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R.P Chapter 85: Camp Mission!

At noon, the sun was shining, at the backyard of the temporary branch of the 24th district, in front of a sparkling pool.

The breeze passed by, the trees by the pool rustled, and the birds sang on the tree branches.

Su Xiao leaned on a lounge chair with a glass of orange juice and some delicate snacks.

“Byakuya, why don’t you come down.”

Yuna was wearing a bikini and swimming in the pool.

“The wounds can’t touch the water.”

Su Xiao was covered with a bandage on his upper body and was lying casually.

The three people had returned to the division of the 24th district for a day. Although the time spent in the derivative world was very precious, Su Xiao’s injury was not light, his physical strength was exhausted, and he needed a proper rest.

“Ah, boring guy.”

She discovered that Su Xiao would not swim with her, Yuna looked at the side at Arima Kisho.

Arima Kisho wore a pair of new glasses, sitting next to the pool, with a lot of bandages on his body, holding a book in his hand, the title of the book is “The Egg of The Black Goat.”

This book was written by Takatsuki Sen. If they ignore the identity of Takatsuki Sen, Takatsuki Sen is definitely a talented woman. Every book she writes is very popular.

In the original work, Takatsuki Sen, with the identity of a novel writer, could surprisingly interview CCG’s Investigators, which showed her fame.

The content of “The Egg of The Black Goat” was a female murderer who had a kid. This child had a very normal life. On the way to growth, this child had inexplicably produced a desire to kill people. After that, the child struggled between the life of a normal person and the life of a murderer.

Su Xiao just looked at it a bit and judged that this should be Takatsuki Sen’s experience.

Arima Kisho was focusing on reading and sometimes nodded as if he agreed with the contents of the book.

Now the three were relaxed, you can’t see the fierce appearances they had in the 24th district.

Arima Kisho was in his thirties, he was like a scholar when reading a book.

Yuna was so innocent in the pool, and no one could tell that she had a crazy appearance of holding a sickle to slash ghouls.

Su Xiao’s image was a ‘lazy cancer’, the whole body was soft and motionless. However, the light occasionally flashed in his eyes made people feel cold.

Being idle, Su Xiao took out dragon flash, and some tools to polish it, and began maintaining dragon flash.

His movements were skillful, although he could be found people to repair the durability in the reincarnation paradise, he still cherished the sword.

The blade in his hand was the most reliable thing, dragon flash helped him escape death many times.

It was a pity that dragon flash had been unable to keep up with his pace. Su Xiao held the sword and lifted it.

The blade flashed, as it abandoned by Samurai Ryuma before. If it were not damaged, then dragon flash would be at least a blue-grade weapon.

Su Xiao also wanted to find a way to repair the dragon flash, like those magical abilities in reincarnation paradise, it could indeed be done, but the price was not what he can pay.

Among the tips given by the reincarnation paradise, the repair materials were unheard of, three of which were blue materials, and several kinds of colors were not displayed at all, the quality only showed ??

Even if he was lucky enough to get the materials, he would also look for workers in the reincarnation paradise with ‘master’ skills.

These kinds of workers were completely gods in the reincarnation paradise. Every time they entered the derivative world, they had a team to protect them, no one was allowed to hurt them.

It was said that those guys could forge blue quality equipment, which was rare.

Of course, this was the information given by Xi lo lo, Su Xiao had not seen it with his own eyes.


Su Xiao sighed, he used dragon flash very smoothly, and even some used to it, but in helpless, he could only change a weapon, the quality of dragon flash was only white, too low, was the lowest level of equipment quality, Even the dragon flash’s rate was as high as 10 points.

After maintaining dragon flash, Su Xiao continued to hang on the chair, his Hp had recovered to more than 80%, his injuries were mostly restored, CCG had free medicines, and its effect was very good, reaching to white quality.

Of course, although the medicine was good, it could only be used for free. If he wants to take it for himself, he will need to give contribution points.

He was currently injured while in work, so he had free treatment.

After Su Xiao’s two-day break in the temporary division, the injuries won’t affect him in fights anymore.


In an office, Arima Kisho sat behind his desk.

“That is the case. The last exploration was very effective, and the General 

Administration commended it.”

Su Xiao eyebrows twitched.

“What’s the reward?”

“Verbal rewards.”

Su Xiao’s mouth twitched, the CCG General Administration was unexpectedly stingy.

“The next exploration will be tomorrow morning. Still, the three of us, prepare for it.”

Working in the 24th district was a matter of life and death, but Su Xiao did not care, he needed to get the CCG contribution points quickly.

“Dong, dong, dong.”

When the knocking of the door came, Arima Kisho said a sentence to ask the person to come in, and the door opened.

“Arima, sorry for disturbances, Byakuya, it’s a call for you.”

A staff member of the temporary branch walked into the office and handed the phone to Su Xiao with respect.

Investigators had a high status in CCG, which was not comparable to these ordinary staff.

Su Xiao took a phone call.

“I am Byakuya.”

There was a noisy voice on the other side of the phone, and Su Xiao heard a sound like ‘the phone is answered.’

“Byakuya, I am Marude Itsuki, I have good news to tell you.”

Marude Itsuki sounded very happy with a smile in his voice.

“It’s me, what good news.”

“There was a temporary order issued. Regarding the operation of the 11th district, the higher-ups wants you to come and help here.”

At the other side of the line, Maruchizaki patted on Shinohara Yukinori ‘s shoulder.

The two did not know what method was used, they surprisingly influenced the higher-ups of the CCG.

“Oh? Is that right? That’s okay.”

Su Xiao simply agreed because the reincarnation park gave a task.

[Camp mission: cover the battle.]

Difficulty level: Lv.4.

Mission description: Assist the ‘special countermeasures team’ against the Aogiri trees and ensure their victory.

Mission Information: The CCG camp mission will not be counted in the missions evaluation.

Mission period: Until the end of the 11th district operations.

Mission reward: 10,000 contribution points.

Failure penalty: none.


This camp task was not simple, but the reward was rich, he needed CCG contribution points.

With the redemption function of the temporary branch of the 24th district, Su Xiao’s contribution points in the ghoul’s world had been equal to that of the paradise coins.

Su Xiao was very eager to get the two items in the logistics department of the 24th district, and he also had lots of possibilities to get it.

Hanging up the phone, Su Xiao put the phone on the desk in front of Arima Kisho.

“It seems that I have to go out for a while, and the headquarters temporarily transferred me to the special countermeasures class.”

Arima Kisho nodded.

“No problem, the exploration of the 24th district can be postponed, but the operations in the 11th district cannot be postponed.”

Arima Kisho did not stop him but agreed directly.

Half an hour later, Su Xiao took the vehicle to the 20th district. Although it was fighting in the 11th district, the gathering point of the ‘special countermeasures class’ was in the 20th district, and the CCG branch of the 11th district had been captured. This situation was somewhat helpless.