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S.C.S Chapter 5: Press for Recharge

He’s so familiar with the man in front of him! ‘Isn’t this the main protagonist of the game Onimusha, Samanosuke Akechi? How can I get this character!’

‘Is it because I am learning swordsmanship?’

However, Ian was very curious about how to use this card, so he tried to check it out.

[Samanosuke Akechi]

Card Star: 3

Title: Onimusha

Level: 1

Strength: 50

Speed: 50

Vitality: 50

Nen: 50

Skills: True Flash: When the enemy is about to attack you, counterattack at a breakneck speed and cause significant damage.

Bullet Flash: Fight an attack immediately after the launch, with very fast speed to counter-attack, and cause great damage.

Chain Flash: Continuing to attack before the time of the flash fades, can cause massive damage in a row.

Bonds: -Obtain Ako, get + 32% Vitality.

-Get Mori Ranmaru, get + 25% Strength.

-Obtain Nobunaga Oda, get +20% Nen.

Three-star cards, even if they have just three skills, but that made Ian see the eyebrows dance because Ian was so familiar with these three skills, it can be said that the Onimusha is one of the best Samurai games in Japan.

“The card has been extracted, do you want to equip it in the card slot?”

As soon as the system prompts, Ian immediately confirmed that he would like to know how the card character would work.

When the equipment is confirmed, the screen immediately jumped to the team mode. The team connects to his own host character. There are six slots, which can be equipped with cards. But now Ian only has two slots to unlock, and one of them has the Samanosuke Akechi’s card, the other slots have a small lock hanging on them. According to Ian’s estimation, these locked card slots are expected to have their own level promotion to be able to unlock them. Isn’t that like the usual game?

After being equipped with Samanosuke Akechi’s card, Ian suddenly found that his attribute has changed.

He found that his attribute had an extra 15 points of power and 15 points of speed, and the same has happened for the two other characteristics of Vitality and Nen, each one has increased by 15 points!

System: “Equipment card, Nen is the ability to activation!”

This made Ian feel a little surprised. He had been wondering about how to open and get some value of the Nen, and it suddenly appeared, which was really a good thing.

Ian kept thinking, and then he asked the system: “Three stars cards, can get me 30% of my attributes for each card, is that true?”

“that’s right, 10% for the one-star card and 20% for two stars, and so on. The highest five-star card gets you 50% attribute bonus!” The system responded.

Ian expressed his satisfaction and asked, “Can this card be upgraded?”

“Yes! The card has its own level. Each time the level is raised, the card’s own attributes will be improved, and at the same time, the corresponding percentage will be returned to the host! Cards can also be advanced to become higher stars, and it will also increase the percentage value of the bonus, which requires the host to develop the card! If you recharge diamonds, you can speed up the training!”

“Recharge or something, can you wait till I have the money?” Ian asked silently: ” How does the card advanced?”

“Get the same character fragments and use the Advanced Stone for the upgrade. With the same three-star card, you can get 30 character fragments!”

Ian looked at the advanced items and found that to upgrade this Samanosuke Akechi card to 4 stars, it would require 120 fragments, which meant that Ian had to collect four identical cards.

This is expected to be a long process…

Ian then looked at the skill item again. This card has three skills, so Ian was full of expectations.

However, when Ian looked at them, he was a bit dumbfounded. He found that his skill was still basic swordsmanship.

“Can’t the skills of the card character be used?” Ian quickly asked the system.

“The host needs to reach the appropriate basic capabilities!” the system replied.

Sure enough, Ian looked at the card that had been equipped on the card slot and found that the skill description had changed.

True Flash: When the enemy is about to attack you, counterattack at a very fast speed and cause great damage, requiring primary swordsmanship skills.

Bullet Flash: Fight an attack immediately after the launch, with very fast speed to counter-attack, and cause great damage, requiring intermediate swordsmanship skills to activate.

Chain Flash: Continuing to attack before the time of the flash fades, can cause massive damage in a row, requires advanced swordsmanship skills to activate.

And Ian was still only in the basic swordsmanship level…

Mourned out, Ian found that he can only train himself desperately now…

Later, instead of continuing the practice, Ian sat quietly in the dojo to restore his sore and trembling muscles.

This is what Master Koshiro taught him, which is based on aerobic respiration and seems to be able to remove the lactic acid produced from muscles quickly. The effect is better than the massage.

Sitting until noon, Kuina brought food to Ian.

The dojo where Ian is located was called the Isshin Dojo in Shimotsuki Village. The area of the dojo is still quite large. However, there are only three people who live here. The owner of the dojo, Koshiro, counts one, and his daughter Kuina, and Sosuke, Master Koshiro’s disciple. He is a middle-aged man with a mustache. He is a trainer in the dojo and was originally cultivated. When Koshiro said that Kuina could win against adults in the dojo, he actually refers to him. His younger brother.

The four of them have been living in the dojo, and the rest of Ian’s brothers, all of them, were residents of the Frost Moon Village. Each time they arrive at the meal point, they go home to eat.

Now, there is one more person who lives in the dojo, and that is Zoro.

As the only woman in the dojo, the food has always been cooked by Kuina, her food was not bad, and Ian enjoys it every time.

When he saw Kuina coming, Ian smiled at her and got up to help arrange the dishes.

“What about Master’s?” When the two sat down face to face and prepared to eat, Ian suddenly remembered and asked.

“Father’s, I have sent it to him!” Kuina answered.

Ian nodded and did not say much. He began to eat.

In fact, for three months, Ian had noticed that when Kuina mentioned his father Koshiro, his name was often called “Oto-san” Such words, but never heard her call him “Dad”!

Two different names, representing the degree of intimacy is naturally different so Ian can feel that the relationship between Kuina and Master Koshiro seems to be a little distant.

During this period of observation, Ian gradually realized why the father and daughter were like this.

Master Koshiro usually has a harmless smile on his face. He is kind to everyone. However, in his heart, he always has some traditional ideas.

He had always wanted a son to inherit his bent dojo, but unfortunately, Kuina’s mother had given him a daughter.

In his view, a female swordsman cannot be the strongest because of her physical limitations.

Although Master Koshiro has also loved his daughter Kuina, in the usual occasional talks, it is inevitable to reveal a kind of regret, Kuina is a smart child who can naturally feel her father’s thoughts. In order not to disappoint her father, under such influence, Kuina gradually began to change to a boy’s personality.

She stayed with short hair and began to practice the kendo desperately so that she continued to become stronger. She finally defeated the younger brother of Koshiro and wanted to prove to her father that she could inherit his dojo and his ambition.

All of these are just to get more love from her father…

Unfortunately, these performances can’t reverse the traditional ideas of Koshiro. He still insists that a girl can’t inherit the dojo.

Kuina may not be aware of this, but Ian as an adult can easily see his thoughts.

“Brother Ian, what are you thinking about?”

Ian was distracted. After hearing Kuina’s voice, he suddenly came back to his mind. He looked at Kuina and found that her beautiful eyes were full of curiosity.

“This fish is delicious! Kuina, your cooking skills have improved again!” Ian praised her and took the opportunity to open the subject.

“My uncle sent it, he was fishing in the village!” Kuina smiled sweetly, and only in her usual life, she would show such a girl’s smile.

While they were eating and talking, a figure suddenly broke into the dojo.

Zoro came in sweaty, looking as if he had just finished practicing, and saw the two having lunch. He immediately shouted, “Aaah! You are so cunning that you have already eaten! What about me?”