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S.C.S Chapter 2: Naughty kid

Name: Ian

Level: 1

Doriki (Power Level): 7

Strength: 5

Speed: 5

Vitality: 10

Nen (Mind Force): 0

Skills: [Basic Swordsmanship] Proficiency (23014/100000)

Card: None

This is what Ian saw in his mind, his own attribute, and it took him a long time to understand the role of this attribute.

It seems that some changes have taken place in the game system. In the original game used to measure the strength of the game is the combat power, but now it has become the value of Doriki, which is exactly the same as the measurement standard in the world Of One Piece. According to Ian’s memory, the Doriki value of 10 is the standard of an ordinary marine soldier, but now he has only 7, which seems to be a little better than the Farmer with a Shotgun from Dragon Ball Z who has only 5 power level. It is estimated that this is the reason for practicing kendo all year round.

The value of Vitality should be the amount of damage that you can bear. Needless to say, once it returns to zero, he will die, and the last one “Nen“ is more interesting.

When he used to watch the Anime before, he always wondered how the abilities of the Thunder God Enel could be displayed. Or on what it’s based?

Enel Road’s abilities: Mamaragan, Lightning Dragon and one Billion Volt. That supernatural phenomenon can’t be summarized as a simple devil fruit, but now when Ian sees the value of the energy, It’s a bit stunning.

That should be the embodiment of the Nen, which is endowed by the Devil Fruit, but it is only a certain ability, and this ability can become stronger with the exercise, including the Haki should also belong to the use of Mind Force. Therefore, there’s nothing called a strong or weak Devil Fruit, the only difference is practicing, and some people who have not eaten the Devil Fruit, such as Mihawk and Shanks, can rely on their Haki. All these are just their strong Nen capability.

Now Ian has a mindful of the Nen, but its value was zero, which means that his Nen ability is in an unopened state, and he has no idea how to get it.

His only skill at that moment was basic swordsmanship. At present, he still doesn’t know what the basic swordsmanship is good for. He can only practice it step by step. So even for these three months, his proficiency is only over 20,000 points. He was afraid that it would take 100,000 points to see the change.

As for the cards, Ian was even speechless. He was able to find the card store in the system, but it was tragically, he discovered that he could not extract the cards!

It was a money matter! It costs a lot of money! It takes 500 Diamonds to extract a card, but it takes 100,000 Berries to recharge them for 500 Diamonds, which is 200:1! It was the first time that Ian had seen such an outrageous recharge.

Unfortunately, his allowance is only 500 Berries a month given by Master Koshiro. There’s nothing to spend in this small village. Apart from buying newspapers and so on, he is saving as much as he can, but it’s still a long way from 100,000 Berries.

This way of asking for money is consistent with the original game. In other words, if you don’t have money, you still can play it, but if you want to play well, you must be very wealthy. It’s a pay to win kind of a game.

If this is the only way, then it won’t be easy for Ian to save enough money to draw a card, but fortunately, anyone who has played this kind of card game knows that he can pull a free card from time to time.

In the store, there is a countdown in the draw card option, which is usually 48-hour countdown in the past, but now it has turned into 100 days!

When he saw the countdown, Ian almost collapsed, ‘THE F*CK, is the system forcing me to charge money or what?’

It’s good to have a system, but it’s depressing if you can’t use it for a long time.

So since that time, Ian has been living in with ignorant. Fortunately, time is still a good mix. Three months later, the time to draw a card for the first time is getting closer and closer, which makes Ian look forward to it.

Since he came to this world, he would like to go around and appreciate this strange world, but in order to get out of this small village, he must become stronger. In this world, only the strong have a stage.

Sword exercise, a total of 500 swings, when he finished the Master Koshiro’s training, Ian was already panting. He has been doing exercises very seriously, and every time he chopped, he used all strength, so his physical Strength was naturally consumed very quickly, after all, he has a body of a ten-year-old boy.

Five hundred times of sword training brought him about five hundred points of basic sword skill proficiency. When Ian was watching the progress of proficiency in his mind, he suddenly heard Koshiro’s voice: “The following is the battle practice, Ian, Kuina! You two come first!”

When Ian heard it, suddenly he felt numb. ‘Why did we come again?’

He did not know what Koshiro has thought of. For these three months, Koshiro found that Ian’s practice had become more severe than before, so he wanted to test how much progress Ian had made.

The way to test is the battle practice, but the problem was that Kuina is much better than Ian. Every time Ian fights with her, she beats the hell out of him. When Ian is beaten like that by his sister, he feels very shameless.

