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S.C.S Chapter 10: Don’t Touch My Head Again

‘Will that be Haki?’ Ivankov has met so many people using the Haki, but he was surprised by Ian’s age.

The Haki is a potential force possessed by all human beings, as instinct exists, but most people are not aware of it or cannot exert it all their lives. Under normal circumstances, only after hard training and tempering, can people grasp the way to use it. Therefore, people who can generally use Haki are adults.

Nevertheless, Ivankov saw an exception today. The exception was Ian, looking at his height, he is at most 12 years old, maybe less, but such a small child has awoken the Haki.

So at this moment, he looked at Ian like a very talented kid… No, like a monster.

Ian sat on the ground, holding his head for a long time before he felt his headache eased slightly. Before he asked the system what was going on, he suddenly heard a series of prompts from the system.

“You have beaten an opponent who is above your strength and earned 500 points of experience.”

“You’ve won the Achievement Award: the first time using your Nen skills on a fight!”

“You have acquired basic concepts of practicing skills. Current proficiency: 0!”

What’s going on? Ian endured the headache and looked it up in his mind.

It’s understandable that the value of experience has suddenly increased dramatically. In fact, in the beginning, Ian was very careful. The reason why he chose a revolutionary army soldier to be an opponent, he wanted to test the True Flash, and also wanted to see if he could defeat the other side and get the value of experience. In his opinion, as a child, the other side would surely show mercy, which naturally gives him the chance to win.

To put it bluntly, the revolutionary soldier was actually pitted by Ian.

However, what he did not expect was that he could gain so much experience by defeating his opponent who is stronger than him. Now Ian’s experience value has risen to 750 points, it will soon be able to upgrade again, and then it will usher in the Improvement of his attributes.

After using the flash skill, Ian also got an achievement award. When he opened the achievement interface, he found that the reward was actually 5 books of experience.

This book of experience wasn’t intended for Ian but was used to upgrade the card level.

In addition to this achievement award, Ian also saw other rewards in the achievement interface, such as “defeating 10 opponents”, “defeating 100 opponents” or “reaching 50 points of Doriki” or “reaching 100 points of Doriki” and so on. The rewards given by these achievements are different. Ordinary is the book of experience, higher ones give the advanced stone and diamond award, among which diamond rewards are the least. Ian was not surprised. He knows the pitfalls of the game system very well. This small amount of diamond rewards, in fact, the real purpose of those rewards is to attract you to recharge diamonds…

The most unexpected thing for Ian was that he has just acquired basic skills practice. When he saw his basic swordsmanship skills, Ian was wondering if there were any other kinds of basic skills. He didn’t expect that they really appeared now.

[Basic Nen practice: increase the number of restore per hour of the Nen, current restore value: 1 point, current proficiency (0/1000)]

After reading the description of this skill, Ian realized that it was used to restore his own mental strength. Yeah, the skills acquired from cards almost depend on the Mind Energy, while he only has a little bit value of the Nen. What should he do when he runs out of it? Now with this basic Nen practice skill, even if he used up his energy of the Nen, he now can recover it slowly after a period of rest.

Just he didn’t know how the proficiency of this skill will grow? Is it difficult to constantly consume its own value of energy to improve? Well…… Most likely, well, haven’t you seen that skill proficiency is too much lower than the swordsmanship skills?

Ian’s swordsmanship skills have been upgraded to the primary swordsmanship. The proficiency required to upgrade to intermediate swordsmanship has turned into a million! When he first saw it, he even took a breath of cold air. Compared with the present practice skills, it felt like a fortress.

Perhaps it is because of the slow recovery effect of this skill, Ian’s headache has been alleviated. Just as he was thinking about it, he suddenly found someone in front of him. Looking up, it was Ivankov’s face that caught his eye.

At close range, his face was even more frightening. Ian stepped back and asked, “What are you doing?”

“Hip-Hip! Boy!” Ivankov seemed to be in a happy mood, turning around again and saying to Ian, “That was amazing. What’s your name?”

“My name is Ian!”

“Ian Little Candy!” Ivankov said, “How are you feeling now? Do you want me to treat you?”

“No, I am better!” Ian quickly waved.

Ivankov’s good intentions, Ian couldn’t accept it. In front of this Horm-Horm Fruit user, he does not even know whether he is a man or a woman, although the image is male now, at any time he can be incarnated as a woman, in the face of this free control of hormones, Ian firmly does not intend to let him touch his body. Who knows if he will use the healing hormone or the sex hormone?

“All right!” Ivankov nodded and said, “Don’t worry too much. Your headache should be the aftereffect of awakening the Haki. It’s not a big problem. By the way, do you know what Haki is?”

If this was asked by anyone who knew him well in Frost Moon Village, Ian would undoubtedly pretend to be naive, but it was Ivankov who asked this. Ian did not need to hide anything. He nodded directly and said, “I Know!”

He knows that Ivankov may have regarded his ability to the Haki, so that’s why he asked.

But Ian knows his own business. Since this time, Ian has been trying to figure out his own Nen ability. In his judgment, there is still some difference between the Nen and the Haki. Although the essence may be similar, the form of expression is not necessarily the same. The Nen ability was wrapped around his sword, which can simulate the effect of armed Haki but such as Haki. The Mind Force abilities were not necessarily simulated.

He was supposed to be trying to give Ian a long talk about the Haki, but he was choked back by the words from Ian. Ian found that he was trembling all over, with a hard-pressed expression.

Ivankov finally said, “You know it? Ah, that’s great. Then I don’t need to explain it to you. You just need to pay more attention to rest these days!”

“Who are you?” Although he already knew the name of Ivankov, Ian pretended to ask.

“Hip-Hip! I am Emporio Ivankov!” Ivankov turned around and said, “You can call me Eva or Evan. it doesn’t matter what you call me Stool…”

Then suddenly, Ivankov shouted angrily: “I don’t want to be called stool!!!”

Ian looked at him silently and didn’t say a word…

At this time, several other Revolutionary Army soldiers also came around and looked at Ian with amazement. They all knew about Haki, but they failed to develop it. They were shocked that Ian could use the Haki at such a young age. At the same time, they thought they were living dogs. So they praised Ian.

Everyone likes to listen to praise, and Ian is no exception, but the problem was that these guys were saying, “Damn, that’s really amazing!” While touching his head, which was unbearable for him!

Just when Ian wanted to attack them, the revolutionary soldier who had just confronted him came over and saw that he was grinning his teeth in pain and feeling uncomfortable. Ian was still not satisfied, so he asked him, “Are you all right?”

The revolutionary army soldier initially felt that he was quite deficient, but the key was losing the fight to a child. However, because of his adult’s self-esteem, the revolutionary soldier tried hard to show a smiling face to Ian, and his white teeth flashed. Then he even touched Ian’s head.

“Can you take us to the dojo now?” Asked the revolutionary soldier.

‘Why the F*ck did you touch my head again!’

Ian blinked, nodded cleverly, turned around and left. The crowd quickly followed him.

However, what they did not expect was that they had not reached the dojo for a long time under the leadership of Ian.

“Strange, how do I feel that we just passed this place?” A revolutionary soldier scratched his head and wondered.

“How is it possible? You must have misremembered it!” Ian did not return to the tunnels.

The army can only keep following him, but they don’t know that they were completely fouled by Ian. They have circled around the whole village…

This was a little revenge for the men, who gathered around him and touched his head…

In fact, this has been discovered by Ian’s conscience, originally he intended to circle around more than a dozen circles…