even being regarded as white quality items.

Of course, although the medicine was good, only when immediately taking it was it free of charge. To take some for future use, he would have to exchange them for contribution points.

He was currently injured while on work, so the treatment was free of charge.

After resting and recovering over a two-day break in the temporary division, the injuries wouldn’t affect him anymore.


In his office, Arima Kisho sat behind his desk.

“That is the case. The last exploration was very effective, the General Administration commended our efforts.”

Su Xiao’s eyebrows twitched.

“What’s the reward?”

“Their words.”

Su Xiao’s mouth twitched, CCG’s General Administration was surprisingly stingy.

“The next exploration will begin tomorrow morning. It will again be the three of us. Prepare yourself.”

Working in the 24th district was a matter of life and death, but Su Xiao did not care. He needed to get the CCG contribution points as quickly as possible.

They were interrupted by the sound of someone knocking on the door. Arima Kisho asked the person to come in, and the door opened.

“Arima, sorry for the disturbance. Byakuya, there’s a call for you.”

A staff member of the temporary branch walked into the office and handed a phone to Su Xiao with a respectful gesture.

Investigators had a high status in CCG, their treatment was incomparable to the ordinary staff.

Su Xiao took the phone.

“Byakuya here.”

There was a loud voice on the other side, and Su Xiao made out a sound like ‘he’s at the phone.’

“Byakuya, Marude Itsuki speaking, I have good news for you.”

Marude Itsuki sounded very happy, Su Xiao could almost see his smile from his voice.

“What good news?”

“You’ll be temporarily reassigned. Regarding the operation in the 11th district, the higher-ups want you to come help out over here.”

At the other side of the line, Marude Itsuki patted Shinohara Yukinori‘s shoulder.

The two did not know what methods were used, but surprisingly enough the higher-ups of the CCG had conceded.

“Oh? Is that so? Alright then.”

Su Xiao simply agreed to it, because the Reincarnation Paradise had just given a new task.

[Faction mission: cover the battle.]

Difficulty level: Lv.4.

Mission description: Assist the ‘Special Countermeasures Unit’ against the Aogiri tree and ensure their victory.

Mission Information: The CCG faction mission will not be counted towards the mission evaluation.

Mission period: Until the end of the operation in the 11th district.

Mission reward: 10,000 contribution points.

Failure penalty: none.


This faction task was not easy, but the reward was very good, he needed those CCG contribution points.

With the redemption function in the temporary branch of the 24th district, Su Xiao’s contribution points in the ghoul’s world had an equal value to that of paradise coins.

Su Xiao was very eager to get the two items from the logistics department of the 24th district, and he also had lots of possibilities to get them.

Hanging up the call, Su Xiao put the phone on the desk in front of Arima Kisho.

“It seems that I have to leave for a bit. The headquarters temporarily transferred me to the Special Countermeasures Unit.”

Arima Kisho just nodded.

“No problem. The exploration of the 24th district can be postponed, but the operations in the 11th district cannot be allowed to fail.”

Arima Kisho did not stop him and immediately agreed.

Half an hour later, Su Xiao took a vehicle to the 20th district. Although the fighting was going to happen in the 11th district, the gathering point of the ‘Special Countermeasures Unit’ was in the 20th district, as the CCG branch of the 11th district had been captured. The situation over there was really bad.