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S.C.S Chapter 6: It’s Too Hard To Run With This Idiot.

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Kuina took the rice with her chopsticks and put it into her mouth, without looking at him, and said, “You’re in the kitchen, go get it yourself!”

Zoro ran to the kitchen, and he didn’t take a long time to come, bringing a plate filled with a bowl of rice and a large fish.

He placed the plate next to them, sat on the floor, raised the bowl and shouted, “Itadakimasu!”

And then he gobbled it up… That looks like he was probably starving.

“Hum!” When Kuina saw Zoro like this, she couldn’t help but sighed coldly: “You are a freeloader and dare to eat so much!”

The children come to the dojo to study kendo. They paid tuition fees. Although they are not many, they are also the source of income for the dojo. As disciples, the only two who did not pay tuition fees in the dojo, one is Ian, and the other is the newly joined Zoro.

However, the property of the dojo also includes a field for planting food, so Ian usually helps the farmer with the planting. So he does not count as a freeloader.

When he heard Kuina’s words, Zoro squatted for a long time. Then he got up, his mouth was still filled with grains of rice, but suddenly he bowed in place and said solemnly to Kuina. “I’m sorry, I will help the dojo in the future!”

After saying this, the little kid sat down with ease and continued chewing and eating heavily, as if he had not paid any attention to Kuina’s words just now.

Ian was speechless. This green algae-headed fool isn’t the usual nervous streak…

Kuina’s irony didn’t work. She hated it so much that she could only poke her rice hard and Ian burst laughing.

When the meal was over, Zoro was already lying on the ground, clapping his belly and saying, “I’m full!”

Kuina got up and wanted to clean up her plate, but at this time, Zoro stood up and said to her, “Now that we are eaten, let’s fight!”

Originally, Kuina wanted to ignore him, but at this time Ian said, “I’ll clean up the dishes, you can battle him!”

After that, without giving Kuina a chance to speak, he got up and packed up the three plates together, and walked toward the kitchen with a smirk.

He knows exactly what’s going to happen next. If he remembers correctly, Zoro will always live in Kuina’s shadow, and he will be beaten with a record of 0 wins and 2001 defeats!

So, the next step is the process of Zoro being ravaged by Kuina. How could a small plate make Ian miss this good show?

Sure enough, by the time Ian came out, Zoro and Kuina were just about to start the battle!

Compared with yesterday’s battle, Zoro’s moves today were no longer a fuss, and he learned a lot from the lessons about the posture that Ian had given him in the morning.

However, it was not enough to rely only on this. His timing and strength are still problematic. After a rush of attack, Kuina seized the flaw and hit Zoro in the stomach with her bamboo sword. He flew out directly.

Ian could see clearly that Zoro’s eyes were bulging out…

“Cough!” Lying on the ground, Zoro has almost spit out his gallbladder, but after some coughs, his eyes were still so unwilling.

Ian was going to laugh at him, but after seeing Zoro’s eyes, he couldn’t smile.

Yes, that was the kind of look, which meant that he would never give up!

Thinking of this, Ian stood up, walked over to Kuina, and said, “Kuina, do you still have the strength?”

Kuina taught Zoro a little lesson. She really wanted to leave, but then Ian stood up. At this moment, she was stunned a bit and then she replied, “Of course!”

“Then, let’s battle!” Ian was very serious.

“It’s very rare that you take the initiative to challenge me, Aniki Ian!”

When Ian heard this, he also felt a little agitated. Before, he never took the initiative to challenge Kuina because he wasn’t strong enough to win and he didn’t win once. But who will go to the pole for abuse if he can’t win?

Nevertheless, since he drew the card, he also wanted to see how much power it could bring to him!

Zoro stopped coughing when he saw that the two were going to fight, and quickly ran to the side to get a seat, then sat down to watch.

In the arena, Ian and Kuina stood face to face, staring at each other tightly while holding bamboo swords, perceiving each other’s tiny movements. When Ian saw Kuina’s shoulders sway slightly, he said: “Come on!”

In the next second, Kuina had already rushed toward him. Her pace moved very fast, but unfortunately, Ian’s reaction was faster, without thinking, he thrust his sword to Kuina’s direction.

The speed of this sword was beyond Kuina’s imagination. She quickly dislocated herself and swept the bamboo sword, blocking Ian’s attack!

