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S.C.S Chapter 102: Zed!!

Because there were other Marines in the cabin, Ian did not dare to stay for long, and soon came out.

However, although he came out, there was an extreme shock in his eyes.

Hina may have been distracted by the iron bone Pirate Group, so she didn’t think that Ian would dare to eavesdrop outside her room, so she didn’t deliberately lower her voice when she spoke.

After reporting the incident of the Iron Bone Pirates to the department, however, the orders that came from the Headquarters told Hina to stop the check.

When Hina asked why, the marine headquarters told her that the Iron Bone pirates were solved by the newly established Neo Marines of “the Black Arm” Zephyr! (The Neo marines from One Piece Film: Z.)

After hearing this, Ian finally understood what was going on, so he left the cabin and went back to the deck quietly.

Although he was pretending to be calm as if nothing had happened, his heart was beating hard.

The name of “the Black Arm” Zephyr, of course, Ian knows him. He is a former Admiral and Instructor of the Marines. It has been said that he has the same character as Garp at his time. When he was young, he was an Expert of Busoshoku Haki at the age of 34, allowing him to coat himself with it and turn his arms black for much more devastating strikes and defenses, which earned him the nickname “Black Arm”. Since the beginning, Zephyr has always adhered to the concept of “no killing”, but then an unfortunate tragedy occurred, and his family was killed by pirates.

It seems that since then, Zephyr has changed his principles and grew a lot of hatred towards the pirates. He originally wanted to quit his job and leave the Marines, but he was retained by the Marines. At last, he changed from Admiral to Instructor and began to cultivate Marine’s Freshman Strength.

The three current Admiral, Akainu, Aokiji and Kizaru were his trainees. Not only that, but in his instructor career, he has trained many excellent marines, even Hina, who was on board, and Smoker, were also his students.

The Black Arm Zephyr was the soul of the marines.

He had been continuing his career as an instructor, but now he suddenly appeared here and killed the Iron Bone Pirate Group, which shocked Ian, and quickly, he started calculating the time with his fingers.

At this time, Zephyr’s age was just between 69-70 years old, which was not easy to calculate his specific age, but it is probably around this, that is to say, about five years ago, Zephyr’s marine freshman internship ship just happened to be attacked by pirates! The person who attacked his ship was a Devil Fruit User. Almost all of the marines’ freshmen in that ship were killed, and Zephyr lost his right hand.

In order to revenge, Zephyr, with the help of marine scientists, transformed his right arm into a mechanical arm “Battle Smasher” made by Kairoseki (Seastone) and formed a special force called “Neo Marines”! Then he started hunting Pirate with Devil Fruit.

Ian suddenly thought about it, and wanted to know how the huge penetrating wound on the iron bone Ewing’s chest was made. It must be Zephyr’s Kairoseki mechanical arm was fired on his chest, so that he could not use his fruit ability, which killed him by a single shot!

There were bodies of “little children” found in the iron bone Pirate Group. It must be the power of the Return-Return Fruit used by Zephyr’s subordinates, the second-in-command, and vice-admiral of the Neo Marines, the beautiful lady named Ain!

According to the time, Zephyr’s Neo Marines should have been established for a while, but this was enough to explain everything that these pirates have encountered.

Speaking of which, it’s also the tragedy of the iron bone Pirate Group. It’s reasonable that Zephyr, even if he established the Neo Marines, his scope of activity should be in the New World. Unfortunately, the captain of the iron bone Pirate, Ewing, was not only a Devil Fruit User, but he also was killing a lot of marines. These two points were the most hateful things of Zephyr, so he didn’t hesitate to rush to the first half of the Grand Line, directly annihilating this pirate group.

At this time, Zephyr and Marines have always been in contact. His Neo Marines group has made it clear that they were also a force of the Marines, so their intelligence capability was naturally supported by the Marines.

In other words, there were two forces chasing the Iron Bone Pirates, one was Hina, and the other was Zephyr. But she was the bright side, and Zephyr was the dark side. At the same time, a Captain of the Marine Headquarters and a former admiral of the Marines were following him, but if the Iron Bone Pirates were lucky enough to encounter the bright side “Hina”, they won’t be dead in this brutal way, that was the real Hell…

Ian went to the sea three years earlier than Luffy. He remembered a lot of things from his depart, but other things were needed to be reminded only when he encountered them. Now The Black Arm Zephyr suddenly appeared, but it was a wake-up call for Ian. The potential power of the Marines was still terrifying. Even without the current three Admirals, there are other retired Admirals such as Zephyr.

