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S.C.S Chapter 9: Haki??

As Ian wanted to go, he just came to the entrance of the village and saw the person he wanted to see.

A group of seven or eight people was walking toward the village at this time. The first one was a very tall fellow, who could be at least two meters in height.

He was covered in a green cloak, but his face was visible, and in Ian’s eyes, Ivankov’s face accounted for half of his body.

For Ian, this face was almost the same height as his 10-year-old body…

“Ah, I’ll go! He’s frightening!” Even though Ian was mentally prepared, he was shocked by this face.

Ivankov has thick eyeshadows and long eyelashes, and his lips are covered with purple lip-gloss. The whole person looks like a ghost.

When he watched Ivankov in the Amine, he only thought that it is exaggerated, but after seeing the real person, Ian only felt some fear.

No wonder why Dragon didn’t want to take him to that mission. Looking at his heavy make-up… With this big face. How much would it take them to notice this creature?

Looking behind Ivankov, Ian saw another character who was left behind by Dragon.

It was a taller man than Ivankov, who was also wearing a green cloak, but on the cap of the cloak, there were two round ears.

‘Uncle Kuma, your cute bear’s ear cap completely sold you out… Do you think people will not recognize you if you wear a cloak?’

That’s right, Ivankov was followed by another revolutionary cadre: Bartholomew Kuma!

At that moment of seeing them, Ian finally knew why Ivankov’s companion was Kuma. Just their height, their unique and distinctive style, other people can’t match with them.

Except for Kuma and Ivankov, the other few people were not so eye-catching. Although they looked cool in their cloaks, they should be ordinary members of the Revolutionary Army.

When Ian complete analyzing them, they noticed him too.

“Who is this black-haired child?”

“Is it okay to be seen by a kid?”

Several members of the revolutionary army whispered, but Ivankov did not care that much, went to Ian and looked down at him.

“Hey! Boy! The dress you wear… Are you studying in the village dojo?”

Ian came back to this moment and nodded.

“Your dojo is called the Isshin Dojo?” Ivankov pointed to Ian’s cross-embroidered double swords on his chest and said: “I remember it seems to be this name.”

“How do you know?” Ian felt curious. “Do you know Master Koshiro?”

Ivankov turned his head and looked at Kuma behind him, but Kuma had no expression. He was holding a book and looking at it, very focused.

Then Ivankov turned back to Ian and said, “That’s right! Boy, I know him!”

‘What is it for?’ Ian was somewhat puzzled, but he didn’t ask much.

“Can you take us to your dojo?” Ivankov asked.

Ian’s eyes turned around. He didn’t know what his master Koshiro had to do with the revolutionary army. It’s not a problem to take them to the master, But… it was rare to encounter a bunch of outsiders here, and it is a pity not to use them.

So he nodded and said, “Yes, but you have to promise me something!”

Ivankov asked curiously, “What do you want?”

Ian looked at the revolutionary army soldiers behind him and pointed at them: “It’s very simple, just one of you come and fight with me!”

“What!?” The revolutionary army soldiers were so surprised that they thought they had misheard.

One of them even came forward and stooped to touch Ian’s head. “Don’t make trouble, kid,” he said. “Would you take us to the dojo? I’ll give you candy!”

‘Hey, let me go! Master Koshiro touched my head, even if you dare to treat me as a child?’

Ian clapped his hand, looked at the sword he was carrying around his waist, and said, “Good, It’s you then!”

“Heh…” The revolutionary soldier suddenly became dumbfounded. He had no idea that this kid had such personality, so he had to look at Ivankov for help.

Ivankov looked at Ian and found that the expression on his face was serious, so he said, “Don’t hurt this boy!”

The revolutionary soldier nodded helplessly, stood in the same place, did not pull his sword. He posed himself and said to Ian, “Okay, come on, kid! I won’t use weapons, I’ll just fight you with my fist!”

Ian didn’t accept his nonsense. He rushed up with his bamboo sword.

At the first encounter, the revolutionary soldier almost suffered a great loss. He didn’t expect that Ian’s speed would be so fast. With his eyes were fixed, he dangerously avoided Ian’s chopping and almost broke into a cold sweat.

Ian didn’t care much, the long practice in the dojo has made him turn his sword into an instinct. After the revolutionary soldier avoided it, Ian immediately seized the gap under his opponent’s ribs and stabbed it with his sword.

To be able to follow Ivankov’s side, even ordinary fighters have real skills. The revolutionary soldier dodged Ian’s attack, raised his leg and kicked Ian.

However, when he just kicked him, he regretted it because he was forced to take it seriously by a child and put all his efforts into it.