Then the two of them leaped back and began to attack each other. The sound of bamboo swords clattered constantly, blocked and counterattacked, and they met in a dozen times.

There were not many gorgeous movements between the two. Professor Koshiro’s Kendo has no special swordsmanship. In fact, for so many years, whether Kuina or Ian, what they have learned are all basic movements.

However, it is these basic movements that make the confrontation between the two more intense and so fierce that Zoro, who is watching the battle, was looking silly.

Evenly matched! Ian could feel that he has made a tie with Kuina for the first time…

He discovered a huge change in his body, his shooting and reaction speed has increased, and every time he swung the sword, it felt more powerful. Although the sudden increase in power made Ian feel a little unsatisfactory about retracting, it was undeniable that the improvement of strength caused great trouble to Kuina.

Missing part

However, the intense fight brought them huge physical exhaustion. After a long fight, Ian and Kuina stopped at the same time. Both of them looked at each other breathlessly holding their swords, and sweat trickled down.

“I… Brother Ian, your progress is amazing!” Kuina took this opportunity and asked him curiously, “Yesterday you lost to me. How did you do that? You’re not letting me win all this time, are you?”

“No!” Ian shook his head, but he dared not admit that. With Kuina’s pride, if he dared to admit that he had been letting her win, she might hate him and never talk to him again. So he explained, “That’s because I practiced more seriously than ever, so I made pretty good progress.”

“Really?” Kuina suddenly remembered the scene of Ian’s exercises in the morning. That concentration was not deceptive people, so she immediately accepted Ian’s statement.

“It’s a tie, okay?” “Ian wiped his sweat and said,” I’m out of breath!

Kuina was still unwilling. Like Zoro, she was also a strong child. She would not be willing to fail when she beat her rivals all over the village. But when Ian said that, she had to stop.

Fortunately, a tie is not a failure… Right?

Kuina left, and Ian standing still and gasped, looking down at his sweaty palm, thinking, maybe putting physical exercise and strength training on the agenda. Although it was a short fight with Kuina, he was able to detect his physical deficiencies. Cards gave him a direct increase in strength and speed, so he must also adapt to these changes as soon as possible.


The current attributes show that his strength and speed are both 20, and his value of the Nen has increased a little, reaching 15 points. That is to say, if he can fully use his own attributes, he can be better than a standard Marine soldier.

However, it is still slag…

With that in his mind, Ian suddenly noticed someone pulling his sleeve, looked down and found that it was Zoro.

Now Ian is a ten-year-old child, Zoro was younger, and Ian was taller than Zoro, he looked down at him, and Zoro looked up at him.

“What?” Ian asked him.

“Brother Ian, will you teach me? I want to win against that girl!” Zoro uttered such a sentence.

This was the first time hearing Zoro calling himself this way. It is estimated that it was because of the battle with Kuina. Ian was somewhat excited about this title.

But after hearing Zoro’s proposal, Ian also felt a little heartbeat. Although he didn’t want to admit it, the appearance of Zoro really stimulated Ian. If he could exercise with him, he would practice with Zoro’s strenuous efforts. It would be very helpful for him to practice with Zoro.

“That’s good! Starting tomorrow, you can exercise with me!” Ian responded.

Master Koshiro, the master of Isshin Dojo, did not teach his disciples personally. Most of the time, his disciples took the place of him. Even Ian, a formal disciple seldom saw him. Ian always felt that Koshiro’s strength was a mystery. So Zoro followed him, and he was taught by him. It seemed that it did not matter much.

So the next day, when Ian got up to exercise in the morning, there was a small tail behind him.

“…let’s run first!” Seeing Zoro looking at him, Ian could only teach him using the hard ways: “Follow me, let’s run around the village first!”

“Uh-huh-huh!” Zoro nodded his head vigorously.

Ian turned around and began to run. He did not run a few meters, but he found that Zoro wasn’t following.

Looking back, he found that Zoro had actually run out in the opposite direction…..

“Come back! You idiot!” Ian’s head was so blue that he roared, “You can lose me, even when we are so close?!”

Zoro heard the shout, quickly turned around, and wanted to keep up. However, in the sight of Ian, the kid had just run two steps and suddenly made an inexplicable turn…

“…” Ian didn’t know how to make complaints, but from a young age, the dumbest man in history for sensing the directions was really well-deserved name.