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S.C.S Chapter 101: The Whole Army of Iron Bone Pirates

The bounty amount is a very interesting thing in this world.

Although that amount of money does not necessarily represent the real strength of the wanted person, but to a certain extent, it represents the degree of ferocity and danger of the pirates. The comparison between the pirates is almost based on their bounty amount, so generally, for the pirates, they tend to be complacent when their bounty increases.

The pirates with low bounties usually have awe in front of the pirates with high reward, and these pirates also have the feeling of being superior. This is considered as a class division between pirates…

It is precisely because of this interesting phenomenon that Ian really wanted to know how high his bounty would be if he became a wanted pirate…

After hearing Ian’s query, Hina, wearing her sunglasses, sat down in her deck chair and said, “Oh? You want to be wanted too? “

“It’s just curiosity?” Ian smiled and said, “Hina, Beautiful (Bijin), just help me figure it out!”

“Put that word away!” Hina took a puff and said with a cold face, “Little brother, I’m much older than you. The only thing that you should call me with is Nee-Chan(elder sister)!”

After saying that, she said positively: “According to the pirates you arrested in the East Blue, your bounty is at least higher than 20 million Berries, but since you have not caused any troubles, this is not a good assessment, so I can only say that if you were ever to be wanted, your current bounty should not exceed 40 million!” (Greycat, you’re GODDAMN RIGHT)

“That’s it!?” Ian was a little disappointed when she settled in.

Compared with Ace’s 90 million, the difference is more than double. Sure enough, Logia Devil Fruit Users are more valued.

In fact, Ian was also thinking about it. Hina doesn’t know much about Ian’s strength. The two had only fought once, that is, the collision between her Rankyaku (Tempest Kick) and his Flying Slash. However, such a clash made Hina raise Ian’s bounty by 20 million Berries, which shows that she still attaches great importance to Ian.

And there were other things that Hina didn’t include. When she contacted the Marine Headquarters to inquire about Ian’s information, she naturally heard about Smoker’s evaluation report on Ian. One of his words, “Doesn’t awe the Marines’ authority!” reminded Hina of many things. It’s also based on this consideration for Ian to tag along on her ship. In Hina’s opinion, for people like Ian, nothing could force him to the pirates’ road, nor to the Marines’.

Therefore, she tried to say as little as possible about Ian’s bounty. She didn’t want Ian to grow ambition because of the high estimated bounty.

Ian didn’t know about her way of thinking. Just as he was going to put it down and tell her about the situation of Sabaody Archipelago, the watchman on the mast of the warship suddenly shouted.

“Captain Hina! There’s a situation ahead! “

Hina stood up and asked, “What’s going on? Is it a pirate group? “

“No… Looks like it’s not!” The watchman looked ahead, holding his binoculars and observed: “It looks like a shipwreck!”

Hina came to the bow of the ship in doubt. Ian and a group of marine soldiers followed her. As the warship continued to advance, what the watchman said gradually appeared in front of everyone.

When they approached the shipwreck, a corpse was floating at the surface!

The body was lying on a broken board, but there was a long cut on his back, which had been filled with the seawater.

“It’s a pirate!” When Hina looked at the tattoo on the corpse’s arm, she was shocked and said, “He’s from the Iron Bone Pirates!”

Hina was originally ordered to hunt down the Iron Bone Pirates this time. Although her encirclement failed, she firmly still recalls the Jolly Roger of Iron Bone Pirates, so she recognized it at a glance.

The Marines on the ship were very surprised. It never occurred to them that the iron bone pirate group they had been searching for would suddenly appear here.

As the warships continued to move forward, more and more bodies appeared. Without exception, they were all members of the iron bone Pirates. When they arrived at the site of the incident, everyone saw a broken ship. The bottom of the ship was fine, so it was able to float on the sea, but the entire hull was gone as if it had been blown away by a violent explosion.

The people of the iron bone Pirates were scattered all around, slowly drifting away with the seawater.

“Investigate Now!” Hina immediately commanded her soldiers, “Look for survivors. If there are any survivors, rescue then and ask if they saw what happened! In addition, look for the iron bone Ewing and see if he is here! “

At once, the Marines acted immediately, lowered the dinghies, and rowed the broken ship.

