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S.C.S Chapter 103: Further improvement of strength

For the rest of the time, Ian was in his room, experiencing this new way of using his Nen.

At present, there are two types of Ian’s control over his Nen abilities: one is the release of the Nen, which can be formed in a Flying Slash or just entangling the Nen on his sword. The other is the new technique of spreading the Nen brought by the Advanced Nen Skills.

With the consistent experience, Ian found that the so-called Nen diffusion is actually to form an Aura energy field around him. This force field is filled with his own Nen. Any movement of objects will stir his Nen, and that will send him a signal as feedback.

This kind of perception can’t be sensed by the naked eye. What the eyes can see is just an approximation, but what he can perceive through the Nen is very subtle, just like moving hands or feet, what the eyes can see is just the direction of movement, but what he can perceive through the Nen is the various muscle fluctuations involved in moving the hands or feet.

Ian threw something in a random direction. Through this Nen ability “En”, he can accurately perceive its movement trajectory and accurately predict where it will fall. It can be said that after spreading his Nen, the World around him become different. Although he has not really seen or known the true feeling of the Kenbunshoku Haki (Observation Haki), he knows that his “En” effect can perceive the same as that type of Haki.

He knows very well that, in fact, in this body, there should also be hidden Haki, and the biggest advantage of his System is that he let Ian experience the same effect as Haki in advance, which will help him to develop his own Haki in the future. (Ryszol)

Ian excitedly pulled out the Devil-Blade Yamato and held it in his hand. Though his eyes are closed, when the sword was in the En field, he could sense everything about his sword. When he started slowly waving it, he could even feel the blade’s trajectory cutting through the air, how the air flew, how then intersected, all in Ian’s perception.

With a wave of sword agitating the air, Ian had a new understanding of Yasuo’s wind-flow sword skills. With a sudden wave of his hand, Ian launched the Wind Wall.

This time, not only did he have no sense of stagnation, but also the Wind Wall that was produced was different from the past, he was able to control its size!

Until this moment, Ian has truly achieved the Expert-level of swordsmanship. Sure enough, he found that there was a certain connection between his basic skills. In the beginning, due to the release of deliberate Nen (The first Flying Slash that he shot against Krieg), that led to the advancement and the breakthrough of his swordsmanship skills. Now, because of the advanced level of his Nen skills, his swordsmanship has been integrated.

Of course, through continuous experiments, Ian has also discovered some shortcomings of the current Nen diffusion or “En”. He can’t spread his En field too much now, because if it spreads too far, it will lead to large consumption of his Nen.

Ian crushed several Ice Tear Gems and found that the diffusion of his Nen is within the range of five meters, which is an acceptable range. In this range, Ian’s Mind Power will consume about five points per minute. With his current Nen value, if he simply maintains this En field, he can use it for a long time.

The five-meter radius is basically the range of face-to-face combat with an opponent. Similarly, even if he was facing a long-range attack, such as a bullet attack, once the bullet enters his perception range, the distance of five meters is enough for Ian to respond.

Of course, the larger the range, the better the perception, which means the more time Ian has to react. This can only be achieved when Ian’s Nen capacity becomes more and can maintain huge consumption.

While Ian was still experimenting, he suddenly felt that someone appeared outside in front of his door. He seemed to raise his hand and was about to knock on the door, so he directly shouted, “Please come in!”

The one standing outside the door was Hina. After hearing Ian’s voice, she was a little confused. She didn’t understand how Ian knew she was outside or going to knock, but she pushed the door open and entered.

As soon as she came in, Hina saw Ian, with his eyes closed, moving in the narrow room, waving his sword.

Hina didn’t know what was going on. After a while, she found something surprising. Because Ian walked around with his eyes closed, he didn’t bump to anything at all, just like the layout of all the objects in the room had been memorized by him.

“What are you doing?” Hina couldn’t help asking.

“Oh, I am experiencing my own Kenbunshoku Haki (Observation Haki)!” Ian said quietly: “It just has been Awakened!”

