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S.C.S chapter 1: Big Brother

The beach under the sunshine has an enchanting charm.

The seawater gently rushed up the beach, then slowly receded, leaving wet traces and some small aquatic creatures, clattering rhythmically, sounding so pleasant.

Ian stood on the beach and waited for a while, and finally, he saw a dark shadow coming from the horizon and blew a whistle.

After the black shadow heard the whistle, he immediately turned and flew toward his position. When it was close, it turned out to be a seagull.

A strange seagull…

It was very large, with a seaman’s hat on its head and a backpack hanging from its neck.

When Ian saw him landing on the beach, he went up, took out a coin, handed it to him, and said, “Give me a newspaper!”

However, when the seagull saw “50” on the coin, he shook his head in a distressed manner, and took a piece of paper from his backpack with a pointed beak, on which was a large number: “80”!

“The price has risen again!?” Ian stared at the seagull with squinting eyes and said with anger: “Isn’t it just been up last week? Why is it going up again this time??”

“Guu!” The seagull uttered a cry, scratched its head with its wings, and looked helpless, meaning that it could not help it.

“All right, all right, here you are! 80 Berries! Next time if the price goes up again, I’m not going to patronize you anymore!” Ian painfully took out three coins of 10 Berries from his pocket and handed them to him. After the money was paid, he pecked out a newspaper from his backpack and gave it to Ian.

The seagull flapped its wings and flew away. Ian opened the newspaper and read it while he was going back.

He saw a massive headline on the newspaper: << The Trace of Red Hair Pirates on the East Blue>>

“The Red Hair Shanks…” Ian sighed, “The Four Emperors… There is no doubt that this is the world of One Piece.”

It’s been three months since Ian came to this world. Once again, Ian determined that he was in that world, he didn’t know whether to feel sad or happy.

Ian’s original name was An Yi, and he was originally a good young man from the earth, but unfortunately, when he was shopping, he passed through a KFC, which he often visited. It was exactly 12 o’clock, on a whim, he took out his mobile phone, stood outside the store, and he opened a game on his phone, and he was about to upgrade his physical strength. But at that time, the big sign outside the KFC shop suddenly fell down on his head…

He thought that he must have died because when he woke up again, he found himself in a strange place and attached to a ten-year-old boy named Ian.

At first, he didn’t figure out where he was. It was just a remote village, and the information was blocked. But when he heard the words “Roger the Pirate King” coming out from his master’s mouth, he was confused.

Only then did he realize that he had come to the world of One Piece, and he was in Frost Moon Village in the East Blue.

It never occurred to him that he could cross through to this world, even though he was a One Piece fan, but he still felt a little incredulous that such a thing had happened to him.

While thinking about what happened to him and walking towards the village, Ian came to a dojo outside, where a middle-aged man with round glasses, long black hair and ponytail, and a gentle face, harmless smile, was waiting for him.


When Ian saw the middle-aged man, he quickly quickened his pace and shouted, “This is the newspaper of this week!”

This middle-aged man is Ian’s master, Koshiro. As an orphan, Ian was adopted by Koshiro and learned kendo in the dojo.

Koshiro took the newspaper and rubbed it on Ian’s head. He smiled and said, “You have worked hard!”

It was supposed to be an intimate move, his current body is a small child, but he has a mind of an adult. Where can he stand such a move? So he felt very awkward.

Fortunately, Master Koshiro did not notice his strangeness. While looking at the newspaper, he walked to the dojo, and Ian followed him and went inside.

“Red Hair Pirates? What are they doing in the East Blue?” After reading the news, Koshiro looked a little worried.

Ian couldn’t help but grin. He knew what Koshiro was worried about. Although the Red Hair Shanks was a good person in the Anime, but he still had the name of “pirate.” Master Koshiro was worried about the presence of Pirates here. There was no reason for him. But Ian knew that Shanks appeared in the East Blue, but he just stayed in Windmill Town for a short time, and would not come to the Frost Moon village.

