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S.C.S Chapter 107: The establishment of the Ian family

While talking, Hawking had brought Ian to his dilapidated house.

The Sicilian family was a little vigilant. There were not many guards outside the stronghold, only four. At this time, they were squatting together at the door and smoking cigars. When they saw Hawking returning, the four of them were shocked.

As Hawking and his men were all covering their wrists, and blood dripped from their hands, while Ian, who was walking behind, looked like a stranger, the four guards saw something wrong immediately, pulled out their guns, and tried to shout.

However, Ian didn’t give them a chance at all. His figure disappeared instantly. Then he appeared behind them. The Devil-Blade Yamato in his hand was pulled out and flashed an arc light in the air.

This light crossed through the necks of four guards. In the next second, their heads flew up…

These four guards were killed without even shouting. Hawking and his group almost peed in their pants when they saw this scene. Until then, they finally understood how lucky they were by staying alive until this moment. If Ian didn’t want to keep them to lead the way, they would be corpses for a long time!

“Is Sicilian here?” Ian listened to the noise coming from the house. The people inside seemed to be having a party, so he asked Hawking aloud.

Hawking’s head nodded like chicken pecking rice and said, “Yes! He must be there! He doesn’t usually go anywhere! “

“That’s good!” Ian smirked and walked toward the door of the house.

Hawking and his team looked at each other, knowing that the Sicilian family was about to change…

When he came to the door, Ian raised his foot and smashed it on the shabby gate.

With a loud bang, the door was kicked open by him, and the sawdust was scattered everywhere. However, Ian obviously underestimated the sleaziness of the house, and the raising dust made him cough.

At the moment when the door was kicked to pieces, the noises in the house were suddenly quiet.

The people inside kept their poses and looked blankly at Ian, who appeared at the gate, as if he was a crazy man.

Ian scanned the house and found that there were about 40 people in it. On the sofa in the middle of the hall, there was a burly man with a black eye patch on his left eye, and his face was full of scars. He looked very fierce. His upper body was naked and very muscular. He hugged two girls with exposed clothes on the left and right sides, and both of them were smiling.

In the whole house, he was the only one who had such a style, so Ian stared at him and asked, “You are Sicilian!?”

The people in the hall finally reacted, and Sicilian pushed the two girls in his arms to the left and right, stood up, and said with a gloomy face, “Who are you?”

Although he asked fiercely, Ian saw his eyes turning around. Maybe it was because the guards outside didn’t warn him and made him feel a little flustered. He thought that some forces had surrounded his stronghold, so he wanted to see if he can run away if the situation was not okay.

Ian guessed his intention, shook his head, and said, “Don’t look around. I’m here alone. I’m going to ask you again, are you Sicilian?”

“It’s me!” When Sicilian heard Ian saying that he was alone, he became much braver, nodded directly, and admitted: “What do you want? Who sent you? “

Ian suddenly felt bored. He didn’t want to talk with this guy about who sent him. This guy, Sicilian, has only a dark green aura, which was discovered by the passive skill of the Evil Eye Expert. For Ian, he was a weak chicken. If he keeps chatting with him, maybe this guy will say something like giving him money or becoming his subordinate.

So Ian said directly, “it’s just me!”

After that, Ian put out his sword, the Devil’s Blade Yamato, from the scabbard and waved it twice to the left and right, then returned it to the sheathe instantly.

However, it was such two weak swings that fired two blazing projectiles, one on the left and one on the right. The two sword aura converged in the air and became a turned into a cross-shaped Slash!

The speed of the Flying Slashes was very fast. Sicilian didn’t expect Ian to start fighting immediately. When the cross-shaped Slash approached him, he had no time to dodge. He was instantly cut into four pieces by Ian’s projectile!

Watching Sicilian’s massive body sprayed blood and fell to the ground, the room suddenly turned into a weird silence.

The first person to scream was the two girls who were just beside him.

Awoken by the scream, the people in the room started panicking.

“The boss has been killed!?”

“My… My God! Run!”

“Go on, kill him! Avenge the boss! “

Some of them wanted to escape, but Ian was guarding the gate. They can’t run away. Others draw out their weapons to avenge Sicilian, but they just kept looking at Ian and didn’t dare to rush up. There wasn’t a unified intention, which turned the whole house into chaos.

Looking at this disorderly scene, Ian unsheathed his majestic sword and slammed it to the ground, making a thumping sound, then said: “All of you, be quiet!”

The people in the house were all afraid, and none of them dared to make a noise. They calmed down one by one and covered their mouths carefully.

“From now on, I’m taking over the Sicilian family!” Ian slowly walked forward and said, “If any of you disagree or want to avenge his dead boss, stand up! It won’t matter, because I’ll keep going until my words are clear! “

All of them looked at each other, but they didn’t speak.