The unseen blade is the deadliest. (I don’t know why the author wrote the catchphrase of THE MASTER OF SHADOWS Zed) Hina’s smoky cigarette fell to the ground: what did he just say!?

‘I just saw you an hour ago, and now you turned around, telling me that during this time, you have awakened the Kenbunshoku Haki!?’

‘Are you kidding me!?’

Even Hina couldn’t help feeling that this was ridiculous. Isn’t it too much?

“Little brother, this joke is not funny at all!” Hina calmed down, lit a cigarette again, and said.

“Would you like me to prove it in a spar?” Ian replied with closed eyes and a grin.

“Good proposal! Come with me to the deck!” Hina glanced at him and thought it was an excellent opportunity to really understand Ian’s strength.

So Hina took the lead, and Ian walked behind. However, Ian kept his eyes closed when he went out to the deck. Hina noticed that, and she was so surprised, because Ian didn’t stumble or bump to something during the whole way!

It wasn’t until they got on the deck that Ian opened his eyes and looked at her.

“Let’s start!” Hina did not say much, and went directly toward Ian, The index finger of her right hand extended at a very fast speed, shot a Shigan “finger gun”.

Ian stood still all the time. When Hina thought her finger gun was going to hit his chest, she saw Ian moved lightly to the side, letting her Shigan pass over his chest.

Hina didn’t believe that it missed. When the Shigan Attack failed, she immediately rushed to him with a lifted leg. But it was still the same result, when she is about to kick him, he avoided it with the simplest dodge.

Then Hina kicked at him several times one after another, but none of them did succeed and hit him. She couldn’t touch him at all. In a fit of anger, Hina launched the Rankyaku (Tempest Kick) directly at Ian.

However, in the face of the powerful Rankyaku, Ian pulled out his sword in an instant and also shot a Flying Slash to offset it.

After dozens of consecutive attempts, none of them could pose any threat to Ian. Hina even used the Soru (Shave) another technique of “Rokushiki” to attack him from another direction, but Ian was able to perceive it and avoided it.

At that moment, Hina really believed that Ian had truly awakened the Kenbunshoku Haki, he was for sure using it.

After a slight gasp, Hina gritted her teeth and said to Ian, “You monster!”

Haki’s Awakening is known as the sooner it awakens, the stronger it gets. Of course, under the guidance, Hina also awakened her Haki, but she currently could only use the Busoshoku Haki. However, when she was fighting Ian before, he realized that he could also use the Haoshoku Haki, and now, in an instant, Ian was able to use the Second Type of Haki (Kenbunshoku Haki), but Ian was so much younger than her, which made Hina feel a sense of frustration.

Ian smiled and said nothing. His Nen field or “En” was considered as Haki because they had the same effect, which he has been preparing for.

In the spar with Hina, he also gained a little bit of experience. The perception and prediction brought by the diffusion of the Nen (En) were indeed the same as Kenbunshoku Haki, but the most crucial thing was that it depends on the speed of the user himself. If Hina was much faster, even if Ian can perceive her trajectory, there would be no way for him to avoid her attacks.

So from this, between two Kenbunshoku Haki users, the winner would be the faster.

And that fast, contains three meanings, one is the speed of the attack release, one is the speed of movement or mobility, and the other is the speed of reaction.

Ian’s current speed value is basically derived from cards, which was high because his two four-star cards were speedy-type cards, so he was the faster at this spar. But his own speed cultivation wasn’t that much.

This made Ian wonder if it was necessary to put the physical practice on the agenda. (T/N: Ian has to take off the three cards, so he would realize how slow he is, then he will train harder!)

Because speed is mainly related to physical training, and according to the interaction between basic skills, if Physical skills are also developed, it will indirectly affect Swordsmanship skills and Nen skills.

After battling with Hina, Ian has a new understanding of his own strength. Now that he has achieved the effect of the “En”, if he doesn’t consider the Devil Fruit user, he can basically stand up to a Captain of Marine headquarters.