So, the Master’s worry is unnecessary.

Windmill Town… Ian could not help recalling that it was Luffy’s town, isn’t it? Where will the Red Hair Shanks meet Luffy?

While he kept thinking of it, Koshiro patted on his head and said. “Ian, what are you thinking about? Time is up, tell your brothers to practice together!”

“Alright!” Ian responded dejectedly.

If you want to say what is the most upsetting thing for Ian of crossing to this world, it was undoubtedly a practice of swinging swords in the dojo for a fixed period of time. For no reason, can you imagine practicing swordsmanship with a group of children with runny noses and silly toothless smiles in neat rows?

That’s a silly feeling!

Soon, all the disciples in the dojo were summoned together, standing in two rows on the left and right sides, holding bamboo swords in their hands, waiting for the beginning of the practice.

The children who came to train are all from Frost Moon Village, and all are boys. Ian looked forward and saw the opposite row, a kid fat and short looking back at him with thick bottle glasses. Every time he sees him, Ian would think that this guy’s eyes position was actually two circles.

Beside him, there was a bald boy with a runny nose, sniffing and sucking repeatedly.

In the middle, another kid with weird hairstyle looked like Frieza in his second form.

All of them looks like melons and jujubes. They were so tragic that Ian didn’t dare to look at them anymore. He didn’t know how Master Koshiro accepted them as apprentices.

Fortunately, in this tragic picture, there was only one bright spot, which was a girl, that standing in the opposite row on the first place, Kuina.

Kuina, the daughter of Mr. Koshiro, has big dark brown eyes, short dark blue hair, and a man’s clothes. She has a stubborn and fierce momentum. Among a group of little fart children, she seems to stand out from the crowd.

As Ian looked back, Kuina looked right over. Although she didn’t speak, she smiled at Ian, making him seems to hear her voice saying: “Big Brother Ian!”

As an orphan adopted by Master Koshiro, Ian was a little older than Kuina. In the dojo, she was the strongest, and even Ian could not beat her. But even so, she always called Ian big brother.

So even if Ian did beat her, he still wouldn’t be arrogant.

Despite her stubbornness, Kuina has always been a well-educated child.

Master Koshiro’s voice came to his ear, and the sword practice began. Ian put his mind back and began to wave his bamboo sword with Koshiro’s command.

“Chop!” “Back!” “Chop!” “Back!”

Ian practiced swordsmanship very seriously, and with the waving of the bamboo sword in his hand, there was a continuous sound in his mind.

“You have done a sword-swinging exercise. Basic swordsmanship proficiency + 1!”

“You have done a sword-swinging exercise. Basic swordsmanship proficiency + 1!”

“You have done a sword-swinging exercise. Basic swordsmanship proficiency + 1!”

“You have done a sword-swinging exercise. Basic swordsmanship proficiency + 1!”


When he knew that he was in One Piece World, Ian’s blood was boiling for the battle among the characters, and his tears almost fell down for the feeling of being between the protagonists. But if we leave these things aside, the world of One Piece is full of darkness and cruelty, and Ian’s physical strength is not high. Although he has been training Kendo for many years with Koshiro-sensei, he has not made any progress. If it keeps going like this, Ian is thinking, or else it’s better to live peacefully in Frost Moon Village.

Fortunately, when Ian came to this world, and for the first practice of swordsmanship, Ian found something in his mind.

Perhaps the reason for this was that he got smashed while he was opening the game. Ian found that the game he played was engraved in his soul and came to the world with him.

It’s funny, this mobile game is a messy game downloaded by Ian. It’s a typical copy version of the mobile game.

This mobile game is a card game. The player has a protagonist role, and at the same time, he can also assemble his own team by drawing cards and fight. The cards come from various animations and games, and all the characters are there. There is a feeling of chaos, Ian saw a lot of familiar characters in this game, this is a little fun to play, but unexpectedly after the game mutated, it became the cost of self-reliance.