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S.C.S Chapter 104: Disembarking

The spar between Hina and Ian on the deck was naturally seen by many Marine soldiers.

Although they didn’t know why the two were fighting, but in their eyes, Captain Hina won the spar. The Goddess of the Marine headquarters has countless admirers and suitors in the Marines. In their hearts, this Goddess was invincible.

Such emotions were blind, but it was undeniable that when Hina left angrily, the Marines on board were not happy.

They came round to Ian and said, “Boy, Captain Hina wants to hit you. How dare you avoiding her attacks!?”

“Huh! Do you know how many people here want to be trampled by Captain Hina? “

“Ah! I want to be ravaged by those high heels… “

Ian looked at these Marine soldiers silently. At first, he thought that they were looking for trouble, but then he found that they were just perverts, and the whole image he built of them was cracked! Each one started blushing the next moment, showing a sly expression. So wretched…

Just when Ian was thinking about know how to deal with these people, Hina roared angrily.

“Shut up! Go back to work! “

Hina came back to the deck. She heard what the Marines had just said. She looked annoyed and said, “I’ll transfer you all to G-5 as soon as possible!”

“Don’t you think that’s too much?” After watching the Marines leave, Ian said to Hina.

Hina ignored him and said, “You have to help too. You are not going to stay and eat on my ship without work!”

Ian shrugged and went to help.

After more than two hours, the number of the Iron Bone Pirates was finally counted. There were 124 bodies in total, roughly matching the number of the Iron Bone Pirates. Some of them could not be found, they might have sunk into the sea or been eaten by sea creatures.

Now it can be confirmed that the whole crew of the Iron Bone Pirates has been completely destroyed. Of course, these corpses could not be taken back with them, so the warship then turned to find a small desert island and buried them.

None of them had a tombstone…

That’s how it is on the Grand Line. Every year, many people die like those Pirates.

When the iron bone Ewing died, his bounty was naturally canceled. Ian thought it was a pity. After all, it was 75 million Berries. It’s a large sum of money, but now he can’t get it.

After managing everything, the fleet set out again.

Ian thought that Hina would take them to the Marineford from the Calm Belt. Who knows, but they didn’t. The three warships under Hina’s command, except for one which was intact, were simply repaired. Therefore, their movement was not that faster. It’s dangerous to sail on the Calm Belt with such a huge ship. They won’t be able to escape when they encounter a SeaKing attack, so the fleet kept moving on the Grand Line, just following the Eternal Pose, not stopping in any island on their way, but the time to reach Sabaody Island was faster, about 20 days.

At this time, the ship’s supply was sufficient. After all, these warships were very large and has a huge load.

When approaching the Sabaody Island, Ian has to leave alone. Hina can’t disembark him directly to the Sabaody Island, because when approaching the Red Line, her Battleship has to turn to the Calm Belt, and then go back to the Marine headquarters through the Tarai Current.

Well, Ian was very grateful to Hina. His previous judgment was correct. Both Hina and Smoker belonged to the more humane category of the Marines.

So in the following time, Ian didn’t bother Hina at all. He didn’t screw around, he was basically in his room or the deck, running back and forth between the two.

Hina’s main warship had weight-lifting equipment for the marines to exercise. Ian found some and put them on his sword, and then continued his sword-swinging practice every day.

With his current strength, he can only lift about 300 kilograms of weight, which wasn’t too much, but with that alone, he scared all the marine soldiers on board. With the 300 kg weight, Ian swung his sword at least 1000 times a day. Just by watching him, they felt that their arms muscles were numb. But what terrified them the most was that after finishing this exercise, Ian was doing fine, and after a short break, he continues his training with some push-ups and other exercises.

Every morning, after the exercise, when he loses his Stamina, he takes a rest, then goes and eats for free from the canteen on the ship. When his strength gets recovered in the afternoon, he starts punching the sandbag.

Ian has consciously performed physical exercises.

Among the cards he drew, there were two physical-type cards, one was Master Roshi’s card, but this card was only a two stars card, with just two skills.

One of the skills was [Turtle Fairy Flow Martial Arts], which was described very vaguely. It only says that it can increase the destructive power by 10%, and it requires intermediate level physical skills to be used.

The other skill is the “Thunder Shock Surprise”, which can paralyze the enemy. It requires intermediate level physical skills and intermediate level Nen skills.

Ian tried to equip this card, but found that he was unable to unlock his physical skills at all.

The same problem appeared with his other martial art card [Joe Higashi]. His skills are [Tiger Kick], [Slash Kick], and [Screw Upper]. Ian thought that this card could help him learn Muay Thai. But what he didn’t expect was that it was useless too!

