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R.P Chapter 94: Chill!

Su Xiao stared at the Kakuhou on the ground, and suddenly a notification from the Reincarnation Paradise appeared.

Kakuhou (SSS Class)

Origin: Tokyo Ghoul.

Quality: Green.

Type: Material.

Rate: 24 (Note: Green items rate is between 10 and 30)

Introduction: A good item for making equipment, it can be transplanted into the body which would give 10% chance of becoming a ghoul, 89% of death, and 1% unknown variation.

Price: 2,500 paradise coins.

Although he didn’t kill the manager, he got his Kakuhou.

An SSS class Kakuhou is very rare, and few had the chance of getting one.

The store manager lost an eye, but it didn’t mean he lost his combat power.

The manager had eight Kakuhou inside his body and his daughter, Takatsuki had ten.

He can use it to make a Quinque, and he can also sell it to the Reincarnation paradise.

Su Xiao had asked before, and it seems that making a Quinque would require at least 3,000 contribution points.

What he lacks most was contribution points so he won’t make one.

Although the material won’t have the same price as a finished Quinque, it’s better if he sells it as is.

Weapons had their limitation, and in the Reincarnation Paradise, he can go find a forger to do the task.

Su Xiao was ready to take the material and store it then sell in the Reincarnation paradise.


The building was once again moving, but it won’t fall for the time being.

The CCG already killed most of the ghouls and only a few survived.

“Quickly, Escape from the building. Hurry up!”

Itsuki’s voice was heard in the headset. He was using the public channel which was heard by everyone.

“Byakuya, Are you okay?”

Yukinori was being held by the others as he was injured by Shi when he asked.

“It’s nothing. I won’t die in a short while.”

Su Xiao stood up, and pain assaulted him from the injuries he had.

“Retreat, we won, the attack is over.”

Yukinori and Iwao were smiling as they won and regained the 11th district.

“Iwao-sama, the second team issued an urgent request for help. They suffered some injuries and there seem to be more 60 Ghouls.”

Iwao’s face changed as he immediately supported Yukinori and went downstairs, preparing to go and help.

Amon had light injuries, so he hurriedly went to help.

Su Xiao held his lower abdomen as he walked slowly. His injuries were somewhat heavy. Although he won’t die, it would affect his combat effectiveness.

Just as he was preparing to leave, two figures jumped on top of the building.

From the look of it, they didn’t seem to come for him, they were just passing by.

Su Xiao tried to look in their direction, and finally, he saw them.

In the front was a man with a medium build and white hair with a mask on his face and only one eye was out of the mask while carrying a blue haired girl.

“This is, Kaneki?”

Another person was following after them as they moved quickly which was Nishiki Nishio.

Kaneki has already transformed from an S class to an SS class ghoul.

Unfortunately, their path happened to be the same path as Su Xiao.

Kaneki only looked at Su Xiao from afar.

He didn’t care too much, he saw that Su Xiao was a CCG Investigator and he was injured.

Kaneki didn’t care as he looked at Su Xiao with dead eyes.

“Be Careful!”

Touka yelled as she recognized Su Xiao.

“Kaneki, stop, let’s not get any closer to that human.”

Kaneki stopped and looked at Touka with doubt.

“This guys is CCG’s black reaper, his a terrifying guy.”

Kaneki looked around and wanted to find another way, but unfortunately, Su Xiao was in their way.

“It doesn’t matter, he is seriously injured.”

Kaneki moved forward while Touka kept her eyes on Su Xiao, so he doesn’t use any long distance attacks.

“What arrogance, if you just passed, I wouldn’t have even stopped you, but knowing that I’m an Investigator, you actually want to attack me.”

Su Xiao’s eyes narrowed as the wind blew on his hair.

If Kaneki and the others passed by him, he wouldn’t pay attention to it, but the other guy’s arrogance made him unable let Su Xiao be as he was injured.

Su Xiao stood in the center of the roof which was about 20 meters wide. Kaneki and the others just had to jump on another rooftop and continue on their way.

As for why they didn’t leave the building, it was because there were many CCG Investigators in the area. Even if Kaneki is stronger now, he won’t be able to fight all of them.

There were thousands of CCG members here, not to mention Kaneki, even if Takatsuki was here, she wouldn’t be able to do a thing.

The two approached from the side.

Su Xiao held Dragon flash in his hand while the other hand was on his abdomen.

Tick! Tick!

Blood dripped on the roof. Su Xiao seemed as if he given up resistance as he stayed in the same place and didn’t attack.

Just as Kaneki was six meters away, Su Xiao faintly smiled.

Touka saw Su Xiao’s smile, at this moment, she felt a chill to the bones as if she was stripped naked in front of a man.


Su Xiao moved before Touka yelled.

He stepped on the ground while enduring the pain as he rushed toward Kaneki.

Dragon flash moved with high speed and made a piercing sound.


Blood splashed along with a few white strands of hair.

At the moment of attack, Kaneki reacted and tried to avoid, so only his cheek was hit slightly, and his mask was ripped.

After a heavy gasp, Su Xiao looked at Kaneki.

“I just want to leave this building, is that too much to ask?”

The wound on Kaneki’s face healed quickly. 

Even with these injuries, Su Xiao was sure he can handle these three.

“Nishiki-senpai, take care of Touka, I will deal with the Investigator.”

Nishiki moved in front of Touka after Kaneki placed her down.

 “Kaneki, let’s go, don’t fight this guy.”

Su Xiao’s sharp sword made her fearful.

“It doesn’t matter, everyone has something they want to protect and even if it means I need to lose everything I will still protect you by killing him.”

Kaneki didn’t want to escape. Su Xiao was too fast.

Kaneki Vs. Su Xiao who was injured.

Even if a tiger was injured, he was still a tiger.