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S.C.S Chapter 7: Level Up Swordsmanship

Ian felt so tired. He didn’t know whether it was a mistake to take Zoro to exercise with him. He had run around the village while correcting the direction of the idiot one hundred and twenty-eight times. He spent the whole morning shouting at the directional idiot Zoro.

When they finally finished running, Ian took him to a small forest near the sea.

“Here’s the place where we will practice swordsmanship!” Ian panted and said: “After the swordsmanship exercise, let’s do some strength exercises!”

Another thousand swing of the sword, and the whole time he was concentrated on the exercises, but he didn’t know if he could gradually get used to it. After Ian finished the sword training, he found that his muscles of both arms were not as weak as yesterday.

Ian completed the practice of swordsmanship step by step, then he found several ropes, tied them up to two large stones weighing tens of kilograms with ropes, and then looked for a stronger tree. He threw the ropes between the branches, using the branches as levers, dragged the ropes with his left and right hand, and began pulling them up with fists.

This is a simple way to train your body, isn’t it?

When Ian worked hard to increase his strength, Zoro was still doing swordsmanship exercises. After mastering the basic movements of swordsmanship yesterday, Zoro took two bamboo swords and attacked the target stump with all his power. It seems that he intended to use the Nitoryu.

Ian did not take so much care of him. The two were practicing together, and they used each other as an object of encouragement. At most, Ian corrects Zoro’s movements from time to time.

When Zoro’s swordsmanship was finished, Ian’s strength training also came to an end. He was sweating so hard that he could not wait to lie down on the ground.

“It’s my turn!” Zoro couldn’t wait to pick up the ropes that Ian had dropped.

For a child, the two big stones weren’t so easy to be lifted, Ian looked at Zoro’s gnashing teeth and smiled, he tied smaller stones with the remaining ropes, and then passed them to Zoro.

“Here you are, bite this with your teeth! This will strengthen your Jaw muscles!” Ian said.

“Why?” Zoro was puzzled and asked foolishly, “You didn’t do it!”

“Listen to me, you’ll use it later!” Ian had a mysterious smile.

Yes, he will definitely use it in the future, because the road he will follow in the future isn’t just Nitoryu, but he will a master of the Santoryu.

‘Thank me later, I will help you exercise in advance, you will have a strong mouth…’

Due to the smart move of Ian, Zoro began exercising his Three Swords Style ahead of its time, only to see him biting the rope and lifting the stone by his mouth as hard as possible, standing upright, his arms were pulling the other two rocks. His whole body began to tremble, but he persisted bit by bit.

Instead of taking care of him, Ian picked up a bigger stone and raised his hands on top of his head. Like lifting weights, he kept doing squatting exercises.

This is the way he just thought of. This exercise focus of the waist, abdomen, and legs, and can effectively increase his speed.

At present, his attribute growth is nothing more than two points, one is derived from the card’s bonus, and the other is his own level of improvement. In addition, Ian was also thinking, whether his own attributes can also be increased through the exercise?

So all the training he’s doing now is just fumbling.

There wasn’t much conversation between the two, and they sweated like rain. So they practiced till noon, and finally stopped after they couldn’t continue because of their aches and pains.

Lying on the ground, both of them gasped heavily. Ian adjusted his breath and tried to recover his strength as soon as possible. How long did it take him to finally get up and try to call for Zoro, only to find out that the kid was asleep!

Did his sleepiness problem happen from childhood?

Ian shook his head helplessly, lifted Zoro on his back, and moved slowly towards the dojo step by step.

What they don’t know was that a little above the hillside where they were training, Kuina came out with tiredness and sweat, but her eyes are full of stubbornness when she looks down at Ian and Zoro’s exercising place…

After lunch and rest, Ian took Zoro to the field of the dojo, waving their hoes and starting work, and in the evening, he continued exercising.

In the meantime, whenever Zoro got the chance, he would go to Kuina and challenge her. Unfortunately, Kuina defeated him every time.

It’s strange to say that Ian and Kuina can now have a tie. It is said that Ian and Kuina battle in the same way, but Zoro seldom challenges Ian. He practices with Ian more, but his pleasure was to challenge Kuina, even if he was beaten badly every time, but after the wound was healed, he went back. This situation occurs at least three or four times a day. For a time, Ian wondered if Zoro was an M……

What Ian didn’t know was that Zoro was a stupid idiot stubborn fool. The idea was actually very simple. For Ian, who had been exercising with him, Zoro gave him the position of his brother, his Aniki, but for Kuina, her positioning was an opponent.

Different positioning naturally results in different treatment. It is normal to be beaten occasionally by his brother, but if he was hit by his opponent, he couldn’t bear it.

In addition to challenging Kuina, Zoro was almost inseparable to Ian, and just as Zoro is unwilling to lose to Kuina, Ian is reluctant to be compared with this kid who is two years younger than him. The two worked hard together to become stronger, and in turn stimulated Kuina, and secretly continued to practice.

There was a kind of inexplicable competition among the three kids…

Koshiro naturally sees this scene in his eyes, but he does not have any hindrance or a smiley expression.

In this way, more than a month has passed.

During this month, Ian’s body has undergone tremendous changes. His muscles have begun to take shape. Although it is still a little thin because of the child’s body, the momentum of that strength has already started to emanate.

His conjecture has been verified: self-exercise can also improve his attributes.

However, this kind of ascension is relatively slow. Take strength exercise as an example. If he can lift a hundred kilograms of weight at the limit of 20 points of strength, he must break this limit, lift 110 kilograms or more, and each time he breaks through the limit, he will bring a little increase of strength.

Over the past month, Ian has continuously increased the weight of the stones for exercise, but only increased the strength of 3 points…

It’s slow, but it’s a supplement to Ian’s strength. After all, in Frost Moon Village, a peaceful village, there are no mountain thieves, let alone enemies. Ian can only find Kuina and Zoro as his usual rivals. Besides, he can’t find anyone who can increase his experience. However, Kuina can’t beat him, at the most they tie, so he doesn’t get experience. But he could gain experience from beating Zoro, but that only given too little, only 50 points, but now he got up from level 1 to level 2, but it needed him 1000 points of experience.

It’s embarrassing to beat him every day, right?

In other words, in a short period, Ian’s level could not be greatly improved. If he could not upgrade, the card could not be further upgraded. He asked the system about the card level, and the answer was not that the card can’t exceed the host’s level.

So the only way to increase attributes was to exercise on his own.

Fortunately, after more than a month of unremitting practice, his basic swordsmanship proficiency was finally full.

How do you say this, this feeling was very wonderful, when the basic swordsmanship is full, and the moment of promotion to the primary swordsmanship, when Ian is holding a bamboo sword in his hand, suddenly found that his muscles memory on using the sword has become completely different.

Without a trace of obstruction and stagnation, the bamboo sword in his hand no longer has the feeling of foreign tools like in the past. It is like being part of his body, unexpectedly able to do as arm instructions.

Perhaps that was thanks to the long-term unremitting practice, the improvement of the swordsmanship realm has been accomplished successfully, and the bottleneck in Ian’s imagination has not appeared.

Should this be a sublimation process from quantitative change to qualitative change? Ian thought so.

[Primary swordsmanship: You have a qualitative understanding of one of the swordsmanships, your swordsmanship speed +10%, and destructive power 10%]

This as the system’s description of the attributes of the primary swordsmanship. The speed of the swordsmanships was well understood, but the increase of destructive power, Ian was somewhat confused. The data is data, but what is the 10% destructive power? There seems to be no quantitative criterion for it.

So he thought about it, and Ian could only think of it as a more serious injury after hitting his opponent.