Hina turned around and asked Ian, “Could this be done by your friend, Ace?”

Ian shook his head and said, “That’s unlikely! Let’s say that he left and followed the same route as us. Even if that was true, he could not have done such a cruel thing.”

The members of the iron bone Pirates here were all dead bodies, and most of them were mainly slashed by a sharp weapon, which is impossible for Ace to do.

With the investigation of the marine soldiers, more and more strange situations appeared. Among the corpses they recovered, several of them looked like children!

However, the strange thing was although they were children, they had tattoos of the iron bone Pirates on their bodies!

Just as Hina and Ian looked at the bodies in disbelief, wondering what had happened, the Marines finally shouted, saying that they found the body of the Iron Bone Ewing!

As soon as Ewing’s body appeared, this meant that the Iron Bone Pirates were really destroyed. Hina carefully examined Ewing’s injuries, and Ian also watched with disgust. It looked a bit scary because his body looked horrible, he had a big hole in his chest, as if a mortar had been pressed against his chest then fired.

“How could this be possible? Hina is confused!” she frowned and said, “The Iron Bone Ewing is the user of the Iron Bone Devil Fruit. He can freely control the bones of his body and expose them to form a layer of Bone Armor, which is comparable to a steel shield. Let alone mortar shells. Even the cannonballs of a warship can’t hurt him much. How could he be penetrated by a close-fired mortar?”

There are too many questionable points about this matter. The fatal injury of Ewing made them feel as if he was defenseless and was directly penetrated.

Ace’s suspicion was indeed ruled out at this time, but the question is, who was the person who attacked the Iron Bone Pirates?

Ian was also thinking deeply that the iron bone Pirate Group should be very cunning. Hina took her troops to the Labyrinth Island to encircle and suppress them, but she didn’t encounter them at all. Instead, they appeared at a place far away. It can be seen that the so-called activities near the Labyrinth Island must be fake news from the iron bone Pirates, but these people were not that lucky. Although they have escaped Hina’s encirclement, unfortunately, they encountered another enemy here, leading to the annihilation of the whole group.

But what if, in a different direction of thinking, the iron bone pirates were not accidentally encountered by other random enemies, but they were deliberately pursued?

Don’t blame Ian for thinking in like this. In general, the fight between pirates is usually not like this. It’s mainly about robbing each other’s money, then killing the losers’ main cadres, and recruiting their subordinates to strengthen themselves. Therefore, the tragedy of the iron bone pirates only shows that their enemies have a deep hatred towards them.

To hunt down and erase an entire Pirate Group needs quite detailed information, after all, even Hina, a Captain of the Marine headquarters, was confused.

However, what Pirates can have intelligence capabilities comparable to Marines’? This is hard to say. Maybe there are, but pirates with such intelligence capabilities rarely appear in the first half of the Grand Line?

Hina’s thoughts were similar to Ian’s, so she also was very confused.

At this time, a marine suddenly ran over and said excitedly, “Captain Hina, I finally found a clue! Look, we found this! “

The marine soldier, with a ragged black cloth in his hand, opened it and showed it to the crowd, saying, “This is what we found in the hands of a member of the iron bone Pirates. It seems that he had torn it from his opponent’s clothes before he was killed!”

Hina and Ian looked up and saw that after the black cloth was unfolded, there was a pattern on it. It was like a skull pierced by a sharp sword.

It looks like the flag of a certain pirate group, but if they understood it correctly according to the meaning of the pattern, it is a bit off, which seems to mean that they are killing pirates!

Hina looked at the design for a long time, and came to the same conclusion as Ian. She thought it didn’t seem like a sign of a certain pirate group. After thinking about it, she stood up and said, “Hina has to report this matter to the headquarters! You keep searching the scene! “

“Hai!” The Marines responded immediately and went to work again.

Hina went back to the cabin, Ian looked around, and found that all the marine soldiers were busy at this time. No one was paying attention to him, so he couldn’t help but turn his eyes around and sneak into the cabin quietly.

He planned to eavesdrop on Hina’s report to the headquarters.