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S.C.S Chapter 109: The Leech

Hawking was extremely sorrowful when reporting this situation, because he was pushed out as a scapegoat by those who didn’t run.

The reason for doing that was, naturally, because the new Boss Ian only knows his name. So all of them forced him to report the bad news?

As a result, Hawking had to face Ian and tell him this news. He was ready to accept Ian’s wrath.

Originally, all the people, who went silent when he killed their old Boss, accepted his new leadership, and pledged allegiance. Now, they turned around and ran away as soon as they get a chance. Hawking himself could not bear such betrayal. Now the current Boss Ian looks very young, and young people are more likely to be impulsive. So the rest of them were afraid that he will be furious…

However, what made Hawking completely surprised, Ian, who was eating on the sofa after hearing the news, just said, “Oh”.

Not surprised at all…

Hawking thought he had read it wrong, rubbing his eyes hard, only to find that Ian really didn’t even care. Now, Hawking was really confused, and with an opened mouth, he kept wondering what was Ian thinking about?

“So what! They run!” After Ian finished eating, he picked up the napkin and wiped his mouth. Then he said, “I didn’t expect many people to stay!”

Yeah, from the beginning of taking over this gang, Ian knew that many of them had different thoughts and intentions.

This was mainly due to Ian’s own reasons. First of all, his age seemed too young, and all these nominally subordinates were older than him, such as Hawking, who was in his thirties. However, Ian, a young man, has become their new Boss, which naturally makes some people feel awkward and uncomfortable.

Secondly, there was the issue of reputation. If Ian was a pirate, as long as his bounty was high, these people would obey him because of his bounty, but the problem was that Ian is not. His identity as a pirate hunter has led to that he has no bounty at all. His reputation was only spread in the East Blue, which has no impact on the Sabaody Archipelago.

Perhaps Ian was very powerful, but this kind of strength can’t impress these people because there’s no matching reputation. And for what he said about catching only Pirates worth tens of millions, many of them thought that he was just bragging.

In addition, once Ian came, he vetoed the two most profitable businesses they had, the kidnapping and the human trafficking, which made some people think that they would not make money with this new Boss. Then once they left the house, their lives would no longer be in danger, so running away naturally makes sense.

Ian had expected this for a long time, so he was indifferent to the news brought by Hawking.

Not only that, but he thinks that the more they were, the better. Because these people under his command would only gather information of the pirates, but when he catches the pirates, the bounty obtained naturally can’t be taken by him alone. He has to share it and give some money to these subordinates. Of course, he doesn’t plan to give them too much. As a result, when the number of people becomes smaller, the rest will get more money, which is easier to buy people’s hearts.

That’s the reason for intimidation and lure. Ian didn’t take these people as his real men. He only wants to use them to spy for him. Since they were all used as pawns, what’s the point of his anger?

Ian didn’t intend to pay attention to these people who ran away, but for the people who stayed, no matter what kind of thoughts they have, whether they had nowhere to go or wanted to wait and see what’s going to happen in the future. Ian intended to hold them up a little bit, so he said to Hawking: “Since you still came back to report this, that’s really good. From now on, all the remaining members will be yours to lead!”

Hawking was delighted to hear, knowing that this meant that the family’s second-highest authority was for him. So he quickly expressed his loyalty and said, “Yes, Boss Ian! I will work hard to serve you!”

Ian nodded and asked, “Is the rest has spread out?”

“Yes, Boss!” Hawking replied, “It won’t be long before they bring back the information of all the pirates who have recently stayed on Sabaody Archipelago, rest assured!”

The so-called bounty hunter family, though all of them were gangsters, were after all the local snakes of Sabaody Archipelago. They were rats and snakes, they will always have their own way to get this information, which was much better than Ian’s randomly ramming on the island alone.

There was nothing new that night, but the next day, Hawking went and bought the repair materials.

In fact, Hawking wanted to find someone to repair the house directly, but they were living in a lawless area. All the repairing craftsmen were unwilling to come to such a place, so Hawking had to return home and start plan B, which was repairing the house by himself with the materials he brought.

Since their base has to be repaired, they were not allowed to get in, the stronghold was temporarily unavailable. Ian moved a chair and sat outside. Lorraine and Elena accompanied him. The three watched Hawking and a few men working with hammers and other tools, fixing the house.

The sound was boisterous and unbearable. Fortunately, at this time, the other family members who spread out to gather information came back one after another, and Ian finally had something to do.

A table was brought out from the stronghold, on which were stacked the wanted posters and the corresponding information collected by Ian’s men. A member of the Ian family, nicknamed the Limp, was explaining to Ian.

“Boss, our manpower is limited, so at present, we only investigate the adjacent hotel area and amusement park area. No.70-79 mangrove is the hotel area, no.30-39 mangrove is the amusement park area. These two areas are areas where pirates are more frequent. In these days, there don’t seem to be any pirates with a hundred million bounty landing on the island.”

“Oh, and who did you find with the highest bounty?” Ian asked.

“It’s the Skinned Pirates!” The Limp said, “Their leader is Bolton Lucius, nicknamed ‘The Leech’. He is a ruthless guy. At present, his bounty is 86 million Berries!”

Ian picked up the wanted poster of Bolton Lucius, he was a gentleman with two neatly trimmed mustaches on his lips.

“This guy’s nicknamed The Leech? Couldn’t it be wrong?” Ian was a little surprised.

The Limp said with panic: “No, I can’t be wrong, Boss! Don’t look at this guy’s aristocratic face, this person is really cruel. His favorite way of torturing people is to hang his victims on a cross then skinning them alive. As soon as this guy landed on the island, all the bounty hunter groups on the Sabaody Archipelago got the news, but none of them dared to make a move against him. “

“Is his men wanted?” Ian asked.

“They’re not!” The Limp shook his head and said, “He is the most famous member of this pirate group.”

“Well, it’s up to him then! Where is he now?” Ian nodded.

“Boss Ian, do you really want to catch him?” The Limp said uneasily: “This guy is a Devil Fruit User!”

“I don’t care about this!” Ian said: “You just need to tell me about his location now!”

The Limp’s face was tangled, but he nodded his head and said: “Bolton Lucius is the user of the paper devil fruit. It is said that his body can be turned into countless pieces of paper! The brothers of our family heard that he has been staying in the hotel area in recent days, and it seems that he’s waiting for his ship to be coated, and then he’s going to the New World.”

“There is someone keeping an eye on him in the hotel area?” Ian asked.

“Yes!” The Limp nodded, then took out a young Den Den Mushi and handed it to Ian, saying: “Since you have decided to catch him, use this Den Den Mushi to contact our family members over there.”

“Do you dare to participate in the battle?” Ian looked at the Limp with a smile.

“I… I…” When he heard that, he became speechless.

“Forget it!” Ian didn’t expect these people to help him in the fight. He waved his hand and said, “You can come and watch. When I catch him, you can help me with carrying him to the Marines’ station.”

Ian didn’t pick up the young Den Den Mushi, he just took his majestic sword, the Devil’s Blade Yamato, and put on his hat and said to Hawking, “Look after the home!”

Hawking and the other workers responded quickly, and then watched Ian leave, and the other guy followed him, limping along.

“Do you think that the new boss can really catch such a powerful pirate?”

When Ian left, a guy repairing the house asked.

“Who knows!” Hawking shook his head: “If he really wins, then we… the Ian family may really rise, but if he fails, we may have to find a new Boss again…”

Lorraine and Elena also looked anxiously at the back. Perhaps they were the only ones who were really worried about Ian.