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S.C.S Chapter 3: I Don’t Fight With Idiots!

‘What kind of joke is this, telling me to fight against Zoro?’

Ian just felt that very dissatisfied, this plot is not right!

Although Ian knows that, the current Zoro wasn’t a real swordsman. The so-called battle is just a kind of children fighting. If he does it himself, he can beat him with a simple a swing of a sword, but that wasn’t the Problem!

If he beats Zoro, then how could the sparkle of the relationship between Zoro and Kuina appear? Without Kuina, how could Zoro become stronger without losing to her?

The difference between losing to a boy and losing to a girl is completely different.

Ian knew that it wasn’t the right time to battle with Zoro, so he shook his head and said, “I won’t fight him!”

Koshiro looked at Ian strangely and didn’t understand what he was thinking, but he didn’t say anything. Since Ian refused, Koshiro called Kuina.

Kuina was obedient, and when she heard Koshiro’s voice, she stood up and said, “Yes, Oto-san!”

As soon as Zoro saw Kuina, he got angry and shouted at Koshiro, “What! Aren’t you coming to be my opponent?”

Koshiro laughed and said, “Kuina is a girl, but she is more powerful than adults in this dojo!”

Zoro looked gloomily at Kuina for a while and finally said, “I see, Ok then!”

“So, please come inside!” Koshiro finished, turned and walked in. Zoro and Kuina followed Koshiro into the dojo.

Because they heard that Zoro came to battle in the dojo, Ian and all the other disciples of Koshiro had sat cross-legged in the dojo. Besides Ian, other kids looked at Zoro’s eyes, both curious and indignant.

Zoro was so stinky at this time, but Master Koshiro had no other choice, allowing his battle for the dojo request, and he did not know what he thought…

In the corner of the dojo, there was a barrel with bamboo swords, and Koshiro pointed to the barrel and said to Zoro, “Choose a weapon. You can use anyone!”

“Really?” Zoro spat out the leaves in his mouth, went over and held out a large bamboo sword.

Then, the kid held three swords in his left hand, three in his right hand, and three in his mouth. He was ready, and the people in the dojo looked at him with shocked eyes.

When Koshiro came to the altar, Zoro saluted to him, but when he bowed his head, a bamboo sword fell from his mouth, and when he and Kuina saluted each other, another sword fell down.

But this kid’s expression was still serious…

“What is he doing? This fellow is like a fool!” The pupils in the dojo looked at him like an idiot.

Ian also saw a burst of silence, emotional green algae head of the dumb title, since childhood ah…

After the salute, the duel between Zoro and Kuina began, but without any suspense, Zoro was defeated very quickly. Kuina’s first chop directly made Zoro resist with only two bamboo swords, and then the second chop with great vigor completely knocked down all the bamboo swords in Zoro’s hands.

“Da… Damn!” Zoro looked at Kuina’s calm face, refused to lose and climbed up, picked up the fallen two bamboo swords, posing them against Kuina’s face.

“Huh?” Seeing this scene, Koshiro was somewhat surprised. He did not expect that Zoro should be so resilient. Faced with the vast strength gap with Kuina, he should not have the courage to fight again.

Kuina was also surprised because Zoro’s current posture was actually a standard Nitoryu posture, so she asked aloud: “Have you ever learned the Nitoryu (Two Swords Style)?”

“No!” Zoro said fiercely, “Today is the first time I ever held a Shinai (a bamboo sword)!”

“The first time?” Master Koshiro still had a smile on his face, while repeating this sentence.

Ian knows what Master Koshiro was thinking. The first time he holds a bamboo sword, he was able to do the pose of two-handed swordsmanship without a teacher. Zoro, the idiot with the green algae head, his talent in swordsmanship was as good as Kuina’s.

At this time, Zoro did not know what Koshiro and Ian thought about, but he was watching Kuina closely.

“Damn, I’m strong, and I’m going to be stronger in the future! How… How could I lose to a girl here!”

Holding a dissatisfied idea, Zoro shouted and rushed toward Kuina, then…

Then she slammed the sword on his face!

“Ahh… It hurts so much…” The disciples of the Dojo couldn’t help shivering when they saw this scene: “Why didn’t he dodge it?”

Boom! Zoro fell, shaking on the ground twice.

Ian saw his sullen face. The fool was like a wild boar. He ran rampant and thought that he could beat Kuina by brute force. There was no technical content at all, and it wasn’t strange to lose.

“1 point! That’s all!”

Master Koshiro made a decision and ended the competition. Zoro, the green algae fool, could not hear him. He was lying on the ground with a red trace on his face. Kuina put her bamboo sword in front of him and said, “You are obviously a layman, and you want to use the Nitoryu, and you are still 10 years old!”

Zoro woke up leisurely and turned around. When he heard this, he could not help holding Kuina’s bamboo sword. He was still unconvinced.

Kuina frowned and said, “Why, do you want to compete again?”

