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R.P Chapter 88: Calculating!

CCG and ghouls started shooting each other in the distance.

The ghouls in the gathering points of Aogiri tree were obviously more advantageous, their kagune were all shield-shaped. There were small holes in the kagune shield which did not affect the shooting, but also defended bullets.

The casualties of CCG began to expand. The two sides opened fire, and in less than five minutes, there were dozens of combatants were killed and injured.

Marude Itsuki in the command car saw this scene through the display screen, he looked somewhat unpleasant.

“How could we not dominate on the shooting?”

The adjutant on the side replied quickly.

“The enemy has kagune shields, it is very difficult to get rid of.”

Marude Itsuki snorted, got up and walked out from command car.


Marude Itsuki kicked to open the back door of the car and didn’t care about the bullets and fire in the surrounding area. He took a gun from the Investigator’s hand and directly shoot for few times at the direction of Aogiri tree.

“Boom, boom, boom…”

There were three shots of bullets per time made by Marude Itsuki, one ghoul from the gathering point of Aogiri tree was killed.

This horrible way of shooting made those ghouls stay back behind the shields, the firepower was obviously weakened.

“Guys, let…”

When Marude Itsuki just wanted to shout, he heard a familiar sound came from afar.

Marude Itsuki was stilted to turn his head and looked at the direction that the sound came.

Juzo Suzuya was riding on a new motorcycle and stepping on the throttle.

“Hey, what do you want to do with my motorcycle.”

Marude Itsuki’s tone showed how much he was worried.

Juzo Suzuya smiled pleasantly, and his eyes were laughing.

“Borrowing it.”

After that, Juzo Suzuya this angel with a screw loose rushed out.


Juzo Suzuya did not pay attention to the mourning of MarudeItsuki, riding a motorcycle to the gathering point of Aogiri tree.

“Hey, that, wait!!”

Marude Itsuki was too worried to talk normally, and his face was distorted. Su Xiao stood on the side, he could see tears in Marude Itsuki’s eyes.

Su Xiao was very confused. Why did Marude Itsukitake have a motorcycle when he was doing the task? Was it for an emergency? It was not impossible knowing the character of Marude Itsuki.

Juzo Suzuya rode a motorcycle and rushed to a high slope.


An explosion came, Marude Itsuki’s motorcycle was sacrificed, Juzo Suzuya rushed to the gathering point of Aogiri tree habitually. After shooting for a while, the firepower points in the gathering point were all emptied.

The wreckage of the motorcycle was splashed, Su Xiao clearly saw that Marude Itsuki’s tears that could not stop flowing.

“My limited motorcycle disappeared from the world.”

Marude Itsuki moved his nose and licked the tears on his face.

Although Juzo Suzuya ruined his motorcycle, it also opened the defense of the outer layer of Aogiri tree.


After the angry screaming, Marude Itsuki lost all his power and fell to the ground.

A large group of people from CCG rushed into the gathering point of Aogiri tree.

“Marude Itsuki, I will go to the assigned location first.”

Su Xiao walked by Marude Itsuki.

Marude Itsuki, who already fell to the ground, raised his head and looked at Su Xiao.

“The back depends on you, don’t let ghouls escape. I have already arranged the team of bombs disposal that you said before. Now I am looking for possible explosives which may appear.”

Before the departure, Su Xiao had mentioned to Marude Itsuki that a large number of explosives might be buried in the gathering point of Aogiri tree. After making people of CCG into the gathering point, the ghouls of Aogiri tree will retreat from the back door and then fired the bombs.

After listening to Su Xiao’s “guessing”, Marude Itsuki did not think too much and applied for the team of bomb disposal to the headquarters.

As a battlefield commander, Marude Itsuki needed to pay attention to any possible dangers, not to mention this very feasible plan.

The Aogiri tree did bury bombs in the original book. Su Xiao knew this. The contractors of the ghouls camp could also guess that the thing of buried bombs was exposed.

In addition to the threat of bombs, the two sides will fight by strengths,they will compare their respective skills to decide who lose or win.

Su Xiao walked slowly into the gathering point of Aogiri tree. He did not go to the upper layer full of ghouls but came to the front of the back door of gathering point of Aogiri tree.

He was here to wait for the ghoul of Aogiri tree to retreat.

The night wind blew, and there was bloody smell on the air. The sound of gunshots and screams in the gathering point were connected, but the position of the back door was quiet.

Su Xiao jumped on a three-meter cement pillar and sat silently waiting.

With his current strength attribute, three meters high was just a piece of cake, but the meaning of a piece of cake was a bit too pretentious, only medium difficulty.

The back door will not have too many ghouls temporary, and the surrounding area was quiet.

There were faint footsteps coming from the door.

“Oh, I seem to meet a tough enemy.”

A ghoul in a pink blouse with gold-rimmed sunglasses on his head walked out of the dark.

The person dressed up not like men or women, he walked arrogantly, looking like a demon.

“I didn’t expect to have a harvest.”

Su Xiao jumped from the beam, moving his shoulders, holding dragon flash while walking to the person.

“If I remember correctly, you should be called Nico, SS class ghoul, clown member.”

When Nico heard Su Xiao’s words, Nico’s face changed, the relaxed look disappeared.

“You surprisingly know me, I originally didn’t want to fight with you, but now I can only kill you.”

Nico’s red eye emerged, and there was a kagune at the end of his spine, and RKnkaku.

According to the information from the original book, Nico was not weak. Although he was assigned as SS-class by CCG, the strength was not so simple as the SS-class.

This guy’s resilience was very abnormal. He was once pierced by gecko with one hand, but he was able to recover very quickly.

Nico slammed the high heels on his feet and rushed to Su Xiao.

Su Xiao put dragon flash across in front of him and stared at Nico.

After a few steps to rum in front of Su Xiao, Nico kicked Su Xiao’s head. Su Xiao escaped the attack from the side and turned back to kick to Nico’s belly. 

Su Xiao did not use his sword as he used it to defend Nico’s kagune.

Except for very few ghouls,most ghouls’ close fight ability was weak.

In order to fight with ghouls, it was necessary to focus on the prevention of ghouls’ Kagune.

The fact was true. After kicking by Su Xiao, he stepped back by two steps, Nico’s Kagune took a roll and pulled to Su Xiao’s neck.

Holding dragon flash by both hands, Su Xiao took a deep breath and tried his best to cut Nico’s Kagune.


Nico’s Kagune was directly broken, and most of Kagune flew out of the distance.

“Ah,” Nico screamed, his expression looked like he was almost climaxing.

“This is really, so comfortable!”

Nico didn’t look like he was hurt, but he rushed to Su Xiao and didn’t care about the pain.

Su Xiao did not pay attention to Nico’s weird screams, he held dragon flash to cut Nico twice.

Puchi! Puchi

Nico’s arm and the majority of his shoulders were cut, but Su Xiao frowned tightly. He felt something weird as if he was cutting liquid.

Nico stepped back for two steps, the broken Kagune had recovered and rolled entangling the broken arm and the majority of the shoulder on the air.

The broken arm and the shoulder were put on the wound, the dark red liquid surged, and Nico’s injuries recovered.

Nico’s resilience was surprisingly not worse than the wild metamorphosis.

“Come again.”

Su Xiao’s eyes were drooping, the ordinary attack could not hurt Nico.

A light blue arc appeared on the surface of the dragon flash, Qin Gang Yin was activated.

Since the ordinary attack could not hurt the enemy, then he will burn the enemy’s energy by the true damage to defeat him.