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S.C.S Chapter 11: iPhone XS!?

“Here we are!” Ian stopped outside the dojo.

At noon, Koshiro was basking by sunlight in the yard. Ian saw him at a glance. After running over, he said to Koshiro, “Sensei, someone has come to see you!”

When he said this, Ian kept staring at Koshiro, but he found that Koshiro was still smiling. He was not surprised by Ivankov’s appearance.

“Hello! Long time no see!” Koshiro greeted him and smiled to Ivankov and Kuma.

“Mr. Koshiro!” Kuma remained silent, but Ivankov screamed and laughed.

Ian has been paying attention to the dialogue between the two sides. He has always thought that Master Koshiro might have something to do with the revolutionary army, but it seemed that there was something wrong with this situation.

Koshiro said nothing to Ivankov and Kuma, as well as the attitude of the revolutionary soldiers towards Koshiro, were not like the attitude of seeing their companions. How to say it, they were not familiar with each other but appeared to be polite, as if they were ordinary guests.

Ian was thinking about it carefully, he felt that Master Koshiro was really a member of the revolutionary army, how could he stay in Frost Moon Village for so many years?

‘Retire? Don’t be funny. The Revolutionary Army has only been active in the world for a few years now.’

Therefore, Ian felt that Master Koshiro should not be a member of the Revolutionary Army. Is it true that, as Ivankov said, he is only an old “Acquaintance “?

Ian was so distracted that he did not hear what Master Koshiro and Ivankov said. When he saw Master Koshiro reach out and lead them into the dojo, Ian came back to his mind.

The group was brought into the dojo as a guest. Since there was no special reception room in the dojo, so the two sides sat down in the venue. Ian has wanted to hear what they were going to say, but Koshiro unexpectedly asked him to make tea.

Unfortunately, Ian had to go to the back kitchen to make tea. He turned around and didn’t see Kuina. He didn’t know where she was going to exercise. So did Zoro. The fool was probably lost in the hill.

After a while, Ian boiled the water, took out several cups and brewed the tea, then put them on the plate and carried them out.

When Ian arrived, the tea was given to everyone. He found that he did not know what the two sides had talked about. Although Master Koshiro smiled, he could detect a trace of desolate expression.

When he saw Ian coming, Koshiro said to him again, “Ian, you go to the warehouse to count and see how much food we have left.”

‘Food supplies? Ah, yes, Ivankov, they came to Frost Moon Village, it seems to be preparing food.’

Sure enough, Ivankov said, “We’ll buy it by the market price!”

But Koshiro shook his head and said, “No, it’s not worth much, I will just give it to you.”

Ivankov did not refuse. When Ian saw that there was nothing wrong, he turned and went out. When he was ready to go to the warehouse to count the supplies, Master Koshiro’s voice came from behind. “Who just went out is my oldest disciple in the dojo…”

Ian estimated that Master Koshiro was introducing him to Ivankov, so he didn’t mind.

The grain in the warehouse is produced in the dojo field. So few people eat in the dojo and consume less, so there was still a lot of surpluses. Ian spent some time counting and found that there were more than 100 bags, according to a bag of about 50 kilograms to calculate, there were not more than 5,000 kilograms of grain, wheat, and rice.

Ian ran back and reported it to Koshiro, Ivankov finally decided to take 3,000 kilograms of grain. Ian looked at them and found that they were only seven or eight people. More than 3,000 kilograms of grain, how they would carry it them out.

However, while Ian was thinking of that, Kuma suddenly stood up and asked Ian to take him to the warehouse.

He clamped the thick book under his armpit, then freed his left hand and took off his right-hand glove, revealing a strange-looking palm.

On the palm of that hand, there is a soft-looking paw-shaped bubble, just like a cat’s paw, which makes people feel like touching when they see it.

‘Paw-Paw Fruit!’ Ian’s mind suddenly appeared such a noun.

‘Sure enough, Uncle Kuma, are you actually the deepest hidden thing in the world of One Piece?’