He just doesn’t know when exactly the pirates who attacked his training ship, killed most of his students and took his right hand would become one of the seven Shichibukai, which made Zephyr despise the entire Marines department then turn on them…

Ian stayed on the deck thinking about all of this, and soon, shortly afterward, Hina came out from her cabin with a worried face.

This probably shocked Hina at this time. Zephyr was her sensei. Naturally, she knew what kind of person he was. Now he has become so cruel to the pirates. A group of pirates has been slaughtered like animals. The scene was so bloody, and such a huge change in his temperament was very impactful and overwhelming for Tina.

When the iron bone Ewing’s body was recovered, Hina’s task was completed, but she was not happy at all.

In this case, Ian didn’t want to bother her. He quietly went back to his room and started practicing his skills.

The appearance of Zephyr not only awakened Ian, but also made him realize that it’s enough to deal with ordinary pirates within his strength now, but he’s still far from encountering more powerful people.

Of course, the Devil Fruit can improve a person’s power in a short time, but its disadvantages are also obvious. The seawater is one, and the Kairoseki (Seastone) is another. For these drawbacks, Ian naturally knows them, so he has made up his mind not to eat a Devil Fruit. With the help of the System in his mind, he can also become stronger. Why should he artificially set up weaknesses for himself?

With the unlocked of a new card slot, more abilities can be equipped, Ian’s most intuitive feeling was that the cultivation of the Nen skills has begun to speed up, because the growth of his Nen value can gain a lot of proficiency every day.

Now his Nen proficiency was on the verge of upgrading to the advanced level.

There are some differences between Nen skills and swordsmanship skills. The proficiency increases slowly, but its effect is very significant. Now Ian was looking forward to what changes would be brought to him when achieving the Advanced Level of the Nen skills.

Once again, after using the ability of Yukina’s card to turn his Nen into Ice Tear Gem and store it, the proficiency of the Nen skills has finally broken through.

He didn’t know if it’s an illusion. Ian only felt that at the moment when the Nen skills were broken through, his perception of the Nen abilities seemed to have changed.

[Advanced Nen Skills: increase the value of restored Nen per hour. The current restored value: 10. Increase the total Nen value by 40%. At the same time, the host can use Nen diffusion (diffusion: the spreading of something more widely!) abilities. Proficiency (6/8oooo)]

Compared with the previous intermediate Nen skills, the advanced Nen skills not only doubled the recovery value, but also increased the total value. What concerns Ian most is the later thing, the Nen diffusion abilities.

He had guessed before that various ways of using Nen abilities should appear eventually!

However, what first appeared was not the substantiation of Nen (Hatsu) that Ian had expected, but the diffusion of Nen (Ten and Ren), which surprised him a lot.

Standing up, Ian closed his eyes and started trying to use the diffusion effect.

He could feel that, as his Nen moves, an inexplicable force begins spreading around to all sides with his body as the center. This power seemed to be a little different from the previous uses, his mental power (Nen) previously used in entanglement, which was cohesive, but the Nen used now is loose. It was like his Nen was a squeezed sponge, then he let go of it, which made it spread everywhere.

With the spreading of the Nen, all the objects it touched gave him feedback. Even if Ian closed his eyes, he could feel that he could “see” what was around him!

It feels like the ultrasound of a bat … it feels really amazing. (the “En” from HXH)

Ian closed his eyes and walked around the small room, but he didn’t bump into anything.

As Ian’s Nen spread out again, the scene outside the room was sensed, and he received its feedback too.

The air seemed to be flowing, someone was passing outside… Well, a piece of wood on the floor was tilted up, and people passing by might trip by it…

Someone has really stumbled… his left shoulder will hit the ground first…

When Ian sensed the situation in the corridor outside with his spread Nen, a falling sound came. A passing soldier fell on his left shoulder, then he stood up, rubbed it, and left while mumbling…

This kind of sense perception was really like Kenbunshoku Haki (Observation Haki)! Ian was very excited, he is now able to make predictions about what is going to happen through this “En”.