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R.P Chapter 89: Nico’s Resilience! [EDITED]

“Caw, caw.”

A flock of crows was flying in the night sky, maybe they knew there was going to be food, as they landed on a mostly broken pole nearby.

When the first crow just landed, a loud cracking sound rang, the power pole broke, raising a large dust cloud, the crows crawed and flew away.

“Cough, cough.”

A person with rotten cloth and a bloody face got up from the ground.

“As I said, I won’t even notice this this kind of attack.”

Nico licked the blood off of his hand, he was covered with cuts all over his body, even his face was cut open.

If it had been any other ghoul, these injuries would have already killed it, but Nico just shrugged them off, he was even smiling.

At a closer look at the injured Nico, it could be seen that he was barely bleeding. Su Xiao also noticed that Nico had no real muscles on his body, all of his body tissue actually looked similar to Kagune.

He didn’t know when the Kagune behind Nico had disappeared, but now it was integrated into his body.

“Such a weird body structure.”

Su Xiao walked out of the back entrance, the moonlight was shining brightly. Some blood was staining his clothes, but it was not his.

After activating Azure Steel Shadow, Dragon Flash slashed out. In the dark night, Dragon Flash was like a sword of lightning, emitting blue glow. [E/N: Might’ve meant Lightsaber?]

The effect of Azure Steel Shadow on Nico was not obvious, while the true damage was effective, the injuries were completely ineffective.

The shemale in front of him was a total M, he did not care about pain, or maybe he even got pleasure from being cut.

The new cuts on Nico were all doing true damage, but the wounds themselves didn’t do any damage at all.

Su Xiao seriously suspected that Nico’s strength was actually much higher than the SS rank, he was very likely an SS+ or an SSS class ghoul.

In terms of resilience, Nico was even better than Takatsuki Sen.

But concerning his offensive power, Nico’s weak punches could not hurt Su Xiao.

The current situation was that Su Xiao could not allow Nico leave, while Nico could not hurt Su Xiao, while Nico could not escape because Su Xiao was faster than him.

“What’s wrong? Handsome guy, do you want to continue to fight? I have no problem with that.”

Nico smiled weirdly, as if he was eager to be hurt.

Su Xiao’s lips were pressed into a thin line, he glared coldly.

With his body lowered, Su Xiao rushed at Nico. In no more than five steps, he had arrived in front of Nico.

Nico randomly punched at Su Xiao, Nico’s resilience was massive, but his strength and speed were only average.

Su Xiao stopped his footsteps and avoided the punch. Nico was full of openings, so Su Xiao slammed his knee into Nico’s crotch.

“Crack.” A peculiar sound, which made all males cringe by a shared understanding of pain, could be clearly heard.

Nico let out a strangled scream, the pain in his balls wasn’t something that even an M like him could recover from.

Nico’s balls were busted, although they could be restored, he was hurting so bad that he saw black.


His cry, sounding remarkably similar to the howling of a wolf, was easily visible within a radius of half a kilometer.

Nico’s body subconsciously bent forward, and Su Xiao rushed to the Nico’s left and kicked his calf.

The calf was unnaturally twisted to the side. Su Xiao wielded Dragon Flash and pierced through Nico’s spine to limit his actions.

Taking this opportunity, Su Xiao grabbed Nico’s chin with his left hand, placed his right on the back of Nico’s head put all his power into a sharp movement.


Nico’s head was turned a hundred and eighty degrees.

Su Xiao grasped the handle of Dragon Flash and pulled his sword out as he took a few steps aside. He looked at Nico from a not too far distance.

He was cut several times, his calf was severely fractured, his spine was pierced, and his head was rotated by 180 degrees, breaking his neck.

If Nico didn’t die from this, then Su Xiao would have no way to kill him.

As for cutting Nico’s head off, Su Xiao had tried, but it felt nothing like cutting flesh, it felt as if he cut through water.

Nico’s body started to twitch, both his eyes were white.

“This feels so good! Hahaha.”

Obviously, Nico didn’t die. Su Xiao looked at Nico, speechless.

This guy’s life value was still at 86%, the only damage source being the true damage, everything else seemed completely invalid.

Su Xiao sheathed Dragon Flash and put it on his waist, then he turned around and walked back into the back entrance.

Fighting with this shemale was just wasting time and energy.

It would probably take a long time for him to really kill Nico. After doing so, the battle between CCG and Aogiri Tree would be over.

If the CCG side were to be defeated, his 10,000 contribution points would just be a dream, and it would take who-knows-how-long to get enough contribution points for the bottle of blue-quality medication.

There would be several fights later, it was unwise to consume too much energy now.

After Su Xiao left, Nico’s body gradually returned to his original state.

“What a terrible guy, to be able to hurt me to this extent.”

The smile on Nico’s face disappeared. After hesitating for a while, he walked away into the distance. He has the ability to survive, but it isn’t without a price.

To get this stubborn survivability, he needed to sacrifice a lot of things.

This was the fusion of his Kagune and his body. After being integrated, he would lose many years of his life force, his fertility was lost, and he completely lost control while eating.

When Nico was eating, no one dared to approach him, just like Noro from the Aogiri Tree.

As long as people came close to him, they would be madly attacked, even if it was a close friend.


Su Xiao just entered through the back door, as a group of ghouls wearing red robes ran in his direction. These were members of Aogiri Tree.

There were about twenty, it seemed that they successfully lured the CCG into the building and were beginning their retreat now.

Unfortunately, someone blocked their road.

“Who is this guy?”

Su Xiao stood in the darkness, so the ghouls could only faintly see his white coat.

“No matter, he is a human, he doesn’t even have a Quinque, kill him.”

The ghouls rushed at Su Xiao without saying anything, unaware they were rushing to their deaths.

Fighting with Nico before had annoyed Su Xiao a little, no one wanted to fight an undying guy like that.

He drew Dragon Flash, and the sword turned into a thin silver wave.

Squelch! Squish!

Many ghouls were close to Su Xiao, with this first attack, five of them had fallen to the ground, spraying blood.

The ghouls were scared and looked at Su Xiao with trepidation.

Moonlight shone on Su Xiao’s upper body. His cheek was stained with a few drops of blood.

“This, this guy is…”

An A-ranked ghoul’s teeth trembled as if he was standing naked in the Arctic.

“Run, run or we’ll die!”

The ghouls lost any thoughts of fighting back as they started to run away.

But under Su Xiao’s agility worth 13 points, they did not have any possibilities of escaping.

Three minutes later, someone tried crawling out of the back door, pulling himself with a bloody arm, which was clearly visible under the cold light of the moon.

“Save, save m…”

With a Squelch, a sword pierced his head, blood was dripping down it’s tip.

Pulling the sword out and shaking the blood off of Dragon Flash, Su Xiao continued to guard the only exit.

During this fight between CCG and Aogiri Tree, killing ghouls gave additional contribution points.

Each time he killed a ghoul, he could get 20 contribution points.

Su Xiao was like an iron wall, cutting off the only escape route of the ghouls.

More and more ghouls of Aogiri Tree tried retreat, only to be blocked by Su Xiao. In the first place, they couldn’t escape in large groups, as escaping together would only alert the CCG.

There were groups ranging from a dozen to up to 30 ghouls coming at him each group, trying to flee but walking to their doom like sheep to the slaughter.

Half an hour later, there was a large number of bodies stacked near the back entrance.