But soon, a “ding” ding came, and a member of the Sicilian family, who had been holding a gun, dropped his weapon on the ground.

That was just one person, then there were two, three more followed him. It didn’t take long until everyone in the house accepted reality and surrendered.

Everyone looked in awe at Ian, who was standing in the middle. Even Hawking and his team followed in. Under his leadership, all the people in the room called Ian respectfully, “Boss!”

“Very good!” Ian nodded with satisfaction. He knew that the members of these criminal gangs were the most realistic people. Whoever was strong, they would obey. It was not surprising that such a situation happened.

In fact, it is true that the strength that Ian just showed shocked these guys. In their opinion, Sicilian, the dead boss, was already very powerful, with a strange power that no one could match. However, when the new monster came in and asked for him personally, then he cut him into four pieces without saying much.

The new boss was able to kill Sicilian, their old boss, while doing effortlessly and making sure that everyone was watching. If they want to keep their lives, it’s better for them to obey whatever the new boss says!

The members of these criminal gangs quickly and smoothly accepted the reality of changing bosses. At the moment, someone stood up from a sofa in flattery and gave his seat to Ian.

Ian didn’t refuse either. He sat on the sofa and found that it was so soft and comfortable.

Just then, the two girls with exposed clothes rushed up, clinging Ian’s arms, and smiled at him pleasantly.

Ian wanted to break free. He was not used to this feeling. The behavior of these two girls made him feel that he had become a wicked like Sicilian. However, at the moment when these two girls held his arms, Ian found that they were shaking all over, as if they were terrified. He could not help but sigh secretly, stop his action and let them hold him for a while.

He knew that these two girls were probably kidnapped by Sicilian, or even worse, slaves. It doesn’t matter if he breaks free from them. If they mistakenly think he was angry, they would become even more nervous.

The mood was very delicate and became a little less harmful, when Ian confronted the members of these criminal gangs, his complexion didn’t change much.

“My name is Ian! It’s a pirate hunter!” Ian said coldly to the crowd: “Now that I have taken over, the family’s name will have to be changed. From now on, you have to call yourself the Ian family.”

“Yes, Boss Ian!” All the people answered in unison.

“Not only the name has to be changed, but also the scope of the affairs involved must be changed!” Ian continued: “from now on, kidnapping and human trafficking are forbidden!”

Ian was originally a man who grew up in modern society. He was extremely resentful of such evils. Although he accepted a gang in this lawless area, he would not let his new subordinates do these things again.

Hawking and the other guys looked at each other and didn’t know how to answer for a while.

“Huh!?” Ian glared coldly. “Is there a problem?”

“No, no problem!” Hawking quickly waved his hand and said, “Boss Ian! What do you mean?”

“But…” Hawking hesitated and asked, “Boss Ian, how can we make money?”

“Information trading, as well as catching wanted pirates!” Ian answered, without even thinking about it.

The Sabaody Archipelago is very massive, and it’s the only way to the New World. Every moment, new pirates are landing on the island. If Ian was alone, he would have limited sources of information, so he wanted to gather a group of people to collect information for him.

What kinds of pirates are on the island now, where did they land, in which area are they, how much is their bounties, how many pirates are under their control, how powerful they are, whether they are Devil Fruit Users or not, etc. All this information needs to be gathered by his group of people. By then, when the time comes, as long as all the information was in his hands, Ian only needs to attack and finish the job. That would naturally make Ian’s work much much easier.

These people are the local delinquent of the Sabaody Archipelago. It’s very suitable for them to collect intelligence.

Hawking and the rest understood Ian’s meaning, but they were not very optimistic and said. “But… Boss Ian, catching thousands of pirates won’t make much money…”

Ian looked at Hawking with a grin and said, “Thousands of pirates? Is that what you used to do? “

Hawking was a little scared by Ian’s creepy eyes and nodded quickly.

“Then, we have to change that now!” Ian said: “What you need to collect is the information of pirates with 50 million bounties or above. The higher, the better, even if they are over 100 million bounty pirates. That would be fantastic!”

As soon as these words were said, everyone in the room took a breath of cold air!

“Boss Ian, this… this… ah… we are incapable of dealing with such enemies!” Hawking hurriedly said: “We can’t catch pirates of this level…”

Ian looked at them strangely: “Who said you had to catch them? You just need to gather their information. If you do so, I will deal with the rest! “

Now that Ian’s strength has increased, his goal naturally needs to be set higher. What he needs now was not only money but also fame. The pirates with high bounties were his goal. If he can catch a pirate with over 100 million bounties, it would be much better than finding five or six pirates with 20 million bounties. Moreover, after he defeats or kills his opponent, he will gain much more experience, which is more efficient.

Hawking and the others did not know Ian’s thoughts, but they were frightened by Ian’s words.

What the Heck! How powerful is this new boss, Ian!