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S.C.S Chapter 106: The Stronghold

These sneaky people seemed to try their best to hide their figures, Ian was helplessly surrounded by them, but he was able to spot all of them with a glance.

Obviously, these people were simply observing Ian. It seems that they wanted to confirm whether he has a companion or not.

Ian saw their intention, so he couldn’t help laughing and said in a loud voice: “No need to hide, come out, I’m here alone!”

Maybe Ian’s words gave them confidence. These people no longer tried to hide, and one by one, they came over, fanning around Ian.

When they came out, they were surprised to find that Ian was really alone.

These people were basically big men with fierce faces. Many of them have tattoos or scars on their faces, pistols in their hands, and cold weapons on their waists. Just by looking at their appearance, they can frighten a lot of people.

Their leader, a man with a thick mustache, said to Ian in amazement: “Boy, you dare to walk alone in a lawless area! You are brave!”

“Oh? This is a lawless area? No wonder!” Ian nodded and asked him with interest: “Who are you? Pirates?”

A sentence made this group of people burst into laughter and said: “In this chaotic area, is there any difference in identities?”

Ian immediately understood their meaning. Even though this Archipelago was very close to the Marine Headquarters, after all, it wasn’t under the protection of the Marines. The Sabaody Archipelago is so large that the marines only stationed in some areas. With the number of troops garrisoned, it doesn’t matter much.

The lawless area is where pirates and bounty hunters run amok, and it’s an area that the Marines were unable to make it under control. In this area, pirates can be turned into human traffickers at any time, and bounty hunters can also be turned into robbers. Here what they are, it doesn’t matter.

“Boy, you are unlucky to meet us, the Sicilian family!” the leader smirked and said: “This is our territory, Sicilian family’s territory. Since you want to pass through our area, leave all the valuable things on you!”

“Oh, the Sicilian family!” Ian was stunned, he has encountered the Mafia.

In fact, what Ian doesn’t know was that the criminal gangs in the lawless area of this island were basically formed by sticking together as a family, as a unit, whether a Pirate Group, a bounty hunter group, or the human trafficker group. Because the local residents of Sabaody Archipelago know the existence of these lawless areas, they generally don’t come to these zones. The criminal gangs here were only tourists from other places, or pirates who break in without knowing the situation. Under the circumstances, there will naturally be a competitive relationship between them. Sometimes there will be battles, so the weak people can’t get along here.

And most of the members of these criminal gangs were not powerful people. They can only embolden themselves with more people.

Generally, a criminal gang establishes a family in the name of their Boss. The external claim is the name of their Boss. At present, the family Ian meets is a bounty hunter gang. Their Boss naturally Called Sicilian.

Ian first arrived at this island and knew nothing about the situation there, but it doesn’t matter. Isn’t there a living “guide” in front of him? (An NPC xD)

Grinning at the corner of his mouth and laughing, Ian suddenly said: “You got it wrong! What you just said now, it should be said by me! “

“Wa… What?” The bomb he dropped, they didn’t understand it for a while.

Ian held the scabbard, pointed to them, and said, “Listen well! You are surrounded by me! Those who want to stay alive have to hand over all their valuable things! “

As soon as these words were spoken, the leader in the opposite direction immediately exploded: “This … this guy is crazy!?”

“Just one person surrounded all of us? What a joke!? “

“This kid is playing with us!”

When they finally realized that they had been fooled by Ian, they immediately became irritated one by one, and the leader of the team was so angry, and then he shouted: “Shoot him! Kill this kid!”

So his group of people immediately raised their guns and started firing at Ian!

However, when their guns were lifted, Ian had already moved. There were a lot of bullets, even if Ian opened the Nen field “En”, it wouldn’t be easy to dodge them all. So he simply left the place.

They didn’t understand what had just happened. They only felt that his figure was gone. The bullets flew and hit the position where Ian was standing, but Ian had already flashed aside and laughed loudly: “Are you blind!? I’m here!”

So they quickly turned around and fired at Ian’s new position.

The firearm is really a good thing, which can make ordinary people have a certain amount of combat power. But if the opponent has a high speed like Ian, the effect of the firearm can’t be exerted. Ian didn’t want to play around again this time. When they were about to shoot, his speed erupted sharply, and with another flash, he rushed to the nearest bounty hunter.