Unexpectedly, what they didn’t expect was that Zoro the bachelor said, “Damn it, a loss is a loss!”

Master Koshiro smiled and praised the words, “That’s right, very good!”

“Well, I’ll join you! Do you have any objections?” Zoro sat up and asked Koshiro with crossed arms.

“No!” Koshiro shook his head, and He was recognized as a disciple.

Kuina ignored him and turned around willing to go. But at this time, Zoro suddenly said: “I will practice hard, and then I will defeat you! Remember that!”

When he said that, the fool with the green algae hair still had a nosebleed…

“That day won’t come!” Kuina said with a cold face and left.

“Ian, you take him and heal his wounds!” Koshiro said.

Ian nodded, got up, and went to Zoro, saying, “Come with me!”

Zoro estimated that his nose was hurt badly, so he did not lose his temper and obediently followed Ian.

In the back compartment, Ian found the medicine, cleaned Zoro’s nosebleed, and then took out the cotton and stuffed in his nostrils.

“Who is that girl?” Zoro asked Ian.

“She’s Kuina, Master Koshiro’s daughter!” Ian answered, “My sister, your future sister!”

“Hum! I’m not going to call her my sister!” Zoro said with a grin, “Sooner or later I will defeat her!”

He was stuffed with two cotton balls in his nose. When he said that, he seems to be so cute…

Ian smiled and didn’t talk. He just concentrated on preparing the drug for Zoro. In fact, he didn’t know what to say to Zoro.

However, he did not want to talk to Zoro, but that doesn’t mean that Zoro did not talk to him. The idiot with the green algae hair did not know what he was thinking of. Suddenly, he said to Ian, “Hey, you! Why didn’t you fight with me before?”

Ian thought for a long time before he said solemnly, “Because I don’t fight with Idiots!”

“What are you talking about??” Zoro immediately frowned: “Who do you call an idiot?”

“You!” Ian said, “If I’m not mistaken, you here lost here, aren’t you?”

Zoro was shocked. “How… How do you know?”

Ian sighed. ‘How do I know? Of course, I know. The biggest impression that people have on you is that you have no sense of direction! And it’s more famous than your swordsmanship.’

Ian was sure that this kid came to the dojo for the challenge was absolutely by luck, it was estimated that he had lost his way here, and then he saw a dojo and thought about challenging them.

When the medicine was done, Ian patted Zoro’s head and said, “Have a good rest!”

“Da… Damn! You are obviously not much older than me. Why do you treat me like your child?” Zoro said with anger.

‘For me, you are a child!’ Ian thought about it and turned to leave the room.

Zoro looked at him while thinking that this kid maned Ian was so mysterious. ‘How did he know that I would lose? I have never seen him before.’

In this way, Zoro lived in the dojo and formally became a disciple of Koshiro.

The next day, early in the morning, Ian got up when it was not bright. He went outside the dojo and started practicing.

To be honest, although he used to practice swords very seriously, he only did it during the group practice. He never practiced it alone. However, after seeing the battle between Zoro and Kuina yesterday, he was still unconvinced. It touched Ian very much.

It is not for no reason that a man would become a strong person. Compared with Zoro, Ian found that he lacked a belief.

When he went to bed yesterday, he thought all night, and finally realized that even if he had no talent, he could make up for it systematically. But if he had no faith and perseverance, he would not be a real strong man in any case.

Zoro’s appearance aroused Ian’s desire to win. He felt that he could not let a child who had just touched a sword to be compared with him.

So in an unprecedented way, Ian started the morning exercise!

This morning’s goal is to swing the sword a thousand times!

Ian held the wooden knife in his hands and began waving it rhythmically.

Every time he swings, it is very slow and completely different from the practice in the dojo.

The so-called swordsmanship is not so simple. According to Master Koshiro, the real swordsmanship is not just to do the appearance, but in every wave, it must concentrate his spirit on the swing of the sword and carefully experience the rhythm of each strike, the strength of the sword, until this swordsmanship becomes a memory of the muscles and an instinctual existence!

It took an hour to complete, but Ian had not even reached the number of five hundred. At this moment, he was already sweating, his muscles began to tremble, and his arms were as heavy as lead.

There has always been a voice in his mind telling him that he can’t hold on, or stop that’s enough!

However, as soon as he thought of Zoro’s face, Ian regained his spirits, endured the pain and continued to wave his sword.

‘Insist! Stick to it, you can do it!’

At this moment, Ian, who was concentrating his entire mind on swinging his sword, did not notice one thing, that was, the sound of systematic prompts that kept ringing in his mind.

“You have done a sword-swinging exercise. Basic swordsmanship proficiency + 5!”

“You have done a sword-swinging exercise. Basic swordsmanship proficiency + 5!”

“You have done a sword-swinging exercise. Basic swordsmanship proficiency + 5!”

“You have done a sword-swinging exercise. Basic swordsmanship proficiency + 5!”