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S.C.S Chapter 108: The running man

Some people were willing to believe in Ian’s terrifying tone, but more others were skeptical. Ian glanced around casually, and then looked at their eyes.

There was no problem for those who believed him, but for the doubters, he doesn’t need to demonstrate anything to them.

He just said, “Clean up the place!”

Hawking quickly nodded, beckoned several people to come over, and took Sicilian’s body away. In the process, they had been trying to resist nausea.

After finishing the job, Ian said to these people, “Well, now everyone has to go out and start spying and acquiring valuable information. Hawking, you stay!”

The people in the room, just like being pardoned, hurried out of the room, while Hawking stood by with a worried face, waiting for Ian to speak.

“Where is Sicilian’s vault? Do you know?” Ian asked him.

Hawking shook his head and said, “I don’t know, but I think it’s in his room.”

“Then go and find out!” Ian didn’t want to talk much nonsense. In fact, he estimated that Hawking may know where Sicilian’s money is stored. However, in front of his new boss, he didn’t dare lying because Ian will not trust him in the future. But, this guy, Hawking, is not a genie either…

However, knowing this, Ian asked him to look for it. If he finds it out, it means that he still can rely on him. If he can’t find it or find an excuse to say that he can’t find it, then he would deal with him late.

Seeing Hawking entering a room, Ian had time to focus on the two girls on his left and right sides.

These two girls, about eighteen or nineteen years old, were obviously in the prime age, but the haggard on their faces was so obvious. After noticing that Ian was looking at them, they quickly showed a flattering smile, and held Ian’s arms closer to their chest.

With a sigh, Ian said, “You don’t need to do this. I’m not like Sicilian. I’m not a wicked person!”

The two girls did not dare to talk, they just lowered their heads, and they were still afraid and didn’t relax their arms.

Seeing them like this, Ian had to change the subject and ask: “Are you local residents? Or are you tourists?”

“Yes… We’re tourists from another country!” One of the girls replied carefully.

“You were kidnapped!?” Ian asked again.

But in this sentence, the two girls did not answer either, because they could not figure out Ian’s thoughts.

“Don’t worry, I’m just asking. Since you are tourists, please tell me where you come from!” Ian said: “I will ask my subordinates to inquire about your families. When they find your family, I will send you back to them!”

Upon hearing this, the eyes of the two girls suddenly brightened. They raised their heads excitedly and asked Ian, “Really … really?”

“Yup!” Ian nodded. “I said, I’m not a bad guy!”

“Thank… Thank you!” The two girls burst into tears, left his arms, and bowed down in front of him.

“You don’t need to do that!” Ian helped them up.

Then, he asked them about their previous lives again. Until then, the two girls finally let go of their guard against Ian and told him their origins.

These two blonde girls, the older one, named Lorraine, and the younger one, named Elena, came from a nearby island to play in the playground of Sabaody Archipelago with their family. Unfortunately, they were separated from their family on the way, and then they were kidnapped.

The human traffickers sold them to the slave auction house, and they were bought by Sicilian. Not only did they have to serve him every day, but they also had to endure his beating and scolding. In the past two years, they lived a life without any dignity, but it was better than death. When Sicilian was butchered by Ian, they were not relieved, but they became more worried because Ian started killing without saying much, they mistakenly thought Ian was a more brutal person.

However, this world is so unpredictable. Ian, who was thought to be cruel, ended up being a really good guy who was willing to send them back to their family, which surprised Lorraine and Elena.

Ian was ready to see the dark side of this world when he came to the Sabaody Archipelago. However, when the two girls told their stories, Ian became furious.

Lorraine and Elena had a lot of scars on their backs. They even took off their shirts and showed them to Ian, regardless of their shyness. The crisscross scars were pulled by a whip at the slave auction house, while the round scars were scalded by the bastard, Sicilian, with cigars and cigarette butts!

There were dozens of large and small scars on the two, which can be said to be shocking.

“This bastard, he didn’t deserve a quick death!” Ian’s eyes grew colder and colder as he looked at the bloodstains left by Sicilian on the ground.

