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R.P Chapter 95: Time! [EDITED]


The building tilted even more, it was just about to collapse.

The load-bearing walls, which were supporting the building, had started to crumble.

On the rooftop, Su Xiao was facing off against Kaneki. He took a deep breath and moved forward, still pressing on his lower abdomen.

Kaneki rushed at Su Xiao and used his Kagune to stab him from four different directions.

Even with his improved strength, Kaneki was not that strong in close combat. To become a genuine warrior, changing one’s hair color was far from enough.

 At least to Su Xiao, Kaneki’s abilities were just too lacking.

After Su Xiao’s sword strike, Kaneki saw a white line extend towards him, before numbness spread in his arms.

His hands were cut off. Kaneki only frowned, compared to the torture he went through, this was nothing.

After cutting off Kaneki’s arms, Su Xiao didn’t stop his attack.

Kaneki was thrown back and coughed. Several deep slashes had appeared on his skin.

Only a few attacks, and not only were his arms cut off, his body was full of wounds as well.


As Kaneki crashed into the ground, Su Xiao stopped moving and adjusted his breathing. A pool of blood had formed beneath him.

Not only did he have the wound on his stomach, but he also had another wound on his shoulder, so he absolutely had to finish this quickly.

Enduring the pain, Su Xiao rushed at Kaneki.

Kaneki was kneeling on the ground, his arms were growing back and most of his wounds were already healed.

Su Xiao didn’t want to wait for his enemy to fully recover, so he rushed at him and raised Dragon Flash.

“Take this.”

Nishiki’s Kagune attacked him, even if it wasn’t particularly strong, Su Xiao still jumped to avoid it.

Su Xiao’s reaction was quick, but his injured body held him back, his twitching muscles prevented him from exerting his usual strength in the jump.


Nishiki’s Kagune hit Su Xiao from behind, and bloody marks appeared on his body. Even Nishiki himself was surprised that this attack actually hit.

Seeing the puddly of blood under Su Xiao, Nishiki sneered.

“Black Reaper-san, you seem to be seriously injured.”

If it was before, Nishiki would’ve died to Su Xiao without fail.

But now, Su Xiao was seriously injured and could only use his power for short bursts, which gave Nishiki this opportunity.

Nishiki rushed at Su Xiao, his Kagune stabbing forwards.

The Kagune were dodged, but Nishiki followed up on his attack and threw several punches at Su Xiao.

But when his aggressive punches were dodged, Nishiki suddenly felt uncomfortable.

Su Xiao grasped his Dragon Flash tightly and took a deep breath as his eyes flashed.

A light blue arc appeared on the surface of Dragon Flash, as Su Xiao lifted his hand from his abdomen and took a normal fighting stance.

Dragon Flash moved, and blue light flashed.


Nishiki’s hand was cut off without him even realizing what happened.


Kaneki recovered and leaped up from the ground, moving toward Nishiki, but unfortunately, it was too late.

Su Xiao’s second attack had already connected.

The sword moved and Nishiki could only feel his ears humming, as his vision blackened.

With a dull sound, his body hit the ground. Even though Su Xiao had serious injuries, Nishiki was taken care of in just two attacks.


Touka witnessed this bloody scene, Nishiki was a member of their group, and they were friends.


Kaneki didn’t shout, but his head drooped.

“Once again, someone important for me was taken away… This is unforgivable.”

Kaneki’s shoulders were shaking. Su Xiao knew that Kaneki was tortured by Nico, so his mind wasn’t in its normal state.

Kaneki cracked his fingers.

“I will kill you.”

When Kaneki attacked, Su Xiao threw Nishiki’s body at him.

Time was precious right now, he was losing too much blood, and he wouldn’t be able to hold out for long.

If his body can’t keep up anymore, then he would choose to retreat, but currently, he could still fight.

In front of him was the protagonist of this world, he really wanted to know what he could get if he were to kill him.

In the other worlds, killing a specific enemy would be rewarded.

Like back when he killed the king in the world of One Piece, he had received some treasure of high value.

Su Xiao quickly rushed towards Kaneki, who was tumbling unstably.

“A thousand minus seven is?”

Kaneki looked straight at Su Xiao as he asked this.

The answer he received was a sharp blade.

What is a thousand minus seven? It’s a blade to the face.

Su Xiao used his full force and hit Kaneki’s chest, causing a horrible wound.

At the moment after the strike connected, Su Xiao could even see Kaneki’s heart.

Kaneki spat out large mouthfuls of blood.

Su Xiao’s eyes sunk, and he didn’t speak.

Usually, he would provoke his enemy, but not this time. He was seriously injured, and wanted to end the fight quickly.

After the attack hit, Su Xiao didn’t stop and continued to press his advantage.

Swish! Woosh!

Several attacks later, Kaneki’s chest, throat and other vital areas were full of massive wounds.

Su Xiao lost too much blood and started to feel dizzy, he was too weakened to continue.

After being hit, Kaneki didn’t show any sign of falling, but instead rushed at Su Xiao and threw a punch.

It could be seen from the punches that Kaneki had received some training, but that was it.

Although Kaneki changed from an ordinary person to an S class ghoul, there was still a big gap in ability.

Holding his Sword, Su Xiao put up a block in front of him.

The edge of the sword connected with Kaneki’s flesh, and the consequences could be imagined. Kaneki’s fingers were cut off.

Kaneki’s combat experience wasn’t enough, but he was resilient. If his head didn’t get cut off, he won’t stop fighting.

Kaneki’s Kagune were wrapped around his neck to keep exactly that from happening. It seemed like Nishiki’s tragic death had made him learn his lesson.

Although Kaneki was unstable, his instincts were doing all the work for him.

On the rooftop, a strange scene was taking place. Su Xiao was attacking Kaneki with his sword, but he was getting paler by the second.

It was just a question of whether he could cut Kaneki’s neck first, or lose too much blood and get defeated himself.