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R.P Chapter 98: Incontrollable 24th district [EDITED]

R.P Chapter 98: Incontrollable 24th district

Half an hour later, the warmth in Su Xiao’s body disappeared, and he immediately checked his status.

Contractor No. 13013.

Name: Su Xiao (Hunter)

Level: LV.2. (First stage). Every 10th level, stage is raised by one. Raising the stage brings no attribute bonuses. It represents the hunter’s authority in the ‘Reincarnation Paradise’, but also the world and task difficulty.)

Health points: 100%. (This attribute cannot be fully digitized and changes depending on the degree of injury)

Mana points: 253. (Intelligence x 10. Current mana recovery rate: 6 points per hour.)

Strength: 15 (13+2)

Agility: 13

Vitality: 10 (6+4)

Intelligence: 12

Charm: 3

Luck: 1

Hunter’s talent: Devouring. After killing a target, the hunter will permanently gain from 1 to 15 points of mana points.

This talent can give up to 100 mana points per derivative world.


As predicted, Su Xiao’s strength increased by 2, and his Vitality by 4.

Su Xiao clenched his hand, feeling his new power.

Not only that, the increase in vitality attributes made him feel that the various functions of his body had been significantly enhanced, and the resistance, endurance, and recovery had been significantly improved.

At this stage, the vitality having 10 points was already not low, and his three main attributes were between 12 to 15 points.

Drinking this [human gene strengthen liquid] may be the biggest gain for him after entering into the ghoul world.

Su Xiao adapted to the changes in his body which became stronger. This time, the Vitality had increased greatly, so there was no imbalance, he could adapt quickly.

When Su Xiao was adapting to his new strength, fierce battles were happening in the underground passages in the 24th district.


“Boom, bang!”

Kagune collided with Quinque as a group of ghoul Investigators fled along the underground passages of the 24th district.

“Hurry and confirm our route, I can’t hold them off anymore.”

Yuna wielded her sickle and slashed at a ghoul. She had put on ‘Shi’, the bloodsucking armor, so her fighting power was currently greatly enhanced.

Even if Yuna kept cutting ghouls in front of her, there were too many ghouls, and the underground passages were full of ghouls.

These were all ordinary ghouls, most of them were class A or B.

“I’m trying, I’m trying.”

A young ghoul Investigator was confusedly trying to use a compass to identify the route they had to take, not even attempting to hide his fear.

“Yuna, will we be able to get back to above-ground?”

Behind Yuna, there were several younger ghoul Investigators.

The reason why Yuna entered the 24th district was that the headquarters had issued a task, for Yuna to lead some new recruits to experience the outermost layers of the 24th district.

The outer layer of the 24th district was not too dangerous. It was a good place to experience new things. As such, once new recruits graduate, they were sent here to gain some experience.


Yuna shouted and kicked a ghoul that was making a swoop at Yuna.

“Let’s leave, damn CCG.”

A ghoul suddenly spoke, showing some fear on his face.

This confused Yuna somewhat. It was obviously impossible to for those ghouls to just leave out of the kindness in their hearts. Those were new recruits behind her.

The deep hatred between ghoul Investigators and ghouls had the two sides going against each other with all they had, there was no chance that one side would just concede.

“Bullshit! Just step over my body if you have the ability.”

Yuna looked at those new recruits behind her and sighed. Her two powerful teammates were not here, otherwise, these ghouls in front of her wouldn’t prove any danger.

“I’ve determined the route, to the left.”

The newcomer with a compass shouted in excitement. He found a way out based on the route they came from.

“You go first, I will be right behind you.”

The sickle in Yuna’s hands span, blood splashed, several ghouls were reaped one after another.

“But Yuna, you….”

“Shut up and move!”

Yuna’s pretty face was distorted in anger, because of the stupid behavior of the fresh meat.

“Ok, ok, let’s go.”

Several new recruits were very embarrassed and retreated immediately. After they ran for a distance, Yuna waved the sickle and then turned around to run.

There were many ghouls in the channel that followed Yuna. But they didn’t attack her, just slowly followed not too far behind.

Yuna’s slender brows wrinkled, although she could not figure out the reason for the ghoul’s strange behavior, she increased her pace just in case.

Because they were in the outer layer of the 24th district, Yuna’s team quickly arrived in the front of the metal door, which was the entrance and exit of the tunnel system.

Yuna pulled the key off of her neck and threw it at the new ghoul Investigators.

Shortly thereafter the metal door opened, and Yuna hurriedly went behind the metal door, slammed it shut and locked it behind her.

“Boom, boom, boom.”

There was constant clamoring sounding from behind the metal door, and the Investigators could vaguely hear the ghouls’ screams and roars.

Blood dripped from Yuna’s fingertips as she sank to the ground.

“Contact the temporary division, tell them there is an abnormality in the underground system in the 24th district. A large number of ghouls were trying to leave the tunnels.”

Yuna was being supported back to the surface by one of the new recruits, where there were more than a dozen tents standing close to the entrance to the 24th district.

There were more than 20 ghoul Investigators by the tents, men and women. These people had a shared characteristic, that being youth.

There were a lot of new recruits who graduated at the same time. Yuna just had them camp close to the entrance to the 24th district, for convenience.

Every day, she brought a few new recruits to enter the 24th district and fought with ghouls, so that the newcomers could adapt and fight against ghouls as soon as possible.

As for why she chose the 24th district to train the recruits in, it was because there were many ghouls there.

As long as they didn’t go too deep into the 24th district, it wasn’t too dangerous, and there was almost no risk of getting lost.

Su Xiao had spent a few hours in the deeper layer of the 24th district the first time he’d been here, while each batch of these newcomers only entered for a few minutes. They just weren’t comparable.

When the newcomers at the camp saw Yuna, who was covered in blood, they all crowded around her. This was the first time they saw Yuna injured. Yuna was a Special Class Investigator, a position they held in very high esteem.

Some newcomer that knew first aid clumsily began to help Yuna deal with her wounds.

“Hey, what are you doing?”

Yuna looked at the teenager angrily, the boy was so scared at her expression, he subconsciously took two steps back.

“I, I just wanted to bandage your wounds.”

Yuna pointed at a girl and gestured for her to help her treat her injuries.

The boy turned back, feeling a bit depressed. Yuna wasn’t old, and she was beautiful, so she was akin to a goddess in the youngster’s minds.

“Yuna, I have contacted the temporary division.”

A small, fat recruit stood in front of Yuna.

“What did the temporary division say? Have you told them about what’s been going on?”

After her wounds were bandaged, Yuna stood up, though it took great effort.

“I have reported the issue, but the division just said that Arima Kisho is absent.”

Yuna’s face fell.

“Then they said they would tell Byakuya.”

The little fat boy talked some more, but Yuna didn’t really care.

“That guy is back? Good, that’s good.

You have to guard the entrance, the door may not last long. Damn those crazy ghouls!”

Yuna was angry and inadvertently touched her wound, taking a sharp breath at the surprising pain.

However, Yuna quickly formed a happy smile, she was already thinking of the miserable appearance those ghouls would have once Byakuya arrived.