After thinking about it, Ian replaced one of the equipped cards with Yukina’s card, concentrated his Nen in his hands, then put them on their backs, and healed the two girls. However, some old injuries were too long, and the recovery effect of Yukina’s card could not work with them, so Ian just healed some newer wounds on the two girls.

With that done, once again, the two girls burst into tears and embraced Ian gratefully.

“Come on, don’t do this to me! From now on, you have to stay near me until we receive news from your family! I’m not going to let anyone bully you again!” Ian patted them on the shoulder and said, “Yeah, by the way, can you cook?”

“Yes! Master Ian, what do you want to eat?” Lorraine wiped away her tears, and a beautiful and joyful smile appeared on her face.

“Don’t call me master. It’s weird!” Ian scratched his head and said, “Anything. I’m so hungry! Oh, yes, there is one more thing! “

Ian said positively to both of them: “From today on, you two will be solely responsible for my diet, OK? To be honest, these members of the Sicilian family, I don’t trust them at all!”

Yeah, although killing Sicilian and subduing his original men, Ian doesn’t believe or trust these people at all. These guys were scum. They may obey him now by force, but who knows what are they thinking? In order to do business, they were unscrupulous, and Ian won’t give them the chance to poison him, so he directly handed over his diet to Lorraine and Elena.

Now, Lorraine and Elena’s hope of returning to their homes is pinned on Ian. Now, the three of them are truly united.

After hearing Ian’s words, the two girls also had a feeling of being trusted, so they nodded hard and promised him.

When Lorraine and Elena went to get food for Ian in person, Hawking came out again, holding a small safe in his hands, came to Ian and said, “Boss, I found it. This is where Sicilian put the money.”

“Hmm!” Ian answered indiscriminately, then looked at the box.

There were some traces of mud on the safe. It seems that it was dug out from the ground. The guy, Hawking, really knew where Sicilian was hiding the money. Ian glanced at him and discovered his uneasy expression. Is it just an expression that he wanted to show his loyalty and worry about not being trusted in the future?

The safe was made of iron. Hawking carefully said, “Boss Ian, I really don’t know the password!”

“It doesn’t need that much trouble!” Ian got up and drew out the Devil’s Blade Yamato. He twisted around it some of his Nen and gently slashed the safe. He immediately cut open the door of the safe.

Hawking was stunned. He felt like when Ian’s sword went down, it didn’t face any obstacle. ‘This blade is so sharp!?’

If Ian knew what he thought, he would laugh. Now, the Devil’s Blade Yamato was only a four-star exclusive treasure, which can also be upgraded by the reinforced magic crystals obtained through ten consecutive draws, and then it can be upgraded to five-star treasure after being upgraded to the max level. According to Ian’s estimation, Yamato’s ability cutting Space will be presented when it reaches the five-star level. At that time, they will see what is called true sharpness!

When the safe was opened, Ian crouched down and checked the contents of the safe. Apart from some jewelry, there were only three million Berries in it. The total value of the contents of the safe was estimated to be about five million Berries.

“What! Is that all?” Ian asked, frowning.

As soon as Hawking heard that, he became anxious and swore: “Boss Ian, I really haven’t touched the money in it. All the money left by Sicilian is here!”

Ian also felt that he may have expected too much from them. The Sicilian family was just an inaccessible organization. None of these guys was strong enough to even scratch Ian, so how would they make tens of millions of Berries.

After discovering that the property left by Sicilian was just this, Ian was not very interested. After thinking about it, Ian said to Hawking, “Find someone to repair the house, and then the real money will start coming out of it!”

This house was a typical dilapidated building. Ian doesn’t want to stay in it, because one day, it may suddenly collapse…

‘With more than three million Berries cash, they should be able to completely renovate the house, right?’

Hearing Ian’s explanation, Hawking was instantly energized. In fact, he already had enough of this dangerous house. After receiving Ian’s order, he immediately replied, “Consider it done, boss Ian, I will do it now!”

Then he ran out to find someone.

However, about an hour later, while Ian was eating the food made by Lorraine and Elena, Hawking came back trembling.

“What’s the matter?” Ian noticed his abnormality and asked him.

“Boss … Boss, they ran… a lot of them have run away… the members of the Ian family has fled!” Hawking said with a weary expression.