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S.C.S Chapter 105: Island landing

Ian was rowing slowly and moving toward. Before leaving, Hina told him that the Sabaody Archipelago has no magnetic pull for which to affect a Log Pose. So she gave him a pointer to Fishman Island, which can help him going to the Sabaody Archipelago.

It takes about two days until he arrives at the Sabaody from his location, so Ian kept rowing in his boat while checking his attributes.

In fact, since killing Pixar on the Cactus Island and upgrading to level 10, Ian’s attributes have made a big leap, and then on Ace’s ship, he made Ace a grinding tool to raise his level, and then on Hina’s warship, he improved his Nen skills to the advanced level. It can be said that his recent strength change has been progressing, but he has not paid attention to his attributes.

When he was alone, he was taken aback by his attributes.

Now he was equipped with his best cards. Two four-star cards and one three-star card, plus the overall increase bonus of the Nen skills, so that his current attributes are unconsciously like this:

Name: Ian

Level: 11

Doriki value: 1569

Strength: 239

Speed: 495

Vitality: 366

Nen: 469

Skills: [Expert Level Swordsmanship]: Sword speed +40%, Destructive power +40%, Able to use Flying Slashes.

[Advanced Level Nen Skills]: Increase the value of Nen restored per hour. Current restored value: 10 points. Increase 40% of the total amount of Nen, Able to use Nen Diffusion.

Compared with the miserable attribute when he was in the Frost Moon Village, Ian has become really powerful now. If he calculated his strength just based on the Doriki value, he has far exceeded many members of the CP9.

Although it wasn’t yet possible for him to catch with Rob Lucci’s 4000 Doriki value, but don’t forget, Ian still has three card slots to unlock. Once his level is raised and equipped with good cards, his development will become very fast.

After seeing his strength and speed attributes, Ian understood why Hina couldn’t even touch him when they were fighting.

Ian had previously asked the System before how the Strength and Speed values

are reflected in reality.

The System’s answer was very interesting, approximately the Strength value ×2 is the maximum weight that Ian can lift, and the speed value /10 is the maximum movement speed of Ian.

In other words, Ian can lift about 480KG at most now, and his mobility is as fast as 49m/s. of course, this is only an approximate indicator. Although he can lift 480KG numerically, 500 kg can also be lifted if he works hard.

Doriki was like this too, He is indeed a proper superhuman (a Doriki of 500 or higher is classed as superhuman). But he knows that on Earth, the fastest human being ran 100m in about 9 seconds, which is about 11 meters per second, but Ian’s speed is several times faster.

So in terms of speed, Hina can’t catch up with him, which made her unable to hit him in his Nen field. (En)

At this point, Ian also understood why the attribute bonus brought by the cards can’t reach the full value. If the attribute bonus given to him of these cards was 100%, then even with only three cards, Ian’s attribute would be estimated to be able to hang with some Vice Admirals, and after developing and upgrading his level and cards, he would break the limits of this world!

But he can still equip six cards!

Looking at his own attributes, Ian felt pleased with his accomplishment. In this world, strength is the capital of survival. Naturally, the stronger the better.

Following the guidance of the Log Pose, Ian did not encounter any accidents. However, the next day, he found that the ships appearing on the sea gradually began to increase.

Sabaody Archipelago is the only way to the New World. Ships from all paths will gather there, so it’s not as sparsely populated as it is when landing on a single route island.

The ships appearing in this area were almost all pirate ships, merchant ships and so on, which was very rare.

Ian’s small boat mixed with these ships seemed very abrupt, but strangely, the pirates did not pay attention to Ian.

There was no pirate flag on his dinghy, and the pirates did not know his identity, so most of them treat him as a resident of Sabaody Archipelago.

The pirates who can come here all the way through all kinds of dangers on their routes are basically the best of the pirates. The weaker ones have been eliminated in the road. All the pirates who can come here are the ones with enough strength and capabilities. So for sure, they don’t even bother to deal with an ordinary person.

Nevertheless, there are many kinds of pirates. When he has seen the outline of Sabaody Archipelago from afar, Ian met a group of pirates with a lousy attitude!

