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R.P Chapter 88: Calculating! [EDITED]

CCG and ghouls started shooting each other over the distance.

The ghouls in the derelict building of Aogiri Tree obviously held the advantage, their Kagune all doubled as shields. They could form small holes in their Kagune, so they could easily shoot through them while keeping themselves save from CCG’s gunfire.

The casualties among CCG personnel began to grow. Less than five minutes after the two sides had opened fire, dozens of combatants were killed or injured.

Marude Itsuki, sitting in the mobile command center, observed this through the various displays, he looked irked.

“How can we not dominate them in firepower?”

The adjutant to his side replied quickly.

“The enemy has Kagune shields, it is very difficult to get rid of them.”

Marude Itsuki snorted, got up and left the command car.


Marude Itsuki kicked to open the back door of the car, he didn’t care about the bullets and gunfire in the surrounding area. He took a gun from an Investigator’s hands and directly started to shoot in the direction of Aogiri Tree.

“Bang bang bang…”

He shot in three-bullet-bursts, with each burst, one ghoul in the building was killed.

This monstrous shooting skill forced the ghouls to stay behind their shields, so the incoming bullets obviously lessened.

“Guys, let…”

Just as Marude Itsuki was about to shout orders, he heard a familiar sound.

He turned his head and looked in the direction of the sound.

Juzo Suzuya was approaching, riding on a new motorcycle.

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing with my motorcycle!”

Marude Itsuki’s tone was full of worry.

Juzo Suzuya smiled pleasantly, his eyes were merry.

“Im just borrowing it.”

After that, Juzo Suzuya, this angel with loose screw, went full throttle.


Juzo Suzuya did not pay attention to the mourning wails of Marude Itsuki, he rode the motorcycle into the hideout of Aogiri Tree.

“Hey, that, wait!!”

Marude Itsuki was too taken to talk normally, his face was distorted. Su Xiao stood to the side, he could clearly see tears in Marude Itsuki’s eyes.

 [E/N: As a fellow lover of motorcycles, I can sympathize.]

Su Xiao was very confused. Why did Marude Itsuki bring his motorcycle for the operation? Was it for an emergency escape? Knowing his character, that was not impossible.

Juzo Suzuya rode the motorcycle up a high slope.


It exploded, Marude Itsuki’s motorcycle was sacrificed, and Juzo Suzuya was able to rush into the Aogiri Tree’s base. After fighting for a bit, the enemies’ fire stopped.

The burning wreckage of the motorcycle was extinguished, Su Xiao could clearly observe how Marude Itsuki’s tears just kept on flowing.

“My limited-edition motorcycle is gone.”

Marude Itsuki blew his nose and wiped his tears off.

Although Juzo Suzuya ruined his motorcycle, he also got rid of the Aogiri Tree’s outer defenses.


After angrily screaming out the order0, Marude Itsuki lost all his power and fell to the ground.

A large group of Investigators rushed into the base of Aogiri Tree.

“Marude Itsuki, I will go to my assigned location.”

Su Xiao walked past Marude Itsuki.

Marude Itsuki, who already laid on the ground, raised his head and looked at Su Xiao.

“The back depends on you, don’t let any ghouls escape. I have already arranged for a team of the bomb disposal squad, as you mentioned. They’re already looking for explosives.”

Before the departure, Su Xiao had mentioned to Marude Itsuki that Aogiri Tree might have buried a large number of explosives beneath their base. After letting CCG into the base, the ghouls could then retreat through the back door and set off the bombs.

After listening to Su Xiao’s “thoughts”, Marude Itsuki did not think hesitate and applied the headquarters for a bomb disposal unit.

As a battlefield commander, Marude Itsuki needed to pay attention to any possible dangers, not to mention that this scenario was pretty realistic.

The Aogiri Tree did bury bombs in the original story. Su Xiao knew this. The contractors on the ghouls’ side could also guess that the buried bombs were exposed by him.

Besides the bombs, the two sides would fight with all their strength, they would compare their respective skills to decide who wins and who loses.

Su Xiao slowly walked into the base of Aogiri Tree. He did not go to the upper layers, which were full of ghouls, but went to the back entrance of the base.

He was here to wait for the ghouls of Aogiri Tree to retreat.

The night wind blew, and there was a strong smell of blood in the air. Gunshots and screams occasionally emerged from the upper layers, but everything was quiet at the back door.

Su Xiao jumped on a three-meter-tall cement pillar and sat down, waiting silently.

With his current strength attribute, jumping three meters high was a piece of cake, well, not really that easy, it did take a bit of an effort.

There were not too many ghouls at the back exit, and the surrounding area was quiet.

There were faint footsteps coming from the door.

“Oh, seem like I’ve met a tough enemy.”

A ghoul in a pink blouse with gold-rimmed sunglasses on walked out of the dark corridor.

The person was dressed up feminine, he walked arrogantly, looking like a demon.

“I didn’t expect to have such a good harvest.”

Su Xiao jumped down from the beam, loosened his shoulders and drew Dragon Flash while he was walking towards the person.

“If I remember correctly, you should be called Nico, a SS class ghoul, member of the ‘Clowns’.”

When Nico heard Su Xiao’s words, his face changed, the relaxed look disappeared.

“How surprising that you know me. I originally didn’t want to fight with you, but now, I can only kill you.”

Nico’s red eyes emerged, and a Kagune appeared from the end of his spine, it was a Rinkaku.

According to the information from the original story, Nico was not weak. Although he was assigned as a SS-class ghoul by CCG, his strength was ordinary at all.

This guy’s resilience was very abnormal. He was once pierced by Gecko’s hand, but was able to recover incredibly quickly.

Nico stomped with the high heels on his feet, then he rushed to Su Xiao.

Su Xiao held Dragon Flash in front of him and stared at Nico.

As he arrived in front of Su Xiao, Nico kicked towards Su Xiao’s head. Su Xiao escaped the attack by dodging to the side and turned back with a kick to Nico’s midsection.

Su Xiao did not use his sword to attack, as he used it to defend against Nico’s Kagune.

Most ghouls’ close-quarters fighting skills were weak, there were only a few exceptions.

In order to fight against ghouls, it was necessary to focus on the defense against a ghouls’ Kagune.

That was just fact. After being kicked by Su Xiao, he took two steps back, then Nico let his Kagune swerve and tried to aim for Su Xiao’s neck.

Holding Dragon Flash with both hands, Su Xiao took a deep breath and tried his best to cut through Nico’s Kagune.


Nico’s Kagune was directly cut, most of his Kagune flew off into the distance.

“Aargh,” Nico screamed, his expression looked like he was close to climaxing.

“This really feels so good!”

Nico didn’t look like he was hurting, he rushed at Su Xiao, not caring about the pain.

Su Xiao did not pay attention to Nico’s weird screams, he merely wielded Dragon Flash and cut Nico twice.

Squelch! Squish!

Nico’s arm and the majority of his shoulder was cut off, but Su Xiao frowned slightly. He felt something weird, as if he was cutting liquid.

Nico stumbled back for two steps, the broken Kagune had recovered and rolled over the ground, entangling the cut off arm, and the shoulder it was attached to, through the air.

The cut off shoulder was pressed against the wound, then, dark red liquid surged, and Nico’s injuries recovered.

Nico’s resilience was not inferior to those wild, mutated ghouls.

“Try again.”

Su Xiao’s eyes were narrowing, it seemed like ordinary attacks could not hurt Nico.

A light blue arc appeared on the surface of Dragon Flash, as Azure Steel Shadow was activated.

Since ordinary attacks could not hurt Nico, he would burn his energy and use true damage to defeat him.