With that in mind, he unconsciously took in a little strength.

However, what he did not know was that Ian waited for it.

The launching of True Flash skill is conditional, that is, it can only be launched when the opponent is about to attack him. If this revolutionary soldier kept dodging and didn’t fight back, how can Ian use his skill?

So when he saw the kick coming, Ian did not blink and kept staring closely at his movements.

When the opponent’s foot was about to kick him, Ian wanted to use the flash of skill.

Just unexpectedly, the next second, he was hit, kicked in the face, and directly flew out!

The revolutionary soldier himself did not think of Ian’s trick. After hitting him like a ball, he was shocked and rushed to see Ian.

Ian’s half face was so hurt. He was lying on the ground grinding his teeth. He had no idea that his flash skill had failed to activate, causing him to get a painful kick.

‘What the f*ck, this flash skill is harder to grasp the timing than imagined!’

“You’re all right!” The revolutionary soldier asked with concern.

Ian shook his head and climbed up from the ground, holding the bamboo sword tightly, and said, “Come again!”

The revolutionary soldier waved his hand and said, “No, no, if you come again, I’m afraid you’ll be injured!”

“Don’t worry, I haven’t lost yet!” Is it because Ian has stayed with Kuina and Zoro for a long time? Ian found that he also has the spirit of not accepting the loss, what is such a little pain?

Looking at him like this, the revolutionary soldier had no choice but to accept the challenge of Ian again.

Ivankov stood by and looked at them all the time. He was very interested that he enjoyed Ian as a child who wanted to challenge adults. He appreciated Ian’s spirit. But Kuma held his book in his hand, he did not know whether he was reading or watching the battle between Ian and the soldier.

Ian was more serious. In fact, in the beginning, he regarded these revolutionary soldiers who were in the background of Anime as weak trash. He thought they were not very strong. But now he found that this is the real world. Even weak trash, in fact, were very strong, at least better than the children, whose body has not yet fully grown up.

The two attacked again, the revolutionary army soldier found that Ian’s shot speed was even faster. He had to fight back again to defeat him and end this embarrassing battle.

He did not dare to kick again this time. Instead, he used his fist. The strength of his fist was better controlled than that of his foot. He did not really want to hurt Ian.

However, Ian, who was in a state of concentration at this time, reacted very sharply. Seeing the soldier’s fist coming to his face, he once again seized the opportunity to launch the True Flash.

Just as the revolutionary soldier’s fist was about to hit Ian, Ian suddenly disappeared from his sight!

No one could see how Ian’s footsteps were moving, except that he appeared at the revolutionary soldier’s side in an instant, holding up a bamboo sword and splitting it down at an incredible speed.

The speed of the sword was so fast, with a kind of whistling sound, like a shadow, a flash of light in the air, hit the revolutionary soldier in the back severely!

The Revolutionary Army soldier was a tall adult, but after the blow on his back, he only felt a tremendous force hitting him. Under such heavy pressure, the bones on his back seemed to mourn. His whole body fell down involuntarily and was hit from the standing state by the slam, and at the moment of falling, his mouth could not help but scream.

Ivankov, who watched the battle, was even more surprised. He was not surprised that a child could defeat an adult, but at what he had just perceived.

Dragging the cloak, he couldn’t help turning around on one leg, revealing his muscular thighs in net stockings: “Huh! It is the fluctuation of the Haki!? Did the boy awaken the Haki at such a young age?”

Unfortunately, Ian did not hear his words. At the moment when the revolutionary soldier yelled, Ian himself could not help but scream.

The difference was that the soldier of the revolutionary army screamed because of the pain on his back, while Ian screamed because of a headache.

Yes, Ian’s flash finally succeeded, but what he didn’t realize was that it was accompanied by a piercing headache, which made him unable to hold the bamboo sword in his hand.

He finally knows why the description of the flash skill says that it can cause great harm because, after the first flash, Ian’s only 15 points of the Nen was consumed. At the same time, he can feel that when he splits that sword, there was a certain force wrapped around his whole sword.

That should be from using the Nen! It was because of the Nen was wrapped around his sword that knocked the revolutionary soldier down.

That was very similar to the usage of Armed Haki, so Ivankov had such an exclamation.

It is a pity that the first time using the flash skill, he fainted.

Once he really used his Nen, he couldn’t grasp the consumption of his ability, which led to the use of all his Mind Force at once, and with an emptied mind energy, that brought him a strong irritating headache.

Ian sat down on the ground and held his head to alleviate this pain, but in Ivankov’s eyes, that became a sign of Ian’s awakening his Haki.