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S.C.S Chapter 4: The First Card

Koshiro lifted the quilt, got up from the bed, took his glasses and put them on, yawned slightly, and then walked out of the room.

He wanted to go out and wash his face, but when he got out of the door, he saw that Kuina was looking at something behind the pillar, so he was curious and went over.

He was about to ask, but Kuina turned around, put up her finger and hissed at him, whispering, “Father, keep your voice down, don’t disturb Big Brother Ian!”

Koshiro looked out and saw Ian training and sweating like rain on the field.

The morning sun shines on Ian, and the dripping sweat reflects the light of the sun. The muscle contours that have already appeared slightly exude the beauty of power. Koshiro could see that Ian was very tired at this time. Breathing and snoring hardly, but his sword still did not stop.

“What happened to Ian? This is the first time I saw him doing morning exercises!” Kuina was curious.

Koshiro smiled slightly, although he didn’t know what was going on, he knew that Ian’s practice today was more serious than ever!

“Don’t disturb him. You can practice somewhere else!” Koshiro said.

Kuina nodded and shook her fist. “Aniki Ian is also trying to get stronger, I can’t slack off!”

At this time, Ian was immersed in his own world. In fact, his mind was completely blanked out. The strong sense of fatigue attacked him, making his whole people muddled. The reason why Ian could maintain the action of swinging the sword was completely subconscious movement.

Even Ian did not know how many times he had swung his sword.

If nobody disturbed him, he would be able to practice until he lost all his stamina. But just then, a whirring voice suddenly came: “Hey! You are treacherous! You are practicing without waiting for me!”

Ian woke up from the whirlwind and turned his head to see that it was Zoro, who was looking at him angrily with two bamboo swords in his hand.

The sweat dripped from his cheeks, Ian wiped it with his hand and gasped. “What treacherous? I don’t remember that I need to call you?”

Zoro looked at Ian for a while, suddenly pointed at him, and said, “You’re a tough guy too, aren’t you? Come and fight with me!”

This kid is a challenger maniac. Ian didn’t want to pay attention to him, but he shouted that he had rushed up. When he saw his aggressive posture, Ian subconsciously swung his sword at him!

Bang! A hit on the front hit directly on the face! It was exactly the same as Kuina’s hit yesterday…

Zoro’s a little nose began bleeding again.

Now Zoro, if we neglect his hard work, he was a complete rookie in swordsmanship. It was not surprising that Ian has practiced basic swordsmanship for so long and could win against Zoro easily. But when he hit Zoro with his sword, Ian found that his strike was different from before. Although it is a subconscious reaction, his speed and strength were perfect!

What is even more ridiculous was that at this time, he heard a voice coming from his mind.

“Your opponent has been defeated, you gain +50 experience!”

He quickly checked it in his mind and found that his basic swordsmanship proficiency has risen a lot, and even the experience value has increased!

Naturally, there was experience value for his own level, but Ian has not been able to understand how to get experience value before, he did not expect to understand it until now, so by defeating an opponent, the value gets up.

Can’t do anything about it, because for every time he fought Kuina, he always loses, and he was embarrassed to battle with those runny nose children, so his opponents have been arranged into Kuina by Master Koshiro, leading him to never win a battle, and that caused him not to know how to increase the experience value.

While Ian was looking at his attributes, Zoro was dealing with his nose. The red mark on his face from yesterday had not disappeared yet, and today Ian added another one.

“Damn! That girl hit me like this, and so are you!” Zoro said with anger as he stuffed his nose.

Ian shrugged, ‘You are blaming me?’

“Wait and see, I’ll overtake you sooner or later!” Zoro glanced at Ian, went aside, and began training hard.

Well, this time there is one more person on his list! Ian looked silently at the wooden knife in his hand. He didn’t expect his interaction with Zoro to be produced under such circumstances.

Looking up at Zoro’s practice, Ian could not help but say, “You fool, you spend so much energy chopping, don’t you know how to concentrate your energy!?”

Zoro had just entered the dojo, and Koshiro had not yet taught him any skills, so Zoro’s practice at this time was completely chaotic. The two swords style was simply a mess, there was no technique at all.

When Zoro heard Ian’s voice, he paused and said, “What should I do then?”

Ian shook his head, went over to hold his shoulder, pressed hard on his waist, and said, “Straighten up! Take back your buttocks and raise your head. Put your chest out! Put down the other bamboo sword and don’t think about using Nitoryu before you even get started with Ittoryu!”

After correcting Zoro’s movements, Ian gave him demonstration exercises. These were taught by Master Koshiro. As a master of the dojo, Ian now teaches Zoro as a younger brother.

I have to say that Zoro’s talent is really amazing. Just once he taught it, he completely remembered that swordsmanship practice became very presentable.

“Okay, do it yourself now!” Ian left him and went back to take a bath. He was full of soreness and sweat.

When he was taking a shower, Ian looked at his attributes and found that his swordsmanship proficiency had risen to 28,000. The practice of swinging swords under the preoccupation could double the increase of his proficiency, which Ian had never thought of.

In fact, there is a difference in the calculation of proficiency when it was with or without intention!

Looking at the card store again, Ian suddenly found that the countdown had turned to zero!

In other words, Ian can finally draw a card!

He had been thinking about what the card was used for, but he had no chance to verify it, and finally, now the waiting was done.

Immediately, Ian wanted to extract the card, but he heard a voice from the system saying, “The first time you draw a card, you would get a three-star purple card. If you draw the first ten consecutive cards, you will get a four-star orange card. Confirm the extraction?”

Ian was silent for a while. It was a typical card game mode. The first draw and the ten consecutive draws were the same, even the classification of the cards were the same…

Ian was hopeless to draw ten times in a row because if he wants to do it, he must have a million Berries. He can only take one shot at a time, or get none.

“Confirm the extraction!” Ian murmured.

With Ian’s confirmation, the card was given to him, a fantastic star pattern lights up on the back of the card, then the card turned over in a burst of light, and a long-haired warrior appeared in Ian’s vision.

This warrior has a handsome face, his hair brushed to the back, wearing a dark red warrior armor, holding a samurai sword in his hand. What was interesting that on his right-hand armor, there was a huge eye!

“You got a three-star purple card: Samanosuke Akechi!”