This made Ian wonder. Is it possible that physical cultivation, like swordsmanship, can only be acquired through self-training?

In fact, he didn’t know that the so-called Physical Skills was just a general concept. It wasn’t just a few punches or kicks that could be counted as a physical exercise. The actual body training means a kind of exercise from the inside out, adjust breathing, strengthen bones and muscles, even control the blood flow, and then he would achieve the purpose of strengthening the human body, this is the real physical practice.

All the skills on these cards just require a certain physical skill Level to be used. That’s why Ian can’t gain any progress in his physical skills after equipping them.

Now, if he wants to progress in his physical training proficiency, there are only two ways. One is to learn and master a complete set of physical training method by himself, and the other is to obtain a card with a passive skill that directly cultivates his physical skills.

There are such cards, but only if he could draw them.

Ian has been training and hitting the sandbag for several days. Although he has punching it with his fists until he gets exhausted, he failed to emerge his physical skills, which made him gradually feeling down.

In fact, the best way to learn physical Techniques is to learn the Marines’ Six techniques (Rokushiki)!

This marine Six Powers (Rokushiki), which have been circulating in the Marines for many years, have become relatively perfect Techniques, and its effects are also comprehensive. It generally focuses on the development of the human body.

However, Ian understands that this may not be feasible. Unless he is willing to join the Marines, he may learn the Six Techniques. Otherwise, the Marines will not allow such physical exercises to get out of their hands.

So after thinking about it, Ian can only put it aside for the time being. The only method he has, is punching the sandbag or doing anything to exercise, until he uses all of his Stamina.

In the evening, Ian stayed in his room and kept advancing his Nen proficiency.

On such days, he just repeated the same exercises, monotonous, but enrichment, it seems that since he left the Frost Moon Village, he has rarely been so immersed in such practice, he did not expect that he would practice like old times in Hina’s ship.

The navigation of warships was not smooth sailing either. The climate on the Grand Line was erratic. From time to time, they had encountered some ferocious sea kings. Fortunately, they were all elite soldiers from the Marine Headquarters, which made it easy to deal with these situations.

Occasionally, Ian feels guilty because he ate meals on their ship every day, so when encountering sea kings, he jumps into the sea with his sword, slays the beast, and then bring back to the boat some of his meat to make a rare sumptuous meal for the marines.

At this time, the Marine soldiers would cheer for him. All of Ian’s actions were seen by Hina and the Marines. His strength and seriousness gradually won the recognition of many Marines. No one was surprised by the fact that Ian was an outsider on their ship.

Time passed quickly. Hina and her warships gradually approached the Red Line, and they were about to turn to the Calm Belt. So Ian had to disembark.

From the Battleship, a small boat was lowered down, and Ian was checking his belongings on the dinghy.

“Ian, don’t you want to be a marine?” A soldier was lying on the side of the warship and said, “If you become a marine, you can go to the Marine Headquarters with us!”

“Yes, why disembarking here alone?” Another marine joined in.

For so many days, these Marines on board were getting along and possessed some feelings with him. These Marines were ordinary people. They didn’t have so much to think about, not like him, so they refused to let Ian leave.

“No, it has long decided from a long time, I have to go to the Sabaody Archipelago!” Ian smiled and said to them, “I wish you all the best!”

“Are we close to the no wind yet? (She meant the Calm Belt)” Hina, in her overcoat and smoking a cigarette, also came to the side of the ship.

“Haha, you made a pronunciation mistake!” Ian smiled and gave Hina a kiss and said, “Beautiful Hina, did you write down my Den Den Mushi number? Remember to call me when you have time!”

“Call me by Onee-chan(elder sister), you skunk!” Hina coldly snorted.

“That won’t work!” Ian grinned and said, “I’ve forgotten to tell you something. When I met Vice-Admiral Garp, he said that he would introduce you to me and make you my girlfriend…”

Hina’s face suddenly went dark, and all the marines on board burst into a rage: “What!???”

Is that true!?

There were some of them who were unwilling to let Ian go, but in a flash, the marine soldiers on board started throwing all kinds of things at Ian. But he just laughed, quickly untied the rope, and rowed away.

After staying on the ship for so long, Ian did behave and stayed low, and now finally, after looking at the expression of the crowd, his black belly was really satisfied…

His boat rowed away, and Hina’s dark face finally relaxed. She murmured something in a low voice. Then she said loudly, “Turn round, our direction is the Calm Belt!”