Even Ian had an impulse to touch his paw……

Kuma walked to the place where the food was stacked and touched it gently with his right hand.

Then, in Ian’s astonished eyes, half of the grain disappeared in an instant.

Before, Ian was wondering how they would carry the grain, but he didn’t expect to use this method!

Ian knows that the food that disappeared was actually shot by Kuma with his paw, and by this time, it must have landed on the shore of their boat.

It’s really convenient! Ian looked at Kuma admiringly. Sometimes he thinks about the unscientific things of the Devil Fruit. Could he get to eat one?

When the bullet flew over the grain and brought his gloves,

After Kuma flew the grain, he brought his gloves. Ian thought he was going out of the warehouse, but he suddenly opened his mouth and asked Ian in a low voice, “If you were to travel, where’d you go?”

It’s good that he didn’t speak much, and when he did, he made Ian tremble.

‘What the f*ck! Why this sentence sounds so familiar!’

So he quickly waved his hand and said: “I don’t want to travel for the time being, and even if I want to go later, I will go by boat myself!”

Kuma looked down at him. The height gap between them was so obvious. There was a feeling of an elephant watching a mouse. Although the side counted as a mouse made Ian very uncomfortable, he felt enormous pressure at the moment because he finally remembered that Bartholomew Kuma had another nickname and identity.

‘Tyrant! One of the seven Shichibukai!’

‘He won’t be angry, will he?’ Ian thought that according to the situation of the grain he had just flown, he must have found himself taking them around the village. Otherwise, how could he have projected grain from the dojo to the coast so accurately?

Ian was worried, but suddenly Kuma brought something out and handed it to Ian with his gloved palm.

“For taking your food, this is a gift!” Kuma’s voice was still low.

When Ian looked at it, he found that what was in his palm was a tiny Den Den Mushi!

This Den Den Mushi was pink, very small, with a shell on its back and a circle of patterns on it. It was also connected to a microphone with a wire. On the side of the shell, there was a circle of numbers like a dial, from 0 to 9.

The Den Den Mushi was sleeping at this time, with two big eyes closed. Ian took it over, poked it curiously, but found that he could not wake it up.

“This is a young Den Den Mushi.” Kuma said, “Take it with you, and when it grows up, it will become yours.”

“So amazing!?” Ian carefully held the little pink guy and asked, “Can it make calls when it grows up?”

“After growing up, there will be a number on the shell, that is your number!” Kuma said. This was the first time Ian heard him say so much.

‘This is the iPhone XS of the pirate world, isn’t it? When it grows up, it will become an iPhone XS!’ (LOL XD the author wrote it iPhone 7S, and I changed it XD to XS)

Ian was so excited. He didn’t expect that Kuma would give him a Den Den Mushi as a gift. He couldn’t help saying, “Thank you, Uncle Kuma!”

As soon as he said that, Ian knew that he made a mistake! ‘It was at this moment he knew he f*cked up’ XD

Bartholomew Kuma, he did not introduce himself to Ian. To be precise, among the members of the Revolutionary Army, Ian should know only the name of Ivankov!

Sure enough, after calling him Uncle Kuma, Kuma suddenly became silent and looked at Ian without speaking.

Fortunately, Ian was quick-witted and naïve: “Uncle Kuma (Kuma means bear), can I call you that? I like your hat! It’s like a bear!”

When Kuma entered the dojo, he had already taken off his cloak. Now Kuma was wearing his black and white bear cap, which was used as an excuse to call him Uncle Kuma.

After hearing Ian’s words, Kuma turned his head and stopped looking at him. Just as Ian was quietly relieved, Kuma made an action that he could never have imagined.

He took off his bear’s ear cap and fastened it on Ian’s head.

“If you like, give it to you!” (PS: he sometimes talks strangely)

At this moment, Ian was so confused. ‘What the hell is it?’

PS: Go check chap 6, I found a huge part missing in it xD sorryyyy!! ^^