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R.P Chapter 91: Ambition

On top of the building, the store Manager was confronting Shinohara Yukinori, his goal wasn’t to fight, but it was gain time.

“It seems like I’m a little bit old, if it was some years ago, I would’ve taken your hand just like I did with your boss.”

The store manager was wrapped by his Kagune. His back was full of thorn-like Kagune which was an Ukaku specialized in long-range attacks.

The current Manager had a combination of attack and defense.


Shinohara Yukinori called Iwao Kuroiwa by his Nickname.

Iwao nodded, as the two worked together for a few years, they knew what the other thought without needing words.

“Hirako Take, Left.”

Hirako may be a Superior class Investigator, but his strength was unquestionable. He was in no way weaker than a quasi-special one.


“The rest go kill the rest from the Aogiri tree.”

Yukinori knew that the others didn’t have any way to deal with this ghoul, it was not worth it to send them to their deaths.

“Amon, you go with them.”

Yukinori looked at Amon and said, even though Amon had good talent, he was still too young and lacked combat experience.

Surprisingly Amon stayed still.


Yukinori raised his voice.

“I want to fight with you.”

“This is an order, and you will obey it.”

Yukinori’s tone was serious.

“I want to stay, please let me fight with you.”

Amon was young and reckless, it’s apparent that he wasn’t afraid of death, he even pleaded to join the fight.

“You are strong and have good talent, but it isn’t the time.”

Yukinori said helplessly while Amon still couldn’t understand why and kept standing in the same place.


“Don’t pull us back.”

In this fight, Yukinori won’t have time to take care of Amon.

“Iwaccho, I’m sorry.”

Yukinori’s tone was full of apologies. He knew that his two teammates might die today.

“I know my strength, and I know what I should do.”

Yukinori nodded at the two, and they activated the switch on Shi.


Shi clang on their bodies forming a black armor.


Yukinori shouted and rushed along with the two.

On top of a building, a group of Contractors was watching the scene through a telescope.

“The main task is almost the same.”

The white-haired old man put down the telescope and smiled in front of everyone.

“Coldfish, our main task has been completed.”

“Well, very good, you still have a few people.”

“Exactly two people… Can you…”

Coldfish raised his hand and interrupted the one speaking.

“That should be done later, the CCG has the upper hand, and we gained a lot of benefits from this battle. We can’t be greedy, we need to withdraw.”

Xi Lo Lo was unwilling to leave, but she didn’t dare to say anything. She was a worker, and she didn’t have any combat ability.

The contractors left the roof in turn.

One person was sitting on the rooftop while holding a timer in his hand.

The timer was diamond shaped and gave a feeling as if was some Sci-Fi object. The timer showed 144 hours and 3 minutes, which was about six days. The timer was counting down. 

“Six days, the time for interfering with the transmitter is too long.”

Hot looked at the store manager in the distance with a sneer.

As long as the time ends, the interference would be successful, and his strength will rise greatly.

“Every road will lead you to the king’s position, and I will go with this.”

Hot said while his eyes were full of ambition.

Hot was just pretending in front of ColdFish.

“The abnormal contractor of the CCG, I hope I will see you after the transmissions succeed.”

Hot burst out with laughter as the fight continued.

Although Ho was a fire mage, his body wasn’t weak.

Su Xiao was hurrying over toward the roof of the building.

The building was strangely built, getting to the rood would require changing stairs several times.

As for the elevator, it was damaged and won’t work anymore.

Su Xiao was climbing the stairs as an explosion issued above him.

He didn’t stop but continued toward the roof.

On his way to the roof, Su Xiao saw Uchino and four ghouls fighting.

To be exact, Uchino was standing in place while the others were attacking.

Uchino counter attacked a ghoul, and the latter’s body seemed to turn into liquid as it separated. But quickly they joined together again forming the body of ghoul-like nothing happened.

That happened in three seconds, which reminded Su Xiao of Nico’s body.

Compared to this ghoul, Nico was slower, but he was more resilient.

Su Xiao stopped and as he arrived the others stopped fighting as well.

“This will be a very difficult opponent.”

Renji Yomo quickly said as he gestured to the other ghouls to wear their masks.

Du Du Du!

A sound of gunfire was heard, Uchino was about to stop until he heard Su Xiao’s voice.

“Don’t stop.”

Su Xiao jumped up and used his Dragon flash to avoid the gun bullets.

Renji stepped with the other ghouls while Uchino did the same thing.

They just watched Su Xiao pass by without trying to stop him.

Su Xiao didn’t have time to play with them, he needed to quickly go to the rood and help Yukinori and the others.

After finishing this mission, Su Xiao will get 10,000 contribution points which will allow him to raise another rank and get the blue liquid from the shop of the 24th branch of the CCG.

In case Yukinori and the others die, the mission would be a failure and the chance to get so much contribution points would be lost.

The liquid will increase 4 points Vitality and 2 points in strength which would be a lot, especially the vitality.

If it wasn’t for Queen staying in front of him last time, the bullets would’ve penetrated his body, and his hp would be too low to continue the fight.

If he wasn’t lucky to have Queen in front of him, he would’ve been dead right now.

Therefore, the bottle of liquid is a must have. If he lost his life, then everything else wouldn’t matter.