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S.C.S Chapter 8: A Big-Faced Man

The improvement of the swordsmanship has brought about a slight increase in the value of Doriki, which has now reached 20 points.

In addition, Ian’s most concern is that he can finally use the first skill of Samanosuke Akechi’s card, True Flash. The thought of killing his opponent with the True Flash when playing Onimusha, Ian felt itchy and impatient. Is this time he can finally install it?

‘I have to find someone to try using this skill on him!’

The first person that came to his mind was, of course, Kuina, but when he thought of her, Ian hesitated. For a short time, he also discovered that the strength of an individual can be measured by the value of the Doriki. Before the advancement of the swordsmanship, Ian has a 14-point Doriki value, trying his best and he tied the battles with Kuina. At that time, her Doriki may be between 15 and 17, which corresponds to the impression that she can defeat the adults in the Dojo.

During this period, Ian also found that Kuina is still trying her best to become stronger. It is estimated that Ian is similar to Kuina in terms of Doriki.

However, Ian can now use his secret technique the True Flash. According to the description of this swordsmanship, it may be quite powerful. If he accidentally hit Kuina in the match, it is likely that she will be injured!

In this village, the only thing Ian didn’t want was to hurt Kuina so he won’t try his new skill on her.

Otherwise, go to the teacher, Sosuke, or find Master Koshiro.

With this in mind, Ian stopped practicing and said to Zoro, who was still doing muscle exercises for his arms and mouth, “You keep practicing hard, and I’ll go back to the dojo.”

After hearing Ian’s words, Zoro naturally had to respond. He just wanted to say ‘ok.’ As a result, his mouth was opened, and the stone fell and hit his foot.

“Ouch!” With a scream, Solon was suddenly tragic…

“Idiot!” Ian shook his head silently, ignoring Zoro, who was jumping up and down on the back of his feet and went to the village.

After coming to the dojo, Ian found that his younger brothers who were supposed to be training were gathering together and talking about something outside the dojo.

“Have you seen it? That person is so tall!”

“Let me say, his face is the biggest!”

“Yeah, yeah, this is the first time I see someone with such a big face!”

Ian listened curiously and asked aloud, “What are you doing around here instead of practicing?”

Hearing this voice, the group of younger brothers quickly turned around. One of the children with watermelon head came running over with a runny nose and asked, “Brother Ian, there are foreigners in the village. When we were at the seaside today, we saw a big face in those people. It was amazing!”

The other younger brothers also nodded along, chattering around Ian to describe the man.

Ian’s heart moved, he suddenly remembered something and asked, “Is there a newspaper? Who took the latest newspaper?”

Since he started training with Zoro, Ian recently did not go to help Master Koshiro by getting him newspapers. This job was handed to another young disciple. When they heard his question, one of the bald little brothers rushed to the dojo and took out a newspaper and handed it to Ian.

Ian opened the newspaper and saw a huge headline on the front page: <The Celestial Dragons ‘Saint Jalmack’ is coming to visit the Goa Kingdom! >

In the East Blue, even the small village of Frost Moon Village knows that this is the most beautiful country in the East Blue, can attract the world’s nobles, the Celestial Dragons, to visit, as can be seen.

However, Ian knows that this so-called most beautiful country only hides all dirty things and excludes some unbeautiful things, which is a model of “isolated society”!

As soon as he read the name of the Goa Kingdom in the newspaper, Ian suddenly remembered one thing: Sabo’s early voyage to the sea.

This sick country, for the sake of the tidiness and beauty of its own city, cleaned all the garbage out of the town, concentrated it outside the city, and drove all the unsightly vagrants and unemployed to live in the garbage hill. Then they build a high wall to separate the garbage hill from the city and form two different worlds.

They call this the Gray Terminal….

On weekdays, they don’t care about the garbage mountain, as if their country does not have such a place, but when the Celestial Dragons decided to visit, they chose to burn the garbage hills clean in order to prevent the odor of garbage hills from polluting the air! Knowing that many people are living there, they still choose to do so. They have never thought about what will happen to those vagrants when they lose the soil they depend on to survive. They are so indifferent that they are suffocating and cruel.

Although Sabo is a nobleman of this country, his nature is to yearn for freedom. He has always wanted to escape from the place where he felt suffocated.

After knowing that the garbage Hill would be burned, Sabo had been trying to find a way to inform his two brothers, Luffy and Ace, but he was imprisoned by his parents at home.

His brothers’ life and death were uncertain, but the people of the Goa kingdom were indifferent and careless. Sabo finally saw the ugliness and hypocrisy of the world and could not bear it. He finally chose to flee. He knocked out the guard, left a letter to Luffy and Ace, and took a boat to sea ahead of his time.

However, unfortunately, the day he went to sea coincided with the arrival of the world’s nobleman.

On the oncoming big ship, Sabo chose to avoid them politely and also imagined that he would one day become the captain of such a big ship, sailing across the sea. However, it was unexpected that his politeness could not be understood by the arrogant Celestial Dragons, and could not allow a Dalit to pass next to him, so they attacked Sabo’s ship directly.

In the world of One Piece, the world government has always regarded the pirates as cancers, but in Ian’s view, these so-called world aristocratic Celestial Dragons are the real cancer! These self-righteous Celestial Dragons can be said to be the ugliest collection of human nature.

Thinking of this, Ian couldn’t help but sigh. If he remembers correctly, the big-faced person that the younger brothers said should be Emporio Ivankov.

Ivankov, a cadre of the revolutionary army, appeared there. That means that Luffy’s father, the Supreme Commander of the Revolutionary Army, Monkey.D.Dragon, also went to the East Blue, and now should be on his way to the Goa Kingdom.

Putting down the newspaper, Ian stood up and asked the younger brothers: “Keep practicing here, I will go and have a look.”

“Ah, Aniki Ian, you are so cunning that you don’t take us!” Watermelon Head kid couldn’t help shouting.

Ian touched his head with a funny smile and walked out of the dojo.

Ivankov came to Frost Moon Village because he was separated from Dragon. It was a secret operation of Dragon to go to the Goa Kingdom. Naturally, it was impossible to bring Ivankov with him. His huge face was so eye-catching that it would be exposed.

Ian chose to go and see Ivankov. First, he was curious to see the legendary monster in person. Secondly, he was also interested to know if he could meet Dragon.

There are many mysterious characters in the world of the One Piece, Luffy’s father, Dragon, is one of them, and nobody knows his origin or his strength. What he plays is the existence of a big behind-the-scenes BOSS…