Like Kuina, Ian was also very clean and tidy. They were different from the snotty dirty children in the dojo, so Kuina was very happy to practice with Ian. But once she becomes an opponent, she transforms into a heartless monster. Although she is a girl, she has a stronger character than some boys. Every time she fights with Ian, she goes with all her strength.

Standing up hardly, he held the bamboo sword with both hands, and the tip of the sword slanted upwards, crossed the bamboo sword of Kuina, and waited for the signal.

When Koshiro told them to start the battle, “Sentou Kaishi,” Kuina immediately shouted, took back her sword with both hands, raised it high, and chopped it towards Ian at a very fast speed!

Ian’s sword crossed her sword and blocked it, but the result was a tremendous force on the bamboo sword, shaking his both hands. Before he could get the control of his bamboo sword back, Kuina’s next blow came!

Kuina’s kendo skills were classified as the best in the dojo. Her sword was used freely, strong and fast. Every time, she found a good opportunity on Ian’s side, she immediately attacks him. In just half a minute, the two have been colliding for dozens of times, each time Ian was struggling hard to resist, and couldn’t make a counterattack at all.

“Haaah!” Kuina became more and more brave. Suddenly, a straight stab struck Ian’s wrist directly. Then her bamboo sword swung fiercely and the sword in Ian’s hand flew away.

Damn it, lost again! Ian was somewhat discouraged.

However, Kuina said happily to Ian, “Brother Ian, your recent progress is very obvious! You’re much better than before!”

“You are just comforting me …” Ian rolled his eyes and rubbed his wrist, where Kuina hit him. It still hurts.

“Kuina is right!” Master Koshiro, with a harmless smile on his face, opened his mouth and said, “Ian, you have really improved a lot.”

As Master Koshiro that, the other children in the dojo immediately at Ian with adoration. In their opinion, it was really good to battle with Kuina for so long. If they were replaced by him, they might be defeated in a moment.

When Ian saw the adoring eyes of these little farts, he felt kindhearted. He would rather not have such adoration.

Just then, a loud voice suddenly came from outside the dojo.

“Anyone here? Anybody here? I am a doujouyaburi (doujouyaburi is someone that challenge a dojo)! The strongest guy come out and battle me!”

Ian’s heart moved and looked toward the door. A child with a leaf in his mouth and his hands were on his chest, he was standing at the entrance of the dojo. The sun was shining behind him, giving a glimpse of his messy green hair and his protruding Eyebrows.

He just stood there with a stupid look that was so arrogant.

(Marimo) Green algae head, Roronoa Zoro!

At first glance, Ian recognized him and felt a trance in his mind. Although Ian had been preparing for this moment from when he knew that, this village was called Frost Moon Village, his master was named Koshiro and his sister was named Kuina, Ian still felt unreal when He saw Zoro really appear in front of him. …

Strangely, when Ian saw Zoro, he did not think of this great guy, who was so aggressive, cool and one of the Worst Generation, but… he was looking at Kuina with a wild jump in his heart!

The appearance of Zoro means that Kuina will die soon…

His own sister, is she going to die? Ian was in a chaotic mood. Although he had just get defeated by Kuina and almost staged the beaten tragedy again, he asked in his heart. Can he really watch Kuina die in front of his eyes?

This is not an Anime character, this is a person who lives in front of him. For the children of Koshiro’s Dojo, Kuina was their goddess, including Ian. Kuina’s masculinity, but this is her unique beauty. Although she has no mercy in dealing with anyone, she will care for every injured person afterward, medicate them and comfort them, just like a lovely sister.

After three months of getting along, Ian has an unspeakable affection for her, so for a while, his look at Zoro became complicated.

Although Kuina’s death has nothing to do with Zoro, she died unexpectedly, but it is undeniable that the appearance of Zoro means that Kuina’s death is near.

This made Ian have no idea how to face Zoro.

No one noticed Ian’s complicated mood. After hearing Zoro’s announcement of the smashing ceremony, Master Koshiro gave a hearty laugh. He got up and went to the door. He looked at Zoro with a smile and said, “It’s pretty rare to see a doujouyaburi these days!”

“Hum!” Zoro took up his hands and said proudly, “Don’t underestimate me just because I’m a kid. I’m undefeated in all of nearby towns!”

“Well, then, I have to accept your challenge!” Master Koshiro smiled.

“If I win, I’ll take your signboard!” Zoro said.

Koshiro smiled and asked him, “What if you lost?”

“Lose? If that happens, let’s see…  I’ll join this place!”

Hearing Zoro’s reply, Koshiro laughed again: “That’s settled, then… Ian! “

When he heard Master Koshiro calling his name, Ian was refreshed, but immediately fell into surprise.

“Huh, what! Shouldn’t Kuina fight him? How did it turn into calling me!”