It was said lousy attitude, because these pirates, relying on their massive ship, drove past Ian’s boat with unbridled abandon, making a huge wave and hitting Ian’s boat.

Seeing his boat swaying by the wave, after the sign of capsizing, the pirates lying on the side of the ship looked at each other, whistling and laughing at Ian.

After Ian managed to stabilize the dinghy, these guys turned the bow of the boat and drove in the direction of Ian again, as if they wanted to do it again.

“Hahaha, boy, don’t run away yet!”

A pirate on the bow of the ship shouted to Ian, didn’t wait for him to answer, then he pretended to be suddenly aware, and said, “Oh, I forgot, you’re afraid you can’t escape!”

This caused other pirates to laugh and shout at Ian one after another: “There is no other way, boy, you’d better swim to the Sabaody Archipelago!”

Ian raised his head and looked at the pirates on that ship with one raised eyebrow. He was too lazy to talk to these guys.

“Damn it, he is a pretentious fellow!” The pirates on the ship didn’t appreciate Ian’s expression, which made them very uncomfortable. The first one gritted his teeth and said, “Sink him!”

Therefore, the pirates on board quickly adjusted the direction of the ship’s bow and ran straight into Ian’s boat.

Ian stared silently at the pirate ship that came directly into him, standing on the boat without moving, just when the pirates laughed and thought that Ian had been frightened, a swipe of blade light was filled their vision!

Then the next second, they only heard a loud crash from their hull. Before they knew what was going on, they saw that their ship had suddenly split into two halves!

At the moment when his boat was about to collide, Ian cut off the pirate ship with a Flying Slash!

With his current Nen value, his Flying Slash can cut through the brick and stone buildings. So he was so confident that his blow could easily cut such a wooden ship. (Our little Mihack xD)

The pirate ship was split into two parts from the middle, and then fell down to both sides, while Ian sat back in the dinghy, then he passed through the middle of the boat, and those frightened and drowning pirates formed a sharp contrast from his calm expression.

Now, who’s going to swim to the Sabaody Archipelago…?

Ian didn’t even bother to see who the Pirate Group was. For him now, the ones who can be dismissed at will are estimated to be 30-40 million bounty pirates. Such pirates are no longer worthy of his attention.

Moving on, Ian finally saw the special landscape of the Sabaody Archipelago, which is made up of a large number of Yarukiman Mangrove trees. The top of the island is covered by a crown of trees, and the bottom is a smooth tree trunk. Countless bubbles slowly fluttered in it. Under the faint mist and sunlight, these bubbles presented colorful lights, embellishing the whole island, making it like a dream.

Just by looking at this scene, Ian was stunned because this was an island that will only appear in the fairy tale world…

When Ian finally steered the boat, landed on one side of the island, and jumped onto the land, he found that the air here was full of a faint smell of resin, which was very pleasant, fresh, and natural.

With a soft sound, a newly formed air bubble slowly emerged from the ground on the grass where Ian stepped. All the bubbles on the island were produced when the mangrove breathes. When Ian saw the bubble slowly rising, he couldn’t help but reach out with his finger and poke it. He found that the outer layer of resin was thicker than he thought, and it was hard to blow it up.

When Ian poked it again with a little more force, the bubble did not pop, but it stuck to Ian’s finger.

Looking up, Ian looked at the nearest Yarukiman Mangrove tree marked with numbers, and found that it had a number 16 on it!

The Sabaody Archipelago was very large. There were many Yarukiman mangroves trees there, which have been marked with numbers to represent the area. Ian also couldn’t remember what the No. 16 area belongs to, so he can only look forward.

The ground here was soft, squatting down and feeling sticky and wet land. Ian knew that this island doesn’t really have hard rocky soil. All the ground was actually supported by massive tree roots. In the beginning, it may not be easy to walk on this kind of ground.

Maybe everyone who set foot on Sabaody Archipelago for the first time will be curious and excited. Naturally, Ian was no exception, he kept walking while looking around.

After he walked for a minute, he suddenly found himself surrounded by some sneaky people…