Stepping forward! Ian slashed and cut the rifle in the opponent’s hand into two pieces, then turned his sword to his right wrist and cut it slightly.

The blood spurted out as the blade of light flashed. The bounty hunter immediately screamed, and the firearm in his hand fell as he covered his wound with his left hand.

Ian didn’t cut off his whole wrist. It was still useful for him to keep these people alive for a while, so he just injured them and made them lose their combat effectiveness.

After solving one, Ian’s figure flickered again. Every time he approached a person, he waves his sword twice to cut off the gun and injure his wrist. His speed was overwhelming that these bounty hunters couldn’t even respond. Seven or eight people soon all fell to the ground, moaning and covering their wrists.

Until that moment, they understand that they made a big mistake. Although the other party was alone, he was a very powerful guy!

Ian stepped on the body of their leader with the tip of his Devil-Blade Yamato sticking to his neck and asked him with a smile, “What’s your name?”

“My… My name is Hawking!” The bounty hunter was trembling.

Ian’s eyeballs almost pop out, ‘what the heck! This is the name of the famous physicist and cosmologist! He has such a name for a loser. Is that really OK!’

“Well, Haw… Hawking!” Ian coughed and said, “What kind of family are you, Sicilians?”

Hawking did not dare to hide it and talked about the Sicilian family.

This Sicilian family has about forty or fifty members, and It was not right to call them a bounty hunter group, because they do everything, rob, catch pirates, kidnap, spy, intelligence and so on. In a word, they do whatever that can make money!

The members of this family were basically ordinary people. They were just a little stronger and fiercer than the common people. However, they have caught many pirates, because they do everything by any means. If they can’t win, they besieged, if the battering fails, they will try to poison or stun their opponents.

According to Hawking’s account, their family’s sphere of influence is near the No. 16 Yarukiman Mangrove tree. Their Boss, Sicilian, was also a pirate, who had a strange power. He defeated the old Boss with his strange power and took his position.

Hawking is one of his cadres. Today, it was his turn to lead the patrol. When Ian’s ship docked, it was found by Hawking’s group. Naturally, they would not let go of such fat sheep that took the initiative to come to their door, but the fat sheep turned into a frightening huge gray wolf in a blink of an eye, which what they did not expect.

Feeling the coldness of Ian’s blade, Hawking didn’t dare to lie to him and explained everything in detail. The members of these criminal gangs are always like this. He can’t expect them to talk about loyalty. At this point, they are even worse than real pirates.

Ian asked the others again to confirm his story and found that Hawking hadn’t lied, before he let go of his feet, and Ian said, “Very well, now stand up and take me to your stronghold.”

The sword was still placed on his neck, so Hawking didn’t dare to disobey Ian’s orders, covered his wrists, stood up steadily, and other members of the gang were also called by Ian, although they were sweating and feeling a lot of pain, they did not dare to say a word, and obediently led the way.

In fact, the range covered by the Yarukiman Mangrove was very large. Ian was led by them for more than 20 minutes before he finally saw the stronghold of the Sicilian family.

That house looked like… how to say it, a broken and garbage house, it was big, but it was full of mending scars. That was just from the outside look of the house. At first glance, Ian confirmed that it was a dilapidated and dangerous house.

“This is your stronghold?” Ian really feels sorry for them. Such a house may collapse at any time, and they dare to use it as a base!

‘How poor are they!?’

“No way!” Hawking said with a bitter face: “Most of the money we earn has been taken away by the Boss. What our Boss has been given us is only a small amount. And we will soon run out of food and drink. The Boss refuses to take out some money to repair our stronghold, so we have to live with what we got.”

“Oh!?” When Ian heard this, his eyes sparked: “So, your boss has a lot of money in his hands?”

“This is not easy to tell!” Hawking shook his head and said: “The Boss’s money has to be a tribute to other forces… There are several stronger forces around us. In order to keep the peace, we should pay them money every month as a protection fee!” (I’m now 100% sure that Ian is jinxed)

In another word, Ian couldn’t help but despise the Sicilian family more and more. At first, he heard that No.16 Yarukiman Mangrove is their territory. Even the name of their Boss was so arrogant, Ian thought they had a good force. Now, the result was just an inaccessible organization…